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A Beautiful Bouquet – Or Just a Good Nose?

The bouquet of a wine is considerably more complex (to humans at least) than the flavour because our taste buds are limited to the basic flavours being sourness, bitterness, saltiness, sweetness and savouriness. Hence the aroma of wines sniffed before tasting will enhance the flavour and the enjoyment of the wine.

HAFS Journal Vol 10 No 3 – May 2010

Contents: Wine articles: Halliday, Hungerford and the Hunter, by James Halliday; Jarretts of Orange, by Pip Jarrett; Alderley Creek Wines, by John BS Hungerford; Roth, Adam (1857-1898), by Kate Roth; Audrey Wilkinson Wines, by John BS Hungerford; Watagan Valley Estate – Justine Le Mercier, by Pauline Tyrrell; Arthur Dalrymple Kelman, by Pauline Tyrrell; Robert Richard ‘Tim’ …

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