Logs from various voyages – 1913 to 1922 (British East India Co)

Various logs from Captain Kilpatrick’s many voyages for the British East India Company during the War years

Excerpt from one of Captain Kilpatrick’s logs

1913   S.S. Carpentaria, 28 May 1913, Left London, for Port Said, Suez, Colombo, Thursday Isl., Cairns, Townsville, Rockhampton, Maryborough, Moreton Bay, Brisbane (24 July 1913). Left Brisbane 2 Aug 1913, returning to London, via Batavia, Colombo, Suez, Port Said, Genoa, Liverpool, arriving London on  24 Oct 1913.

SS Carpentaria 1913

S.S. Golconda, Dead weight required at sea, 1600 tons; Arriving Durban 240 tons water ballast; No. 2 hold 500 tons coal; Deep tank 500 tons coal; Lower Orlop 450 tons coal.  Coal on board leaving London: – Bunkers (profane) 800 tons; Deep Tank 500 tons; Lower Orlop 450 tons;  Upper Orlop 392 tons; Between decks 350 tons, Total 2492 tons; No. 2 Lower Hold 500 tons, Total 2992 tons coal.

1913 – 1914  S.S. Golconda, Voyage 82. Left London, Wed. 10 Dec 1913, via Suez to Mombasa (Kenya), 8 Jan 1914;  Zanzibar (Tanzania), Beira (Mozambique), 30 January 1914;  returning via Aden (Yemen),  Port Sudan, Suez, Naples (Italy), Malta, arriving London 14 March 1914.

Tanda. Friday, 15 May 1914, Trial trip at “Tale [Tail] of the Bank”, [Glasgow to London].  Made on measured mile 14.46 with 98 revolutions.  Draft For’d 13’ 10”, Draft Aft 20’ 2”.  Ship taken over from builders.  Monday, 25th May, 1 pm Left for Middlesborough, fine weather during trip. Speed by log 13 knots most of the time. Father and Willie [brother] took trip with me. Wednesday, 27th May. Pilot boarded at 4.20 pm.  At 5.48 pm fast in No. 9 berth, Middlesbrough Dock. Thursday 4th June, Noon left Middlesbrough for London.  Draft 21’ 6” Aft;  14’ 4” Frd.  Fine weather.   Friday 5th June, 10.7 am, pilot boarded at Gravesend.  1 pm arrived off  Export berth in R.A. docks.  Made fast and rung off engines 1.40 pm.

Tanda, Voyage 1. Sat, 13 Jun 1914, Left London, 1 pm, for Calcutta, via Marseilles, Port Said, Suez, Safaga, Aden, Colombo, Madras [east India, now Chennai], arrived Calcutta (moorings) Friday, 17 July 1914, 11 am.

S.S. Tanda, Voyage 2. Monday, 7 Aug 1914, Left Calcutta,  via Penang, Singapore, Hong Kong, Amoy [Singapore], Shanghai, Kobe [Japan], Moji, Singapore, Port Swettenham [Penang, Malaysia], Negapatam [east coast of India], Arrived Madras, Friday, 9 Oct 1914.

SS Tanda. 12 Oct 1914.  Taken over as hospital ship, & ship’s name altered to “Madras.  Tuesday 17 Nov. Left Madras, 10 am; via Mombasa, Zanzibar;  Sunday, 13 December 1914, arrived Bombay, noon.

SS Madras. Bombay to Busrah, and back 21 Dec 1914 to 10 Jan 1915.  [Basrah, Iraq, site of Battle of Basra, 11/11 to 22/11/1914, between British & Ottoman troops. British captured city of Basra]. Monday, 21 Dec 1914, 1 pm left Alexander Dock, Bombay for Busrah.  Sunday, 27 Dec. 8 am, stopped off Shatt-Al-Arab Light Vessel and received pilot anchored near outer buoy waiting for tide.  3.20 proceed across bar to [Fort] Fao.  5.13 pm. Anchored off  Fao.   Monday, 28 Dec, 6.35 am proceeded for Busrah; 10.30 am, after passing “Prinpura” with broken rudder, stuck on Mohammerah Bar. Backed off & anchored for night tide.  9.10 pm, proceeded across Mohammerah Bar, and at 10.7 pm anchored for the night above Mohammerah.   Tuesday 29 Dec, 11.5 am, proceeded for Busrah, arrived there at 1 pm. Anchored above hospital.

Basra in 1914. Basra is in modern day Iraq but was under British control in WW1

1915  H.S. Madras.  Sun 3 Jan, 11.50 am, left Busrah for Bombay. 7.7 pm anchored off Fao. Mon 4 Jan, left Fao at 11.27 am.  Sunday, 10th January, 8 am, received Bombay pilot on board.  11 am made fast in No. 1 berth Alexandra Dock, “230 sick to land”.Sunday, 17 Jan, left dock & anchored in stream.

Bombay to Mombasa, Tues, 19th Jan, 7 am, left Bombay for Mombasa; Wed 27 Jan, 4 pm, let go anchor in Mombasa.

Mombasa to Zanzibar, Tues, 2 Feb, 5 pm, left Mombasa for Zanzibar; Wed 3 Feb, 6.50 am let go anchor in Zanzibar.

Zanzibar to Mombasa, Mon 3 Feb, 6.20 am, left Zanzibar for Mombasa; Thurs 4 Feb, 6.45 am, let go anchor in Mombasa.

Mombasa to Bombay, Thurs, 4 Feb, 3.30 pm, left Mombasa for Bombay;  Sat 13 Feb, 5.49 pm, let go anchor off Sunk Rock Lt House, & on Sunday at noon entered Alexandra Docks [Bombay].

Bombay to Busrah (Basra), Sat. 20 Feb. 10 am, left Bombay for Busrah. Friday 26 Feb, 2.30 am, received pilot, & anchored off Shatt al-Arab, Lt vessel.  6.30 am. proceeded.  8.20 am  passed Fao, 11.20 am passed Abadan [Iran];  3 pm anchored Busrah off Hospital.

H.S. Madras, Busrah to Bombay, Mon 1st March 1915, noon, left Busrah for Bombay; 5 pm, anchored off Fao; Tues, 2nd March, 10 am left Fao; Mon 8 Mar, 6.43 am, anchored off Sunk Rock, & at 10 am moved up & anchored off Dock. Tues 9 March, 6.30 am, proceed into Alexandra Dock, [Bombay].

Bombay to Mombasa, Thurs, 18 March, 10 am, left from Dock for Mombasa.   Friday 27 March, 9.30 am anchored in Mombasa.

H.S. Madras. Mombasa to Madras.  Friday, 2 April, 4 pm, left Mombasa for madras; Wednesday 14 April, 3 pm, arrived in Madras.

Madras to Bombay, Friday, 16 April 1915, 9 am left Madras for Bombay. Thursday, 22 April, 6.45 am, arrived in Bombay.

Bombay to Busrah, Sunday, 25 April, 5 pm, Left Bombay for Busrah; Saturday 1 May, 3.15 pm,  arrived in Busrah.

Busrah to Bombay, Tuesday, 4 May 1915, noon, left Busrah for Bombay;  Mon 10 May, 7.40 am, arrived in Bombay, anchored off Sunk Rock, 11 am moved up to abreast of dock. Tuesday noon entered Alexandra Dock.

H.S. Madras. Bombay to Busrah, Mon 17 May 1915, noon, left Bombay for Busrah; Mon 24 May, 4 pm, arrived Busrah; Wed, 26 May, noon, left Busrah for Bombay;  Wed 2 June, 6 am,  arrived Bombay.

Tuesday, 8th June 1915, transferred from Madras, to SS Teesta.

SS Teesta.  Bombay to Marseilles. Friday, 25 June 1915, Left Bombay for Karachi [Pakistan], Sun, 27 June, , 2 pm, arrived in Karachi.  Tues 29 June, 7.30 pm, Left Karachi for Aden; Mon 5 July, 2 pm, arrived Aden.   Remained 16 days. Troops landed to defend Aden. Wed, 21 July, 3 am, left Aden for Suez;  Sun, 25 July, 2 pm, arrived Suez.  Monday entered dock to discharge stores. Tues, 27July, 2 pm,  left Suez; Wed 28 July 6 am arrived in Port Said;  8 pm, left Port Said for Marseilles. Tuesday, 3 Aug, 8.20 am,  arrived in Marseilles.  Wednesday, 4 August, joined the S.S. Thongwa, in Marseilles, relieving Buswell, who was ill.

