List of Certificates and Transcripts

Members will have seen various Research Reports published in the HAFS Newsletter from time to time. Pauline Tyrrell  [E.2.4a.10b.1c.2d=] and Brett Harvey [E.1.1a.15b.1c.1d.1e=] are regular visitors to the various State archives, Registers of Births, Death & Marriages and similar government departments to search, scan and gather these historical family records and then catalogue and file them so they can be accessible for members. There are now over 250 folders, brimming with all the information HAFS has on each family member. These are kept at Tyrrell’s Winery and available for use by HAFS members only.  Submit a request for information.
The Research Reports are usually prepared by Pauline Tyrrell and tabled at Committee Meetings as part of the ongoing review of HAFS activities. It has been decided to publish a summary of these reports on the website which will facilitate members finding information about their families as the List of Certificates & Transcripts is searchable.



HAFS Certificates and Transcripts

ADEYCharles RussellW.1.2a.1b.1c.2d
ADEYEva Marion ( nee Hughes)W.1.2a.1b.1c=Probate Packet, Victoria
ADEYHannah Elsinore (nee Daish)W.1.2a.1b==2Probate Packet, Victoria
ADEYJohn KellermanW.1.2a.1b.1cProbate Packet, Victoria
ADEYWilliam JohnW.1.1a.2b.1c.1dProbate Packet, Victoria
ANDERTONLeonard Thomas & Claudine May Peggy ACKEROYDR.1.3a.5b.1c.2dMarriage 1943
ANDERTONLeonard Thomas & Elva Daphne KEMPR.1.3a.5b.1c.2dMarriage 1947
ANDERTONNorman & Kathleen Edith SULLIVANR.1.3a.5b.1c.3dMarriage 1945
ANDERTONNorman & Nellie HOLDSWORTH (nee Dixon)R.1.3a.5b.1c.3dMarriage 1955
BARNARDPeter BayardL.XIV.ii.1.7a.3b.1cDeath 2016
BARNARDPeter BayardL.XIV.ii.1.7a.3b.1cProbate Packet 2016
BEASLEYAlfred Harold & Irene Adelaide BEASLEY (nee Martin)L.IX.ii.1.1a.4bDivorce Packet 1934
BLICKEllen HenriettaE.1.1a=2Birth 1851
BLICKFrances ElizabethE.1.1a=1Birth 1839
BLICKKatherine LucyE.1.5a=Birth 1849
BRANDERJudith Patricia & John Edward WOOLLEYE.4.2a.4b.3c.6dMarriage 1968
BROWNChristopher KenelmH.4a.1b.4c.2d/E.6.5a.1b.4c.2dDeath 2015
BROWNChristopher KenelmH.4a.1b.4c.2d/E.6.5a.1b.4c.2dProbate Packet 2015
BROWNHILLAnna MarcellaE.10.3a=Birth 1871
BUCHANANLillieL.IX.iv.3.2a=Death 1958
BUCHANANLillieL.IX.iv.3.2a=Probate Packet
BUCHANANWilliam Frederick & Dorothy Milson BUCHANAN (formerly Chauvel, nee Gelateley)L.IX.iv.3.2a.4bDivorce Packet 1947
BUCHANANWilliam Frederick & Dorothy Milson CHAUVEL (nee Gellatly)L.IX.iv.3.2a.4bMarriage 1934
