The Hungerford & Associated Families Society Inc (HAFS) is a not-for-profit organisation dedicated to researching the history of the Hungerford family in Australia and New Zealand, and connecting descendants of the associated families with each other.

Emanuel Hungerford and his wife Catherine Loane arrived in Sydney in 1828, settling in the Hunter Valley. Over the years, their children married the children of settlers and convicts, and had large families spreading over New South Wales and up to Queensland.

Emanuel Hungerford was Anglo-Irish from Co Cork, descended from Hungerfords in the south-west of England who had gained great power and wealth in Wiltshire and Gloucestershire. Their coats of arms record marriages with royalty and noble families from mediaeval times, displayed in Salisbury Cathedral and scattered across buildings as far west as Bath.

HAFS has recorded every generation of the Hungerford, Loane, Winder, and other lines of descendants in Australia and New Zealand in its Hungerfords Down Under records and continually collects transcripts of births, deaths and marriages, and other documents. Members have written articles for over thirty years and these are available on our website.

More recently, Peter Sherlock systematically traced the ancestry of Emanuel Hungerford back through Irish Hungerfords to their English ancestors. Lesley Abrahams published Hungerford Heraldry: Inheritance Charts 1160-1711 which is the culmination of 20 years of research, presented in many colourful images and charts. Another recent breakthrough was the use of DNA testing to confirm that the young John Knight who arrived with Emanuel Hungerford 200 years ago was indeed a Hungerford male, most likely his son. We have also discovered the existence of several other “missing” ancestors and living cousins that we didn’t know existed.

We hope you will enjoy our research material and add the stories of your branch of the family to keep the threads of history alive. Join the Hungerford & Associated Families Society to receive ongoing stories and assistance with your family history research.

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Emanuel Hungerford and Catherine Loane

Emanuel and Catherine married in Ireland and arrived in Sydney in 1828.
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The Ancestors of Emanuel Hungerford

Trace the ancestors of Emanuel generation by the generation. Recently completed in 2021. Read more

Portrait of Catherine Loane

Australian Descendant Lines

Follow the lines of all the Hungerford, Loane, Winder, Gash and Martin families who our first generations in Australia and New Zealand. Read more

Front cover for Hungerford Heraldry

Hungerford Heraldry – Inheritance Charts

Lesley Abrahams published this fascinating new book in 2021. Learn how the heraldry of the Hungerfords reflects their marriages with royal and noble families over 600 years. Don’t miss out

Doing your DNA

Confirm your ancestors and discover missing people with DNA testing. Find out how to get started.


There are many projects big and small that you can do at home and add to the research effort. Get ideas here.

The Jackson Papers

The Jackson Papers

The Rev Jackson spent many years researching the Hungerford history in Salisbury Cathedral and Bath. HAFS acquired a copy of the collection which is being indexed and transcribed.
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The Winder Johnson Project

Tom Winder and Ellen Johnson are ancestors to many Australian Hungerfords but their parentage is unknown. Can we find the answers using DNA?