Thongwa. Marseilles to Bombay. Wed 4 August, 6 pm, left Marseilles for Malta. Sat 2 Aug, 8 am, arrived in Malta; Sun 8 Aug, 8 am, left Malta for Port Said; Thurs, 12 Aug, 11 am, arrived Port Said; 8 pm. left for Suez.    Fri. 13 Aug, noon  Arrived Suez.  Saturday, 14 Aug entered dock at Suez to discharge government stores.   5.20pm took train to Cairo, arrived 11 pm. Put up at New Kedival hotel. Sunday at Pyramids, mosques, native bazaar, Zoological Gardens, etc. Monday 15th, Museum 8.30 to 10.15 am.   Train for Suez at 11.am, arriving at 4.30pm.   Mon 15 August, 6 pm.  left Suez for Aden;  Sat 21st August, Arrived Aden, &  at 3 pm  left for Bombay.  Sun 27 Aug, 7 am, arrived in Bombay.  Mon 30 August, Received instructions to proceed by rail to Calcutta.  Tues. 31 Aug,  Caught train at 1.p.m. for Calcutta.

S.S. Muttra.  Thursday, 2nd September 1915, 7 am arrived in Calcutta, & appointed to S.S. Muttra, loading for Japan.   Wed. 15 Sept. 6 am, left Calcutta for Penang, Singapore, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Kobe (Japan). Thursday, 14 October, 4.40 pm in Kobe for medical inspection; 5.30 pm, Moved on an shackled to buoy at 6 pm.  Fri 15 Oct, 0.30 to 1.30, left buoy & went to wharf.  Sat evening & all Sunday, rain stopped all cargo work.   Wednesday, 20th October, left Kobe for Moji; Thurs 21st, 11 am moored in Moji Harbour.

Received from the master of S.S. Muttra, this twenty-first day of October, 1915, one sealed cover addressed to H.B. Mr. Consul Slimoreiki, [signed] J.D. Marston.  Mr. Lieukersteeu, Telephone House 403, Office 428, Coal Depot 994.

Friday 22nd Oct. 10.30 am, left Moji for Hong Kong. Tues. 26th Oct. 10 pm, anchored in Typhoon Bay. Entered Hong Kong after examination on Wed. at 7 am.   Sat. 30 October, 5 pm, Left Hong Kong for Singapore.

S.S. Muttra.  Thurs. 4 Nov, 8 pm. anchored in Singapore examination anchorage, & at 9 am Friday entered Singapore Dock.  Monday 7th Nov. 3.45 pm left Singapore for Penang.  Tues 9 Nov, 4.30 am, anchored outside Penang, & entered harbour at 6.30 am.   Wed. 10th Nov. 7.30 am left Penang for Rangoon [Burma]. Fri 12th Nov. Ottiwell, Rangoon pilot boarded, anchored at 11.50 pm.  Saturday, 3 am got underweigh, proceeded up river & at 8 am made fast to No. 3, Sule Pagoda Wharf [Rangoon, Burma].   At 10 pm.  Captain Barrett came on board and informed me that government had commandeered the Muttra for transport work.  All Calcutta passengers and cargo to leave the ship here.  Later received orders from Transport Officer to leave Rangoon for Bombay at 6 am Monday 15 November, and proceed with all despatch to Bombay direct.

S.S. Muttra. Government Charter from 14 November 1915.  Monday 15 Nov. 8 am cast off from Sule Pagoda Wharf & left Rangoon for Bombay.  Tues, 23 Nov. arrived Bombay 11 am.  Fitted up for troops (one & a half regiments), stalls fitted for 117 mules & 24 horses.

Bombay to Karachi & Busrah.   Tuesday, 30 Nov 11 am Left Bombay for Karachi. Thurs 2nd December, 1pm arrived No. 2 wharf Karachi. Friday  3rd Dec. 6 pm Left Karachi for Busrah.  Tuesday, 7th Dec, 6.46 pm anchored at Shatt al-Arab Lt Vessel [river, near Basra].  Wed 8th Dec 9.50 am got underweigh for Busrah, & at 7.28 pm came to at tail of long lines of steamers off Busrah.  Thurs. 9th Dec. 7.30 am next up & moved off Ashar Creek.  Friday 10th Dec. pm, 37th Dograr disembarked into lighters and remained alongside till Saturday 10 am.  Saturday pm XCVII Infantry disembarked [97th Infantry Regiment had been on Russian Front]. .

S.S. Muttra, 1915 – 1916.  Government Charter.  Busrah to Bombay. Sat 17th Dec. 4 pm. Left Busrah for Bombay;  10 pm. Anchored off Fao.  Sat 18th Dec 6 am weighted anchor & proceeded;  9 am dropped pilot.  Friday 24 Dec 10 am anchored off Alexandra Dock, Bombay, & at 4 pm entered Dock, Berth 13.

Bombay to Karachi & Busrah.  Monday 27 Dec, 9.30 am Left Bombay for Karachi. Wed 29th Dec. 7.30 am anchored outside Karachi, & at 9 am proceeded to No 6 berth.  Monday, 10 January 1916,  2.45 am Left Karachi for Busrah, with 82nd Punjabis, Col. Tweddell in command. Friday, 14th Jan. 7.45, anchored off Lt Ship, & proceeded at 2 pm.  10.45 pm, moored in Busrah.

S.S. Muttra, 1916.  Busrah to Bombay. Thurs 27 Jan, 9 am left Busrah for Bombay. Wed, 2 Feb, 3.30 pm received pilot & proceeded to Alexandra Dock, Bombay.

Bombay to Suez. Sat 5 Feb. noon, left Bombay for Suez  (Empty). Thurs. 17 Feb, 4 am anchored off Suez.

Suez to Bombay. Monday, 28 Feb. 4 pm. Left Suez for Bombay. Sat. 11 March, 11 pm. Arrived in Bombay, anchored off Alexandra Dock.  Entered dock 7 am Sunday.

Bombay to Karachi, and Persian Gulf.  Sat. 18 March, 9 am left Bombay for Karachi. Mon. 20 March, 2.30 pm. Arrived off Karachi. Friday 24 March, 1 pm Left Karachi for Pasni [Pakistan].  Sat. 25 March, 9.30 am arrived in Pasni, & at 11 am sailed for Bunder Abbas [Banda Abbas, Iran, on Persian Gulf].  Monday 27 March noon arrived in Bunder Abbas.

SS Muttra.  Bombay to Karachi & Persian Gulf (continued).  Monday 27 March, 4.15 pm Left Bunder Abbas for Bushire [Bushehr, Iran, on Persian Gulf].  Wed. 29 March, 6.45 am arrived in Bushire; Thursday, 30 March Left Bushire for Busrah, & at 10.34 pm came to off Shatt al-Arab Lt Vessel;   Friday, 31 March, no pilot available, so left at 8 am & piloted ship to Busrah myself.  3.55 pm anchored off Busrah.  Sat 1 April, shifted up to wharf at Marghil [Margil, Basra, Iraq].

Busra to Karachi & Bombay.  Sunday, 23 April, 4 pm. Left Busra for Karachi; 9.30 pm anchored off Fao.  Monday 24 April, 3.30 am, Left Fao; 7 am Pilot Errakim left.  Friday 28 April, Karachi pilot boarded at noon;  Made fast at No. 3 wharf.  8 pm. Left Karachi [Pakistan] for Bombay, with 200 of 131st Beluchis.  Sunday, 30 April, Bombay pilot boarded at 5 pm;  Mon. 1 May, 6 am Entered Alexandra Dock (No. 7),  5 pm left dock, anchored in stream.

S.S. Muttra. 1916.   Bombay to Colombo, and back.  Saturday, 6 May, noon, left Bombay;  Wed. 10 May,  6 am, arrived  Colombo;   7 pm, Left Colombo,  Towing four barges from Colombo to Bombay.   Thursday, 18 May, 11 pm arrived Bombay.

Bombay to Busra. Sunday, 21 May, 2.25 pm. Left Bombay, towing three barges.  Thursday, 1 June, 6.36 am. arrived Shatt al-Arab, Lt vessel, brought 2 barges alongside, 1 with short tow rope astern.  8.15 pm anchored in river.  Friday, 2 June, 3.48 am, underweigh;  2 pm, arrived Busra.

Busra to Bombay. Sat 3 June, 3.12 pm, left Busra, In ballast. 8 pm anchored off Fao.  Sunday 4 June, 10 am, No pilot, proceeded direct to sea. Sunday 11 June, 4 am, arrived Bombay.

SS Muttra. 1916.  Bombay to Busra.  Tuesday, 20 June, 8 am. Left Bombay. Fresh S.W. monsoon to Ras al-Hadd, then fine to Busra.  Cool & pleasant for time of year.  27th June, anchored at Lt Ship 5 pm; 5.30 am proceeded, river pilot in charge. 963 men of 3rd Labour Corp. Captain Shistone, C.O.  Wednesday 28 June 2 pm arrived Busra.