BURKITTAmy Theodora (nee Hungerford)E.2.2a.2bDeceased Estate Files
CAMPBELLColin Douglas & John ROYE.7.3a.5b.2cMarriage 1962
CHAMBERSJosephine MaryE.4.5a=Birth 1850
CHAPMANBarbara Wellesley & Wilbur Herbert TALBERGE.8.3a.1b.3cMarriage 1948
CHAPMANMichael Donald Wellesley & Miriam Finlay Cunliffe ELLISE.8.3a.1b.2c.1dMarriage 1968
CHAPMANRobertE.8=Death 1879
CHICKElizabethE.1.4a=Death 1931
CHIPPENDALLAliceE.8.1a=1Birth 1853
CONNELLAudrey Ada Norma & George Woodward PEARCEL.IX.iv.5.2a.2bMarriage 1940
CORBETTHenry JohnE.2.3a.1b=Deceased Estate Files
COSHDoreen Kathleen (nee Minter) & John Patrick SWEENEYE.8.6a.5b.2cMarriage 1961
DAVIDSONJohn & Bertha Mary HUNGERFORDE.1.1a.15b.4cMarriage
DONALDRoderick ArthurB.2a.4b.2cDeath 1986
DOWMANCecil Charles & Kitty Florence DOWMAN (nee Freeman)L.VIII.iii.4.1a.1bDivorce Packet 1936
DOWMANCecil Charles & Kitty Florence FREEMANL.VIII.iii.4.1a.1bMarriage 1923
DOWMANGweneth Anita & Kevin Herbert Francis SCOTTL.VIII.iii.4.1a.8b.2cMarriage 1951
DOWMANStanley John & Lillian May DOWMAN (nee Jackett)L.VIII.iii.4.1a.4bDivorce Packet 1958
DOYLEAmy Selina (nee Smith)E.4.3a.3b.2c=Death 1982
DOYLEBeverley Lynette & David John PenmanE.4.3a.3b.9c.2dMarriage 1967
DOYLEJohn Ronald & Ferna Margaret DOYLE (nee Wilkinson)E.4.3a.3b.9c.1dMarriage 1967
DOYLEKevin & Patricia Gay JARRETTE.4.3a.3b.2c.2dMarriage 1953
DOYLENorma & John Albert NOLANE.4.3a.3b.1c.4dMarriage 1950
DOYLEPatricia Janet & Vivian Vincent Edward YANDELLE.4.3a.3b.1c.6dMarriage 1952
DOYLERobert WalterE.4.3a=Death 1916
DOYLEThelma Grace & Johannes Barry PEARSEE.4.3a.3b.1c.5dMarriage 1953
ELLISGladys AnnE.1.1a.2b.9c.2d=Death
EWERSMervyn WilliamL.VIII.iii.4.1a.1b.2c=2Death 2014
EWERSMervyn WilliamL.VIII.iii.4.1a.1b.2c=2Probate Packet 2014
FARAMAnnetia Margaret & Rusty BROWNINGL.VIII.iii.4.1a.3b.1cMarriage 1966
FITZPATRICKVincent AugustusE.1.3a.6b.5c=Death 1987
FLETCHERGeorge TerenceE.2.6a.3b.4c.1d=Probate Packet 2000
GASHInes, Victoria
GLOVEREdwin 1863
GLOVEREdwin Packet
GLOVEREdwin Death Notification Australian Imperial Expeditionary Forces 1917
GLOVEREdwin Packet
GOODWINSelina AnnE.2.11a=Birth 1879
GRAEMEAlice MaudE.2.3a.5bDeceased Estate Files
GRAYMary Alice (nee Davies)E.1.3a.11b.1c=Death 2012
GRAYMary Alice (nee Davies)E.1.3a.11b.1c=Probate Package 2012
GRINDRODAubrey Lindsay Charles & Katie GARDNERL.VIII.iii.6.1a.1bMarriage 1923
GRINDRODAubrey Lindsay Charles & Katie GRINDROD (nee Gardner)L.VIII.iii.6.1a.1bDivorce Packet 1930
