List of Certificates and Transcripts

Members will have seen various Research Reports published in the HAFS Newsletters from time to time. The Research Reports are usually prepared by Pauline Tyrrell [E.2.4a.10b.1c.2d=] and are tabled at Committee Meetings as part of the ongoing review of HAFS activities. Pauline and Brett Harvey [E.1.1a.15b.1c.1d.1e=] are regular visitors to the various State archives, Registers of Births, Deaths & Marriages and similar government departments to search, scan and gather these historical family records and then catalogue and file them so they can be accessible for members.

There are now over 300 folders, brimming with all the information HAFS has collected about each family member. These records are kept securely at Tyrrell’s Wines, Pokolbin and are available for use by HAFS members only.  Submit a request for information.

Here is a searchable List of Certificates & Transcripts is to assist in your research.

HAFS Certificates and Transcripts

ADEYCharles RussellW.1.2a.1b.1c.2dProbate Package, died 1992
ADEYEva Marion (nee HUGHES)W.1.2a.1b.1c=Probate Packet, Victoria
ADEYHannah Elsinore (nee DAISH)W.1.2a.1b==2Probate Packet, Victoria
ADEYJohn KellermanW.1.2a.1b.1cProbate Packet, Victoria
ADEYWilliam JohnW.1.2a.1b.1c.1dWill, Vic Death Certificate and Probate Package
ANDERTONLeonard Thomas & Claudine May Peggy ACKEROYDR.1.3a.5b.1c.2dMarriage 1943
ANDERTONLeonard Thomas & Elva Daphne KEMPR.1.3a.5b.1c.2dMarriage 1947
ANDERTONNorman & Kathleen Edith SULLIVANR.1.3a.5b.1c.3dMarriage 1945
ANDERTONNorman & Nellie Holdsworth (nee DIXON)R.1.3a.5b.1c.3dMarriage 1955
APTHORPEMary Ann ApthorpeE.1.3a=NSW Baptism Transcription; NSW Death Transcription; Probate Package
BAKERMary ChristinaE.1.1a.5b=NSW Birth Transcriptions
BALMAINAndrew Stewart HopeE.8.6a.5b.1c.1d=Death & Funeral Notice
BANCROFTHerbert JohnW.1.4a.1b.8c=1WW1 & WW2 Service Records
BARNARDPeter BayardL.XIV.ii.1.7a.3b.1cDeath 2016; Probate Packet 2016
BARRITTHelenE.2.2a.2b.2c=2NSW Birth Transcription 1909
BARTONEdmund FarleyE.4.2a1b.1cNSW Birth Transcription 1908; NSW Death Certificate
BEAMISHAlysE.6.8a=1No Record - Ireland; NSW Marriage Transcription & Certificate; NSW Death Transcription; Probate Package
BEASLEYAlfred Harold & Irene Adelaide BEASLEY (nee MARTIN)L.IX.ii.1.1a.4bDivorce Packet 1934
BEASLEYAlice Maria (nee WATTON)L.IX.ii.1.1a.1b=NSW Death Transcription
BEASLEYCharles Ernest JamesL.IX.ii.1.1a.1bNSW Death Transcription
BEASLEYVictoria Dove & Alfred RieckL.IX.ii.1.1a.1b.5cNSW Marriage Transcription
BEAVANReginald GeorgeL.IX.iv.1.1a.1b.2c=NSW Death Transcription
BEDWELLEmily SusannahW.1.3a=NSW Birth Transcription
BEGGS (nee Shephard)Violet MaudeL.VIII.ii.3.5a.7bNSW Death Transcription 1983
BISHOPJudith Anne & Philip AubinW.7.5a.2b.1c.1dNSW Marriage Transcription
BLAXLANDEmma BerthaE.1.1a.7b=NSW Birth Transcription
BLICKCatherine LucyE.1.5a=Birth Certificate 1849
NSW Baptism Transcription
NSW Death Transcription
BLICKEllen HenriettaE.1.1a=2Birth 1851, NSW Baptism Transcription; NSW Death Certificate
BLICKFrances ElizabethE.1.1a=1Birth 1839, NSW Baptism Transcription; NSW Marriage Certificate
BOORMANPhillip SpencerE.4.1a.6b.2c.1d=Death & Funeral Notice
BORLANDAlexander Vance Walter & CARPENTER Frances PatriciaE.2.7a.2b.4c.1dMarriage Transcription 1954
BOSTONElizabeth EvansonE.3=2No record - Ireland; NSW Death Transcription
BOSTONJaneE.3=1No record - Ireland; NSW Marriage Transcription; NSW Death Transcription
BRANDERJudith Patricia & John Edward WOOLLEYE.4.2a.4b.3c.6dMarriage 1968
BRIERLEYBruce GardinerE.9.3a.2b=Land Application
BRINSMEADReginald HenryH.4a.1b.6c=/E.6.5a.1b.6c=Death & Funeral Notice
BROINOWSKIEthel Jean & John Alexander WATSONE.2.2a.3b.3cNSW Marriage Record (Church Entry)
BROINOWSKI (now Watson)Ethel JeanE.2.2a.3b.3cNSW Death Transcription 1991
BROWNChristopher KenelmH.4a.1b.4c.2d/E.6.5a.1b.4c.2dDeath 2015; Probate Packet 2015
BROWNHILLAnna MarcellaE.10.3a=Birth 1871
NSW Birth Transcription
No Death Certificate (USA)
BUCHANANLillieL.IX.iv.3.2a=Death 1958; Probate Packet 1958
BUCHANANWilliam Frederick & Dorothy Milson BUCHANAN (formerly Chauvel, nee Gelateley)L.IX.iv.3.2a.4bMarriage 1934; Divorce Packet 1947
BUCKLEYMuriel ThelmaE.1.4a.3b.1cNSW Baptism Record (Church Entry)
BULLENHarold EdmundW.1.4a.7b.3c.1dWW2 Service Records
BURKITTAgnes TheordoraE.2.2aNSW Baptism Record (Church Entry)
BURKITTAmy Theodora (nee Hungerford)E.2.2a.2bDeceased Estate Files
BURKITTEdmond HungerfordE.2.2a.2b.2cWW2 Service Records
BURKITTMarion EsdaileE.2.2a.2b.4cChurch Baptism Record
BURKITTMuriel MargaretE.2.2a.2b.3c=NSW Birth Transcription
BURKITT (nee HOLDSWORTH)Doris KillianE.2.2a.2b.2c=1Vic. Inquest
BURNSMary Agnes (nee KNIGHT)K.1.6a.2bNSW Probate Package
BURRASTONElizabeth & Allan William WYTHEK.1.3a.3b.1cNSW Marriage Transcription
BURRASTONElizabeth & Thomas Walker WELSHK.1.3a.3b.1cNSW Marriage Transcription
BURRASTONMary Gertrude (nee KELAAHER)K.1.3a.3bNSW Death Transcription
BURTON-BRADLEYRobert ProwettE.2.2a.5b.1cNSW Death Certificate
NSW Probate Package
BUSHBYAlma MaryE.1.1a.7b.2c=Qld Birth Certificate 1913
BUTLERStanley OrmondB.2a.1b.3c=Civil Construction Corps Record
BYRNEFrances ElveenaE.1.1a.10b.5c=Qld Birth Certificate 1920
CAMPBELLAmy BeatriceE.7.5a.4bNSW Death Transcription 1986
CAMPBELLColin Douglas & John ROYE.7.3a.5b.2cMarriage 1962
CAMPBELLMilton JohnE.2.7a.4b.1c=Birth Transcription 1911
Death Transription 1978
CAMPBELLOwen John & WILLIAMSON Shirley MargaretE.2.7a.4b.1c.1dMarriage Transcription 1966
CAMPLING (now Hungerford)Ella AlexandraE.7.5a.1b=NSW Birth Transcription 1889
CARTERAlan WalterE.2.7a.2b.3c/E.2.7a.3b.5c=NSW Death Transcription 1991
CARTERJohn DanielE.2.7a.2b.1cWW2 Service Records
CARTERJohn Daniel & CLOUTON Violet Eva AlfredaE.2.7a.2b.1cMarriage Transcription 1925
CARTERJoyce EvelynE.2.7a.2b.4c.1dBirth Transcription 1910
CARTERMurray WestonE.2.7a.2b.3c.3d/E.2.7a.3b.5c.3dDeath Transcription 1962
CARTERViolet Eva Alfreda (nee Clouton)E.2.7a.2b.1c=Death Transcription 1978
CHAMBERSJosephine MaryE.4.5a=Birth 1850; NSW Baptism Transcription; NSW Death Transcription
CHAPMANAnnie KatherineE.8.4aNSW Baptism Transcription; NSW Death Transcription
CHAPMANArchibald WellesleyE.8.3aNSW Baptism Transcription; NSW Marriage Transcription; NSW Death Transcription; Probate Package
CHAPMANBarbara Wellesley & Wilbur Herbert TALBERGE.8.3a.1b.3cMarriage 1948
CHAPMANBessie SophiaE.8.1a=2Deceased Estate Files
CHAPMANDougan WellesleyE.8.3a.1b Death Cert 1971
Probate Package
CHAPMANErnest WykehamE.8.5a8225/1860
CHAPMAN Florence EdithE.8.7aNSW Birth Transcription; NSW Marriage Transcription; NSW Death Transcription; Probate Package
CHAPMANGrant BroughtonE.8.2aNSW Baptism Transcription; NSW Death Transcription; Probate Package
CHAPMANMargaret WellesleyE.8.3a.1b.4cVic Death Certificate
CHAPMANMichael Donald Wellesley & Miriam Finlay Cunliffe ELLISE.8.3a.1b.2c.1dMarriage 1968
CHAPMANRobertE.8=NSW Death Transcription: Death Certificate 1879; Probate Package
CHAPMANRobert Dougan WellesleyE.8.3a.1b.1cNSW Birth Transcription 1914
CHAPMANRobert EdwardE.8.1aNSW Baptism Transcription
NSW Death Transcription
Probate Package
Land Surrender
CHAPMANRobert Edward (E.8.1a) & SIMPSON Arthur Wakefield (W.1.3a.1b)NSW Primary Land Application
CHAPMANRobert Hungerford& Alice PENFOLDE.8.1a.8bNSW Marriage Record (Church Entry)
CHAPMANTempe FlorenceE.8.6a9119/1862 NSW Marriage Certificate; NSW Death Transcription; Probate Package
