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Sir Walter Hungerford

Recently our American cousins put out a request for additional information about a painting of Sir Walter Hungerford that had been spotted in a Christie’s auction catalogue. The question was:
“Question for Lesley Abrahams or other heraldic experts. See the photos of the pertinent pages of a 2012 auction below. I see the Hungerford shield and scythes. I am aware that at least one English Hungerford was a falconer (but I can’t remember the name on the print I saw somewhere). Anyone know who this man may be? He is no doubt a Hungerford.”

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The “SS” Collar – Robert, 2nd Lord Hungerford (1406-1459)

Robert, 2nd Lord Hungerford was buried at Salisbury Cathedral, and his memorial clearly shows an “SS collar” on his effigy.
“Collars” have long been used as insignia to symbolise a rank, a relationship, an award or honour or some other form membership (eg member of a lodge).  They have taken many forms over the centuries and some still exist today, for example mayoral chains and gorgets.

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