Catherine Hungerford [E.10]

Catherine Hungerford – The Tenth Child of Emanuel and Catherine

Portrait of Catherine Hungerford
Catherine Hungerford

Catherine Hungerford [E.10] was born on 14 January 1834, Farley, West Maitland, NSW, and baptised on 27 January 1834. She was the tenth child of Emanuel Hungerford (E) and Catherine Loane (L.I.ii).

She married Edward Swire, 15 January 1857, West Maitland, NSW. They were married by Robert Chapman (E.8=), and witnesses were Emanuel Hungerford [E], Henry Incledon Pilcher and Sophia Pilcher.

Edward was born in Yorkshire, England in 1831, the son of Rev John Swire, Vicar of Manfield, Yorkshire, England (who died 20 January 1860), and lived as a gentleman through the Swire inheritance from Connolly. Edward arrived in Sydney on the Cleopatra in 1853, aged 31. His occupation was listed as clerk. He was an accountant at the Bank of NSW in Maitland, NSW, in 1857. On 10 May 1861, he was sentenced to two years hard labour in Parramatta Gaol, Sydney, for embezzling £630. Edward had pleaded not quilty. He was discharged on 9 May 1863 from Darlinghurst Gaol. (NSW Police Gazette, May 1863).

The Swires lived firstly in West Maitland, NSW, and after 1875 in Paddington, Sydney, NSW, although they must have spent at least a year in New Zealand as their last two children were born there.

Catherine died 11 June 1909, at her residence, 252 Park Road, Paddington, NSW. Edward died 17 December 1910, Paddington, NSW. They are buried in the Church of England Section, Waverley General Cemetery, Bronte, NSW, grave 5462.

Children of Catherine and Edward

[E.10.1a]    John Edward Swire (1857–1858); not married

[E.10.2a]    Herbert Swire (1859–1932);   married 1905 Emily Mary Doyle [E.4.3a.9b] (1881–1954)

[E.10.3a]    Percy Swire (1868–1911); married 1896 Anna Margaret Brownhill (1871–1958)

[E.10.4a]    Ernest Swire (1870–1956); married 1911 Ada Mabel Hungerford [E.6.15a] (1878–1953)

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