Margaret Wolfe Argles Hungerford

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder

Margaret Wolfe Ardles Hungerford

Margaret Wolfe Argles Hungerford

… is a quote that is well known to all of us and was originally penned by Margaret Wolfe Argles Hungerford [H.2a=] (born 27 April 1859) in her book Molly Bawn1the story of a flirtatious and petulant Irish girl, who arouses her lover’s jealousy and naively ignores social conventions.  Shortly after Margret’s death on 24 January 1897, her husband, Thomas Henry Hungerford [H.2a], wrote a moving letter to his  sister  Alys  Hungerford  [H.1a]: see HAFS Journal Vol 14 No 4.

Thomas Henry HungerfordRead more about Margaret Hungerford here.

Margaret Wolf Hungerford


  1. Published in 1878.
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