Busra, Bushire, Karachi & Bombay. Sunday, 2 July, 7 pm left Busra, no pilot.  Mon 3 July, 1.20 pm passed Lt Vessel [dock at Shatt al-Arab]. Monday 3 July, midnight, arrived Bushire (Bushehr, Iran], carrying over 600 combatants, 172 of which landed at Karachi. Captain McDonald I.M.S., C.O. Surgeon General. O’Connell, passenger from Busra to Karachi.  Tuesday, 4 July, 2 pm, left Bushire; Saturday 8 July, arrived Karachi; Monday 10 July, 5 am, left Karachi; Wed 12 July, 6 am, arrived Bombay.

Bombay to Busra.   Sat 15 July, 5 pm, left Bombay, carrying 4th Labour Corp. Arrived Shatt al-Arab, Lt. Vessel at 0.20 pm, crossed bar at 1.30 pm, & proceeded direct to Busra. Sat 22 July, 9.20 pm arrived Busra.

S.S. Muttra.  Busra to Bushire, Karachi & Bombay.  Mon 31 July, 5.40 am, left Busra, 2.25 pm pilot left.  Tuesday, 1 August 1916, 5.44 am, arrived Bushire; at 3 pm, left Bushire;  Sat 5 August, 11 pm. Arrived Karachi (10 pm pilot boarded).   Sunday 6 Aug, 2 pm, left Karachi, carrying 16 B[British] officers, & 800 odd native troops going on 1 months leave.  Tuesday 8 August, 5 pm, arrived Bombay.

Bombay to Busra.  Mon 21 August, 1 pm Left Bombay, carrying 400 British, & 650 native troops, 13 horses, & 48 bullocks. Mon 28 Aug, 2 pm, arrived Busra.

Busra to Bombay. Wed 30 Aug, 6 am left Busra; Tues 5 September, 11 pm, arrived Bombay

September, Bombay to Jeddah & Rabegh [Rabigh, Saudi Arabia, north of Jeddah, on Red Sea east coast].  Sat 16 Sept, 1 pm, left Bombay, carrying Ex-Arab prisoners. Tues 26 Sept, 3.20 pm, arrived Jeddah.  In Jeddah, ordered to Rabegh to land prisoners. Wed 27 Sept, 6 am left Jeddah, 4.30 pm arrived Rabegh.

SS Muttra. Thursday, 28 Sept, 10 am, left Rabegh. Sunday, 1st October, 1 pm, arrived Aden;  Friday 6 Oct, 6.30 pm. Left Aden;  Friday 13 Oct, 0.30 pm,  Arrived Bombay.  Major Iles, Captain Crean and Doctor Barber, with 30 men, European guards for prisoners returned to Bombay.  Also some details [i.e. troops] from Aden.

Bombay to Karachi & Busra.  Thursday, 19th October, Joined the S.S. Umballa. Thurs, 19 Oct, 7 pm, left Bombay.  Empty leaving Bombay.  Sat 21 Oct, 9 pm anchored off Karachi & on Sunday, 22 Oct at 4 pm entered harbour.  Monday 23 October, 5 pm left Karachi, carrying 10th Labour Corps, & ex convicts,  Major Hodgson, C.O.  66th Punjabis.  Friday, 27 Oct, 11.30 pm, arrived Shatt al-Arab Lt Vessel;  Sat 28 Oct, 5 pm, arrived Busra.

Busra to Bombay.  Mon 30 October, 6 am, left Busra, Empty, Lt Col. Moberly & Major ….. passengers.  Monday 6 November, 1 am, arrived Bombay.

Bombay to Busrah.  Monday 20 November, 8.30 am, left Bombay, with stores, and towing two barges. Tuesday 28 Nov, 5 pm, arrived Shatt al-Arab, Lt. Vessel;  pilot boarded on Wednesday at 3 pm. Got under weigh but stuck on outer bar. Reached Busra on Friday 1st December at 3.20 pm.

SS Umballa. Busra to Bombay. Tues 19th December, 7 am, leaving Basra, Empty In water, Ballast only. Arrived Bombay Tues 26 Dec, 5 am.

Bombay to Busra. Tues 2 January, 7 am, left Bombay, loaded with engineering stores and hay.  One …. &  launch. Tues 9 Jan arrived Busra.

Busra to Bushire & Karachi.  Monday 29 Jan, 8 am, left Busra; diverted to Karachi, instead of Bombay by wireless.  Tues 30 Jan, 5 am, arrived Bushire; left 10.15pm;  Carrying a few return stores for Bombay.  Sunday 4th Feb, 5 am, arrived Karachi.

Karachi to Busra.  Friday 9 Feb. 7.30 pm, left Karachi.   300 tons rails, 700 tons sleepers, filled up with firewood.  Arrived at Lt Vessel, 2 pm 14th.   Thursday, 15th Feb, 10 am arrived Busra.

Busra to Karachi. Tues 27 Feb, 11 am, leaving Busra. In ballast.  Mon 5th March, 8 am, arriving Karachi.

Karachi to Busra.   Friday 9 March, 9 am, left Karachi; full load stores. Towing Barge R 12.   Friday 16 March, 8 am, arrived Busra.

S.S. Umballa.  1917. Busra to Bombay. Sunday 25 March, 7.30 am, left Busra, In ballast. Sunday 1st April, 3 pm, arriving Bombay.  Friday, 6th April, Left the Umballa and remained on the staff waiting for the “Gracchus”. Monday 16th April 1917, joined the S.S. Gracchus, in Bombay.

Bombay to Melbourne, via Tuticorin [India], via Colombo.   Tues 24 April, 11 am left Bombay. General cargo to Tuticorin & Colombo.  Friday, 27 April 9 pm, arrived Tuticorin. Sunday 29 April, 5 pm, left Tuticorin.  Monday 30 April, 9.30 am, arrived Colombo.   Friday 4 May, 9.40 am, left Colombo.  Shipped in Colombo:  tea, rubber, desiccated coconut & coir fibre, etc. for Australian ports & tranship for New Zealand.  Wednesday 23rd May, 8.30 pm off Williamstown [Victoria]; Thursday, 24 May, 9 am, Arrived Melbourne, Berthed at No. 14 Dock.  Friday, 1st June, 5 pm, left Melbourne, arrived Monday 4 June, 8 am, at Sydney, at No. 3 Circular Quay.  Thurs, 7 June, 0.15am, left Sydney; 8.30 am, arrived Newcastle, No. 12 Crane Basin.

SS Gracchus.  1917. Continued, Bombay to Australia, returning to Calcutta.  Friday, 8 June, 4.30 pm, left Newcastle; Sunday 10 June, 11.40 am arrived Brisbane, Pinkenba Railway Wharf.  Tuesday 12 June, 10 am, left Brisbane, shipped 394 horses.  Friday, 15 June, 7.50 am, arrived Townsville, shipped 209 horses.  Total:  603 horses. Friday 15 June, 6.15 pm, left Townsville.  Monday 18 June, 11 am, arrived Thursday Island; 1 pm left Thursday Is.  Wednesday 27 June, 5.30 pm, Arrived Singapore.  Called here for orders as instructed by Admiralty at Sydney. Thurs 28 June, 10.45 am, left Singapore.  Wed. 4 July, 9 am, arrived Sand Heads [on Houghly River, West Bangal, 130 miles south of city of Calcutta]; 2 pm, at Sangar [Sagar Island, up Houghly River, going towards Calcutta ports]; Thursday, 5 July, 3 pm, arrived Calcutta. Went to horse depot at head of Kidderpur Dock [Khidirpore Dock].  Sunday, 8 July, 5 pm, Crossed to coaling berth No. 16.

Monday 9th July, commenced voyage on Government account.

H.T. Gracchus.  1917. As hired transport Calcutta to Rangoon, Madras, via Dar Es Salaam [Tanzania]. Tuesday, 10 July, 4 am, left Calcutta. In ballast 1492 tons coal. Wed 11 July, 4 am leaving Sangor, anchored in Garden Reach; 11.30 am Pilot Coachafer. 6.30 pm anchored Sangor. Anchored 5 hours off Krishna Lt Vessel during ebb tide.  2.30 pm made fast to buoy off Latta St. Wharf.  Saturday 14 July, 0.30 pm, arrived Rangoon; Thursday 19 July, 2 pm leaving Rangoon, dropped pilot at 7 pm. Wednesday 25 July, 2 pm, arriving Madras, stopped outside Madras, from 9 pm, 24 [hours].  Sunday 29 July, noon, leaving Madras.   Sunday, 12 August, 9.40 am, arriving Dar Es Salaam [Tanzania], anchored in Outer Harbour. Thursday 23 July, 8 am, arriving Kilindini [Harbour, Kenya].  Thursday, 28 July, 6 pm, left Kilindini, Carrying 6 officers, Mrs. Preston, & 21 European & native details, 420 tons sand ballast.   Wednesday, 12 September, 11 am, arriving Sand Heads [Houghly River, India]; Thursday, 13 Sept, noon, arriving Calcutta.   Dry Dock, Saturday 15 to Monday 17 September, thence to No. 6 Berth Kidderpore Dock [Khidirpore, Calcutta].

