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Ron Prentice –  by Peter Sherlock

Ron Prentice was the driving force behind the foundation of HAFS. In September 1990, he gathered together about 20 descendants and researchers of the Hungerford family at his home in Mosman, leading to the creation of the Society. 

Eulogy for Ron Prentice, 12 October 2015

Thank you, Judy and John, for the opportunity to speak today. My name is David Hombsch, also known as Budgie. I am presently the Chief of Staff at Surveillance & Response Group and I have also been posted to No’s 10, 11 and 292SQN, Australia’s Maritime units. 

Janet Doreen Kentish – Eulogy

Our wonderful mother Janet (‘Blinkie’ , ‘Jannie’) was a wonderfully caring person to us, her extended family and her many precious and valued friends. A fabulous mother.

There are four of us: me, Wendy, David and Nigel. Mum produced us in five years, between 1950 and 1955, and this very brave strategy really set the tone for our early lives, and her incredibly busy life as a totally committed mother to four very different children. That commitment and great love did not waiver once in her very long and sometimes difficult life.