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Explore these introductions to the main lines of Hungerfords and associated families who migrated to Australia. Emanuel Hungerford and his wife Catherine (nee Loane) followed earlier Loane migrants to Australia. Emanuel and Catherine had ten children, and three of their sons married Winder sisters. Other Hungerfords came to Australia later.

Hungerfords of England and Ireland

Until the mid-twentieth century, the Hungerfords who came to Australia and New Zealand originated from Ireland. They were descendants of Captain Thomas Hungerford of Rathbarry, Cork, who died in 1680. Captain Thomas’s ancestry cannot be definitively identified. Two contemporary clues to his parentage exist. First is a letter he wrote in 1675 to Robert Southwell of Kinsale, Cork, in which he calls Robert’s wife, Helena Gore Southwell, his ‘cozen’ (cousin). Other evidence shows that Helena Gore’s mother, Susannah Hyde, was first cousin of Avis Ivy who married Fulke Hungerford of The Lea. This Fulke died in 1620 leaving children, Henry, George and Susan named in his will, and a wife pregnant with an unborn child. The pedigree below suggests that Captain Thomas was Fulke’s unborn child from 1620. Supporting this theory is the second clue, a letter from the Earl of Clarendon, Edward Hyde, that mentions Captain Hungerford of Ireland as his ‘cousin’. For further information, see the HAFS Journals Vol 2 No 3 (May 1994) and Vol 5 No 2 (Nov 1999).

Peter Sherlock [E.4.1a.6b.5c.1d.2e], HAFS member and historian has completed considerable further research on the ancestry of Thomas Hungerford of Rathbarry which now provides a number answers to the questions posed above in this piece: see Origins of the Irish Hungerfords: New Evidence.

Chart_Hungerfords of England

Hungerfords of Ireland

The Hungerfords were descended from Hungerfords in Ireland, who were descended earlier from Hungerfords in Wiltshire. This chart shows the descendants of Captain Thomas Hungerford of Rathbarry [SH1] who emigrated to Australia and New Zealand – Becher [B], John Thomas [J], Emanuel [E], Richard [R], Ryder [Y], Henry (H), Townsend [T]. Other Hungerfords  from this family went to Canada, Jamaica and beyond, but are not shown for the sake of brevity. For further information on the Irish Hungerfords, see the special Irish issue of the HAFS Journal Vol 4 No 1 (May 1997).

View this chart of the Hungerfords of Ireland to understand how the first Australian Hungerfords were descended from them.

Chart_Hungerfords of Ireland

Migrants to Australia

As you explore the articles about migrants below, you will find other people in the related posts below each article or in the sidebar using the search box or People category. We have only covered the first one or two generations online. To find out more about the descendants of these migrants, you can read the HAFS Journals and look up their details in Hungerfords Down Under, which members can purchase in our shop. You might like to contribute a new biography or memoirs of your ancestors.

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Emanuel Hungerford [E] and Catherine Loane [L.I.ii]

Their children:

John Becher Hungerford [E.1] Thomas Hungerford [E.6]
Robert Richard Hungerford [E.2]Septimus Hungerford [E.7 ]
Emanuel Becher Hungerford [E.3]Anne Loane Hungerford [E.8]
William Moore Hungerford [E.4]Percy Hungerford [E.9]
Henry Hungerford [E.5]Catherine Hungerford [E.10]

The Loane Family [L]

The Winder Family [W]

Ryder Hungerford [Y]

Becher Hungerford [B]

Richard Hungerford [R] b1776

Townsend James William Hungerford [T]

John Thomas Hungerford [J]

Henry Jones Hungerford [H]

Subsequent Hungerford arrivals:

Richard Becher Hungerford [S.i.1b] (1834-1909)

Harry Hungerford Hungerford [S.ii]

Everard Richard Hungerford [S.iii]

Sarah Lavinia Hungerford [S.iv]

Jane Hungerford – The Helsham Family [S.v]

The Gash and Martin Families [S.vi]