SS Gracchus

SS Gracchus. 25th Sept to 4th Dec 1917.  Calcutta to Melbourne, Sydney, & return to Calcutta.   Tues 25 Sept. noon, left Calcutta.  Left no. 6 berth Kidderpore Dock at 4 am and anchored at Garden Reach till noon.  Wed 26 Sept, 1 pm, left Sand Heads.  6 pm anchored at Kulpi [78 km south of Calcutta].   Friday 19th October,  2 pm, Arriving Melbourne Pilot; 6.20 pm, anchored off Williamstown; Sat 20 Oct, 8 am, arriving Melbourne No. 12 Victoria Dock.  Thursday 25 Oct, 6 pm, left Melbourne.  Sunday 28 Oct, 3 pm, arriving Sydney, No. 6 Wharf, Woolloomooloo.  Wed 31 Oct, 11.30 pm, left Sydney.  Thurs. 1 November, 7.30 am, arriving Newcastle, No. 13 berth at Dyke [Point, on Hunter River].  Friday, 2 Nov. 5 pm, left Newcastle.  Sunday, 4 Nov. 5 pm, arrived Hobson’s Bay [Melbourne]. Monday 5 Nov. 8 am, arriving Melbourne, No. 13, Victoria Dock.  Saturday, 10 Nov. 6 pm Left Melbourne.  Passed Java Hd. [at western end of Java, at entrance to Sunda Straits, between Java & Sumatra, Indonesia] To Singapore 590.   Sat 24 Nov 4 am, entered Sunda Straits. Sunday 25 Nov 2 pm, passed through Singapore.   Sunday, 2 December, 8.30 am, arrived Sand Heads; Monday 3 Dec. 8 am, arriving Calcutta.  Entered dock at 8 am, went to horse berth at 1 pm. First horses out and finished at 5.30 pm.  Tuesday, 4 Dec, 10.30 am, Shifted to No. 26 Bert.  7 pm at 231 [diagram crossed out].

SS Gracchus. 14th Dec 1917 to 18th Feb 1918.  Calcutta to Fremantle, Adelaide, Melbourne, Newcastle & return Calcutta.  Thursday 13 Dec. left moorings for Meliatusock [Metiabruz, Garden Reach, Calcutta]. Friday, 14 Dec, 7 am, left Calcutta; 2.30 pm, anchored at Mud Pt.;  Sat. 15 Dec. 6.50 am proceeded; 2 pm. Arriving Sand Heads.   Monday 31st Dec, introduced New Year, by Perth;   7 pm Arriving Fremantle.

Wed 2 January 1918, 5.15 am, leaving Fremantle.  Monday 7th Jan., 8.26 pm, arriving Adelaide. Delayed over Tuesday night for engineers examining smoke boxes and funnel casing.  Tuesday 8th, 5 am, went up the river to Port Adelaide.  Wed on board shifting stores, till Thursday. Thursday 10 Jan, 6 am. Shifted berth.  Saturday 12 Jan. 0.30 pm, leaving Adelaide.   Monday 14th Jan, 6 pm, arriving Melbourne; Mon 14th & Tuesday, 15th in Melbourne.  Sat 19th Jan.  6 am, leaving Melbourne.   Monday 21 Jan, 9.30 pm, arriving Newcastle.  Met Flo [Florence [E.6.7a] & Margaret (Madge)] in hotel 10.10 pm.  Tuesday shifted to Lee Wharf, Shipped 630 horses for M [Madras]. Margaret on Thursday & Friday.  Friday 25 Jan, 6.20 pm, left Newcastle.   Sunday 2 February, 8 pm. Rounding Cape Leeuwin [W.A.]. Sat 9 Feb, noon, rounding Java Head [Sunda Straits] (about 1730 miles from Leeuwin); Monday 11 Feb, 3 am, Slowed down, outside Singapore, 6 am.   No orders proceed direct to Calcutta.  Monday, 18 Feb, 2.30 am, arriving Sand Heads, Pilot Dovz; 5.30 pm, arriving Garden Reach; 8 pm, arriving Horse wharf, Kidderpore Docks.

SS Gracchus.  2nd March to 6th May 1918.  Calcutta to Rangoon, Colombo, Port Said, & London.  Sat 2 March, 10 am, leaving Calcutta. Left Kidderpore Dock 2 am. Anchored in Garden Reach. 3.30 pm anchored Kulpi.  Sunday 3rd March, 10 am left Kulpi; leaving Sand Heads.  Wed 6 March, 9 am, arriving Pilot Station [Rangoon, now Yangon]; Thursday 7th, 10 am, crossed the Hastings [river or Island] and made fast to Godwin Rd Buoy [Rangoon]; 7.30 pm, arriving Rangoon.

Wed. 13 Feb 1918. Ended transport service. Thus. 14 Feb. On liner berth for P Hondison & Co.

Thurs 21 March 1918, 7 pm, left Rangoon, Harbour Master Speirs, Pilot Reynolds. Friday 22 March 9 pm, passing Table Island; Wed 27 March, 10 am arriving Colombo.  Thursday 28 March, 6.30 am, left Colombo. Wed. 3rd April, from 2 pm passing Socotia; Sat 6 April passing Paim. H.M.S. Topaze stopped us. Entered canal at 3 pm. Thursday, 11th April, 8 am, arriving Suez, and passed through with one stop near de Kantara [Egypt, 50 km south of Port Said], waiting for daylight to enter Port Said. Friday, 12 April, 9 am, arriving Port Said. Friday 19 April, 8 am, left Port Said; Sunday, 26 April, 8 pm, passing Gibraltar.   Sunday 5 May, 6 pm. Anchored off Deal [Kent, border between North Sea & English Channel]; Monday 6 May, 8 pm. Arriving London, 8.30 am, fast in Victoria Dock, abreast of Custom House Station.

Leave granted from Friday 10th May to Monday 20th May 1918.  Friday to Monday, Stamford; Monday night, Edinburgh; Tuesday to Monday morning Dumbarton, then to Monday night Edinburgh. Back in London on Tuesday 21st May.

SS Gracchus.  London to East Africa, calling at Falmouth, Gibraltar, Port Said, Suez, Port Sudan, Aden, Mombasa, Zanzibar & Colombo.   Wednesday, 29 May 1918, 3 pm, left London. Thurs, 31 May, 9 pm, arriving Falmouth. Tuesday 4 June, 5 pm, leaving Falmouth, in convoy.  Escort of 2 destroyers & 6 trollers [fishing vessel]. Also an American sea escort vessel.  Destroyers & trollers left when 2 days out.  American remained.  Speed raised from 6 ½ to 7 ½ when escort left.  Gracchus & Chybassa scouted on each leading flank, Gracchus on right flank.   Monday, 10 June, 4 pm, arriving Gibraltar, in convoy. Sunday, 16 June, 8 am, left Gibraltar; Mon 24 June, 8 pm, arriving Port Said. Tues 25 June, 8 pm, leaving Port Said.  Wed 26 June, noon, arriving Suez; 6.45 pm, left Suez.  Sat 29 June 8 am, arriving Port Sudan; 7 pm, left Port Sudan;  Tues, 2 July, 7 am, arriving Aden; 6 pm, left Aden.  Wednesday, 10th July, noon, arriving Mombasa. Sat. 20 July, 6 pm left Mombasa; Sunday, 21 July, 3 pm, arriving Zanzibar;  Tues, 23 July, left Zanzibar; Called off Tanga [Tanzania] &  landed agent & six tally clerks in ship’s boat as launch failed to come off for them.  Friday 2 August, 10 am, arriving Colombo.  Closed voyage and prepared for voyage to Australia.

Using current from Zanzibar to Colombo: added 87 miles to total distance, and saved 22 miles on log distance.  Handbook distance 2630 miles; By daily positions distance 2717 miles; by actual log distance 2606 miles.

SS Gracchus.   Colombo to Australia.  Thursday, 8 August, 5 30 pm, Leaving Colombo.  Friday 23rd August, 11 am, arriving Fremantle, W.A. Sat 31 Aug, 4 pm, leaving Fremantle.  Sat 31 Aug, 5 pm, arriving Melbourne.  Friday, 6th September, 5 pm, leaving Melbourne. Monday, 9 Sept, 6 am, arriving Sydney. Thurs, 12 Sept, 6 am, leaving Sydney; 1 pm, arriving Newcastle; Fri, 13th Sept, 1.30 pm, leaving Newcastle. Sunday 15 Sept, 1.30 pm, arriving Brisbane; Tues 17 Sept, 9.20 am, leaving Brisbane; Saturday, 21 Sept,  1 pm, arriving Melbourne.  Monday, 23 Sept, left Gracchus, for 6 months leave, Captain Smith relieved me in Gracchus.

