Here are some questions you might have….

How do I renew my membership if it has lapsed and I can’t login in to the website anymore?

You can create a new membership with a new username online, or email our web administrator to get your membership extended briefly to allow you to log in and renew your membership, or you can renew using one of our other payment options available.

Can I search the PDF files used on this website?

Yes. When you use our search box, it searches the content of the PDF files as well as the website pages. The relevant PDF files will show in the results, but not the specific lines that match. Press the “Download PDF” button to open the file, then use Ctrl F and enter your search word(s).  If it’s a file like the index to our journals and newsletters, which you will likely reuse, then you could save it to a useful location on your computer.

How can I do an exact match search or use Google search operators on this website?

To make our search engine look for an exact match, Put quotation marks around the words in the search box. To use operators like AND, OR and minus, there are several alternatives: see these tips on searching the website.

How can I quickly fine new posts?

On the Home page, just click on the “News” item in the menu at the top of the page.

How do I find things on the website?

There are a number of ways to find information on this website:

  • you can use the menu bar at the top of each page on the website to see what information has a direct link
  • you can use the search box in the header area on every page. Once you find something of interest, there are links to other pages and related posts at the bottom of most posts
  • where tables are used to list information eg names etc, there is also an additional search box that can be used to search the table, just start typing your query eg a name, and as you add more characters the results will automatically refine until the exact item is found
  • all our posts are organised by category and tagged keywords (tags) so you can focus on a subject area by clicking on a category label in sidebar areas, or go to this page Categories and Tags
  • posts will have categories at the top of the page and tags at the bottom of the page, you can use these to go to other posts in the same category or tag
  • for additional help on searching see our posts on advanced search and “quoted searches”.
Can I copy articles and images to Facebook or Ancestry?

No. You can’t copy HAFS materials (website content or publications) to any place. All material is copyright owned by HAFS or people who have permitted HAFS to use it (unless otherwise stated). When you post material to Facebook, Facebook deems that you have granted them a non-exclusive, transferable, sub-licensable, royalty-free, worldwide licence to use, in virtually any manner, the material you have posted. This licence terminates when you delete the material or your account. Furthermore, if copied to Facebook or Ancestry (or other genealogical sites), you have no control over who will use the material or how it may be used. If you want to reproduce our material in another website or publication, you must request permission. see our Terms of Use for further information.

You can share our material legitimately by providing a link to our website page, and acknowledging the source of articles correctly.

How can I contribute to the website content or other HAFS publications?

Contributions from members are always welcome. You can participate in the various forums on this website or just leave a reply at the bottom of the various posts on the website.

If you wish to write an article for publication by HAFS then see the Guidelines for Authors or contact us for further assistance.

Do I have to be a direct Hungerford ancestor to join HAFS?

No. We value the partners, adoptees, interested friends and researchers of Hungerfords and associated families. We do not discriminate by age, race, gender or religious belief. We welcome the diversity our members bring. We do ask that you respect our society’s Constitution, website terms of use, and generally treat other members with courtesy and civility.

Does each person in my family have to pay a subscription?

No. One annual subscription extends to all persons (who must also acknowledge support of the Aims and Objectives of HAFS) stated by the member to be related to that member by marriage or consanguinity AND who all reside at the same residential address of that member. These included members are welcome to attend any of our events as members, however, only the financial member can vote at general meetings or stand for Committee membership etc.

Does HAFS have a policy dealing with its use of personal information?

Yes, HAFS has a Privacy Policy see https://www.hafs.org.au/legal/notice-privacy-policy/. If you have further concerns, please contact us.

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