HAFS Aims & Objectives

The Aims & Objectives of HAFS, in detail, are listed below:

  • To make a record of all those who are interested in or have descent from the Hungerford, Winder and associated families in Australia and to promote the Australian branch of the worldwide family.
  • To promote, encourage and co-ordinate research and bring up-to-date a complete genealogical tree.
  • To record events in the family, eg births, engagements, marriages, deaths, any change of address, achievements, etc.
  • To distribute Newsletters from time to time and to produce a periodical Journal of a high standard of journalism which will include historic articles and other points of interest concerning linked family members.
  • To promote the preservation of archives in the State (Mitchell) Library of NSW and to acquire, in time, a reference library of copy materials of our own.
  • To have meetings from time to time, where lectures, papers and discussions may take place and special speakers may be invited.
  • To hold an Annual General Meeting each year to include, if desired, a Family Dinner.  Historic tours and social activities could be included.
  • To reciprocate with members of the Federation of Family History Societies and to distribute our Journals to selected organisations.
  • To enhance, above all, a sense of belonging to a family and to pass on its wonderful stories to the next generation.