Remained in Australia till 10th March, 1919. Joined Takada for passage to Bombay, India, returning to duty. Wednesday, 16 April 1919, arrived in Bombay and joined Ozarda in Mazagon dry dock temporarily. Monday 28 April, joined  Chakdara, hired transport, relieving Captain Livingston, going on leave.

Joined S.S. Chakdara, 28 April 1919.  Hired transport, Bombay to Busra, with stores.  Voyage 52.  Tues, 29 April, 5.30 pm, leaving Bombay, carrying stores;  Monday, 5th May, 7 pm, arriving Busra.

Busra to Bombay. Sat 10 May, 10 am, leaving Busra, European & native troops. Friday, 16 May, 6 am, arriving Bombay.   

Bombay to Busra, Voyage 53. Wed 21 May, 6 am, leaving Bombay, carrying stores.  Tues, 27 May, 2 pm, arriving Busra, No. 8 wharf.

Busra to Bombay. Sat, 31 May, 10 am leaving Busra; Anchored Fao 3 pm to 9 pm. 1 June, Discharged pilot 1 am. Carrying 120 natives, mostly Native Corps. Professor Hall one of officers, archaeologist. Friday, 6 June, 9 am, arrived Bombay.

Bombay to Busra.  Voyage 54.Sunday, 15 June, 5 pm, leaving Bombay, carrying firewood & mails. Delayed outside by sandstorm & pilot vessel having changed her position.  Sunday, 22 June, noon, arrived Busra, No. 5 Wharf.

Busra to Karachi and Bombay. Thursday, 26 June, 9.30 am, leaving Busra, with about 900 troops for Karachi (9 officers and 892 natives to Karachi). Tuesday, 1 July, 6 am, arrived Karachi.  Wed 2 July, left Karachi, about 160 natives Karachi to Bombay; Friday 4 July, 3.30 am, arrived Bombay.

SS Chakdara, Hired Transport. Bombay to Busra. Voyage 55.  Tues 8 July, 3 pm, left Bombay, 6 officers various, & 364 native troops.  Mon. 14 July, 4.30 pm, arriving Busra.

Busra to Bombay.  Sat 19 July, 0.30 am, leaving Busra. General Nepean & 11 other officers. 700 odd native troops & 55 British [troops].  Friday, 25 July, 5 am, arriving Bombay.

Bombay to Suez, via Aden. Voyage 56.   Thurs 31 July, 11 am, left Bombay, 8 officers going home on leave & over 500 Indian details for Egypt & Salonika.  Friday 8 August, 8 am, arriving Aden; noon, left Aden.  Wed 13 August, arriving Suez, in Suez dock discharging stores.

Suez to Bombay, via Aden & Perim [Island, at entrance to Red Sea].  Tuesday, 19 August, 6 pm, leaving Suez, with 6 flying officers and 81 of their men, and about 700 native details.   Sat 23 Aug, 8 pm, arriving Perim;  Sunday, 24 Aug 6 pm, leaving Perim;  Monday, 25 Aug, 6 am, arriving Aden; noon, leaving Aden. Stopped off SS Erinpura and  took 40 of her Saloon crew for Bombay.  Sunday 31 August, 6 am, arriving Bombay, In No. 1 Alexandra Dock at 7 am.

SS Chakdara. Hired Transport. Bombay to Busra. Voyage 57. Thursday, 4 Sept, 2.30 pm, left Bombay, 1060 Labour Corps, 8 British officers, 10 native NCOs. Wed 10 Sept. 4 pm, arriving Busra.

Busra to Rangoon, calling Colombo, for coal.  Sat. 13 Sept. 9 am, left Busra;  1222 Burmese Labour Corps, and 3 officers: Capt. Morris, Lieut Crewe, Captain Smith R.A.M.C. [Royal Army Medical Corps].   Monday, 22nd Sept, 6 am, arriving Colombo; 5 pm, left Colombo; Sat 27 Sept 6 am, arriving Rangoon.

Rangoon to Bombay. Wed 1 October, 6 pm, left Rangoon, Cargo of rice in 80 lb bags,  2007 tons, & 50 tons of bamboos. Captain Smith R.A.M.C. returning.  Friday, 10 Oct, 10 am, arriving Bombay.

Tuesday, 14th October, paid off Transport.  Resumed Company Service.

Bombay to Bushire, via Busra. Voyage 58.  Ceased to be a Transport but carrying troops and stores as before.  Thurs 16 October, 5 pm, left Bombay.  Cargo fire-wood, 8 British officers, two ladies and a yak.  1100 Rank and file, of which 27 landed in Bushire.   Tues, 21 Oct, 1150 pm, arrived Bushire;  Wed 22 Oct, 9 am, left Bushire; Thurs, 23 Oct, 6 am, arrived Busra.

S.S. Chakdara. Running for Company, but carrying troops.Busra to Bombay.  Sunday 26 October, 9 am, left Busra, anchored Fao, 1118 rank & file, etc.  8 officers. Mr & Mrs. Allen and 2 children. Sat 1st November, 7 am, arriving Bombay.

Bombay, Slow Gulf to Busra.  Voyage 59.  Friday, 7th Nov., 8.30 pm left Bombay. Mrs. Abbot making round trip.  Sunday, 9th Nov, 5 pm, arrived Karachi.  Mr. Garrow of Burmah Oil Company on board.  Tues, 11 Nov, 10.30 am, leaving Karachi; Wed 12 Nov, 10.30 am, left Karachi. Wed 12 Nov, 8.40 am, arriving Gwadur [now in Pakistan]; 10.40 am left Gwadur; Thurs, 13 Nov, 8 am, arriving Muskat [Gulf of Oman, Arabian Sea]; 4 pm, leaving Muskat; Friday, 14 Nov, 7 am, arriving Jask [Iran, Gulf of Oman]; 4 pm, left Jask.   Saturday, 15 Nov, 6.40 am, arriving Bundar Abbas [Iran, Persian Gulf]; noon, left Bundar Abbas;  Sat 15 Nov, 4.15 pm, arriving Henjam, 4.45 pm, leaving Henjam;  11.10 pm, arriving Linga [Iran];  Sunday, 16 Nov, 10 am, left Linga; Sun 16 Nov, 4.45 pm, arriving Dubai; 9 pm, left Dubai.

S.S. Chakdara. Bombay, Slow Gulf to Busra, continued. Monday, 17th November, 8.40 pm, arriving Bahrein [Bahrain, island nation in Persian Gulf]; Tues 18 Nov, 11 am, left Bahrein; Wed 19th Nov, 7.50 am, arriving Bushire; Thursday, 20th Nov, noon, left Bushire. Friday, 21st nov. 10 am, arriving Koweit [Kuwait, Persian Gulf]; Slow speed & anchored from 5.30 am  to 6 am waiting for daylight to round the shoals. Pilot boarded at 7.40 pm. Friday, 21st Nov, 2 pm, left Kuweit; Friday 21st, arriving Fao, pilot had boarded at 7.40 pm.  Anchored at Fao till 5.30 am.  Sat 22 Nov, 10 am, arriving Mohammerah, Wind fresh Northerly, delayed turning at Mohammerah; 5 pm, Below Busra.  Sunday, 23 Nov, 8 am, arriving at Margil, No. 2 Jetty [Basra].

Busra to Bombay.  Thursday, 27 Nov. noon left Busra. Full complement British troops. Lt. Clark of Edinburgh, O.C.  Thursday, 4 Dec, 5 am, arriving Bombay.

Bombay to Bushire via Busra. Voyage 60.  Thurs. 11 Dec, noon, left Bombay. Cargo of government stores and 460 native troops.  General & Mrs. Cunningham. Tuesday, 16 Dec, 3 pm, arriving Bushire; 4 pm left Bushire.   Not enough water to cross bar till pm  tide;  Wed. 17 Dec, 4 am, Pilot Vessel; Pilot No. 12 took ship to Busra at night; Thurs, 18th Dec. 9 am. arriving Busra.

1919 – 1920. S.S.Chakdara.  Busra to Karachi and Bombay.  Wed 24 Dec. 0.30 pm, left Busra, Pilot 13 left at 10 pm;  Monday 29 Dec. 7 am, arriving Karachi; 0.30 pm, left Karachi; Wed 31 Dec, 7 am arriving Bombay.