GRINDRODAudrey Dorothy Davis (nee GRINDROD) & Joseph James DavisL.VIII.iii.6.5a.2bDivorce Packet 1957
GRINDRODRosmand Edmund & Mabel Constance GRINDROD (nee Jones)L.VIII.iii.6.5aDivorce Packet 1930, 1931,1933
GRINDRODRosmand Edmund & Mabel Constance JONESL.VIII.iii.6.5aMarriage
HALL BESTJohn & Marion Esdaile BURKITTE.2.2a.4b.4cMarriage 1927
HALL BESTJohn VictorE.2.2a.4b.4c=Death 1972
HENNINGJohn Cedric LesterE.2.6a.5b.3c/E.2.3a.7b.1c.1d=Probate Package 1999
HIRSTAlma Caroline HIRST (nee Thompson) (resumption of Land for Housing purposes at Cabramatta)L.VIII.iii.3.6aLand Records
HUNGERFORDAlice (nee Gill)E.4.2a=Death 1926
HUNGERFORDAlice (nee Gill)E.4.2a=Deceased Estate Files
HUNGERFORDAmelia EllenE.2.5aBirth 1847
HUNGERFORDAnne Loane & Robert CHAPMANE.8Marriage 1850
HUNGERFORDArthur HenryE.1.4aBirth 1846
HUNGERFORDArthur HenryE.1.4aDeath 1925
HUNGERFORDAubrey FrancisE.2.2a.4bDeceased Estate Files
HUNGERFORDAubrey NoelE.1.1a.2b.10cDeath 1987
HUNGERFORDBarry LovickE.4.7a.4bBirth 1900
HUNGERFORDBeatrice HenriettaE.1.1a.13bDeath
HUNGERFORDBecher SealyE.6.14aDeath 1961
HUNGERFORDBecher Sealy & Celia WindsorE.6.14aMarriage 1909
HUNGERFORDBeverley & Ross Kenneth MARLOWE.7.1a.2b.3cMarriage 1966
HUNGERFORDBeverley Dawn & Barry William PRESLANDE.9.4a.1b.1cMarriage 1964
HUNGERFORDBrian Thomas & Megan Roberta PRATTE.6.4a.5b.2cMarriage 1958
HUNGERFORDCatherine E.10Baptism
HUNGERFORDCatherine Lucy (nee Blick)E.1.5a=Death 1922
HUNGERFORDCecil PayneE.6.2aDead Farm Files, Qld
HUNGERFORDEdmund AlexanderE.6.1aBirth 1853
HUNGERFORDEdmund AlexanderE.6.1aDeath 1937
HUNGERFORDEdmund AlexanderE.6.1aDead Farm Files, Qld
HUNGERFORDElizabeth Goridge (nee Chick)E.1.4a=Death 1931
HUNGERFORDEmanuelE.1.1aBirth 1840
HUNGERFORDEmilyE.4.3aBirth 1850
HUNGERFORDEmily & Robert DOYLEE.4.3aMarriage 1868
HUNGERFORDEthel Clarice (nee Dixon)E.1.3a.2b.4c=Death 1987
HUNGERFORDEvaE.4.6aBirth (Early Church Record) 1856
HUNGERFORDEvaE.4.6aBirth 1856
HUNGERFORDEvaE.4.6aDeath 1930
HUNGERFORDEvelyn Glory & William Henry John SNEDDONE.6.14a.4b.1cMarriage 1959
HUNGERFORDEvelyn MaryE.4.2a.7bDeath 1896
HUNGERFORDFannyE.1.2aBirth 1842
HUNGERFORDFlorence Amelia (nee Lamb)B.3a=Death 1941
HUNGERFORDGeorgeY.i.10Protective Management File, Qld
HUNGERFORDGeorge Penn Loan & Adele Warne WILCOCKE.1.1a.10bMarriage
HUNGERFORDGladys Irene (nee Jones)E.7.1a.2b=Death
HUNGERFORDGraeme PaulE.4.7a.2b.2c.2dDeath 1952
HUNGERFORDHerbert BlomfieldE.6.4aBirth 1858
HUNGERFORDHerbert BlomfieldE.6.4aDeath 1936
HUNGERFORDHussey HastingsE.2.11aBirth 1862