CHAPMANTempe Florence & Alexander MINTERE.8.6aNSW Marriage Transcription
CHAPMANWellesley DouganE.8.3a.1bNSW Birth Transcription 1885
CHAPMAN (nee MARTIN)Francesca JessieE.8.3a.1b=Death Cert 1964
Probate Package

CHAPMAN (nee SPASSHATT)Gertrude ElizabethE.8.3a=Deceased Estate Files
CHAPMAN (now Dunne)Margaret WellesleyE.8.3a.1b.4cVIC Probate Packet
CHICKElizabeth GoridgeE.1.4a=NSW Birth Transcription; NSW Death Transcription
CHIPPENDALLAlice ClaraE.8.1a=1NSW Birth Transcription; NSW Marriage Transcription; NSW Death Transcription
CLEARPhilip MichaelE.6.12a.1b.1c.1dDeath & Funeral Notice
CLIFFBessie SophiaE.8.1a=2NSW Marriage Transcription; NSW Death Transcription
CLOUTONViolet Eva AlfredaE.2.7a.2b.1c=Birth Transcription 1904
COEBlanch Evelyn Pearl (nee Beasley)L.IX.ii.1.1a.2bNSW Death Transcription
CONANT (now Moffitt)Bernadette Mitta GraceE.4.2a.4b.6cNSW Death Transcription 1991
CONNELLAudrey Ada Norma & George Woodward PEARCEL.IX.iv.5.2a.2bMarriage 1940
CONNELLNannette Elizabeth & Edward SturtL.IX.iv.1.1a.1b.6cNSW Marriage Transcription
CONNELLRowland WilsonL.IX.iv.1.9aNSW Death Transcription
CONSTABLELouise Robert GeorgeK.1.4a.9b.6c=NSW Death Transcription
COOPERArthur LeslieE.6.13a.2b=Land File NSW
COOPERJulia Ruth (nee HARRIS) Death Certificate
COOPERLouisa Hamilton (nee HARROWER)E.6.13a.2b.2c=Death & Funeral Notice
CORBETTHaroldE.2.3a.1b.4cDeceased Estate Files
CORBETTHenry JohnE.2.3a.1b=Deceased Estate Files
COSHDoreen Kathleen (nee Minter) & John Patrick SWEENEYE.8.6a.5b.2cMarriage 1961
COSHLeslie JohnE.8.6a.5b.2c=1NSW Death Transcription 1991
Grave Photo -Inverell, NSW
COULSONAugustus JohnL.VIII.ii.2.8a.1bDeath & Funeral Notice
CRABB (nee STERBECK)Mena Gwenyth & Dale CRABBE.1.3a.4b.5c.2dNSW Divorce File
CRAWFORDEnid MayE.2.7a.4b.2cBirth Transcription 1913
CRAWFORDHugh DavidE.2.7a.4b=Birth Transcription 1871
Death Transcription 1950
Deceased Estate Files
CREMINMary WhiteH.4a.4b=/E.6.5a.4b=NSW Birth Transcription 1892
CREMIN (now HUNGERFORD)Mary WhiteH.4a.4b=/E.6.5a.4b=NSW Death Transcription 1983
CRONINLeo JosephK.1.4a.9b.1c=NSW Death Certificate; NSW Probate Package
DAVIDSONJohnE.2.9a=No Birth record - Scotland; No Death record - America
DAVIDSONJohn & Bertha Mary HUNGERFORDE.1.1a.15b.4cMarriage
DAVIDSONKeith Vivian & CLEMESHA Beverley JeanE.2.7a.1b.1c.1dMarriage Transcription 1960
DAVIDSONStella Irene (nee Greenwood)E.2.7a.1b.1cDeath Transcription 1978
DAVIDSON (nee GREENWOOD)Stella IreneE.2.7a.1b.1cNSW Death Transcription 1978
DAVIESJohn Llanover & Jessie Lilian Davies (nee VIRGOE)E.8.3a.3b.1c=NSW Marriage Certificate
NSW Divorce Packet
DAVORENJohn Patrick W.7.4a.2b=Death Certificate; Deceased Estate File; Probate Packet
de WINTON Fanny Winder & George Jean W.6Qld Marriage Certificate 1846
de WINTON John MassieW.6.3aQld Death Certificate 1908
DEMPSEYEsme De-Salles (now LYON)K.1.3a.4b.2cNSW Death Transcription
DEMPSEYRobert CharlesK.1.3a.4b.4cNSW Death Transcription
DONALDJohn Shaw MorrisonH.4a.1b.2c=/E.6.5a.1b.2c=Death Transcription 1970
DONALDRoderick ArthurB.2a.4b.2cDeath 1986
DOSSETORConstance Jean Kathleen HopeE.1.1a.3b.5cVic Death Certificate
DOWMANCecil Charles & Kitty Florence DOWMAN (nee Freeman)L.VIII.iii.4.1a.1bMarriage 1923; Divorce Packet 1936
DOWMANGweneth Anita & Kevin Herbert Francis SCOTTL.VIII.iii.4.1a.8b.2cMarriage 1951
DOWMANStanley John & Lillian May DOWMAN (nee Jackett)L.VIII.iii.4.1a.4bDivorce Packet 1958
DOYLEAmy Selina (nee Smith)E.4.3a.3b.2c=Death 1982
DOYLEBeverley Lynette & David John PENMANE.4.3a.3b.9c.2dMarriage 1967
DOYLEEmily MaryE.10.2a=NSW Birth Transcription; NSW Death Transcription;; Probate Package
DOYLEGenevieve ArabellaK.1.6a.4b=NSW Death Certificate & Birth Certificate
DOYLEJohn Ronald & Ferna Margaret DOYLE (nee Wilkinson)E.4.3a.3b.9c.1dMarriage 1967
DOYLEKevin & Patricia Gay JARRETTE.4.3a.3b.2c.2dMarriage 1953
DOYLENorma & John Albert NOLANE.4.3a.3b.1c.4dMarriage 1950
DOYLEPatricia Janet & Vivian Vincent Edward YANDELLE.4.3a.3b.1c.6dMarriage 1952
DOYLERitchie EdwardE.2.4a.9b.1c=Land File NSW
DOYLERobert WalterE.4.3a=NSW Baptism Transcription NSW Death Transcription 1916
DOYLEThelma Grace & Johannes Barry PEARSEE.4.3a.3b.1c.5dMarriage 1953
DRUHANGeorge JosephE.1.1a.2b.6c.3dNSW Death Transcription 1982
DRUHANWalter JamesE.1.1a.2b.6c=NSW Death Transcription 1967
DULHUNTYIreneE.2.2a=NSW Birth Transcription
DUNNEJack RobertE.8.3a.1b.4c=Vic Death Certificate
DYSONMildredE.6.16a=2NSW Birth Transcription; NSW Marriage Certificate; NSW Death Certificate
EDWARDSHenry TollemacheL.VIII.ii.3.4a.2b.5c=Qld Death Certificate 1983
EDWARDSJaneE.3.1a=1No record - England; NZ Marriage Certificate; NZ Death Certificate
EDWARDSJohn HensleighL.VIII.ii.3.4a.2b.5c.3dNSW Death Transcription 1976
ELEFTHERIOUJohn PaulE.2.4a.7b.5c.4d=
ELLIOTT (now SWIRE)Hazel ElizabethE.10.3a.4b=NSW Birth Transcription 1908
ELLISGladys AnnE.1.1a.2b.9c.2d=Death
ENGLANDRoy StanleyE.9.3a.3b=Land Application
EVANSClarice Pearl (nee Beasley)L.IX.ii.1.1a.1b.1cNSW Death Transcription
EVANSMona Ada LeahE.9.2a.5b=Qld Birth Certificate 1919
EVANS (now JOHN)Mona Ada LeahE.9.2a.5b=Qld Death Certificate 1992
EWERSMervyn WilliamL.VIII.iii.4.1a.1b.2c=2Death 2014; Probate Packet 2014
FARAMAnnetia Margaret & Rusty BROWNINGL.VIII.iii.4.1a.3b.1cMarriage 1966
FERGUSONJessie Edith Octavia (nee CONNELL)L.IX.iv.1.8aNSW Death Transcription
FERNANThomas JamesE.9.7a.1b=Qld Birth Certificate 1911
WW2 Service Records
FITZ-HENRYJohn KennethE.8.3a.5b.1c=Death & Funeral Notice
FITZGERALDJames JosephE.1.2a=No birth record - Ireland; Qld Death Certificate; Probate Package
FITZPATRICKVincent AugustusE.1.3a.6b.5c=Death 1987
FLETCHERGeorge TerenceE.2.6a.3b.4c.1d=Probate Packet 2000
FLOCKHARTDavid AlistairL.IX.iv.3.9a.2b.4c.1dDeath & Funeral Notice
FLOCKHARTDavid RossL.IX.iv.3.9a.2b.4c=Death & Funeral Notice
FLOWEREdith May MarthaE.7.5a=Vic Birth Registry Transcript; NSW Death Transcription; Probate Package
FOSTEREdward WilliamW.7.3a.5b=Deceased Estate Files
FOWLERWilliam OswaldH.4a.2b=/E.6.5a.2b=NSW Birth Transcription 1883
NSW Death Transcription 1956
FOWLESIvan WalterE.1.1a.2b.9c.1d=NSW Death Transcription 1984
FOWLESJohn AllanE.1.1a.2b.9c.1d.1eDeath & Funeral Notice
FREDERICKAlice Muriel (nee Winder)W.7.3a.4bNSW Death Transcription
GALLOP (now Gordon)Lena FrancesE.7.3a.3b=1NSW Death Transcription 1981
GARLANDAnnie De Clare (nee Tyrrell)E.2.3a.6bDeceased Estate File NSW
GARLANDCatherine BettyE.2.3a.6b.3c.1dDeath & Funeral Notice
GASHInes, Victoria
GEORGEFrank WilliamE.1.1a.8b.1c=NSW Death Transcription 1978
GILLAliceE.4.2a=NSW Baptism Transcription; NSW Death Transcription; Probate Package
GILLHAMCharles HumeE.6.2a.3b=Pictures of property, 50 Sunrise Road, Palm Beach, NSW
GLEESONCECILIA Brigid (now GAFFNEY)K.1.4a.7b.1c=NSW Death Transcription
GLOVEREdwin 1863; Probate Packet
GLOVEREdwin Death Notification Australian Imperial Expeditionary Forces 1917; Probate Packet
GOLDFINCHMargaret Elizabeth (nee McInnes)L.IX.iv.3.6a.1b.1c=2Death & Funeral Notice
GOODWINSelina Ann nee KRACKEE.2.11a=NSW Birth Transcription; NSW Death Transcription
GORDONBeatrice Lena & TURNER Donald BaxterE.7.3a.3b.1cNSW Marriage Transcription 1948
GORDONJohn Douglas & McGEE Margaret AnneE.7.3a.3b.2cNSW Marriage Transcription 1952
GORDONLambart SkeneE.7.3a=NSW Birth Transcription; NSW Marriage Transcription; NSW Death Transcription; Probate Package; Deceased Estate File NSW
GORDON (now Jones)Nina Mary & MacDONALD Graham BroughtonE.7.3a.3b.3cNSW Marriage Transcription 1954
