HAFS Coding System

HAFS uses a coding system to identify where a person fits within the family trees of the Hungerford and associated families. This system is based on the system used for recording Hungerfords in Ireland in earlier publications.

Every member of the family index has a unique code made up of a series of components, which denotes a person in a generation descended from the previous person. The components are separated by a period (full stop). Each component (apart from the first) starts with a number which tells the birth order of the person.

For example, Peter Sherlock’s code is E.4.1a.6b.5c.1d.2e

EEmmanuel Hungerford
4Emanuel’s fourth child  William Moore Hungerford
1aWilliam’s first child Jessie Hungerford
6bJessie’s 6th child of Adrian Hastings Newth
5cAdrian’s fifth child Emily Elizabeth Newth
1dEmily’s first child Charles Henry Sherlock
2eCharles’ second child Peter David Sherlock

The lower case letter that follows a number shows the generation within the branch. You could actually work this out by counting the components but the letters help ensure no component is dropped out by mistake.  The code quickly tells two members who their nearest common ancestor is  and the character after the name tells if they are the same generation.

An equals symbol (=) at the end of a code means a person married to the person shown by the code.  For example, Emily Elizabeth Newth’s husband would be coded as E.4.1a.6b.5c=

The codes of the main branches

E   Emanuel Hungerford

E.1   John Becher Hungerford
E.2   Robert Richard Hungerford
E.3   Emanuel Hungerford
E.4   William Moore Hungerford
E.5   Henry Hungerford
E.6   Thomas Hungerford
E.7   Septimus Hungerford
E.8   Anne Loane Hungerford
E.9    Percy Hungerford
E.10  Catherine Hungerford

K John Knight

Y   Ryder Hungerford

B   Becher Hungerford

R   Richard Hungerford (b 1776)

T   Townsend James Hungerford

J   John Thomas Hungerford

H   Henry Jones Hungerford

Subsequent Hungerford arrivals:

S.i   Richard Hungerford (1834-1909)
S.ii   Harry Hungerford Hungerford
S.iii   Everard Richard Hungerford
S.iv   Sarah Lavinia Hungerford
S.v   Jane Hungerford – the Helsham family
S.vi   The Gash and Martin families

Associated Families:

L   The Loane Family

W   The Winder Family

Now you can search a list of names and codes of Australian Hungerford descendants.