HUNGERFORDHussey HastingsE.2.11aDeath 1899
HUNGERFORDHyacinth MaudE.4.7a.2b=Death 1956
HUNGERFORDIrene (nee Rathjen)B.10a.2b.2c=Death 2016
HUNGERFORDJames MelvilleE.4.7a.2bDeath 1959
HUNGERFORDJaneE.4.4aBirth 1852
HUNGERFORDJohn MooreE.1.5a.1bDead Farm Files, Qld
HUNGERFORDJosephine (nee Chalmers)E.4.5a=Death 1901
HUNGERFORDJosephine MaryE.4.5a=Death 1901
HUNGERFORDKenneth StuartE.6.8aDeath 1952
HUNGERFORDLola Beatrice & Bernard Harry COLEMANE.6.1a.2bMarriage 1919
HUNGERFORDLorna Dorothea (nee Nelson)E.7.1a.2b.4c=Death 1988
HUNGERFORDLovick TyrrellE.4.7aBirth 1858
HUNGERFORDMabel & William Frederick GRIFFINE.6.14a.7bMarriage 1937
HUNGERFORDMarcus OrpenE.7.1aBirth 1855
HUNGERFORDMargaret (nee Hodgins)E.2.6a=Death 1908
HUNGERFORDMartha Mary (nee King, formerly Innes)E.6.4a=2Death 1932
HUNGERFORDMelville WinderE.4.5aBirth (Early Church Record) 1854
HUNGERFORDMelville WinderE.4.5aDeath 1939
HUNGERFORDMelville Winder & Josephine Mary CHALMERSE.4.5aMarriage 1887
HUNGERFORDPercyE.1.5aBirth 1849
HUNGERFORDPercy & Catherine BLICKE.1.5aMarriage 1880
HUNGERFORDPercy & Katharine Lucy BLICKE.1.5aMarriage
HUNGERFORDPercy SamuelE.9.2aDead Farm Files, Qld
HUNGERFORDRichard MooreE.4.8aBirth 1860
HUNGERFORDRichard MooreE.4.8aDeath 1862
HUNGERFORDRichard Penn HoweE.1.5a.3bDead Farm Files, Qld
HUNGERFORDRobert GeorgeE.2.6aDeath 1904
HUNGERFORDRobert GeorgeE.2.6aDeceased Estate Files
HUNGERFORDRobert George & Margaret HODGINSE.2.6aMarriage 1883
HUNGERFORDRobert GregoryE.1.5a.2b.1c.2d/E.2.6a.2b1c.2dDeath 2015
HUNGERFORDRobert RichardE.2Deceased Estate Files
HUNGERFORDRose Beatrice (nee Martin)E.6.1a=Dead Farm Files, Qld
HUNGERFORDRose TheodoraE.1.1a.3b.2cDeath
HUNGERFORDSeptimus MooreE.6.11aDeath 1870
HUNGERFORDStanley JohnE.1.3a.6b.3cDeath 1986
HUNGERFORDThomasE.6Deceased Estate Files
HUNGERFORDThomasE.6.10aDead Farm Files, Qld
HUNGERFORDValerie & George William DOBBIEE.1.3a.6b.6cMarriage1949
HUNGERFORDWalter HenryE.4.2aBirth 1848
HUNGERFORDWalter HenryE.4.2aDeath 1927
HUNGERFORDWalter Henry & Isobel Ruth TINDALEE.4.2a.6b.2cMarriage 1948
HUNGERFORDWilliam & Agnes WINDERE.4Marriage 1845
HUNGERFORDZilla ErinE.6.14a.1b=2Death 1987
IVERSFrederick John & Enid Margaret 1949
JENKINSLorraine Mary & William Henry CONNOLLYE.27a.2b.5c.3dMarriage 1964
JOBMary 1975
JOBMary Packet
JOBRichard 1972
JOBRichard Packet
KELMANFlorence Ivy (nee McClymont)E.2.4a.7b.1c=Dead Farm Files, Qld
LAMBFlorence AmeliaB.3a=Birth 1957
LINDEMANJohn Wykeham &Jean Ella CROSSE.8.7a.4b.1cMarriage 1952
