Google Custom Search

This search box uses Google search within our HAFS website. Please note that it includes ads for other sites in the results, and it does not search within our PDF files (index and journals).

The advantages are that you can do a phrase match and use logical operators for more control.

  • For an exact phrase:  type ” ” around your words, e.g. John Hungerford.
  • For a wildcard in your phrase:  you use the quote marks and include * to allow any words between your search words, for example, type “John * Hungerford” to get any of our John Hungerfords with their middle name or initials in the phrase.
  • To exclude results: use the – symbol, e.g. Hungerford -Ireland. This is best done after an initial search that is returning clearly irrelevant results.
  • To find results that must contain two words, but anywhere in the page or post, type  AND between your search terms.
  • To find results containing any of the words, type  OR  between your search terms.

Google does the last two points are done by default, but you can use these operators to make more complex search conditions.