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The Hungerford & Associated Families Society Inc is dedicated to researching the history of the Hungerford family in Australia and New Zealand, including families associated through marriage and descent. We’re a not-for-profit association incorporated in New South Wales, Australia. 

Emanuel Hungerford and Catherine Loane migrated to Sydney in 1828 on the Alexander Henry, bringing their family, animals and equipment, soon settling in the Hunter Valley. Emanuel’s cousins followed, creating various other lines of Hungerfords. Unusually, three of Emanuel’s and Catherine’s sons married daughters of Tom White Melville Winder and Ellen Johnson, so they are shared ancestors for many Hungerford descendants today and a pre-dominant associated family. 

The Hungerford family has its roots in medieval times in England, evidenced by the coats of arms and tombs of Salisbury Cathedral, and the ruins of Farleigh-Hungerford Castle. Emanuel’s more recent roots were in Cork, Ireland where Hungerfords had married with wealthy Anglo-Irish families like the Daunts, Bechers and Boyles.

Today, our family members number in the thousands, from many backgrounds, on the land and in the city, in New South Wales and around the world.  We welcome you to join our Society, whether you’re associated by birth or adoption, marriage or friendship.  We have thousands of transcripts and photographs to assist members with their family research and we will be returning to in-person events in 2022. You can connect with cousins and continue the heritage for future generations. ‘

Portrait of Catherine Loane

Catherine Loane and Emanuel Hungerford

Read the story of Emanuel and Catherine arriving in Sydney with their family and moving to the Hunter Valley, where wine-making and farming families became established.
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Emanuel Hungerford
Emanuel Hungerford

Hungerford descendant lines

Read about the children of the first two generations in Australia to start your family research. HAFS has extensive records of each generation, so get in touch if you need more, or have documents or photos to contribute.  

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Ellen Winder

The Winder family

Three of Hungerford sons married daughters of Tom and Ellen Winder in the first generation in Australia, so they are shared ancestors for many. If you are a Winder descendant, so please join us or send an email.
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Featured news and posts

Bruce & Chris Tyrrell

A New Vintage at Tyrrell’s

Quietly but deliberately, six weeks ago family patriarch Bruce Tyrrell [E.2.4a.10b.1c.2d] called aside son Chris [E.2.4a.10b.1c.2d.3e] and told him it was time to take the reins of what is the second-oldest continuously operated family winery in Australia.

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Back-to-Back Wins for U23 Womens’ Rowers

After winning the 2022 World Championships, Australia’s Women’s Coxed Four are now back-to-back World Champions after Katherine Easton, Sophie Houston, Zara Collisson, Emily Sheppard and coxswain Nicholas Dunlop [E.2.4a.9b.1c.3d.1e.1f] surged to a Gold medal at the World Rowing U23 Championships held in Plovdiv, Bulgaria.

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Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park

It is near 78 years since the morning of 6 August 1945 when the Allied Forces dropped an atomic bomb on the Japanese city of Hiroshima. It was devastation by a weapon of mass destruction.

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How Amelia found the woman who had saved her life

Looking through the results of a DNA database, Amelia Lewis [E.2.6a.4b.2c.1d.2e.2f] was confused to see a “self” or “twin” living in the United States. After contacting her genetic doppelganger, she was amazed to discover the woman who saved her life.

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Anglo-Irish History

Anglo-Irish Heritage

The Irish Hungerfords are descendants of the English Hungerfords who once ruled from Farleigh-Hungerford Castle, where a museum remains.  See how they are related.

Hungerford Heraldry

Lesley Abrahams published this beautiful new book in 2021. See how the heraldry of the Hungerfords reflects their marriages with noble families over 600 years. 

The Jackson Papers

The Rev Jackson spent many years researching the history of the Hungerfords in England and Ireland.  We acquired a digital copy of part of this collection which is now being indexed and transcribed. 


Have some fun and satisfaction with one of these projects. Work from home or meet up with other members.  

Planning a website

Website 2.0

We’re renovating our website. Five years since we started it, we’ve uploaded over thirty years of journals, created pages of research links and reference tables. We have a growing list of people receiving our monthly email and recently we started a HAFS facebook page too.

But now we have more than 50 pages and 255 posts and too many categories. And our journals are still hard to search and navigate. 

It’s time to re-organise and include new features for members. Your feedback and ideas are appreciated.

Unlock the past

We have over thirty years of our Society’s journals stored in PDF files on the website, but Google doesn’t search their contents and it’s hard for a web user to get straight to what they search for.  Past journals contain fascinating stories and research by earlier members on a range of topics, so you’ll go on a discovery tour.

You can retype the text or edit text which we have scanned.  In many cases we have the original Word documents sent to the editor and just need a proof read of the versions.

Pick your favourite journal article from the Table of Contents or we can pick one for you.

DNA Testing

We’ve had some interesting discoveries with DNA analysis and now we’re trying to solve two longstanding mysteries. 

Was Tom White Melville Winder really the illegitimate child of the Duke of Wellington? And was Ellen Johnson the daughter of Margaret Mooney or a different woman in the colony of Sydney around 1800? 

If you’re a descendant of Ellen and Tom, and not a descendant of Hungerfords, then you can be a big help. 

Follow the stories as they unfold. Perhaps you have a mystery to solve?