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HAFS Journal Vol 15 No 3 – May 2020 – From circus life to Vietnam

John (Jack) Hungerford [B.3a.4b.1c] has written of his Vietnam experiences previously in our Journals and in this issue adds two more accounts of his 1967-1968 Tour.
The St Leon family circus pioneered this form of entertainment in Australia, which research by HAFS President, Lesley Abrahams [H.4a.1b.1c.1d/E.6.5a.1b.1c.1d)], shows has Hungerford links.
Brett Harvey [E.1.1a.15b.1c.1d.1e=] picks up another strand in the HAFS tradition, the life of a particular person. In this case it is Dr Arndell Neil Lewis [E.6.10a.1b=], a Tasmanian and a “lawyer, geologist, politician, academic and author”.