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HAFS Journal 13-4 Nov 2016 -resized

HAFS Journal Vol 13 No 4 – Nov 2016

Contents A letter of farewell  – Arthur Martin, introduced by Gordon Douglas Hungerford; Deciphering the Heraldic Achievement of Sir Edward Hungerford (1596-1648), by Stanley Wayne Hungerford; What Mollie Did Next, by Gregan McMahon; An Incident Whilst on Patrol in Vietnam, by John (Jack) Hungerford; Meadowfield, formerly Bishopscourt, Armidale, NSW, by Brett Harvey. Editorial People who live at different […]

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HAFS Journal 13-2 Nov 2015 -resized

HAFS Journal Vol 13 No 2 – Nov 2015

Contents: Mary Kate Hungerford [E.6.12a] and Gregan McMahon, by Gregan McMahon. Houses of the Hunter Valley, by Brett Harvey and Pauline Tyrrell; Hungerford Heraldry (ctd) by Lesley Jane Abrahams.   Editorial: Rarely has an issue of the HAFS Journal had so many photographs and graphics. Many of the old photographs were printed in sepia, which comes across reasonably […]

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HAFS Journal 13-1 May 2015 -resized

HAFS Journal Vol 13 No 1 – May 2015

Contents: Hungerford-French-Viking Connections, by Gavin Donald; Robert Ellington Greenwood [E.2.7a.7b], by Lesley Jane Abrahams; Hungerford Homes: Bramhall, by Brett Harvey; Owlpen – A Tale of Two Historic Homes, by Pauline Tyrrell; Alexander William Sheppard [L.XIV.ii.2.5a.3b=], by Angela Lind.   Editorial: Two significant themes run through most of the articles in this, the first issue of the thirteenth volume of […]

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HAFS Journal 6-3 May 2002 -resized

HAFS Journal Vol 6 No 3 – May 2002

Contents: Townsend J. W. Hungerford: Historian and History-Maker, by Sue Hungerford; Thomas Hungerford and the Boer War, by Betty Crowley; Another Hungerford Letter: the Nohoval Inheritance, by W. Hungerford; Hungerford Heraldry Part III, by Ron Mathieson; The Will of Emanuel Hungerford, by Peter Sherlock. Editorial: Townsend Hungerford was one of a number of folk who, in the early nineteenth […]

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HAFS Journal 6-2 Nov 2001 -resized

HAFS Journal Vol 6 No 2 – Nov 2001

Contents: Back to our Roots, incl. Black Bourton Parish Records, by Kathleen Tomkins; Hungerfords and Associates at Lochinvar, by John Hungerford; Hungerford Heraldry Part II, by Ron Mathieson; Determining Relationships using Hungerfords Down Under, by John Hungerford.   Editorial: This Journal has been the longest in the making of any to date — some seven months longer than […]

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HAFS Journal 5-4 Nov 2000 -resized

HAFS Journal Vol 5 No 4 – Nov 2000

Contents: An Australian Hungerford Christmas Letter, by Minna Hales; Christmas at Corsham: Hungerfords in Verse, by Nicholas Oldisworth; The Gatehouse at Down Ampney, by Bruce V. Jones; Brief Notes from HAFS Members: Monmouth Harry, by Ron Prentice; Mitford – Hungerford links, by Loane Lilley; Thompson-Hungerford associations, by Loane Lilley; Ernest Wykeham Chapman, by Loane Lilley; The Naming of the City of […]

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HAFS Journal 5-3 May 2000 -resized

HAFS Journal Vol 5 No 3 – May 2000

Contents: What does Heraldry Mean (Part I), by Ron Mathieson; A Friend of the Family Hungerford: E.L. Davis Remembered, by Marlene Peterson; Some Hungerford Skeletons in the Australian Closet, by Ron Prentice; Two Early Australian Sisters: Ellen Johnson Winder & Mary Lister Dodds, by Peter Sherlock. Editorial: by Peter Sherlock This issue of the Journal begins with […]

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