Our research library contains a huge collection of information on our Hungerford ancestors in Australia. This includes:

  • printed copies of births, marriage and death details, newspaper articles, photographs and letters – all held in folders in the research room at Tyrrell’s Winery. This can be accessed by contacting Pauline Tyrrell
  • digitised versions of this material which will increasingly be made accessible through this website
  • historical objects like clothing, personal possessions and war memorabilia, donated by various branches of the family
  • a complete archive of the HAFS journals and newsletters.

This has largely been collected through the generous donation of time and money from a dedicated team of volunteers. Some of the material is personal and not in the public domain, so our research material is only available to members. Your membership fees will help fund the expansion of our online resources, so why not join up now?  If you are already a member but don’t know have a login yet, please send an email to webdmin @

Printed copies of journals and indexes to the journals are available to buy in our online Shop.