GOWDavid MurrayE.8.3a.3b.3cDeceased Estate Files
GOWNina Wellesley & Norman Arthur MacLEANE.8.3a.3bNSW Marriage Record (Church Entry)
GRAEMEAlice MaudE.2.3a.5bDeceased Estate Files
GRAEMEHenry WeirE.2.3a.5b=NSW Probate Package; Deceased Estate Files
GRAYAlice MaudK.1.8a=NSW Birth Transcription
GRAYMary Alice (nee Davies)E.1.3a.11b.1c=Death 2012; Probate Packet 1912
GRAYNigel JohnE.2.3a.8b.2c.1d=Death & Funeral Notice
GREENWOODBertha Bell (nee Tucker)E.2.7a.7b=Death Transcription 1990
GREENWOODChristopher GaryE.2.7a.3b.10c.1dDeath Transcription 1987
GREENWOODClarineE.2.7a.2bBirth Transcription 1879
GREENWOODHazel FlorenceE.2.7a.1b.3cNSW Birth Transcription
GREENWOODHazel Florence & Athol Gordon TOWNLEYE.2.7a.1b.3cNSW Marriage Transcription
GREENWOODKate EdithE.2.7a.5bBirth Transcription 1885
GREENWOODLillian MaudeE.2.7a.4bBirth Transcription 1883
GREENWOODLucy EvelynE.2.7a.6bBirth Transcription 1887
Deceased Estate File NSW
GREENWOODMaurice WestonE.2.7a.3bLand File NSW
GREENWOODMaurice WestonE.2.7a.3bBirth Transcription 1880
GREENWOODOliver YouellE.2.7a.1bDeath Transcription 1962
GREENWOODRobert EllingtonE.2.7a.7bBirth Transcription 1893
Death Transcription 1960
GREENWOODRobert JohnE.2.7a=No record - England; NSW Death Transcription; Probate Package
GREENWOODVera EllenE.2.7a.3b.5c/E.2.7a.2b.3c=Birth Transcription 1921
GREENWOODVera Lenore (nee Clarke)E.2.7a.7a.3b=Death Transcription 1943
GREENWOOD (now DAVIDSON)Stella IreneE.2.7a.1b.1cNSW Death Transcription 1978
GRINDRODAubrey Lindsay Charles & Katie GARDNERL.VIII.iii.6.1a.1bMarriage 1923; Divorce Packet 1930
GRINDRODAudrey Dorothy Davis (nee GRINDROD) & Joseph James DavisL.VIII.iii.6.5a.2bSydney Anglican Church Document; Divorce Packet 1957
GRINDRODRosmand Edmund & Mabel Constance GRINDROD (nee Jones)L.VIII.iii.6.5aMarriage; Divorce Packet 1930, 1931,1933
HALESDudley Hungerford & BLUETT MargeryE.7.6a.4bNSW Marriage Transcription 1930
HALESElizabeth Dalrymple & COWAN GeoffreyE.7.6a.3b.2cNSW Marriage Transcription 1952
HALESFrancis WilliamE.7.1a=2NSW Marriage Certificate; NSW Death Transcription
HALESGeoffrey Barnewell & Nina Mavis DALRYMPLEE.7.6a.3bNSW Marriage Record (Church Entry)
HALESGeorge BarnewallE.7.6a=No Record - Tasmania; NSW Death Transcription
HALESIan Barnewall & GORS Dorothy ClaireE.7.6a.3b.1cNSW Marriage Transcription 1950
HALESJohn BroughtonE.7.6a.4b.2cDeath & Funeral Notice
HALL BESTAnna Deirdre (now BROUGHTON)E.2.2a.2b.4c.1dPictures of property, 48 Edward St, Woollahra, NSW
HALL BESTJohn & Marion Esdaile BURKITTE.2.2a.4b.4cMarriage 1927
HALL BESTJohn VictorE.2.2a.4b.4c=Death 1972
HALL BESTMarion Esdaile (now HALL BEST)E.2.2a.2b.4cPictures of property, 153 Queen St, Woollahra, NSW
HALLIDAYJohn HowellE.2.2a.2b.3c=NSW Birth Transcription
HALLIDAYMuriel Margaret (nee BURKITT)E.2.2a.2b.3cNSW Death Transcription
HAMPSONRose LillianY.i.8.2a=Qld Birth Certificate
HANMERBeatrice WaldonW.1.3a.3b.5cDiary WW2 covering period 1940-1941
HANMERThomas WaldenW.1.3a.5b=NSW Death Transcription 1949
Deceased Estate Files
HARRIMANPaul GilbertE.2.2a.2b.2c.2d=1Death & Funeral Notice
HAUBJohn GeorgeK.1.8a.3b=NSW Death Certificate; NSW Probate Package
HAUBLindsay DesmondK.1.8a.3b.2cNSW Birth Certificate
HAUBRita MargaretK.1a.8b.3cNSW Birth Certificate
HAUBRita Margaret & Robert Neil JOHNSONK.1.8a.3b.1cNSW Marriage Certificate
HAUBVerna JoanK.1.8a.3b.3cNSW Birth Certificate
HAUBVerna Joan & Richard LesterK.1.8a.3b.3cNSW Marriage Certificate
HENLEY-SMITHEmily Edith (nee WINDER)W.7.9aNSW Death Transcription
Deceased Estate File NSW
HENLEY-SMITHRobertW.7.9a=NSW Death Transcription
Deceased Estate Files
NSW Probate Packet
HENNINGJohn Cedric LesterE.2.6a.5b.3c/E.2.3a.7b.1c.1d=Probate Package 1999
HEYMANThomas WilliamE.2.7a.3b.3c=WW2 Service Records
HIGGINSTherese GertrudeK.1.6a=NSW Birth Transcription
HIRSTAlma Caroline HIRST (nee Thompson) (resumption of Land for Housing purposes at Cabramatta)L.VIII.iii.3.6aLand Records
HODGINSMargaretE.2.6a=English Birth Certificate; NSW Death Certificate; Probate Package
HOLDSWORTHEdmund Hungerford & Doris Killian HOLDSWORTHE.2.2a.2b.2cNSW Marriage Record (Church Entry)
HOLTHenrietta (nee REID, formerly HUNGERFORD)Y.i.8=Qld Death Certificate
HOPEGeoffrey McLeanE.4.2a.4b.6c.1d=2NSW Death Transcription 1991
HOSKINGRoderick PaulH.4a.2b.4c.1d/E.6.5a.2b.4c.1dDeath & Funeral Notice
HOWARDEthel HarcourtE.2.3a.3b.1c=Qld Birth Certificate 1899
HOWELLViolet RuthW.7.8aNSW Birth Transcription
HOYJohn EdwardE.2.11a.1b.4c=Death & Funeral Notice
HUMPHRIES (now Doyle)Dorothy PaulineE.4.3a.3b.3c.1d=NSW Death Transcription 1991
HUMPHRISFanny Emma Marie E.1.1a.14b=NSW Birth Transcription
HUNGERFORDAda MabelE.6.15aNSW Birth Transcription; NSW Death Certificate; NSW Marriage Transcription; Probate Package
HUNGERFORDAda MabelE.10.4=NSW Birth Transcription; NSW Death Transcription; Probate Package
HUNGERFORDAlfred ErnestE.9.4aNSW Birth Transcription; NSW Marriage Transcription; NSW Death Transcription
HUNGERFORDAlice (nee Gill)E.4.2a=Death 1926; Deceased Estate FIles
HUNGERFORDAlice MayJ.4a.3b.1cNZ Death Certificate
HUNGERFORDAlma Mary (nee BUSHBY)E.1.1a.7b.2c=Qld Death Certificate
HUNGERFORDAlysH.1a/E.6.8a=1Deceased Estate Files
HUNGERFORDAmelia EllenE.2.5aBirth 1847
NSW Baptism Transcription
NSW Marriage Transcription
NSW Death Transcription
HUNGERFORDAmy BeatriceE.7.5a.4bNSW Birth Transcription 1904
HUNGERFORDAnne LoaneE.2.7aNSW Baptism Certificate; NSW Marriage Transcription; NSW Death Transcription
HUNGERFORDAnne LoaneE.8No record - Ireland; NSW Death Certificate; NSW Marriage Transcription; Probate Package
HUNGERFORDAnne Loane & Robert CHAPMANE.8Marriage 1850
HUNGERFORDAnnette JemimaE.7.3aNSW Birth Certificate; NSW Marriage Certificate; NSW Death Certificate; Probate Package
HUNGERFORDAnnie SarahE.1.1a.1bNSW Death Transcription 1950
HUNGERFORDArthur CharlesE.1.4a.7b.2cQld Death Certificate 1953
HUNGERFORDArthur HenryE.1.4aBirth 1846; NSW Baptism Transcription; NSW Marriage Transcription; NSW Death Transcription; Probate Package; Death certificate 1925
HUNGERFORDAubrey FrancisE.2.2a.4bDeceased Estate Files
HUNGERFORDAubrey NoelE.1.1a.2b.10cNSW Death Certificate 1987
NSW Death Transcription 1987
HUNGERFORDAudrey ElaineE.9.7a.2bQld Birth Transcription
HUNGERFORDAudrey Elaine & MARTIN Richard HenryE.9.7a.2bQld Marriage Certificate 1944
HUNGERFORDAvis ClaudiaE.9.7a.1bQld Birth Transcription 1919
Qld Baptism Certificate 1919
HUNGERFORDBarry LovickE.4.7a.4bBirth 1900; NSW Birth Transcription
HUNGERFORDBeatrice HenriettaE.1.1a.13bDeath
HUNGERFORDBeatrice TheodoraE.7.6aNSW Birth Transcription; NSW Marriage Transcription; NSW Death Certificate; Probate Package
HUNGERFORDBecher SealyE.6.14aDeath 1961
HUNGERFORDBecher Sealy & Celia WINDSORE.6.14aNSW Birth Transcription; Qld Marriage Certificate 1909; Qld Death Certificate
HUNGERFORDBecher TennysonE.9.11aNSW Birth Transcription; NSW Death Transcription
HUNGERFORDBeryl Margaret (nee Wills)E.2.6a.3b.7c=Death & Funeral Notice
HUNGERFORDBeth & STRANG Thomas CookE.1.5a.3b.3cQld Marriage Certificate 1943
HUNGERFORDBeverley & Brian ReillyE.7.1a.2b.3cSydney Anglican Church Document
HUNGERFORDBeverley & Ross Kenneth MARLOWE.7.1a.2b.3cMarriage 1966
HUNGERFORDBeverley Dawn & Barry William PRESLANDE.9.4a.1b.1cMarriage 1964
HUNGERFORDBonnie JeanNewspaper-Birth Notice
HUNGERFORDBrian Thomas & Megan Roberta PRATTE.6.4a.5b.2cMarriage 1958
HUNGERFORDBruce EldeE.1.1a.3b.3cGrave Photo -Springvale, Vic.