LINDSAYEdward GordonL.VIII.ii.2.9a=Death 1966
LOANEBetty & Wallace Lochiel McDONALDL.VIII.i.2.9a.2bMarriage 1955
LOANEMarcus Edward JocelynL.XIV.ii.1.4a.3bDeath 2005
LOANEMarcus Edward JocelynL.XIV.ii.1.4a.3bProbate Packet 2005
LOANESydney JosephL.VIII.i.2.9a.5bDeath 2006
LOANESydney JosephL.VIII.i.9a.5bProbate Packet 2006
MACARTNEYArthur Chichester & June Rivoli LAMONDL.IX.3.9a.2b.3cMarriage 1946
MACARTNEYArthur Chichester Buchanan & June Rivoli MACARTNEY (nee Lamond)L.IX.iv.3.9a.2b.3cDivorce Packet 1960
MAHONEYDulcie Ruth (nee Thompson)L.VIII.iii.3.8a.1bDeath 1984 Packet
MARTINVeronica 1968
MAYLaura Bessie BuchananL.IX.iv.3.4aProbate Packet
MAYThomas HenryL.IX..iv.3.4a=Ecclesiastical Files, Qld
MAYNEAlfred JamesE.2.4a.1b.2c=Deceased Estate Files
MAYNEReginald JamesE.2.4a.1b.2c.1dDeceased Estate Files
McCLEMENSArchibald John DonaldE.6.12a.1b.4c=Coroner's Inquest, Victoria
McDONALDSusan Mary (nee TyrrellE.2.4a.1bDeceased Estate Files
MINTERAlexander RobertE.8.6a=Birth 1854
MINTERAlexander RobertE.8.6a=Death 1929
MORGANLeslie David & Dorothy SIMPSONW.1.4a.8b.3cMarriage
NELSONWallace DavidE.2.6a.3b.4c=Death 1976
NEWTHCordelia JaneE.4.1a.7bBirth 1884
NEWTHCordelia JaneE.4.1a.7bDeath 1981
NEWTHJessie (nee Hungerford)E.4.1aDeath 1912
NEWTHOlave AldridgeE.4.1a.10bBirth 1893
NEWTHOlave AldridgeE.4.1a.10bDeath 1984
NEWTHOlave Aldridge & Mary Eileen WISEMANE.4.1a.10bMarriage 1933
NEWTHOlave Aldridge & Mary Eileen WISEMANE.4.1a.10bMarriage 1933
NEWTHPeter Michael & Lilliann Florence MAGUIREE.4.1a.1b.1c.3dMarriage 1956
NEWTHRoland LoaneE.4.1a.9bBirth 1889
NEWTHRoland LoaneE.4.1a.9bDeath 1909
NOLANJohn AlbertE.4.3a..3b1c.4d=Death 1988
OTTONAlice Mary (nee Graeme)E.2.3a.5b.2cDeceased Estate Files
PEARCEAudrey Ada Norman (nee Connell) & George Woodward PearceL.IX.iv.5.2a.2bDivorce Packet 1960
PETTIGREWWilliamE.2.6a.1b.2c=1Deceased Estate Files
PRENTICEJoan Ellen & Alexander Herbert OSBORNEE.2.5a.2b.1cMarriage 1962
PRENTICEReginald DoyleE.2.5a.3b=Deceased Estate Files
PRENTICEReginald Doyle & Muriel Amelia SIMPSONE.2.5a.3bMarriage 1909
PRENTICEWilliam CharlesE.2.5a.2b=Deceased Estate Files
PRINGLeslie EdgarE.2.4a.8b=Deceased Estate Files
PULVERCatherine Helena (nee Zillman)E.2.3a.7b.1c=Probate Packet 1998
RITCHIERobert AllenE.6.4a.2b=Land Record, Victoria
RITCHIERobert AllenE.6.4a.2b=Probate Packet, Victoria
RULEEsma Vicillus & Colin James MOYLEL.VIII.iii.3.2a.2b.2cMarriage 1953
RULERonald Richard & Gladys Vicillus GARNUML.VIII.iii.3.2a.2b.1cMarriage 1927
