Barrie Hungerford [E.9.3a.4b.1c] served as HAFS President 1997-2001 and as Patron since 2007. He was admitted as a barrister in 1973 and took silk as a QC in 1988. Barrie was a Judge of the Industrial Commission of NSW from 1989-2002, then practiced law part-time until full retirement in 2012.

Office bearers:

President: Lesley Abrahams [H.4a.1b.1c.1d / E.6.5a.1b.1c.1d] joined the Committee in November 2011. She is the daughter of HAFS Foundation Member Meredyth Hungerford [H.4a.1b.1c=]. Lesley worked as a teacher-librarian, and since living in Dubbo has been a keen volunteer guide at Taronga Western Plains Zoo.

Vice-President: Pauline Tyrrell [E.2.4a.10b.1c.2d=] Pauline grew up in Brisbane, where she worked for the ABC before marrying Bruce Tyrrell in 1977. She lives in Pokolbin, NSW, and has been on the Committee since October 2005. Her interest in family history dates from 2001.

Secretary: Brett Harvey [E.1.1a. 15b.1c.1d.1e=] Brett grew up in Seven Hills NSW and works for the National Australia Bank as a Credit Manager. Brett married Helen Switzer in 1990. He was elected to the Committee in October 2013.

Treasurer: Richard Hyland [E.2.4a. 7b.5c.3d] Richard was elected to the Committee in October 2014. Born in Sydney, raised in PNG and now living in Perth, he is a Chartered Accountant. He has worked in senior executive roles including the Bell Group (with Robert Holmes à Court) and Boral, and is now a semi-retired consultant.

Ordinary Committee members:

Editor: Charles Sherlock [E.4.1a.6b. 5c.1d] has been HAFS Editor since October 2005, taking over from his son Peter. Born and educated in Sydney,  he met Peta in Canberra. After they married in 1970 Charles taught Theology in Melbourne for four decades. A widely-published author, he lives in lovely Trentham in active retirement, with ongoing international responsibilities.

Social Secretary: Catriona Rogers [E.6.12a.1b.2c.1d] was elected at the 2016 AGM. She has three adult sons and three grand- children. Professionally, she is a Chartered Accountant with her own practice in the Sydney CBD.

Davina Hall Best [E2.2a.2b.4c.2d.1e] was elected to the Committee at the AGM in October 2017.

Michael Cooper [E.6.13a.2b.2c.1d] was elected to the Committee in October 2014. Born in Sydney, Michael is now retired, having worked as a corporate lawyer and company secretary for various companies over his working career

Other Society contributors:

John BS Hungerford [E.1.1a.7b.1c. 2d] was a Committee member from September 1997 to October 2014, including being Secretary, Treasurer and President. He continues to assist with our research, actively supporting the Society in our endeavours.

Angela Lind [linked to E.7.5a.2b=] has been on the Committee since the Society’s beginning in 1990 until 2018. She has known some of the Hungerford family since childhood and found many links since the 1970s when she became a more serious researcher.

Bruce Tyrrell [E.2.4a.10b.1c.2d] (Assistant to the Treasurer) was elected to the Committee in November 2012, and served as Treasurer for two years. He has lived and worked all his life in Pokolbin on the family vineyard. He also served on the Hunter Valley Wine & Tourism Association and the Hunter Research Foundation.

Eric Young [L.VIII.i.2.5a.4b.2c] past Committee member for three years, family researcher since 1977, he began the HAFS Digitising Project in 2005 to preserve HAFS-related documentation by converting it into digital form.