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Members will have seen various Research Reports published in the HAFS Newsletter from time to time. Pauline Tyrrell  [E.2.4a.10b.1c.2d=] and Brett Harvey [E.1.1a.15b.1c.1d.1e=] are regular visitors to the various State archives, Registers of Births, Death & Marriages and similar government departments to search, scan and gather these historical family records and then catalogue and file them so they can be accessible for members. There are now over 250 folders, brimming with all the information HAFS has on each family member. These are kept at Tyrrell’s Winery and available for use by members.  Submit a request for information.

The reports are usually prepared by Pauline Tyrrell and tabled at Committee Meetings as part of the ongoing review of HAFS activities. It has been decided to publish these reports on the website which will facilitate members finding information about their families as the Reports are searchable.

Available Reports are:

February 2019

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