Online Resources

Get your research started with our online resources. Many are available to the public, however, for the last two years of Journal articles, and other selected articles, you will need to log in as a member.

Emanuel Hungerford and Catherine Loane
This page introduces how Emanuel and Catherine, and their children came to Australia and started the many lines of descendants that we research today. From there, you can read related articles.

The HAFS Coding System
Find out how we code all Australian descendants into branches and generations. This coding is used throughout our articles and lists.

List of Australian Hungerford Descendants
Containing full names and HAFS codes for each descendant. Very useful for people who are researching DNA matches and placing them in their family tree.

The Ancestry of Emanuel Hungerford
This page is the first of a series that traces back through the ancestry of Emanuel Hungerford. This series was written recently in May 2020 by Dr Peter Sherlock, and is an authoritative basis for your family tree.

Journals of the Hungerford and Associated Families Society
A PDF of every HAFS Journal has been posted to the website and can be accessed from the HAFS Journals page or by clicking on “Journals” in any Categories listing.

Table of Contents of the HAFS Journals
A table showing the titles of the articles in each Journal.

Index to HAFS Journals and Newsletters
A manually curated index of Journals and Newsletters downloadable as PDF. While our Journals are all online now, twenty-five years of Newsletters are not. This index is a useful way to track down articles in the Newsletters.

List of Certificates and transcripts
A list of over 700 certificates and transcripts of births, deaths, marriages etc.

Shipping Arrivals
A table of arrivals by ship for early Australian Hungerford migrants.

Links to other resources
A page of useful links to other Hungerford and general research sites.

The Jackson Papers
The Jackson Papers are a collection of papers about the Hungerfords in the west of England, compiled by Rev Jackson in the mid-1800s. This page provides an introduction and links to various articles.

DNA Resources
Go to our DNA page to find out how to use DNA as part of your research and discovery process.

Research Library, Pokolbin

List of HAFS Library Resources

Our research library at Pokolbin contains a huge collection of information on our Hungerford ancestors in Australia, including:

  • printed copies of births, marriage and death details, probate packets etc, newspaper articles, photographs and letters – all held in folders in the research room at Tyrrell’s Winery.
  • historical objects like clothing, personal possessions and war memorabilia, donated by various branches of the family
  • a complete archive of printed HAFS Journals and Newsletters. (Printed back copies of Journals also available in our onine shop.)

All transcripts and documents and photos shared by families are stored electronically and available on request to members. For help with your research queries, please send an email to our research team.

Why not become a HAFS member today for just $30 per annum to take advantage of these resources. Your subscription helps fund the ongoing additions to the resources and we love to meet more family members.