HUNGERFORDCatherineE.10NSW Baptism Transcription; NSW Marriage Transcription; NSW Death Transcription; Probate Package
HUNGERFORDCatherine EvansonE.3.4aNSW Birth Transcription; NSW Death Certificate; Deceased Estate Files
HUNGERFORDCatherine Lucy (nee Blick)E.1.5a=Death 1922
HUNGERFORD Catherine RachelE.6.3aNSW Baptism Transcription; NSW Death Transcription; Probate Package
HUNGERFORDCecil PayneE.6.2aNSW Baptism Certificate; NSW Marriage Certificate; NSW Death Certificate; Probate Package; Dead Farm Files, Qld
HUNGERFORDCelia Lillian Windsor (nee LEE)E.6.14a=Grave Photo-Gordonvale, Qld
HUNGERFORDClarence ArthurH.4a.4b/E.6.5a.4bNSW Death Transcription 1958
HUNGERFORDClarence Arthur & CREMIN MaryH.4a.4b/E.6.5a.4bNSW Marriage Transcription 1924
HUNGERFORDClaude NohovalE.9.7aNSW Birth Transcription; Qld Marriage Certificate; Qld Death Certificate
HUNGERFORDClaudeTennyson E.9.6a.5bNSW Birth Transcription
HUNGERFORDConstance Jean & DOSSETOR EdwardE.1.1a.3b.5cNSW Marriage Transcription 1942
HUNGERFORDDaphne GladysY.i.8.1a.5bQld Birth Transcription
HUNGERFORDDarcy Gordon Y.i.8.1a.3bDeath & Funeral Notice
HUNGERFORDDonald Arthur & Cheryl GouldE.1.3a.4b.6c.1dNSW Marriage Transcription
HUNGERFORDDonald Gordon & Mary ShannonE.6.2a.2bSydney Anglican Church Document
HUNGERFORDDoreen Adele & JOHNSTONE JamesE.1.1a.10b.4cNSW Marriage Transcription 1946
HUNGERFORDDoreen Annie & Randolph Edward BEDFORDE.6.4a,4bQld Marriage Certificate
HUNGERFORDDorothy Margaret & CROWFOOT CliffordE.1.1a.15b.2cNSW Marriage Transcription 1941
HUNGERFORDEdleen FlorenceY.i.8.5aQld Birth Certificate; Death Certificate 1895
HUNGERFORDEdmund AlexanderE.6.1aBirth 1853; NSW Birth Transcription; England Marriage (Church Records); NSW Death 1937; Death Transcription; Dead Farm Files, Qld
HUNGERFORDEdmund Farley /Edward Williams & Thelma May PATTRICK E.4.2a.1b.1cNSW Marriage Certificate
HUNGERFORDEdward ArthurE.2.10aNSW Birth Transcription; NSW Death Transcription
HUNGERFORDEdward KenelmH.4a.1b/E.6.5a.1bNSW Death Transcription 1959
HUNGERFORDEdwin HusseyE.1.1a.2b.8cNSW Birth Transcription 1901
HUNGERFORDElizabethE.3.2aNo Birth record -NSW too early; NSW Death Transcription; Probate Package
HUNGERFORDElizabeth Goridge (nee Chick)E.1.4a=Death 1931
HUNGERFORDEmanuelE.1.1aBirth 1840
HUNGERFORDEmanuelE.3No record - Ireland; NSW Marriage Transcription; NSW Death Transcription
HUNGERFORDEmanuel BecherE.1.1aNSW Baptism Transcription; NSW Marriage Certificate; NSW Death Transcription
HUNGERFORDEmilyE.4.3aBirth 1850
NSW Baptism Transcription
NSW Marriage Transcription
NSW Death Transcription
HUNGERFORDEmily & Robert DOYLEE.4.3aMarriage 1868
HUNGERFORDEmily May & ILES Alan AlfredE.9.2a.4bQld Marriage Certificate 1944
HUNGERFORDEmmaE.2.3aNSW Baptism Transcription; NSW Marriage Certificate; NSW Death Transcription
HUNGERFORDEmma ElizabethE.6.5aNSW Birth Transcription; NSW Death Certificate; NSW Marriage Transcription; Probate Package
HUNGERFORDEric Bert E.1.3a.6b.1c.1dQld Death Certificate
HUNGERFORDEthel Clarice (nee Dickson)E.1.3a.2b.4c=NSW Death Transcription
HUNGERFORDEthel Clarice (nee Dixon)E.1.3a.2b.4c=Death 1987
HUNGERFORDEthel MayE.6.13aNSW Birth Transcription; NSW Marriage Transcription; NSW Death Transcription; Probate Package
HUNGERFORDEvaE.4.6aBirth 1856; Death 1930
Birth (Early Church Record) 1856
NSW Baptism Transcription; NSW Death Transcription
HUNGERFORDEva LillianE.9.5aNSW Birth Transcription; NSW Marriage Transcription; NSW Death Transcription
HUNGERFORDEva LoaneE.9.6a.6bBirth Certificate 1919
HUNGERFORDEvelyn Glory & William Henry John SNEDDONE.6.14a.4b.1cMarriage 1959
HUNGERFORDEvelyn MaryE.4.2a.7bDeath 1896
HUNGERFORDFannyE.1.2aBirth 1842
NSW Baptism Transcription
NSW Marriage Certificate
NSW Death Certificate
Probate Package
HUNGERFORDFlorence Amelia (nee Lamb)B.3a=Death 1941
HUNGERFORDFlorence LoaneE.6.7aNSW Birth Transcription; NSW Death Transcription; Probate Package
HUNGERFORDFrancis Cecil Y.i.8.6aQld Birth Record
Birth Certificate 1895
HUNGERFORDFrederick RichardE.6.6aNSW Birth Transcription; NSW Death Transcription; Probate Package
HUNGERFORDGeoffrey B. S. & CAREY PatriciaE.1.1a.7b.1c.1dNSW Marriage Transcription 1965
HUNGERFORDGeorgeY.i.10Protective Management File, Qld
HUNGERFORDGeorge Penn Loan E.1.1a.10bNSW Birth Transcription
HUNGERFORDGeorge Penn Loan & Adele Warne WILCOCKE.1.1a.10bMarriage
HUNGERFORDGeorge Roy E.1.4a.12bNSW Death Transcription
HUNGERFORDGeorge WilliamY.i.8.3aBirth Certificate 1892
Qld Birth Record
HUNGERFORDGladys Irene (nee Jones)E.7.1a.2b=Death
HUNGERFORDGladys May Y.i.8.4aQld Birth Certificate
HUNGERFORDGladys May & Robert Sidney LEAMONY.i.8.4aQld Marriage Certificate
HUNGERFORDGloria JanettaE.4.7a.2b.1cNSW Birth Transcription
HUNGERFORDGraeme PaulE.4.7a.2b.2c.2dDeath 1952
HUNGERFORDGuyE.6.5a=No Record - Ireland; NSW Death Certificate; Probate Package
HUNGERFORDHarold Arthur NZ Death Certificate
HUNGERFORDHarold Douglas EnsignE.1.5a.5b.1cQld Birth Certificate 1919
Qld Marriage Certificate 1945
Qld Death Certificate 1988
HUNGERFORDHarold MortimerE.1.1a.10b.1cNSW Birth Transcription 1909
HUNGERFORDHarold Mortimer & WILSON Sheila JoanE.1.1a.10b.1cNSW Marriage Transcription 1939
HUNGERFORDHector HerbertE.1.3a.6b.1cQld Birth Certificate 1913
HUNGERFORDHedleyE.7.5a.1bNSW Birth Transcription 1895
NSW Primary Land Application
HUNGERFORDHedley & Ella Alexandra CAMPLINGE.7.5a.1bNSW Marriage Transcription 1924
HUNGERFORDHedley HeberE.7.5aNSW Birth Transcription; Vic Marriage Transcription; NSW Death Transcription; Probate Package
HUNGERFORDHelen Maise & DREWITT-SMITH AdrianE.1.1a.10b.6cNSW Marriage Transcription 1954
HUNGERFORDHelena AugustaE.2.8aNo record - NZ too early; NSW Death Transcription
HUNGERFORDHenryE.1.1a.5b=NSW Birth Transcription
HUNGERFORDHenryE.5No Record - Ireland; NSW Death Transcription
HUNGERFORDHenry Ernest E.1.1a.5bNSW Death Transcription
HUNGERFORDHenry John SealyR.1.7a.2bDeceased Estate Files
HUNGERFORDHenry WalterE.9.3aNSW Birth Transcription; NSW Marriage Transcription; NSW Death Transcription
HUNGERFORDHerbert BlomfieldE.6.4aNSW Baptism Transcription 1858; NSW Death Transcription 1936; Probate Package
HUNGERFORDHubert ReginaldE.1.1a.14bNSW Birth Transcription
NSW Death Transcription
HUNGERFORDHussey HastingsE.2.11aBirth 1862; Death 1899
NSW Birth Transcription
NSW Marriage Transcription
NSW Death Transcription
HUNGERFORDHyacinth MaudE.4.7a.2b=Death 1956
HUNGERFORDHyacinth Maude (nee WELLER)E.4.7a.2b=NSW Death Transcription
HUNGERFORDInez HopeH.4a.1b.3c/E.6.5a.1b.3cBirth Transcription 1915
HUNGERFORDIrene (nee Rathjen)B.10a.2b.2c=Death 2016
HUNGERFORDJames MelvilleE.4.7a.2bDeath 1959
NSW Death Transcription
HUNGERFORDJaneE.4.4aBirth 1852
NSW Baptism Transcription
NSW Marriage Transcription
NSW Death Transcription
Probate Package
HUNGERFORDJanet Lily (nee WALLACE)Y.i.6=NZ Death Certificate
HUNGERFORDJessieE.4.1aNSW Baptism Certificate; NSW Marriage Transcription; NSW Death Transcription; Probate Package
HUNGERFORDJohn BecherE.1No record - Ireland; NSW Death Certificate; NSW Marriage Transcription
HUNGERFORDJohn BecherE.1.1a.2bNSW Death Transcription 1914
HUNGERFORDJohn Beecher E.1.1a.15b.6cNSW Death Transcription
HUNGERFORDJohn Beecher & Dorothy WylieE.1.1a.15b.6cSydney Anglican Church Document
HUNGERFORDJohn BostonE.3.1aNSW Baptism Transcription; NZ Marriage Certificate
HUNGERFORDJohn GeorgeY.i.8Qld Death Certificate 1925
HUNGERFORDJohn George & Henrietta REIDY.i.8aQld Marriage Certificate
HUNGERFORDJohn MooreE.1.3aNSW Baptism Transcription; NSW Marriage Transcription; NSW Death Transcription
HUNGERFORDJohn MooreE.1.5a.1bDead Farm Files, Qld
HUNGERFORDJohn RyderY.i.8.1aQld Birth Record
Qld Death Certificate
HUNGERFORDJohn Ryder & Isabella Mary Mayo (nee PRICE)Y.i.8.1aQld Marriage Certificate 1913
Death Certificate (John Ryder Hungerford) 1962
HUNGERFORDJohn Walter E.2.11a.1b.1c.3dDeath & Funeral Notice
HUNGERFORDJohn Walter & Janette MeredithE.2.11a.1b.1c.3dNSW Marriage Transcription
HUNGERFORDJosephine Mary (nee CHALMERS)E.4.5a=Death 1901
HUNGERFORDJoyce Blaxland & Philip RoseE.1.1a.7b.3cSydney Anglican Church Document
HUNGERFORDKate AgnesE.2.1aNSW Baptism Transcription; NSW Death Transcription
HUNGERFORDKathleenE.7.5a.2bNSW Birth Transcription 1898
HUNGERFORDKathleen & JOHNSTON GeorgeE.7.5a.2bNSW Marriage Transcription 1926
HUNGERFORDKenneth George E.1.1a.10b.5c.1dDeath & Funeral Notice
HUNGERFORDKenneth StuartE.6.8aNSW Birth Transcription
NSW Death Transcription
Probate Package
Death 1952