RULERonald Richard & Joan Natalia DE VEREL.VIII.iii.3.2a.2b.1cMarriage 1954
SANKEYGwendolyne Grace (nee Hungerford)E.1.5a.4b.1c.1dProbate Packet 2016
SCOTTLilian MaudeE.6.2a=Birth 1869
SHEPHARDJames Richard & Doreen Mary AUSTINL.VIII.ii.3.5a.5b.3cMarriage
SIMMONSLlewellyn 1953
SIMMONSLlewellyn Packet
SIMPSONCharlesE.2.5a=Birth 1845
SIMPSONCharlesW.1.6a/E.2.5a=Death 1934
SNEDDONEvelyn Glory (nee Hungerford) & William Henry John SneddonE.6.14a.4b.1cDivorce Packet 1973
SPROULEWilliam JamesE.2.4a.4b.2c=1Deceased Estate Files
SPROULEWilliam JamesE.2.4a.4b.2c=1Gaol Record
SWIRECatherine (nee Hungerford)E.10Death 1909
SWIREConrad CliffordE.10.2a.2b/E.4.3a.9b.2cWar Records WW2
SWIREEric MelvilleE.10.2a.1b/E.4.3a.9b.1cWar Records WW2
SWIREJohn BrownhillE.10.3a.4War Records WW2
THOMPSONDulcie Ruth & Percy Joseph MAHONEYL.VIII.iii.3.8a.1bMarriage 1934
THREADGATERonald Mervyn & Jessie Cordelia NEWTHE.4.1a.6b.3cMarriage
THURSBYWallace Edward & Beth JOHNSTONE.1.3a.9b.1cMarriage 1965
THURSBYWallace Edward & Mary Isabel BATTYEE.1.3a.9b.1cMarriage 1941
TIPPINGColin Wesley & Evelyn Phyllis Minnie HIGINBOTHAML.VIII.iii.7.5aMarriage 1944
TIPPINGEthel Mabel TIPPING & James COLEMAN (On this certificate Ethel calls herself Ethel Mabel McDonald, which was her maiden name)l.viii.III.7=2?Marriage 1933
TYRRELLAvery EdalE.2.4a.10bDeceased Estate Files
TYRRELLEdwardE.2.4a=Deceased Estate Files
TYRRELLFrederick WilliamE.2.4a.4bDeceased Estate Files
TYRRELLFrederick WilliamE.2.4a.4bDead Farm Files, Qld
TYRRELLLovickE.2.3a=Deceased Estate Files
TYRRELLLovickE.2.3a=Ecclesiastical Files, Qld
TYRRELLMary EllenE.2.3a.2bDeceased Estate Files
WATKINSLesley ArthurL.VIII.iii.7.2a.1bDeath 1998
WATKINSLeslie ArthurL.VIII.iii.7.2a.1bProbate Package 1999
WATSONHorace George & Letitia Caroline PARKESL.VIII.viii.5.5aMarriage 1909
WATSONHorace George & Letitia Caroline WATSON (nee Parkes)L.VIII.iii.5.5aDivorce Packet 1927
WESTCOTTLeslie Gordon & Olive Jean 1945
WHITEElizabeth Packet
WHITEEnid 1922
WHITEGordon Oliver George & Elizabeth Jean 1920
WHITELindsay 1924
WHITEOlive 1920
WHITERay 1926
WILKINSONAmy Annie (nee Tyrrell)E.2.4a.3b/E.4.4a.2b=Deceased Estate Files
WILSONAudrey Buchanan (nee May)L.IX.iv.3.4a.5bDeath 1953
WILSONAudrey Buchanan (nee May)L.IX.iv.3.4a.5bProbate Package 1935
WOODCharles NortonB.3a.3b=Death 1953
WOODMarjorie Huon Lamb (nee Hungerford)B.3a.3bDeath 1977
HAFS Certificates and Transcripts held in our resource room at Pokolbin, NSW


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