Bombay to Bushire and Busra.  Voyage 61.  Tuesday 6 January, 5 pm, left Bombay. Sunday 11 Jan, 8.30 pm arriving Bushire. Landed mails and left for Busra 9.45 pm.  Monday, 12 Jan, 9 am, Pilot boarded, anchored, waiting for tide. 1.30 pm proceeded 7 pm anchored Abu Fluse; Tues, 13 Jan, 9 am arriving Busra, No. 1 wharf.

Busra to Bombay.  Saturday, 17 Jan, 10 pm, left Busra.  Full complement British troops. Best speed with all boiler power to arrive on 23rd as required. Delayed in Busra for troops, rations, ice, etc. Sunday, 18th  Jan, 10 am, Pilot left.  Friday, 23 Jan, 4 pm, arrived Bombay.

S.S. Chakdara.  Bombay to Busra.  Voyage 62.  Sunday, 1st Feb, 7 pm, left Bombay; Full cargo.  Ex Governor of Busra and Nawab, from Hydrabad with wife’s body.

Busra to Bombay.  Friday, 13 Feb, 0.30 pm, left Busra.  Missed evening tide. Morning tide rose only 15 ft. Crossed bar 4 pm 14th. 708 British ranks, 313 6th Mountain Battery. Col. Anderson, O.C.  Friday, 20 Feb, 4.45 am, arriving Bombay.

Bombay to Busra, via Bushire.  Voyage 63.  Tuesday, 24th Feb, 11 pm, left Bombay. Over 700 British.  780 should have come but F.A.F. refused saying their accommodation was not good enough. Monday, 1 March, Stuck on bar 8 am to 4 pm.  10 pm anchored at Abu Fluse.  Tuesday, 2 March, 8 am, arriving Busra, No. 4 Margil.

Busra to Bombay.  Sat 6 March, 0.30 pm, left Busra.  Full native troops. Captain Peffer, O.C. 2 x Miss Jacksons passengers.  I had a bad attack influenza.  Friday, 12 March, 6 am, arriving Bombay.

S.S. Chakdara. 20th March to April 7th. Bombay to Karachi, Bander Abbas, Bushire via Busra.  Sat 20 March, 6.40 pm, left Bombay. Native details including 55 Sikh Horse. Col. Lukin, O.C.  Monday, 22 March, 6 pm, Arriving Karachi; 9 pm, left Karachi.   Major Maunsell, Mr & Mrs. Norton (nee Miss Spence).  Thursday, 25 March, 6.20 am, arriving Bunder Abbas, to land 3 labour corps coolies. Thurs, 25 Mar, 8.40 pm, left Bunder Abbas.   Friday, 26 March, 5 pm, arriving Bushire. Spence to Busra.   Fri, 26 Mar. 6.10 pm, left Bushire.  Sat. 27 March, 7 pm, arriving Busra. At Bar at 3 am. Insufficient water. Crossed bar at 0.30 pm, arrived at Coral Creek 6.30 pm. No Harbour Master. Sunday, 28 March, 6 am proceeded up to No 3 Margil.

Busra to Karachi, via Bombay. Thurs, 1 April, noon, left Busra.  1100 native details. Major Carrick, O.C.  Monday, 5 April, 6.30 pm, arriving Karachi.  O.C. landed at Karachi. Wednesday, 7th March, 3 pm, arriving Bombay.  Monday 5 April, 9.30 pm, left Karachi.  Captain Brown, O.C. Prince & Princess do Tolley, passengers to Bombay.  600 Indian Ranks landed Karachi.  60 British, and some Austrian prisoners joined for Bombay.  Wednesday, 7th March, 3 pm, arriving Bombay.

S.S Chakdara.  Bombay, via Malabar ports, Tuticorin, Colombo, Rangoon.  Monday 12 April 1920, 3 pm, left Bombay; Wed 14 April, 6.30 am, arriving Mangalore.  Shipping fish manure. Sent one lighter away & shut out wet bags to get away in time for work in Calicut. Thurs, 15 April, 9.30 pm, leaving Mangalore. Friday, 16 April, 8.30 am, arriving Calicut.   Sat. 17 April, 10.30 pm, leaving Calicut. Rain spoiled work from 3.30 pm.  Sunday 18 April, 7.20 am, arriving Cochin; Tues 20 April, 2.10 pm, leaving Cochin.  Wed 21 April, 1.45 pm, arriving Tuticorin [Port, India]. Using two boilers only, steaming badly. Distance run 224 miles course outside Manapased shoal.  Thurs, 22 April, 0.30 pm arriving Colombo; Sat, 24 April, 010 pm, leaving Colombo; Thurs 29 April, 1030 am arriving Rangoon.  Shackled to buoy and at 2 pm moved to No 3 Latter St. Wharf.

May. Rangoon to Alleppey, Cochin, Calcutta Colombo.  Sat 8 May, 6.15 am, left Rangoon. 7.400 tons rice for Alleppey.  S.W. monsoon wind & sea caused delay of one day.  Sat 15 May, 6.15 am, arriving Alleppey; 7.45 am, left Alleppey.  Orders proceed to Cochin.  Sat 15 May, 11.30 am, arriving Cochin.  Tues, 25 May, 5 20 pm, left Cochin. Cargo 913 casks coconut oil for Calcutta.

Saturday, 10th April 1920, joined S.S. Goalpara.  27 May to 13 August.  Thursday, 27 May, 6.30 am, arriving Colombo. Took in 300 tons coal, and when coaling finished sailed for Calcutta direct. Thurs, 27 May, 4.30 pm, left Colombo.  Monday 10 pm, Sand Heads [Calcutta], anchored till 3 am. Tues, 1st June, 0.30 pm, arriving Calcutta.  Ward pilot Kidderpore Docks No. 27, 3.30 pm. Flo’s letter, Tom in Obra [Spain].

Calcutta to Colombo.  Sat 3rd July, 9 am, left Calcutta.  Cargo coal for Colombo. Friday 9 July, 10.30 am, arriving Colombo.  Dry dock 16th to 17th.  From Dry Dock direct to sea.

Colombo to Calcutta.   Sat 17th July, 9 am, left Colombo. In water ballast only. Wednesday,  21st , 7 pm,  arrived Sand Heads. Fox pilot, Mud Point 1.45 am, left 4.45 am. Thursday 22nd July, arriving Calcutta.

Calcutta to Rangoon.  Monday, 9th August, 2 pm, left Calcutta. 1100 tons rails, 6400 tons coal.  Friday, 13 August, 3.15 pm, arriving Rangoon. Mr. Fox pilot. Anchored below Hastings, thence to China South Buoy at 6.00 pm.

S.S. Goalpara. August – September –  October 1920.  Rangoon to Chittagong, via Calcutta.  Friday, 27 Aug, 2 pm, left Rangoon. 99,272 bags of rice for Chittagong. Draft leaving Rangoon 25’5” even keel. Monday, 30 Aug, 2 pm, arriving Chittagong [Bangladesh]. Draft arriving 25’8”, & shifting water from aft to Peak.    Friday, 3rd September, 1.30 pm, left Chittagong;  left Chittagong in ballast. Draft 9’ forward, 14’10” aft.   Sat 4 Sept, 2.30 pm, arriving Sand Heads.  Branch Pilot Park. Sat 5 Sept. Anchored Mud Point till 9.30 am; 4 pm Arriving Calcutta. Harbour Master Watling boarded 3 pm, moored near Dock.

Calcutta to Rangoon.   Wed 22 Sept. 5.40 am, left Calcutta.  Full cargo coal.  Harbour Master McGreivy from 23 Berth at 2 am.  Handed over to Pilot Park off docks at 5.40 am. Anchored at Kulpi 10.30 am. Thurs, 23 Sept, 11 am, arriving Sand Heads.  Sun 26 Sept. 1.20 am, Pilot Vessel. Missed tide, anchored Elephant Point 4.30 am to 10 am. Sun  26 Sept, 1 pm, arriving Rangoon. Pilot Wilcox. Fast Godwin Road Buoy.  Commenced discharging coal at 6 pm.  Finished coal 11 am Sat. 5 ½ days.

Rangoon to Tuticorin, via Bombay.  Thursday, 7 October, 11.30 am, left Rangoon.Full cargo. Rice & 300 tons teak squares for Tuticorin & 600 tons rice.  Wed 13 Oct, 10.30 am, arriving Tuticorin.  Friday, 15 Sept, 3 am, left Tuticorin. Monday, 18 Oct, 8 am, arriving Bombay. Pilot Walker boarded at 8 am. Berthed in Alexandra Dock at 10 am.

