Welcome to the website of The Hungerford and Associated Families Society Inc (HAFS). Find out about the Hungerfords who migrated to Australia, and their history going back to mediaeval times. Of course, Hungerfords have married with other families in every generation – our associated families.  Please explore our growing range of family trees, stories and photos of people and places. Start exploring here.

Are you an Australian Hungerford?

Check this list of  Surnames of Australian Hungerfords or search our website.  Send us an email if you would like more information or have something to share.


We have over 25 years of Journals and Newsletters, containing historical research, memoirs, and eulogies. We also have indexes and special interest forums online, where you can start a topic of your own.  At Pokolbin, we have print publications, original photographs and memorabilia. Whether you’re interested in historical subjects, or just interested in finding out about your branch of the family, you will find something of interest.


Perhaps you can help fill in the gaps and carry on the research for future generations. Share the stories and photos of your parents and grand-parents, so generations of the future can discover their family history. Donations of family objects or documents can be made for safe-keeping, or copies made for sharing.  Our enthusiastic committee members can visit to see what you have, wherever you are!


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We need people to help with working bees and other activities. Any member is welcome to come and lend a hand with archiving new material at Pokolbin. See Events (above) for current details.

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Do you have an idea of something new that will be of interest to our members? Or attract new members? What can we do that might be relevant for your branch of the Hungerfords? Make a suggestion.

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