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HAFS Journal Vol 14 No 4 – Nov 2018 – The many contexts of life’s journeys

Contents On the Death of Margaret Wolfe Argles Hungerford [H.2a=] The Water Colourist of Redcamp: Constance Evans (née Burton-Bradley), by D Evan Evans Frederick Richard Hungerford [E.6.6a] – loved brother, by Lesley Abrahams Hungerford Roots in Ireland: Rathbarry, Rosscarbery and Inchydoney Island, by Gavin Donald Rounding the Horn and More: James Kilpatrick, by Lesley Abrahams The Tale […]

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HAFS Journal Vol 14 No 3 – May 2018 – Engineering, music, travel and a claim undone

Contents Kenneth Stuart Hungerford [E.6.8a/H.1a=2]: Mining Engineer by Lesley Abrahams Woodlands, The Walk, 48 Moree Street, Gordon by Eve Hungerford An Accomplished Violinist: Bethany Eva Pascoe [E.6.8a=2] – Mrs KS Hungerford by Lesley Abrahams Tarisio, the Treasure Hunter by Eve Hungerford (footnotes by Lesley Abrahams) Did Captain Thomas Hungerford ever own Rathbarry Castle? by Anthony William […]

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HMS "Challenger" firing at icebergs, 21 Feb 1874. Drawing by John Arthur

HAFS Journal Vol 14 No 2 – Nov 2017 – Reading, seeing, visiting history

Contents: Australian poetess – Alys Hungerford [H.1a/E.6.8a=1], by Lesley Abrahams; A Journey to Baerami, by Brett Harvey; Sister Molly Hungerford FRC [E.1.1a.6b]: WWI Bluebird nurse in France, by Fred Ford; Richard (‘Rick’) Warren Hungerford Sr, by Richard Hungerford; The family of Lucinda Sarah Norcott, by Anthony William Ingarfield; Visions of fairyland: Herbert Swire’s watercolours [Willys […]

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HAFS Journal 13-4 Nov 2016 -resized

HAFS Journal Vol 13 No 4 – Nov 2016

Contents A letter of farewell  – Arthur Martin, introduced by Gordon Douglas Hungerford; Deciphering the Heraldic Achievement of Sir Edward Hungerford (1596-1648), by Stanley Wayne Hungerford; What Mollie Did Next, by Gregan McMahon; An Incident Whilst on Patrol in Vietnam, by John (Jack) Hungerford; Meadowfield, formerly Bishopscourt, Armidale, NSW, by Brett Harvey. Editorial People who live at different […]

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HAFS Journal 13-3 May 2016 -resized

HAFS Journal Vol 13 No 3 – May 2016

Contents Hungerford Houses of Ashfield, byBrett Harvey; Listing of Hungerfords in the British House of Commons,  by Stanley Hungerford; William Peter Hungerford  (‘Bill’) – [E.6.2a.1b.2c], by Peter and Chris Hungerford; Merlin Herbert Hungerford [H.4a.5b / E.6.5a.5b], by Lesley Abrahams; Thiawanda, The Slopes, Kurrajong, NSW, by Antony Guy Hungerford. Editorial Houses in which a family lives for […]

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HAFS Journal 13-2 Nov 2015 -resized

HAFS Journal Vol 13 No 2 – Nov 2015

Contents: Mary Kate Hungerford [E.6.12a] and Gregan McMahon, by Gregan McMahon. Houses of the Hunter Valley, by Brett Harvey and Pauline Tyrrell; Hungerford Heraldry (ctd) by Lesley Jane Abrahams.   Editorial: Rarely has an issue of the HAFS Journal had so many photographs and graphics. Many of the old photographs were printed in sepia, which comes across reasonably […]

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HAFS Journal 13-1 May 2015 -resized

HAFS Journal Vol 13 No 1 – May 2015

Contents: Hungerford-French-Viking Connections, by Gavin Donald; Robert Ellington Greenwood [E.2.7a.7b], by Lesley Jane Abrahams; Hungerford Homes: Bramhall, by Brett Harvey; Owlpen – A Tale of Two Historic Homes, by Pauline Tyrrell; Alexander William Sheppard [L.XIV.ii.2.5a.3b=], by Angela Lind.   Editorial: Two significant themes run through most of the articles in this, the first issue of the thirteenth volume of […]

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HAFS Journal 12-4 Nov 2014 -resized

HAFS Journal Vol 12 No 4 – Nov 2014

Contents: Brian Thomas Hungerford [E.6.4a.5b.2c] – storyteller, author, musician Whither the Hungerford name? The Spooner Connection, by Stanley Hungerford; Shipping Arrivals in Australia and New Zealand, by Lesley Jane Abrahams; Hungerford Descendants: Awards, Part VIII, by Pauline Tyrrell; Guy Hungerford [H.4a], by Lesley Jane Abrahams; Edward Swire [H.10=] – an embezzlement, by Brett Harvey. Editorial: Some issues of […]

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HAFS Journal 12-3 May 2014 - resized

HAFS Journal Vol 12 No 3 – May 2014

Contents: Living Historian – 2011, by Vince Conant; Operation Coburg, Vietnam 1968, by John (Jack) Hungerford with Ian Atkinson; Jack Hungerford recalls his Vietnam service, by John (Jack) Hungerford; Theodore A. Hungerford Memorial Museum, Harwington CT USA, by Rich & Stanley Hungerford; Farleigh Hungerford Castle: Summary of Owners, by Lesley Abrahams; Cordillo Downs Station History ‘Longtime’ places, by Lesley Abrahams […]