SS Goalpara. 1920 Oct – Nov. Bombay to Calcutta, via Malabar & Colombo.  Sat 23 Oct, 5.30 pm, left Bombay; Mon. 25 Oct, 8.10 am, arriving Mangalore; 8 pm, left Mangalore.   Tues 26 Oct. 7 18 am, arriving Calicut; Wed 27 Oct, 2 am, left Calicut; Tues 27 Oct, 10 am, arriving Cochin;  Friday, 29 Oct, 2.15 am, left Cochin;  6.30 am, arriving Alleppey; Sat 30 Oct,  1.50 pm, left Alleppey;  Sun 31 Oct, 8.45 am, arriving Tuticorin; 6.10 pm, left Tuticorin;  Monday 1st Nov, 7.20 am, arriving Colombo; Tues, 2 Nov, 2.45 am, left Colombo;  Sat. 6 Nov, 8 am, arriving Sand Heads;  5 pm, anchored at Diamond Harbour.   Sunday 7 Nov, 9 am, arriving Calcutta.

Calcutta, Friday 12th  November 1920, Transferred to T.S.S. Elephanta.

SS Elephanta

S.S. Elephanta. Calcutta to Rangoon, Penang & Singapore.  Friday, 19 Nov, 10 am, left Calcutta;  Mon 22 Nov, 3 am, arriving Rangoon;  Thurs, 25 Nov, 3.10 pm, left Rangoon; Sun 28 Nov, 6 am, arriving Penang;  11.25 pm, left Penang; Tues 30 Nov, 6.40 am, arriving Singapore;  Thurs 2 Dec, 4 pm, left Singapore;  Sat 4 Dec, 6 am, arriving Penang; 2 pm, left Penang. Mr & Mrs Knobe.  Tues, 7 Dec, 2.20 am, arriving Rangoon; Thurs, 9th Dec, 2.30 pm left Rangoon; Sunday 12 Dec, 5 pm, arriving Calcutta.

S.S. Elephanta, Dec 1920 – January 1921. Calcutta to Rangoon, Penang, Singapore, and back.  Sun 19 Dec, 1 pm, left Calcutta; Wed 22 Dec, 2.20 pm, arriving Rangoon;  Friday, 24 Dec, 2.20 pm left Rangoon; Monday, 27 Dec, 4.30 am, arriving Penang;   4.45 pm, left Penang;  Wed 29 Dec, 1.10 am, arriving Singapore; Thursday, 30 Dec, 6.30 am, left Singapore;  Mr & Mrs Aichin, Mr & Mrs Claye, Mrs  Barnett and Mrs Goatty, Mrs Mull, Mrs Dort, Mrs Finn.  Friday, 31st Dec, 11.45 am, arriving Penang; 7.15 pm, left Penang; Mon 3 January 1921, 9.30 am, arriving Rangoon; Thurs 6th Jan, 1.30 pm. left Rangoon;  Sat 8 January, 6.20 pm, arriving Sand Heads; Sun 9 January, 2.15 pm, arriving Calcutta.  Saturday 15th to Wednesday 19th January, in Dry Dock.

S.S. Elephanta. January – February 1921.  Calcutta to Rangoon, Penang, Singapore and back.  Sun 23 January, 8.10 am, left Calcutta. Turned in Garden Reach at 9.35 am.  24th  Jan, 0.40 am, pilot left at Sand Heads. Wed 26 Jan, 5.25 am, arriving Rangoon; Sat 29 Jan, 4.10 pm left Rangoon.   Tues 1st February, 5.25 am, arriving Penang; Midnight, left Penang. Mr & Mrs Ridgway, Doris & Muriel.  Miri. Sarawak, via Singapore.  Thurs, 3rd Jan, 7 am, arriving Singapore;  Friday, 4 Jan, 1 pm, left Singapore.  Sat, 5 Jan, 3.30 pm, arriving Penang;  9.30 pm, left Penang.  Friday 8 Jan, 5.30 am, arriving Rangoon; Sat 12 Jan, 6.50 am, leaving Rangoon.  Dropped Pilot Shand 10.15 am.  Mon 14 Jan 6.50 pm, arriving Calcutta. Pilot Langley. Left Sand Heads at 8.50 am.

S.S. Elephanta. February – March 1921.  Calcutta to Rangoon, Penang, via Singapore & back.  Sun 20 Feb, 10.50 am, left Calcutta. 2.50 pm anchored at Kulpi. Monday, 1.50 pm Pilot Fox and Reetis left at Sand Heads.  Wed 23 Feb, 3.20 pm, arriving Rangoon, Pilot Shand boarded at 0.50 pm, Brooking St. Wharf 4.40 pm to 5.50 pm. then 1 Latter St. Wharf at 6.10 pm.  Sat 26 Feb, 5.30 pm, left Rangoon.   Tues 1st March, 6.20 am, arriving Penang.  Wed 2 March, 9.5 am, left Penang.   Thurs, 3 March, 2.30 pm, arriving Singapore. Lowe Harbour Master.  Taylor Pilot. Sat 5 March, 105 am, left Singapore; Sun 6 March, 0.50 pm, arriving Penang; 5 pm, left Penang;  Tues 8 March, 11pm, pilot; Wed. 9 March 1.40 am, anchored below Hastings. Robertson;  6 am, Anchored above Hastings; 7.10 am, Arriving Rangoon, Latter St Wharf, No. 3.  Sat 12 March, 4.5 pm, left Rangoon; Monday 14 March, 0.30 pm, arriving Sand Heads – anchored.  Tuesday 15 March, 5 pm, arriving Calcutta. Tried to reach Calcutta on Monday but speed was only 15 knots. 16 was necessary. Took 41 hours pilot to pilot.

SS Elephanta.  March – April. Calcutta to Rangoon, Penang, Singapore & back.  Sunday 20 March, 10.15 am, left Calcutta. Anchored Kulpi 2 to 5 pm. Sand Heads.  11.30pm, pilot Ancell left. Midnight Pilot Robertson.  2.30 am. anchored below Hastings;  5.30 am anchored above Hastings.  Sat 26th March, 5.5 pm, arriving Penang; 7 am Oliphant St. Buoy;  Wed 30 March, 10.20pm, left Penang, 8.30 pm, Pilot Frattle left.    Mrs. Saner, Mr Merideth, Mr & Mrs Wightwich, Mr & Mrs Brown from Penang, Peck & Anderson returning, Dr & Mrs Holt, Miss Bamfield, Miss Swayne.  Friday, 1 April, 6.10 am, arriving Singapore; Monday 4 April, 6.30 am, left Singapore; Tues 5th March, 9 am, arriving Penang; 6.5 pm, left Penang.   Friday 8th April, 3.20 am, arriving Rangoon, Pilot Jones 0.35 am.  Anchored Hastings at 3.20 am, No. 4 Latter St at 6.50 am.  Carrying English mail.  Tues 12 April, 6 am, left Rangoon.  Thurs 14 April, 4 pm, arriving Calcutta, Pilot Hart took charge 6 am on 14th,    Passed Sand Heads at 6 am; & Sangor 9.15 am; Garden Reach at 2.50 pm; Outram Ghat at 4 pm.

SS Elephanta. April – May 1921.  Thurs 21 April, 8 am, leaving Calcutta; 8 am Outram Ghat;  9 am Garden Reach; 1.15 pm stopped at Diamond Harbour 25 minutes & received mails. 23rd April, 11.35 pm, Pilot Frattles boarded.  Sunday 24 April, 2.30 am, arriving Rangoon, anchored below the Hastings;  5.50 am, anchored above the Hastings;  4.30 am Pilot Davies;  7.20 am No. 2 Sule Pagoda Wharf.  Wed 27 April, 5.5 pm, left Rangoon.    Sat 30 April, 5.15 am, arrived Penang; Sat 30 Apr, 11.55 pm, left Penang.  Mr & Mrs Lowell Thomas, lecturer on Palestine, Mr Snell, American Corporation, Mrs Black & Mr Hopson, South Africa.   Monday 2 May, 7.10 am, arriving Singapore; Tues 4 May, 2.24 pm, left Singapore; 3 pm outside Harbour full speed.  Wednesday,  4 May 4.50 pm, arriving Penang; Pilot boarded 4.15 pm. Mr & Mrs Livingston, Mr & Mrs Mackie, Miss Brewster, nurse. Wed 4 May 10.20 pm, left Penang.  Saturday, 7 May, 7.55 am, arriving Rangoon; 3.10 am Pilot Jones; 7.20 am, Harbour Master Carno; 7.55 am, No 3 Latter St. Wharf.  Tues, 10 May, 10.30 am, left Rangoon; 1.20 pm, Pilot Brig.  Thursday, 12 May, 7.10 am, arriving Sand Heads, Pilot Bryant; 3.25 pm, Garden Reach, Harbour Master off Kidderpore Docks; 4.20 pm, Outram Ghat.