HUNGERFORDLaura Curtis (nee McRitchie)E.4.2a.6b.1c=Death & Funeral Notice
HUNGERFORDLaura LoaneE.9.9aNSW Birth Transcription; NSW Marriage Transcription; NSW Death Certificate
HUNGERFORDLeslie Beecher E.9.6a.1bNSW Birth Transcription
HUNGERFORDLeslie GordonE.9.10aNSW Birth Transcription; NSW Marriage Transcription; NSW Death Transcription; Probate Package
HUNGERFORDLeslie WilliamR.3.1a.1b.6cVic Death Certificate
HUNGERFORDLilian Maud Mary (nee SCOTT)E.6.2a=Grave Photo -Ashfield, NSW
HUNGERFORDLilian MayH.4a.1b.2c/E.6.5a.1b.2cBirth Transcription 1914
HUNGERFORDLilian May & DONALD John Shaw MorrisonH.4a.1b.2c/E.6.5a.1b.2cMarriage Transcription 1940
HUNGERFORDLola Beatrice & Bernard Harry COLEMANE.6.1a.2bMarriage 1919
HUNGERFORDLorna Dorothea (nee Nelson)E.7.1a.2b.4c=Death 1988
HUNGERFORDLouisa AgnesE.4.9aNSW Birth Certificate; NSW Death Transcription
HUNGERFORDLovick TyrrellE.4.7aBirth 1858
NSW Baptism Transcription
NSW Marriage Transcription
NSW Death Transcription
HUNGERFORDLyleE.6.14a.4bQld Death Certificate 1977
HUNGERFORDMabel & William Frederick GRIFFINE.6.14a.7bMarriage 1937
HUNGERFORDMarcus OrpenE.7.1aBirth 1855
NSW Birth Transcription
NSW Marriage Transcription
NSW Death Transcription
HUNGERFORDMargaret (nee Hodgins)E.2.6a=Death 1908
HUNGERFORDMargaret KathleenE.1.5a.2b.4c/E.2.6a.2b.4cGrave Photo -Wamberal, NSW
HUNGERFORDMargaret Lillian (nee TAYLOR)Y.i.8.7a=Qld Death Certificate
HUNGERFORDMargaret Ruth & TOSWILL Vincent PaulE.1.1a.14b.2cNSW Marriage Transcription 1951
HUNGERFORDMariaE.3.3aNSW Birth Transcription; NSW Death Certificate
HUNGERFORDMarion LouisaE.2.9aNo record - NZ too early; NSW Marriage Transcription; No Death Record - America
HUNGERFORDMarjorie (nee Batterham)E.1.1a.3b.4c=Death & Funeral Notice
HUNGERFORDMarjory MonicaE.1.5a.3b.1cQld Birth Certificate 1920
HUNGERFORDMarjory Monica & McCASKER LeslieE.1.5a.3b.1cQld Marriage Certificate 1942
HUNGERFORDMartha Mary (nee King, formerly Innes)E.6.4a=2Death 1932
HUNGERFORDMary Christina (nee BAKER)E.1.1a.5b=NSW Death Transcription
HUNGERFORDMary KateE.6.12aNSW Birth Transcription; NSW Marriage Transcription; Vic Death Certificate
HUNGERFORDMaureen Blanche (nee O'Connor)Y.i.8.1a.4b=Death & Funeral Notice
HUNGERFORDMayH.4a.1b=/E.6.5a.1b=NSW Death Transcription 1968
HUNGERFORDMay FlowerE.7.5a.3bNSW Birth Transcription 1900
HUNGERFORDMay Flower & Frederick Christian WILSONE.7.5a.3bNSW Marriage Transcription 1939
HUNGERFORDMelville WinderE.4.5aBirth (Early Church Record) 1854
NSW Baptism Transcription
NSW Marriage Transcription
NSW Death Transcription
Death 1939
HUNGERFORDMelville Winder & Josephine Mary CHALMERSE.4.5aMarriage 1887
HUNGERFORDMerlin & PASCOE EdithH.4a.5b/E.6.5a.5bNSW Marriage Transcription 1926
HUNGERFORDMerlin HerbertH.4a.5b/E.6.5a.5bNSW Birth Transcription 1897
NSW Death Transcription 1978
HUNGERFORDMervyn Walter E.4.2a.5bNSW Death Transcription
HUNGERFORDMinna Catherine ElizaE.7.2aNSW Birth Transcription; NSW Death Transcription
HUNGERFORDMiriam ElizaE.7.4aNSW Birth Transcription; NSW Death Transcription; Probate Package
HUNGERFORDMonica Eliza (nee Boyes)NZ Death Certificate
HUNGERFORDNita & Frank GeorgeE.1.1a.8b.1cSydney Anglican Church Document
HUNGERFORDNorma (nee Hayes)E.1.3a.2b.5c=NSW Death Transcription
HUNGERFORDOlive Blanche (nee Short)J.4a.2b=NZ Death Certificate
HUNGERFORDOrpen MooreE.6.17aNSW Birth Transcription
HUNGERFORDPatricia Ann & Percy Charles Tysoe KNAPTONE.7.5a.1b.1cNSW Marriage Transcription 1948
HUNGERFORDPercyE.1.5aBirth 1849
NSW Baptism Transcription
NSW Marriage Transcription
Qld Death Certificate
Probate Package
HUNGERFORDPercyE.9NSW Baptism Transcription; NSW Marriage Transcription; NSW Death Transcription; Probate Package
HUNGERFORDPercy & Katharine Lucy BLICKE.1.5aMarriage
HUNGERFORDPercy EmanuelE.9.1aNSW Birth Transcription; NSW Death Transcription
HUNGERFORDPercy SamuelE.9.2aNSW Birth Transcription
Qld Marriage Certificate
Qld Death Certificate
Dead Farm Files, Qld
NSW Probate Package
Deceased Estate Files NSW
HUNGERFORDPhyllisY.i.8.8aQld Birth Record
Birth Certificate 1902
HUNGERFORDPhyllis & Eric John SIMONY.i.8.8aQld Marriage Certificate
HUNGERFORDPhyllis Eulallie (nee Ward)NZ Death Certificate
HUNGERFORDRachel ElizabethE.1.1a.12bNSW Death Transcription
HUNGERFORDRichard Colin CampbellR.1.7a.1bDeceased Estate Files
HUNGERFORDRichard MooreE.4.8aBirth 1860; Death 1862
NSW Baptism Transcription
NSW Death Transcription
HUNGERFORDRichard Penn HoweE.1.5a.3bDead Farm Files, Qld
HUNGERFORDRichard William Ryder Y.i.6.2aDeath & Funeral Notice
HUNGERFORDRobert GeorgeE.2.6aNSW Baptism Certificate
NSW Marriage Certificate
NSW Death Certificate
Probate Package
Death 1904
Deceased Estate Files
HUNGERFORDRobert George & Margaret HODGINSE.2.6aMarriage 1883
HUNGERFORDRobert GregoryE.1.5a.2b.1c.2d/E.2.6a.2b1c.2dDeath 2015
HUNGERFORDRobert RichardE.2NSW Marriage Transcription
NSW Death Certificate
Probate Package
Deceased Estate Files
HUNGERFORDRodney Nohoval & KERSWELL Jessie IrisE.9.7a.3bQld Marriage Certificate 1944
HUNGERFORDRodney Sefton & Lorna PAINEE.1.5a.3b.4cQld Marriage Certificate
HUNGERFORDRoger BecherE.1.1a.10b.5cNSW Birth Transcription 1917
HUNGERFORDRoland George DunmoreE.6.16aNSW Birth Certificate; NSW Death Certificate; Probate Package; Land File NSW
HUNGERFORDRoseE.6.9aNSW Birth Transcription; English Death Certificate
HUNGERFORDRose Beatrice (nee Martin)E.6.1a=Dead Farm Files, Qld
HUNGERFORDRose Lillian (nee HAMPSON)Y.i.8.2a=Qld Death Certificate
HUNGERFORDRose TheodoraE.1.1a.3b.2cDeath
HUNGERFORDRowland LoanE.9.6aNSW Birth Transcription; NSW Marriage Certificate; NSW Death Transcription; Probate Package
HUNGERFORDSeptimusE.7No record - Ireland; NSW Marriage Certificate; NSW Death Certificate
HUNGERFORDSeptimus C & M PRENTICEE.9.8a/E.9.7a==2Qld Marriage Certificate
HUNGERFORDSeptimus Clive MooreE.9.8aNSW Birth Transcription; Qld Marriage Certificate;Qld Death Certificate
HUNGERFORDSeptimus MooreE.6.11aNSW Birth Transcription
NSW Death Transcription
Death 1870
HUNGERFORDStanley JohnE.1.3a.6b.3cDeath 1986
HUNGERFORDStephen MooreE.1.1a.7bNSW Death Transcription
HUNGERFORDSusanE.2.4aNSW Baptism Transcription; NSW Marriage Certificate; NSW Death Certificate; Probate Package
HUNGERFORDSydney Gordon ReidY.i.8.2aQld Birth Certificate 1889
Qld Death Certificate 1966
HUNGERFORDThomasE.6No Record - Ireland
NSW Marriage Transcription
NSW Death Transcription
Probate Package
Deceased Estate Files
HUNGERFORDThomasE.6.10aNSW Birth Transcription
NSW Death Transcription
Probate Package
Dead Farm Files, Qld
HUNGERFORDThomas Spencer & Clarice NashE.6.16a.1bNSW Marriage Transcription
HUNGERFORDUnnamedE.3.5aNewspaper Birth Record; Newspaper Death Record
HUNGERFORDValerie & George William DOBBIEE.1.3a.6b.6cMarriage1949
HUNGERFORDVictor FrederickY.i.8.7aQld Birth Certificate
Qld Death Certificate
HUNGERFORDVictor Frederick & Margaret Lillian CARSWELLY.i.8.7a & Y.i.8.7a=1Qld Marriage Certificate
HUNGERFORDVictor Frederick & Mavis Evelyn IRWINY.i.8.7a & Y.i.8.7a=2Qld Marriage Certificate
HUNGERFORDVictoria IrisE.1.5a.2b.2c/E.2.6a.2b.2cQld Birth Certificate
HUNGERFORDViolaE.7.5a.6bNSW Birth Transcription 1911
HUNGERFORDViola & McCOLLUM Malcolm JohnE.7.5a.6bNSW Marriage Transcription 1935
HUNGERFORDWalter Baillie E.2.11a.1b.1cNSW Birth Transcription
HUNGERFORDWalter HenryE.4.2aBirth 1848
NSW Baptism Transcription
NSW Marriage Certificate
NSW Death Certificate
Probate Package
HUNGERFORDWalter Henry & Isobel Ruth TINDALEE.4.2a.6b.2cMarriage 1948
HUNGERFORDWalter Thomas & Janet McDonaldE.9.6a.3b.4cNSW Marriage Transcription
HUNGERFORDWilfred Le Warne & THOMAS Gwenda MayE.1.1a.10b.2cNSW Marriage Transcription 1944
HUNGERFORDWilliam & Agnes WINDERE.4Marriage 1845
HUNGERFORDWilliam AugustusE.2.2aNSW Baptism Transcription; NSW Marriage Transcription; NSW Death Transcription; Probate Package
HUNGERFORDWilliam MooreE.4No Birth Record - Ireland; NSW Death Certificate; NSW Marriage Transcription; Probate Package
HUNGERFORDWilliam Penn BlickE.1.1a.3bNSW Death Transcription 1950
HUNGERFORDWinifred KearsleyE.1.5a.2b.5c/E.2.6a.2b.5cGrave Photo -Wamberal, NSW
HUNGERFORDZilla ErinE.6.14a.1b=2Death 1987
HUNGERFORDZoe Isabel (nee Mason)J.4a.6b.1c=NZ Death Certificate
HUNGERFORD (nee Taylor) Margaret LillianY.i.8.7a=Death Certificate 1938
HUNGERFORD (now Caldwell)Beatrice HenriettaE.1.1a.13bNSW Death Transcription 1979
HUNGERFORD (now Druhan)Jessie RayE.1.1a.2b.6cNSW Death Transcription 1950
HUNGERFORD (now Fowler)Lorna RachelH.4a.2b/E.6.5a.2bNSW Death Transcription 1958