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HAFS Journal 12-2 Nov 2013

HAFS Journal Vol 12 No 2 – Nov 2013

Contents: Canadian cousins – who they are and why we have them, by John WB Hungerford; An early farming family: Elizabeth & Adam McClure, re-published from The Horsham Times (Vic), Friday 20 December 1935 Cadelgo – South Australia, North East Corner, by Lesley Abrahams; A Strange Christmas, by Herbert (Gene) Hungerford; Thomas Leigh Simpson, by Lesley Abrahams; LAC William (Bill) […]

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HAFS Journal 12-1 May 2013 -resized

HAFS Journal Vol 12 No 1 – May 2013

Contents: Cecil Payne Hungerford [E.6.2a], by Lesley Jane Abrahams; Hungerford Market – Old (1682) and New (1832), by Rich Hungerford; The Reverend Lovick Tyrrell [E.2.3a=], by Lisa & Allan Thomas; Hungerford Descendants: Awards, Part VII, by Pauline Tyrrell; Memories about Launcelot Machell Travers Hungerford [H.6a], by Ann Riches; Family History 1066 – 2010: Picot, Pigott-Stainsby-Conant, Hungerford – UK and Australia, […]

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HAFS Journal 11-4 Nov 2012-resized

HAFS Journal Vol 11 No 4 – Nov 2012

Contents: ‘Hungerford Knot’ window reveals Dunch – Hungerford links, by Stanley Hungerford; Hungerford Market and the site of Charing Cross Railway Station, by Vince Conant; Dungaleer or Dungalear or Thungalier, by Lesley Abrahams; The Fate of Lynn Farnham, by Rich Hungerford; The Will of Joanne Hungerford (née Hussey), by Jenny Wilson; Hungerford Descendants: Awards, Part VI, by Pauline Tyrrell; Twenty […]

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HAFS Journal 11-3 May 2012 -resized

HAFS Journal Vol 11 No 3 – May 2012

Contents: Letters written by EKG Hungerford [E.6.5a.1b] to May Lambert – October 1910 – March 1911, by Lesley Abrahams; A Trek to Hungerford Country in South West Queensland, by Jenny Wilson; A Curious 15c Hungerford Lawsuit, by Peter Sherlock (edited); Hungerford Descendants: Awards, Part V, by Pauline Tyrrell (edited); The Hungerfords in Ireland and their Australian descendants, by Vince Conant.   […]

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HAFS Journal 11-2 Nov 2011 -resized

HAFS Journal Vol 11 No 2 – Nov 2011

Contents: Letters written by EKG Hungerford [E.6.5a.1b] to May Lambert – 15 Feb 1909 to 2 Aug 1910, by Lesley Abrahams; Thomas Hungerford [E.6] – His Political Life, by Pauline Tyrrell; 17th Century Hungerford – Long Link, by Stanley Hungerford; Powlett Brass, Minety Church, Wiltshire, by Stanley Hungerford.   Editorial: At least one New South Wales Hungerford forebear played […]

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HAFS Journal 11-1 May 2011 -resized

HAFS Journal Vol 11 No 1 – May 2011 – Letters from Java

Contents: Twenty years of HAFS AGMs, outings, events and Church services Letters written by EKG Hungerford [E.6.5a.1b] to May Lambert from 15 Feb 1909 to 2 Aug 1910 Descendants of Susan Hungerford [E.2.4a] and their Military Service The Lady Margaret Hungerford Charity, Corsham, England Editorial: I love old letters! Will anyone – expect perhaps muck-raking […]

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HAFS Journal 10-4 Nov 2010 -resized

HAFS Journal Vol. 10 No. 4 – Nov 2010

Contents: A Peripatetic Life, by Betty Constance Hungerford; Hungerford Descendants: Awards, Part 4, by Pauline Tyrrell.   Editorial: Personal stories afford a rich vein of historical insight as well as information, and HAFS has been the beneficiary of several – perhaps most notably Amy, published as a Supplement to this Journal (and available from the Secretary). In […]

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HAFS Journal Vol 9 No 4 – Nov 2008

Contents ‘The Way It Was’ (Part II): The memoirs of Richard Hungerford [H.9a.2b]; A bottle of whiskey, a pack of cards and a pistol, by Richard T Hungerford; Soldier, Lawyer, Politician: Brigadier General John Pratt Hungerford, by Richard W Hungerford Jr & Andre James Hungerford; Tyrrell’s Wines – 150th Celebrations, by Pauline Tyrrell; Editorial Two of […]

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HAFS Journal 10-3 May 2010 -resized

HAFS Journal Vol 10 No 3 – May 2010

Contents: Wine articles: Halliday, Hungerford and the Hunter, by James Halliday; Jarretts of Orange, by Pip Jarrett; Alderley Creek Wines, by John B. S. Hungerford; Roth, Adam (1857-1898), by Kate Roth; Audrey Wilkinson Wines, by John B. S. Hungerford; Watagan Valley Estate – Justine Le Mercier, by Pauline Tyrrell; Arthur Dalrymple Kelman, by Pauline Tyrrell; Robert Richard ‘Tim’ […]

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HAFS Journal 10-2 Nov 2009 -resized

HAFS Journal Vol 10 No 2 – Nov 2009

Contents: Two pieces of Australian history: The Cullin-a-ringo Massacres & Tom Wills, by Pauline Tyrrell; Hungerford Descendants: Awards, Part 2, by Pauline Tyrrell; James Vernon [E.2.3a.8b.2c], by Pauline Tyrrell; Hungerfords and the Smithsonian Institution, by John B.S. Hungerford; An eerie Hungerford story: Introduction, by Judith Fitz-Henry; Story, by Marcia Hungerford Clark; Sir Edward Hungerford (1632-1711), by Jenny Wilson; The Burkitt Ladies, by Peter […]

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