SS Elephanta. May – June 1921.   Friday 20 May, 3.48 am, left Calcutta; anchored Jellingham 3.30 to 5.30pm; 10.30 am left Garden Reach, carrying 70th Burmah Rifles, Col. Rigg, O.C.   Mon 23 May, 1.30 am, Pilot Taylor boarded;  5.30 am arriving Rangoon;  8.30 am Sule Pagoda Wharf.  Tuesday, noon to Spark St. Buoy.  Thursday, 26 May, 5 pm, left Rangoon.  Sunday, 29 May, 7.20 am, arriving Penang. Car drive around Island with Ezra Myer, Saul & Miss Saul, Messrs Scott, Dyson, Coker, Mrs Martin, Mathewson, Misses Mathewson & Scott. Sun 29 May, 11.50 pm, left Penang.  Tuesday 31 May, 6.40 am, arriving Singapore Roads;  Thursday 2nd June, 10.10 pm, left Singapore; 0.45 pm, pilot left.  Friday, 3 June, 3 pm, arriving Penang; 2.20 pm, Pilot Buket; 8.35 pm, left Penang.   Monday, 6 June, 0.45 am, Pilot; 5.30 am, arriving Rangoon; 7 am, Sule Pagoda Wharf.   Thurs 9 June, 5.15 pm, left Rangoon,  Pilot Wheeler left at 8.50 pm.   Sunday 12 June, 2.55 am, arriving Sand Heads. Anchored at 4.30 am to 8.30 am at Sand Heads.  Delayed at Outram Ghat by Arankola. Passengers Giddeford, Butler, Berry and American priest.  Girl gave monkey.  12 June, 6.15 pm, arriving Calcutta.

SS Elephanta. June – July 1921.  Calcutta to Straits & back.  Friday, 17 June, 10.15 am, leaving Calcutta.  Dropped pilot at Sand Heads 9.20 pm. Monday 20 June, 3.15 am, arriving Rangoon; 0.15 am Pilot Robertson; 3.15 anchored below Hastings. 7 am No. 2 Latter St Wharf.  Thursday, 23 June, 5.5 pm, left Rangoon.  Sunday, 26 June, 5.23 pm, arriving Penang (76 revolutions); 10.5 pm, left Penang (72 revolutions); 8.40 pm dropped Pilot Berry.   Mr & Mrs Wilber, Mr Cavendish, Mrs. Whittle. Tues, 28 June, 6.30 am arriving Singapore; Anchored quarantine.  29 June, Deasy, Ex Bombay pilot, lunch and afternoon missed my wrist watch.  Thurs, 30 June, 0.30 pm, left Singapore.  Friday, 1st July, 3.5 pm, arriving Penang; 1.6 pm dropped Pilot Watson. F.S. Ahmed.  Friday 1 July, 9.13 pm, left Penang.  Monday, 4 July, 5.15 am, arriving Rangoon; Barnard Opera;  Mr. Limberger and McGregor. Mr Goodliffe March trip.  Mr & Mrs Webster.  Thurs, 7 July, 2.12 pm, left Rangoon; 6 pm, dropped Pilot Robertson.  Sunday, 10 July, 4.15 pm, arriving Calcutta; 2.30 am, Pilot Parks; 4.15 Harbour Master;  5 pm, Outram Ghat.

Tuesday 12 July 1921, Joined S.S. Janus.  July – October 1921.

S.S. Janus.  July – October 1921.  [1 Aug] Atkin Harbour Master from Dock to Garden Reach, 8 pm to midnight.  Tuesday, 2 August, 7 am, left Calcutta.  3rd Aug, Langley pilot, 1.20 am, left No. 7 Dock.     Tuesday 9 Aug, 4.20 am, arriving Singapore.  Sat 20 Aug, 2.15 am, arriving Fremantle; Pilot Rivers, 8 am,    D Jetty.  Malcolms, Mrs. Sharp, Miss Cowles, Mrs Hunt (singer), Mr Morison & son, Barretts, Captain & Mrs Bradley, Mrs Stan Jordon,  and Miss MacKinnon, Captain & Mrs Gravett, Mr & Mrs Ross.  Sat 20 Aug, 4.55 pm, left Fremantle.  Friday, 26 Aug, 11.45 am, arriving Adelaide, pilot; 1.45 pm, Adelaide, Darling Wharf.   Saturday, 27 Aug, 11.20 am, left Adelaide. Monday, 29 Aug, 7.45 am, pilot; 1.15 pm,  No. 7 Dock, arriving Melbourne, Pilot Palmer.   Thursday, 1st Sept. 7 pm, left Melbourne, Pilot Howard;   2 Sept Left at 0.10 am.  Sunday, 4 Sept. 0.27 am, arriving Sydney, 8.27 am, at 21 Jones Wharf.   Friday 9 Sept. 10 pm, left Sydney.  Mrs Lawson, Mrs Leech, Mrs & Miss Tullock, Miss Elliott, Jockey Leslie Hewitt, Chief Officer White, Mr Barker (ex banker).  Saturday 10 Sept. 6 am arriving Newcastle.  Friday, 20 Sept, 6 am, arriving Gladstone [Qld.]; 6 pm, left Gladstone.  Sat 24 Sept 5.45 pm, arriving Thursday Island, Pilot Piggott.  Sat, 15 October, 5.5 am, arriving Bombay.

S.S. Janus.  October – November 1921.  Friday, 28 October, 8.30 pm, Leaving Bombay. In ballast for pdeck passengers, Cocanada etc. Sat 5 Nov, 7. 30 am arriving Cocanada [now Kakinada, India].  In Cocanada received letter from managing agents informing me that Directors were enforcing the rules strictly about retiring at age limit. Sat 5 Nov 8.5 pm, left Cocanada.   Sunday 6 Nov, 7.10 am, arriving Vizapatam; 1.30 pm, left Vizapatam; 3.20 pm arrived Bimlipatam; midnight left Bimlipatam.  Monday 7 Nov, 8.30 am, arriving Calingapatam; 2 pm, left Calingapatam.  Mon 7 Nov, 6.40 pm, arriving Baruwa [not sure where this is, still Bay of Bengal]; Tues 8 Nov, 11.20 am, left Baruwa.    Tues, 8 Nov, 2.37 pm, arriving Gopalpore; 6 pm, left Gopalpore. 1900 deck passengers.  Saturday 12 Nov, 4.15 am, arriving Rangoon;  8 am, Brooking St. Wharf;  9.30 Mogul St. Buoy.

Received letter with instructions to proceed to Calcutta by S.S. Angora, sailing on Tuesday 15 November 1921. Captain Liddel relieving me.

Sunday, 4th December 1921. Sailed for London by P. & O. SS Novara.  Wednesday, 4 January 1922, arrived in London.

Saturday 7 January 1922, Stamford, on visit to Dr. Mason.  Sat 20 Jan, Stamford to Edinburgh.  Sat 21 Jan,  arrived in Dumbarton.  Wed 25 Jan, City of dreadful night.  Sat 28th Jan, City of perfect day, most wonderful.

Wednesday 1st February 1922, Glasgow, at motor show, Jessie [James’sister], Tom [Kilpatrick] & self.  Friday 10 Jan, Glasgow, Calling Aunt Jessie, & Ballantynes, Jessie, Tom & self.  Sat, 11 Feb, Musical Festival morning, & again evening, Jessie, Tom & self.  Sat. 13th Feb, Tom & I at Longerags.  Monday 20th Feb, Saw Tom off to join S.S. Benalla on his way home to Sydney.

Thursday, 22 March 1922, Joined T.S. Uki at Glasgow.  Wednesday, 11 April, Trial trip. Best speed 9.8 knots.  Willie & Cecil with me. Sat 14 April, left Glasgow for Sydney.  Monday 16 April, 2.30 am, anchored at Holyhead [Wales, port on Irish sea].  Wired Hendry & Son [engineers & manufacturers agents, Scotland], Weirs pump spindle broken, two required.  Tuesday, 17 April, 2.25 am, Met Mr Hamilton at train, went straight on board.  0.30 pm, proceeded everything in good order.

Summary at end of Log.  Friday, 8th June 1915, Transferred from Madras to Teesta

Wednesday 4th August 1915, joined SS Thongwa in Marseilles

Thursday 2nd Sept 1915, joined SS Muttra in Calcutta

Thursday 19th October 1916, joined SS Umballa in Bombay

Friday 6th April 1917, Left Umballa on staff waiting for Gracchus

Monday 16th April 1917, joined SS Gracchus in Bombay

Monday 23rd Sept 1918, left Gracchus for 6 months leave

Monday 10th March 1919, joined Takada for passage to Bombay, returning to duty.

Wednesday 16th April 1919, Arrived Bombay and joined Ozarda in Mazagon dry dock temporarily

Monday 28th April 1919, Joined SS Chakdara

Saturday 10th April 1920, Joined SS Goalpara

Friday 12th November 1920, Joined TSS Elephanta


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