Ballyrisode House, Goleen, near Schull, Co Cork, Ireland

Ballyrisode House (rear view)

Ballyrisode House (rear view)

Ballyrisode House is in the townland of Ballyrisode; Civil Parish of Kilmoe (Kilmore); Poor Law Union of Skull; DED Toormore; Barony of West Carbery. It was built c1890 and has been the home of many Hungerfords until 1989. The property originally comprised 638 acres, and was valued at £154 9s.

Hungerford Owners 1895 to 19891

Richard Hedges Becher Hungerford acquired the property on 22 January 1895, following the death of his father Richard Becher Hungerford in 1894 2. It was registered to his wife Elizabeth Anne Hungerford (nee Adams).

Richard Becher Hungerford, JP (c1800-1894) was a magistrate, and also had lived at The Island, Co Cork. He was married at Ballyrizard 3in 1837, to Francis Eyre Becher. Ballyrizard, Goleen, was registered to him in 1847 and 18704. Between 1861 and 1867, he issued a series of Game Notices in the British newspapers. This correlates with information that the woods behind the property are still called Hungerford Woods, so Ballyrizard may have been a hunting lodge during this period.

Richard Hedges Becher Hungerford was born 4 March 1846 in Co Cork, Ireland. His parents were Richard Becher Hungerford, and Francis Eyre Becher. He married Elizabeth Ann Adams in September 1879, in Skull, Co Cork. He died on 16 December 1917, Skull, Co Cork, and Elizabeth died on 11 August 1933. Ballyrisode House was inherited by their two daughters, Olive Mary Francis Hungerford, and Eva Muriel Hungerford.

The 1911 Census of Ireland shows the occupants of Ballyrisode (Toormore, Cork) as:

  • Elizabeth Hungerford (head of family) (b1856) Farmer; Richard Hungerford (her husband) (b1846) Gentleman Farmer; Olive Hungerford, daughter; Eva Muriel Hungerford, daughter; Mary Morris, widow (b1846) (sister of Elizabeth) Retired teacher.
Eva Muriel Hungerford

Eva Muriel Hungerford

  • Olive Mary Francis Hungerford was born 25 December 1883, Schull, Co. Cork, and she died 4 April 1965, at Skibbereen, Co Cork.
  • Eva Muriel Hungerford was born 24 February 1885, Skull, Co Cork, and died 3 November 1972 at 87 years. Neither sister married and lived all their lives in Ballyrisode House. They are both buried at The Altar, Church of Ireland, Skull, Co Cork, with their mother and father, and their second cousin Helena Frances Maud Hungerford.

After Eva Muriel Hungerford died the house was bequeathed to her second cousin Helena Frances Maud Hungerford, who was born on 5 May 1908, in London, Ontario, Canada. Her parents were Walter Francis Hugh Watson Hungerford (1869 to 1959) (first cousin to Richard Becher Hungerford) and Maude Margaret McLaren (d1951). Walter and Maude were married on 30 June 1900, London, Ontario, Canada. Walter was the son of Becher Hungerford and Anne Jane Crossley. Walter died on 9 August 1959, Dublin, Ireland, but is buried in Woodland Cemetery, London, Ontario, Canada.

Many of the Hungerford family had moved from Ireland to Canada (with many others) in the 1840s due to the severe famine conditions in Ireland. Other families migrated to the United States of America, New Zealand and Australia.

Helena Hungerford was born in May 1908, in Ontario Canada5, and at some date before Eva Muriel died, lived on and off at Ballyrisode House, travelling regularly to Canada and other parts of the world6.  She never married.

Ballyrisode House (front view)

Ballyrisode House (front view)

She was at Ballyrisode House in 1974, when visited by friends from Canada7. She died on 9 August 1989, and was buried with her cousins Olive and Eva Muriel, at The Altar, Church of Ireland, Co Cork8.

Looking a bit further into the pedigree charts for Richard Hedges Becher Hungerford, I found his grandmother, mother of Frances Eyre Becher, was a Susannah Hungerford, who died in 1846, at Ballygrizzard Cottage, Co Cork9. However I can find no primary sources for this information. More research is needed in the Becher family to see if the Ballyrizard10 property belonged to the Becher family in earlier times.

Also buried at The Altar, Church of Ireland, Skull, Co Cork, is Frances Eyre Becher Sweetnam (nee Hungerford) (died 10 November 1920), one of Richard Hedges Becher Hungerford’s sisters. She was married to Mathew James Sweetnam, who died 13 May 1916.

This Frances Eyre Becher Hungerford was born between 1841 and 1846, at Ballyrizard, Co Cork, to Richard Becher Hungerford, and Frances Eyre Becher11.

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