HUNGERFORD (now Iles)Emily MayE.9.2a.4bQld Death Certificate 1955
HUNGERFORD (now McCasker)Marjory MonicaE.1.5a.3b.1cQld Death Certificate 2006
HUNGERFORD (now Rose)Joyce BlaxlandE.1.1a.7b.3cNSW Death Transcription 1971
HUNGERFORD (now Russell)Annette TheodoraE.7.5a.5bNSW Death Transcription 1932
ILESAlan AlfredE.9.2a.4b=Qld Birth Certificate 1912
IRWINMavis EvelynY.i.8.7a=2Qld Birth Certificate
IVERSFrederick John & Enid Margaret 1949
IVORYRoy WilliamL.VIII.i.2.3a.2b.1cNSW Death Transcription 1921
IVORYWilliamL.VIII.i.2.3a.2b=NSW Death Transcription 1952
IVORYWilliam & IVORY DulcieL.VIII.i.2.3a.2b=NSW Marriage Transcription 1919
JENKINSLorraine Mary & William Henry CONNOLLYE.27a.2b.5c.3dMarriage 1964
JENKINS (nee Kershaw)Elsie MayL.VIII.iii.2.6a=NSW Death Transcription 1973
JOBMary 1975; Probate Packet
JOBRichard 1972; Probate Packet
JOHNSTONGeorge WilliamE.7.5a.2b=NSW Birth Transcription 1886
JOHNSTONEDoreen Adele (nee Hungerford)E.1.1a.10b.4cDeath & Funeral Notice
KELAHERAnna Maria (nee KNIGHT)K.1.2aNSW Death Transcription
KELAHERAnnie LauraK.1.2a.8bNSW Probate Package; NSW Death Certificate; Death Transcription
KELAHERCorneliusK.1.2a=NSW Baptism Transcription (Early Church Record); NSW Death Transcription
KELAHERCornelius PercivalK.1.2a.5bNSW Death Transcription
KELAHERDenisK.1.3a=NSW Death Transcription
KELAHEREleanor Agnes (now Dempsey)K.1.3a.4bNSW Death Transcription
KELAHERElizabeth (nee KNIGHT)K.1.3aNSW Death Transcription
KELAHERElizabeth (nee knight)K.1.3NSW Death Transcription
KELAHERElizabeth EthelrideK.1.3a.1bNSW Death Transcription
KELAHERHerbert DallyK.1.3a.4bNSW Death Transcription
KELAHERHubert DesmondK.1.2a.7b.1cNSW Death Transcription
KELAHERHubert LeoK.1.2a.7bNSW Death Transcription
KELAHERIvy Jean (nee Grattan)K.1.2a.9b=NSW Death Transcription
KELAHERJohn HerbertK.1.2a.3bNSW Death Transcription
KELAHERMary Gertrude& Joseph BURRASTONK.1.3a.3bNSW Marriage Transcription
KELAHERPatrick VincentK.1.2a.9bNSW Death Transcription
KELAHERPatrick Vincent & Ivy Jean GRATTANK.1.2a.9bNSW Marriage Certificate
KELLAWAY (now Wilshire)Sophie IsabelE.6.13a.1b=NSW Death Transcription 1978
KELLERMANWilliamW.1.2a=Deceased Estate File
KELMANAbraham LewisE.2.4a.7b=NSW Probate Package; Deceased Estate File
KELMANFlorence Ivy (nee McClymont)E.2.4a.7b.1c=Dead Farm Files, Qld
KELMANJohn TyrrellE.2.4a.7b.1cWW2 Service Records
KENTISHJanet Doreen (nee COOPER)E.6.13a.2b.4cDeath & Funeral Notice
KILPATRICK JamesE.6.7a=English Death Certificate; Probate Package
KILPATRICKMargaret Florence HungerfordE.6.7a.4bNSW Baptism Record (Church Entry)
NSW Death Transcription 1991
KINGMartha Mary E.6.4a=2NSW Birth Transcription; NSW Marriage Transcription; NSW Death Certificate
KNIGHTAlice Maud (nee GRAY)K.1.8a=NSW Death Transcription
KNIGHTAndrewK.1.7aNSW Baptism Certificate (Early Church Record); NSW Death Transcription
KNIGHTAndrew & Elizabeth Ann MurphyK.1.7aNSW Marriage Certificate
KNIGHTAngesK.1.6aNSW Baptism Cert & Death Cert
KNIGHTAnna & Cornelius KELAHERK.1.2aNSW Marriage Transcription
KNIGHTAnna MariaK.1.2aNSW Baptism Transcription (Early Church Record)
KNIGHTCyril ProsperK.1.6a.4bNSW Birth & Death Certificates
KNIGHTCyril Prosper & Genevieve Arabella DoyleK.1.6a.4bNSW Marriage Certificate
KNIGHTEleanorK.1.4aNSW Baptism Cert (Early Church Record)
KNIGHTElizabethK.1.3a=NSW Baptism Cert (Early Church Record)
KNIGHTElizabeth & Denis KELAHERK.1.3aNSW Marriage Certificate
KNIGHTElizabeth (nee Desmond)K.1=NSW Death Certificate
KNIGHTElizabeth (nee MURPHY)K.1.7a=NSW Death Transcription
KNIGHTIrene ImeldaK.1.6a.1bNSW Death Certificate; NSW probate Package
KNIGHTJohnK.1NSW Death Certificate
KNIGHTJohn & Alice GRAYK.1.8aNSW Marriage Transcription
KNIGHTJohn & Elizabeth DESMOND K.1NSW Marriage Certificate
KNIGHTJohn JosephK.1.8aNSW Baptism Cert & Death Transcription
KNIGHTKathleen Erin & John George HAUBK.1.8a.3bNSW Marriage Certificate
KNIGHTMargaret MaryK.1.6a.4b.2cNSW Birth Certificate
KNIGHTMargaret Mary & Peter Thomas HOPEE.1.6a.4b.2cNSW Marriage Certificate
KNIGHTTheresa Gertrude (nee HIGGINS)K.1.6a=NSW Death Transcription
KNIGHTThomasK.1.6aNSW Baptism Cert (Early Church Record)
NSW Death Transcription
KNIGHTThomas & Teresa HIGGINSK.1.6aNSW Marriage Certificate
KNIGHTThomas CarlyleK.1.6a.3bNSW Death Transcription
LAMBFlorence AmeliaB.3a=Birth 1957
LAMBERTMayH.4a.1b=/E.6.5a.1b=NSW Birth Transcription 1887
LANGSTAFFCaroline FrancesE.2.2a=English Birth Certificate; NSW Death Transcription
LAWTONMelford GeorgeK.1.3a.4b.1c=NSW Death Transcription
LEAMONCecil Robert & FRAUENFEDER Beryl GrettaY.i.8.4a.2bMarriage Transcription 1942
LEAMONRobert Sidney Y.i.8.4a=Qld Death Certificate
LEECelia Lillian WindsorE.6.14a=Queensland Birth Certificate Record; Qld Death Certificate
LEEHYElizabeth K.1.4a.4b=NSW Death Transcription
LEWISArndell NeilE.6.9a.1b=WW2 Service Records
LIGHTFOOT (now Hungerford)Enid MaudE.1.1a.2b.10c=NSW Death Transcription 1985
LINDEMANCharles FrederickE.8.7a=NSW Birth Transcription; English Death Record; Probate Package
LINDEMANColin WellesleyE.8.7a.1b.2cWW2 Service Records
LINDEMANConstance Anne (formerly CHANCELLOR, nee CROUCH)E.8.7a.2b=2NSW Death Transcription
LINDEMANJohn Wykeham &Jean Ella CROSSE.8.7a.4b.1cMarriage 1952
LINDEMANMarjorie FlorenceE.8.7a.7bNSW Birth Transcription 1902
LINDEMANMarjorie Florence & Rupert FANNINGE.8.7a.7bNSW Marriage Record (Church Entry)
LINDEMANMarjorie Mary (nee Brierley)E.8.7a.4b=Deceased Estate Files
LINDEMANMary Loane & William HYEME.8.7a.3b.2cNSW Marriage Record (Church Entry)
LINDSAYEdward GordonL.VIII.ii.2.9a=Death 1966
LITTLELawrence JosephE.1.1a.2b.6c.1d=Death & Funeral Notice
LOANEBetty & Wallace Lochiel McDONALDL.VIII.i.2.9a.2bMarriage 1955
LOANEFrederick SamuelL.VIII.i.2.7aNSW Birth Transcription
LOANEMarcus Edward JocelynL.XIV.ii.1.4a.3bDeath 2005; Probate Packet 2005
LOANEReuben FrancisL.VIII.i.2.9a.3bNSW Death Transcription
LOANESydney JosephL.VIII.i.2.9a.5bDeath 2006; Probate Packet 2006
MacARTHURCharles William HungerfordE.7.2a.1bLand Application
MacARTHURCharlies William WalterE.7.1a=1No Birth Record - Tasmania; NSW Marriage Transcription; NSW Death Transcription
MACARTNEYArthur Chichester Buchanan & June Rivoli MACARTNEY (nee Lamond)L.IX.iv.3.9a.2b.3cMarriage 1946; Divorce Packet 1960
MACARTNEYMary Ellen (nee Kennedy)L.IX.iv.3.9a.2b.3c=2Death & Funeral Notice
MacINTYRERobert HamiltonE.2.2a.3b.2c=WW2 Service Records
MADGWICKElizabeth Ruby (nee Beasley)L.IX.ii.1.1a.3bNSW Death Transcription
MAHONEYDulcie Ruth (nee Thompson)L.VIII.iii.3.8a.1bDeath 1984
MALCOLMMary Augusta VioletE.3.1a=2No record -NZ too early; NZ Death Certificate
MALLONCatherine MaryE.6=2NSW Marriage Transcription; NSW Death Transcription Packet
MARTINRichard HenryE.9.7a.2b=Qld Birth Certificate 1921
MARTINRose BeatriceE.6.1a=NSW Death Certificate; Probate Package
MARTINVeronica 1968
MARTIN (now Chapman)Frances JessieE.8.3a.1b=NSW Birth Transcription 1887
MAYLaura Bessie BuchananL.IX.iv.3.4aProbate Packet
MAYThomas HenryL.IX..iv.3.4a=Ecclesiastical Files, Qld
MAYNEAlfred JamesE.2.4a.1b.2c=Deceased Estate Files
MAYNEReginald JamesE.2.4a.1b.2c.1dDeceased Estate Files
McCASKERLeslie ThomasE.1.5a.3b.1c=Qld Birth Certificate 1920
Qld Death Certificate 1972
McCLEMENSArchibald John DonaldE.6.12a.1b.4c=Coroner's Inquest, Victoria
McCLEMENSArchibald John Donald E.6.12a.4c=Vic Death Certificate 1974
McCLINTOCKBarbaraE.9.2a=No Record - Ireland; Qld Death Certificate
McCOLLUMMalcolm JohnE.7.5a.6b=Qld Death Transcription 1963
McDONALDJohn WilliamE.2.4a.1b.5c.2dDeath & Funeral Notice
McDONALDSandra Eleanor (nee Scott)E.2.4a.1b.5c.2d=Death & Funeral Notice
McDONALDSusan Mary (nee Tyrrell)E.2.4a.1bDeceased Estate Files
McDONALD (now TIPPING)Ethel MabelL.VIII.iii.7=2NSW Death Transcription 1968
McGUINESSAlbertL.VIII.ii.3.4a.2b=NSW Birth Transcription 1863, NSW Death Transcription 1944
McGUINESSMargaret Grace & EDWARDS Henry TollemacheL.VIII.ii.3.4a.2bNSW Marriage Transcription 1946
McGUINESSMildred May (now Rigney)L.VIII.ii.3.4a.2b.7cVic Death Certificate
McGUINESS (now Edwards)Margaret GraceL.VIII.ii.3.4a.2b.5cNSW Death Transcription 1982
McMAHON Gregan ThomasE.6.12a=NSW Birth Transcription; Vic Death Certificate; Probate Package
From Victorian State Library-theatre programmes; From NSW State Library-scrapbooks
McMAHONGregan Thomas HungerfordE.6.12a.1bNSW Death Certificate
McRAEAllan K.1.4a=NSW Death Transcription & Probate Package
McRAEAllan AndrewK.1.4a.5bNSW Probate Package
