Australian Hungerford Ancestors

Members can use the table below to search for Australia Hungerford ancestors  (for privacy reasons, we have only included people who are no longer alive). To search for a person, enter a surname and/or first name into the table search box and see who you find, for example Hungerford Jessica. (Maiden names are used for women). To find people in a branch of the family tree, enter the first part of a HAFS code into the table search box, for example E.1.1. (Tip: you can copy and paste this from the table into the table search box or paste it into the website search box to find posts and publications about this ancestor or their descendants.) To sort the table by a column, click on the column label. If you sort the table by code, the first row gives you the earliest Australian ancestor and then their descendants. We hope this gets you started exploring your family history.

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