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The Index to HAFS Journals and Newsletters has been updated to include the 2020 publications. The List of Certificates and Transcripts has been further updated with the latest results of recent visits to the various State archives etc by Pauline Tyrrell  [E.2.4a.10b.1c.2d=] and Brett Harvey [E.1.1a.15b.1c.1d.1e=].

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List of Certificates and Transcripts

Members will have seen various Research Reports published in the HAFS Newsletters from time to time. The Research Reports are usually prepared by Pauline Tyrrell [E.2.4a.10b.1c.2d=] and are tabled at Committee Meetings as part of the ongoing review of HAFS activities. Pauline and Brett Harvey [E.1.1a.15b.1c.1d.1e=] are regular visitors to the various State archives, Registers […]

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