McRAEBernadette & Leslie Joseph WILLOUGHBYK.1.4a.9b.2cNSW Marriage Certificate
McRAEEleanor (NEE KNIGHT)K.1.4aNSW Death Transcription
McRAEElizabeth (nee Leehy)K.1.4a.4bNSW Death Transcription
McRAEEva May & Harold Edwin GAFFNEYK.1.4a.7bChurch Marriage Certificate
McRAEJuliaK.1.4a.8b=NSW Death Certificate; NSW Probate Package
McRAERaphail Thomas & Doris Nellie STEWAARTK.1.4a.9b.5cNSW Marriage Certificate
MILLSJanetE.4.7a=NSW Birth Transcription; NSW Death Transcription
MINTERAlexander RobertE.8.6a=Birth Certificate 1854
Land Application
Death Certificate 1929
NSW Probate Package
1842/1854 V18541842 40
NSW Death Transcription
MINTEREdith & Norman George PILCHERE.8.6a.3bNSW Marriage Record (Church Entry)
MINTERJeanette (nee PITT)E.8.6a.2b.2c=Death & Funeral Notice
MINTERMervyn & Mabel Dorothy WILKINSONE.8.6a.5bNSW Marriage Record (Church Entry)
MORGANLeslie David & Dorothy SIMPSONW.1.4a.8b.3cMarriage
MURPHYElizabeth Ann K.a.7a=NSW Birth Transcription
MURPHYIrene Cicely & McGUINESS AlbertL.VIII.ii.3.4a.2bNSW Marriage Transcription 1909
MURPHYJohnL.VIII.ii.3.4a=NSW Birth Transcrikption 1864
MYCHAELKelvin JamesE.1.4a.10b.3c.1d=Death & Funeral Notice
NELSONWallace DavidE.2.6a.3b.4c=Death 1976
NEWTHCordelia JaneE.4.1a.7bBirth 1884; Death 1981
NEWTHJames AldridgeE.4.1a=No record - England; NSW Death Transcription; Probate Package
NEWTHJessie (nee HUNGERFORD)E.4.1aDeath 1912
NEWTHKatherine Ellen (nee Garrett)E.4.1a.1b.2c=Deceased Estate File NSW
NEWTHOlave AldridgeE.4.1a.10bBirth 1893; Death 1984
NEWTHOlave Aldridge & Mary Eileen WISEMANE.4.1a.10bMarriage 1933
NEWTHPeter Michael & Lilliann Florence MAGUIREE.4.1a.1b.1c.3dMarriage 1956
NEWTHRoland LoaneE.4.1a.9bBirth 1889; Death 1909; Intestate File NSW
NICHOLSONEmily CherryE.7.1a=NSW Baptism Transcription; NSW Death Transcription
NICHOLSONHenry George SinclairH.4a.1b.3c=/E.6.5a.1b.3c=NSW Death Transcription 1990
NOAKEMiriam MaryE.9.4a=NSW Birth Transcription; NSW Death Transcription
NOLANJohn AlbertE.4.3a..3b1c.4d=Death 1988
NORTHBrian KeithE.8.1a.8b.2c=Death & Funeral Notice
OSBORNEAlexander Herbert & Winsome Ewing GRAHAME.2.5a.2b.1c=NSW Divorce Packet
OTTONAlice Mary (nee Graeme)E.2.3a.5b.2cDeceased Estate Files
PASCOEBethany EvaE.6.8a=2NSW Marriage Transcription; NSW Death Transcription
PATERSON (now Hungerford)Margaret PriscillaE.1.3a.2b=Qld Death Certificate 1957
PEARCEAudrey Ada Norman (nee CONNELL) & George Woodward PearceL.IX.iv.5.2a.2bDivorce Packet 1960
PEARSONFrank EdwardE.1.1a.3b.2c=NSW Death Transcription 1976
PELQUESTHaroldL.VIII.i.2.3a.1b.2cNSW Death Transcription 1927
PETERSONJennie RebeccaE.9.10a=QLD Birth Certificate; NSW Death Certificate; Probate Package
PETTIFERMargaret Lorimer (nee Capell)E.6.12a.2b.1cVic Death Certificate
PETTIGREWWilliamE.2.6a.1b.2c=1Deceased Estate Files
PILCHEREliza SophiaE.7=NSW Baptism Transcription; NSW Death Certificate; Probate Package
PILCHERNorman George StaffordE.8.6a.3b=Gold Lease NSW
Deceased Estate File NSW
PRENTICEEric GordonE.2.5a.3b.3cNSW Death Transcription 1980
PRENTICEJoan EllenE.2.5a.2b.1cNSW Birth Transcription 1918
PRENTICEJoan Ellen & Alexander Herbert OSBORNEE.2.5a.2b.1cMarriage 1962
PRENTICEMurial Amelia (nee SIMPSON)E.2.5a.3bDeceased Estate Files
PRENTICEReginald DoyleE.2.5a.3b=Deceased Estate Files
PRENTICEReginald Doyle & Muriel Amelia SIMPSONE.2.5a.3bMarriage 1909
PRENTICERonald HerbertE.2.5a.2b.2cNSW Birth Transciption 1920
Death & Funeral Notice
PRENTICEWilliam CharlesE.2.5a.2b=NSW Death Transcription 1955
Deceased Estate Files
Qld Birth Certificate; Qld Death Certificate
PRICEIsabella Mary Y.i.8.1a=Qld Birth Certificate
PRINCELynette Myee (nee Hungerford)E.1.1a.10b.2c.1dDeath & Funeral Notice
PRINGLeslie EdgarE.2.4a.8b=Deceased Estate Files
PULVERAstley PastonE.2.3a.7b.2cNSW Death Transcription 1988
PULVERCatherine Helena (nee Zillman)E.2.3a.7b.1c=Probate Packet 1998
RAMAGEMerril Ellison (nee Macartney)L.IX.iv.3.9a.2b.5cDeath & Funeral Notice
REIDAlice May (nee ANGELO)E.1.5a.2b.7c.3d/E.2.6a.2b.7c.3dNSW Death Transcription
REIDHenrietta Y.i.8=Qld Birth Certificate
RHODESMuriel Jenette (nee Hungerford)E.1.5a.2b.6c/E.2.6a.2b.6cDeath Certificate 1989
RICHDavid LouisL.IX.iv.3.9a.2b.2c=Death & Funeral Notice
RITCHIERobert AllenE.6.4a.2b=Land Record, Victoria; Probate Packet, Victoria
ROGERSMarkE.9.9a=NSW Birth Transcription; NSW Death Transcription
ROGERSWilliam Hungerford E.9.9a.2bWW2 Service Records
ROSEPhilip S. B. & ADAMS MargaretteE.1.1a.7b.3c.1dNSW Marriage Transcription 1959
RULEEsma Vicillus & Colin James MOYLEL.VIII.iii.3.2a.2b.2cMarriage 1953
RULERonald Richard & Gladys Vicillus GARNUML.VIII.iii.3.2a.2b.1cMarriage 1927
RULERonald Richard & Joan Natalia DE VEREL.VIII.iii.3.2a.2b.1cMarriage 1954
RUSKIN-ROWEJoyce ElizabethL.IX.iv.5.4a.1bNSW Death Certificate; NSW Probate Package
RUSSELLMaurice GlynnE.7.5a.5b=NSW Birth Transcription 1907
WW2 Service Records
Qld Death Certificate 1970
RUTLEDGEGeoffrey Arthur Moreton E.6.4a.4b=2WW2 Service Records
RYANJohn FelixE.4.7a.2b.1c=NSW Death Transcription
SANKEYGwendolyne Grace (nee Hungerford)E.1.5a.4b.1c.1dProbate Packet 2016
SAULTAlbert HenryE.1.1a.2b.9c=NSW Death Transcription 1975
SAWYERMavis Lorna (nee Fowler)H.4a.2b/E.6.5a.2bDeath Transcription 1981
SCOTTLillian Maud ScottE.6.2a=Birth 1869
NSW Birth Transcription
NSW Death Transcription
SCOULLERBeatrice EllenE.1.5a.3b=Vic Birth Registry Record
SCOULLERMargaret FultonE.1.5a.5b=Vic Birth Registry Record
SHANAHANJohn EdwardL.viii..ii.3.3a.3b.3cVic Death Certificate
SHEPHARDHarold CharlesL.VIII.ii.3.5a.9bNSW Death Certificate 1970, NSW Probate Package 1970
SHEPHARDJames Richard & Doreen May AUSTINL.VIII.ii.3.5a.5b.3cNSW Marriage Transcription 1949
SHEPHARDJohn HenryL.VIII.ii.3.5a.5bNSW Probate Package 1943
SHEPHARDJohn Henry & Eileen Nora MORRISL.VIII.ii.3.5a.5bNSW Marriage Certificate 1923
SHEPHARDJohn Henry & Eileen Nora MORRISL.VIII.ii.3.5a.5bNSW Marriage Certificate 1923
SHEPHARDLurline AudreyL.VIII.ii.3.5a.5b.1cNSW Birth Certificate 1923
SHEPHARDNealL.VIII.ii.3.5a.6b.2cNSW Death Transcription 1968, NSW Probate Package 1968
SHEPHARDRichard WilliamL.VIII.ii.3.5a.1bWW1 War Service Records
SHEPHARDViolet MaudeL.VIII.ii.3.5a.7bNSW Birth Transcription 1901
SHEPHARDWalter RichardL.VIII.ii.3.5a.6b.1cNSW Probate Package 1951
SHEPHARD (now Beggs)Violet MaudeL.VIII.ii.3.5a.7bNSW Death Transcription 1983
SHRIVEAlma Georgina (nee McINTYRE) Death Certificate
SIMMONSLlewellyn 1953; Probate Packet
SIMONEric JohnY.i.8.8a=Qld Birth Certificate
SIMPSONAlbert WhitbyW.1.3aNSW Baptism Transcription; Land Application; NSW Death Transcription;
Pictures of property, 121 Faulkner Street, Armidale, NSW
SIMPSONAnn Willis W.1.2aNSW Baptism Transcription
SIMPSON Anne Willis (W.1.2a), Albert Whitby (W.1.3a), Henry Thomas George (W.1.4a), Francis (W.1.7a), W.1 lineNSW Primary Land Application
SIMPSON Anne Willis (W.1.2a), Albert Whitby (W.1.3a), Henry Thomas George (W.1.4a), Francis (W.1.7a), W.1 lineNSW Primary Land Application
SIMPSONCharlesE.2.5a=Birth 1845; NSW Baptism Transcription; NSW Death Transcription; Probate Package
SIMPSONCharlesW.1.6a/E.2.5a=Death 1934
SIMPSONEdmund W.1.5aNSW Death Transcription
SIMPSONEdward LeonardW.1.3a.3bDeceased Estate File NSW
SIMPSONEmily Willis W.1.1aNSW Baptism Transcription
SIMPSONFrancisW.1.7aNSW Baptism Transcription
SIMPSONFrancis & Ada MERRICKW.1.7aNSW Marriage Transcription
SIMPSONFrancis MartinW.1.7a.2b.2cQld Death Certificate 1991
SIMPSONHenry George ThomasW.1.4a.5bDeceased Estate Files
SIMPSONHenry Thomas GeorgeW.1.4aDeceased Estate Files
SIMPSONIdaW.1.3a.5bNSW Birth Transcription 1879
SIMPSONJessie (nee WINDER)W.1NSW Early Church Burial Transcription
SIMPSONJohn DukeW.1.7a.2bWW2 Service Records
SIMPSONMuriel AmeliaE.2.5a.3bNSW Birth Transcription 1888
SIMPSONSarah Maud Matilda (nee HERPS)W.1.4a.1b=Deceased Estate Files
SIMPSON WakefieldW.1=NSW Insolvency File
SIMPSONWhitbyW.1.3a.6b/E.7.3a.2b=Deceased Estate Files
SIMPSON (now Kellerman)Ann WillisW.1.2aNSW Death Transcription
SINCLAIRHugh MarshallW.7.12a.2bNSW Death Transcription
SINCLAIRLynette Anne & Arthur BridgfootW.7.12a.2b.1cNSW Marriage Transcription
SMITHColleen Rae & Alexander BatesW.7.5a.1b.3c.1dNSW Marriage Transcription
SMITHEdna Murial, and Herbet GREEDYW.7.5a.1b.4cMarriage Certificate
SMITHEmily AngelinaE.9=NSW Baptism Transcription; NSW Death Transcription
SMITHEmily Edith (nee WINDER)W.5a.1bDeceased Estate Files
SMITHErnest Keith W.7.5a.1b.1cWW2 Service Records
SMITH (nee WINDER)Emily EdithW.7.5a.1bProbate Packet
SMYTHReginald GeorgeE.1.3a.5b.1cNSW Death Certificate; NSW Probate Package
