Australian Hungerford Lines

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Emanuel Hungerford and his wife Catherine (nee Loane) followed earlier Loane migrants to Australia. Emanuel and Catherine had ten children, and three of their sons married Winder sisters, so these became the early “associated families”. 

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Emanuel Hungerford [E] and Catherine Loane [L.I.ii]

Their children:

John Becher Hungerford [E.1] Thomas Hungerford [E.6]
Robert Richard Hungerford [E.2]Septimus Hungerford [E.7 ]
Emanuel Becher Hungerford [E.3]Anne Loane Hungerford [E.8]
William Moore Hungerford [E.4]Percy Hungerford [E.9]
Henry Hungerford [E.5]Catherine Hungerford [E.10]

Emanuel’s son with an unknown mother: John Knight [K]

The Loane Family [L]

The Winder Family [W]

Ryder Hungerford [Y]

Becher Hungerford [B]

Richard Hungerford [R] b1776

Townsend James William Hungerford [T]

John Thomas Hungerford [J]

Henry Jones Hungerford [H]

Subsequent Hungerford arrivals:

Richard Becher Hungerford [S.i.1b] (1834-1909)

Harry Hungerford Hungerford [S.ii]

Everard Richard Hungerford [S.iii]

Sarah Lavinia Hungerford [S.iv]

Jane Hungerford – The Helsham Family [S.v]

The Gash and Martin Families []