The Ancestry of Emanuel Hungerford

Emanuel Hungerford

Emanuel Hungerford [E] is the patriarch of the Australian Hungerford family. He is the first known person bearing the surname Hungerford to have set foot on the Australian continent, arriving in 1828 with his wife and family. Since his lifetime, generations of genealogists have recorded his many thousands of descendants, while for centuries they have tried to trace his ancestors back through to the medieval Hungerfords of Farleigh Hungerford Castle.

This collection of posts attempts a straightforward but original task: to set out all of Emanuel Hungerford’s ancestors, paternal and maternal, to the 6th generation, and to provide evidence for all information about them. These posts are the work of Peter Sherlock, a founding member of HAFS, a widely published historian and a keen genealogist, and represent over 30 years of research. The work will be presented as a series of weekly updates over several months. If you have comments, questions or information to add, you can leave comments below. Peter will receive notification and respond to you himself.

Emanuel’s ancestry is recounted in many secondary sources such as 19th century genealogical publications like Burke’s A Genealogical and Heraldic History of the Landed Gentry of Ireland and Burke’s A Genealogical and Heraldic History of the Colonial Gentry. Almost all of these printed volumes do not give primary sources. Over the last 20 years the publication and copying of unsourced online genealogies has added further layers of confusion, error, and complexity. The attempt to identify primary sources for Emanuel’s ancestry is a challenging task given the lack of surviving records for much of Ireland. It is considerably eased, however, by the wealth and status of most branches of his family. His ancestors appear in privileged classes of records such as property deeds and marriage settlements. Nevertheless, the results presented in this research highlights several gaps for the attention of future researchers.

It is remarkable that the ancestry of a commoner born in the latter half of the 18th century may be traced back to every one of his 16 great-great-grandparents and almost all of his 32 great-great-great-grandparents, a boast that many people born in the 21st century could not make. The fourth and fifth generations of Emanuel’s ancestors lived in the tumultuous world of 17th century Ireland and England. They had international links to Barbados and New England for, like Emanuel, many of his ancestors were colonists who traversed the Irish Sea and the Atlantic Ocean. They became farmers, landlords, merchants, and colonial administrators. Some of them were slave owners, their wealth a direct result of the systematic exploitation of other human beings.

Note on dates: Prior to 1754, the year is taken as commencing on 1 January. Where records use the older style of the year changing on 25 March, the older date is indicated in parentheses and the modern date is given, eg 24 March (1718) 1719.Where used, “c” means “circa” (about) and is used for dates where the margin of error is +/- 2 years. “?” indicates the date is approximate and is used for dates where the margin of error is +/- 5 years.

The Ancestors of Emanuel Hungerford (1785-1872)

ParentsJohn Hungerford (c1741-1802) & Ann Daunt (?1745-1805)
Paternal GrandparentsRichard Hungerford (?1715-1784) & Mary Cranfield Becher (1716-?1743)
Maternal GrandparentsAchilles Daunt (c1701-c1760) & Ann Daunt (?1720-?1792)
Paternal Great-grandparentsThomas Hungerford (c1680-1715) & Susanna Becher (1688-1738)
John Becher (1677-1743) & Mary Cranfield (1687-1753)
Maternal Great-grandparentsThomas Daunt (c1675-1749) & Elizabeth Synge (c1682-1757)
Henry Daunt (?1677-c1739) & Ann Knolles (?1685-c1737)
Paternal Great Great-grandparentsRichard Hungerford (?1650-1729) & Mary Moore (c1661-?1730)
Thomas Becher (c1640-1709 ) & Elizabeth Turner (?1647-c1721)
Edward Cranfield (?1641-1700) & Mary Bush (1662-1750)
Maternal Great Great-grandparentsGeorge Daunt (c1631-c1697) & Martha Turner (?1650-1710)
George Synge (c1649-1692) & Mary Hewytt (?-1684)
Thomas Knolles (1660-1707) & Margaret Hungerford (?-?1690)

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