SNEDDONEvelyn Glory (nee Hungerford) & William Henry John SneddonE.6.14a.4b.1cDivorce Packet 1973
SPASSHATTGertrude ElizabethE.8.3a=NSW Birth Transcription; NSW Death Transcription; Probate Package
SPECKRobert Irving ClarkeK.1.2a.10bNSW Death Certificate; NSW Probate Package
SPENCERRuby EllenE.6.16a=1NSW Birth Transcription; NSW Marriage Transcription; NSW Death Transcription
SPROULEWilliam JamesE.2.4a.4b.2c=1Gaol Record; Deceased Estate Files
St PAULHelen Marian (nee Hungerford)E.3.1a.2b.3cNZ Death Certificate
STERNBECK Mena Gwenyth & Dale CRABBE.1.3a.4b.5c.2dNSW Marriage Certificate 1964
STERNBECK (now CRABB)Mena Gwenyth & Dale CRABBE.1.3a.4b.5c.2dNSW Divorce File
STOKESEleanorE.9.3a=NSW Birth Transcription; NSW Death Transcription
STOKESElizabethE.9.6a=NSW Birth Transcription; NSW Death Transcription; Probate Package
STRAHORN (now Hungerford)Jean FrancesE.1.1a.7b.1c=1NSW Death Transcription 1982
SWAINSTONHerminie Susan (nee Gillham)E.6.2a.3b.3cDeath & Funeral Notice; Funeral Order of Service
SWAINSTONJohn JeromeE.6.2a.3b.3c=Death & Funeral Notice
SWEETAPPLEHarold Algar E.2.2a.2b.1c=2WW2 Service Records
SWEETAPPLEWilliam EdmondE.2.2a.2b.1c.1dPrimary Application NSW
SWIREBrian ErnestE.10.4a.2b/E.6.15a.2bNSW Birth Transcription 1918, NSW Death Transcription 1964
SWIRECatherine (nee Hungerford)E.10Death 1909; Deceased Estate Files
SWIREConrad CliffordE.10.2a.2b/E.4.3a.9b.2cWar Records WW2
SWIREEdwardE.10=No Birth record - England; NSW Death Transcription; Probate Package
SWIREEric MelvilleE.10.2a.1b/E.4.3a.9b.1cWar Records WW2
SWIREErnestE.6.15a=NZ Birth Certificate; NSW Death Certificate; Probate Package
SWIREErnestE.10.4aNZ Birth Certificate; NSW Marriage Certificate; NSW Death Certificate; Probate Package
SWIREHerbertE.10.2aNSW Birth Certificate; NSW Marriage Transcription; NSW Death Transcription; Probate Package
SWIREHerbert & Mary Emily DOYLEE.10.2a & E.4.3a.9bNSW Marriage Record (Church Entry)
SWIREJohn BrownhillE.10.3a.4War Records WW2
NSW Death Transcription 1991
SWIREJohn EdwardE.10.1aNSW Baptism Transcription; NSW Death Transcription
SWIREPercyE.10.3aNZ Birth Certificate; NSW Marriage Transcription; NSW Death Transcription; Probate Package
TAYLORMargaret Lillian Y.i.8.7a=1Qld Birth Certificate
THOMPSONDulcie Ruth & Percy Joseph MAHONEYL.VIII.iii.3.8a.1bMarriage 1934
THOMPSONPercy FrederickE.9.5a=No Record - England; NSW Death Transcription; Probate Package
THREADGATEJessie Cordelia & Ronald E.4.1a.6b.3cPictures of property, 71 Elgin Street, Maitland
THREADGATERonald Mervyn E.4.1a.6b.3c=NSW Probate Package & Death Certificate
THREADGATERonald Mervyn & Jessie Cordelia NEWTHE.4.1a.6b.3cMarriage
THURSBYWallace Edward & Beth JOHNSTONE.1.3a.9b.1cMarriage 1965
THURSBYWallace Edward & Mary Isabel BATTYEE.1.3a.9b.1cMarriage 1941
TIPPINGColin Wesley & Evelyn Phyllis Minnie HIGINBOTHAML.VIII.iii.7.5aMarriage 1944
TIPPINGEthel Mabel TIPPING & James COLEMAN (On this certificate Ethel calls herself Ethel Mabel McDonald, which was her maiden name)l.viii.III.7=2?Marriage 1933
TIPPINGEthel MayL.VIII.iii.7.1aNSW Birth Transcription
TIPPINGEthel May & William WATRIAMAL.VIII.iii.7.1aVic Marriage Certificate
TIPPING (nee McDONALD)Ethel MabelL.VIII.iii.7.1a=2NSW Death Transcription 1968
TROYCatherineW.7.4a=NSW Birth Transcription
TURNERHelen BronwynE.7.3a.3b.1c.2dNSW Death Transcription 1975
TYRRELLAvery EdalE.2.4a.10bDeceased Estate Files
TYRRELLEdwardE.2.4a=English Baptism Record; NSW Death Certificate; Probate Package; Deceased Estate Files
TYRRELLElizabeth Dolland RoseE.2.4a.6bProbate Package; Deceased Estate Files; Death Certificate
TYRRELLFrederick WilliamE.2.4a.4bDeceased Estate Files; Dead Farm Files, Qld
TYRRELLLovickE.2.3a=English Baptism Record; NSW Death Transcription; Probate Package;Ecclesiastical Files, Qld; Deceased Estate Files; Primary Application NSW
TYRRELLLovick & HOWARD Ethel HarcourtE.2.3a.3b.1cQld Marriage Certificate 1927
TYRRELLLovick AstleyE.2.3a.4bDeceased Estate Files
TYRRELLMary EllenE.2.3a.2bDeceased Estate Files
TYRRELLSusan (nee Hungerford)E.2.4aDeceased Estate File NSW
VAUGHANMary EdithE.6.4a=1NSW Birth Transcription; NSW Marriage Transcription; NSW Death Certificate
VERNONEleanor Naunton (nee TYRRELL)E.2.3a.8bDeceased Estate Files
VICARYDonald KevinE.6.13a.1b.2c =Death Notice, Donald Kevin Vicary
WALSHLeslie Macdonald (nee Tyrrell)E.2.4a.4b.2cFuneral Order of Service
WATKINSLesley ArthurL.VIII.iii.7.2a.1bDeath 1998; Probate Package 1999
WATRIAMAEdna Coulson L.VIII.iii.7.1a.1bNSW Birth Transcription
WATRIAMAMerlyn William L.VIII.iii.7.1a.2bNSW Birth Transcription
WATRIAMAWilliam L.VIII.iii.7.1a.2b.1cWA Death Certificate
WATRIAMAWilliam L.VIII.iii.7.1a=NSW Death Transcription
WATSONHorace George & Letitia Caroline PARKESL.VIII.viii.5.5aMarriage 1909; NSW Divorce Packet 1927
WEBBKenneth EarleW.1.4a.1b.3c.1dWW2 Service Records
WELSHElizabeth (nee BURRASTON) & Allan William WYTHEK.1.3a.3b.1cNSW Marriage Transcription
WESTCOTTLeslie Gordon & Olive Jean 1945
WHITEElizabeth Packet
WHITEEnid 1922
WHITEGordon Oliver George & Elizabeth Jean 1920
WHITELindsay 1924
WHITELurlineE.6.10a=NSW Birth Transcription; NSW Marriage Transcription; Vic Death Certificate; Probate Package
WHITEOlive 1920
WHITERay 1926
WILKINSONAlfred Cripps E.4.4a.2b/E.2.4a.3b=NSW Birth Transcription; Deceased Estate File NSW
WILKINSONAmy Annie (nee Tyrrell)E.2.4a.3b/E.4.4a.2b=Deceased Estate Files
WILKINSONHarry Neil (Noel) E.4.4a.4bNSW Birth Transcription
Probate Packet
WILKINSONJane (nee TYRRELL)E.4.4aDeceased Estate Files
WILKINSONJohn Alfred WilliamE.4.4a=No Birth Record - England; NSW Death Transcription; Probate Package
WILKINSONJohn Frederick Moore E.4.4a.1bNSW Birth Transcription
WILKINSONWilliam Henry E.4.4a.3bNSW Birth Transcription
Deceased Estate Files
WILLOUGHBYMichael JohnK.1.4a.9b.2c.2dNSW Birth & Death Certificates; NSW Probate Package
WILSHIREEdwin HoskingE.6.13a=NSW Birth Transcription
NSW Death Transcription
Probate Package
Deceased Estate Files
WILSHIREEdwin Norman E.6.13a.3bNSW Birth Transcription
WILSHIREKathleen Elizabeth (nee INCH)E.6.13a.3b=NSW Probate Package & Death Certificate
WILSHIRERoy HungerfordE.6.13a.1bNSW Death Transcription 1965
WILSONAudrey Buchanan (nee MAY)L.IX.iv.3.4a.5bDeath 1953; Probate Package 1953
WILSONFrederick ChristianE.7.5a.3b=NSW Birth Transcription 1901
NSW Death Transcription 1991
WILSON (now Hungerford)Sheila Johanna ValentineE.1.1a.10b.1c=NSW Birth Transcription 1915
WINDERAgnesE.4=NSW Baptism Transcription NSW Death Certificate
WINDERAgnes Mabel W.7.11aNSW Birth Transcription; NSW Death Transcription
WINDERAlice Ursula (nee WILLIS)W.7.3a=NSW Death Transcription
WINDERAmy & William HOSKINGW.7.10aNSW Marriage Transcription
WINDERAmy Aileen W.7.10aNSW Birth Transcription
WINDERAnn W.7.1aNSW Birth Transcription; NSW Death Transcription
WINDERAnneE.1=Baptism Record; NSW Burial Certificate
WINDERCatherine (nee TROY)W.7.4a=NSW Death Transcription
WINDERDavid WilliamW.7.8a.2b/E.4.1a.6b.6c=1Deceased Estate Files
WINDEREllenE.2=NSW Baptism Transcription; NSW Death Certificate
WINDEREllen W.7.2aNSW Death Transcription
WINDEREmily & Robert HENLEY-SMITHW.7.9aNSW Marriage Transcription
WINDEREmily Edith W.7.9aNSW Birth Transcription
WINDEREthel FlorenceW.7.6aNSW Birth Transcription
Deceased Estate File NSW
WINDERHerbert Arthur W.7.7aNSW Birth Transcription
WINDERHugh Wallace W.7.8aNSW Birth Transcription
NSW Death Transcription
WINDERJessie & Wakefield SIMPSONW.1NSW Marriage Transcription
WINDERMartha Matilda (nee KAY)W.7.5a=Deceased Estate Files
WINDERMary Isabel W.7.12aNSW Birth Transcription
WINDERMelville W.7.4aNSW Birth Transcription
Deceased Estate Files
WINDERMelville & Catherine TROYW.7.4aNSW Marriage Transcription
WINDERThomas White MelvilleWCourt case
WINDERTom White Melville & Ellen JOHNSTONEWNSW Early Church Marriage Transcription
WINDERVictor ThomasW.7.3a.2bDeceased Estate File NSW
WINDERVictor WilliamW.7.3a.2bDeceased Estate Files
WINDERViolet Ruth (nee HOWELL)W.7.8a=NSW Death Transcription
WINDERWilliam BlackW.7.3a.1bNSW Birth Transcription
NSW Death Transcription
WINDERWilliam Black& Alice WILLISW.7.3aNSW Marriage Transcription
WOODCharles NortonB.3a.3b=Death 1953
WOODEmma HollingsworthE.6=1NSW Marriage Transcription; NSW Death Transcription
WOODMarjorie Huon Lamb (nee Hungerford)B.3a.3bDeath 1977
The list of Certificates and Transcripts held by HAFS in our resource room at Pokolbin, NSW

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