The Jackson Papers Revisited

Many of you will have heard of the The Jackson Papers and we have previously published articles about them and how HAFS worked to acquire a microfilm copy of at least some of them.  As previously reported, we have recently had the microfilm converted into a digital copy taking up many cd’s.  By way of example, Volume 1 of the Papers is now a pdf file some 461Mb in size and comprising 545 pages.  The Jackson Papers are largely handwritten making them somewhat difficult to read and decipher.

An example of The Jackson Papers
An example of a page of The Jackson Papers

While the Papers are largely concerned with the Hungerford family in Somersetshire and Wiltshire (from 1300s through to late 1700s) they comprise a valuable contemporary record of the Hungerford family and are nonetheless of considerable interest to all of us interested in researching other branches of the Hungerford family.  Our President, Lesley Abrahams started working her way through the Papers and quickly came to the realisation that she needed an index to enable quick “recovery” of the contents and topics of the Papers, such is their volume.  So, Lesley has set about this task and the fruits of her labours are now on the website (with updates from time to time).

This is no easy task because, while there is some printed material in the Papers, these entries are often quite blurry and set in “old” English with quaint spellings and type faces.  Handwritten material holds its own challenges as well – deciphering the handwriting, the spelling and sometimes just the “shorthand” language used as many of the entries in the Papers are in turn, annotated with later information.

While there are no plans to put the Jackson Papers on the website (at least at this point in time), we thought it would be useful for members to have access to the Index so that if you are researching a topic, person or place you can check the Index to see if there is any information in the Jackson Papers that might assist you.

Our copies of the Jackson Papers were acquired from the Wiltshire Museum, Devizes, Wiltshire.  The collection of research notes are listed as The Hungerford Papers on their website, there being quite a number of volumes prepared by the Rev JE Jackson, which are included in the collection. Also included in the volumes, are many illustrations, which are water colour or pen & ink.  The following photographs show the volumes microfilmed for us in 1992/3, as well as a number of other volumes.

Since embarking on her indexing task, Lesley has had occasion to ask a number of questions of the Wiltshire Museum who have been very helpful with their answers and HAFS is pleased to have been able to establish a good relationship with the Museum  In the process of establishing some details for including in the Index, the Wiltshire Museum shared some additional scans of relevant illustrations with us. The Museum has kindly given permission for these to be shared with our membership.  Just click on one of the thumbnails below to see the image full screen.

The Jackson Papers Cumulative Index

Indexed itemDateSection & VolPage Nos
la mode philobotomy , Title page, reference to Dr. John Hungerford, Esq. (page from book? Black copy)1681P.H. IV44
A’Court family, burial, Heytesbury Church (illus.)P. II190-192
Act of Parliament, relating to Irish lands, reign of Queen AnneP.H. III086-088
Address to Duke of York, from Sir Edward Hungerford, The Spendthrift1679P.H. III53
Agnes, Lady Hungerford (formerly Widow Cottle)P.H. II038-043
Albarde, William, coat of arms (illus.)1561P. II263f
All Hallows in the Wall, LondonP. III46
All Hallows, Stainney, London, marriage registerP. III46
Antrim Castle, Skeffington family history (printed document)P.H. III070-076a
Arkademis, Jacobus1442M. 2005a
Arms from Weston Underwood, or Elizabeth Hungerford, Lady Throckmorton (brass rubbing)P.H. IV171
Arms of the older Hungerfords, at execution of Sir Thomas Hungerford, Salisbury A.D. (illus.)P.H. Ii, ix
Arms, family blazons, list P.H. IV157-158a
Arms, HungerfordP.H. IV153-172
Arms, Hungerford, See also Heraldry, & coats of arms
Arms, quartered by the family of Hungerford. Handwriting of Miss Hungerford, later Mrs. CreweP.H. IV159-160a
Arnold, Henry, Dr., D.D., including pedigreeM. 268
Ashby de la ZoucheP. III32
Ashe, Simon, sermon, on death of Robert Strange, dedicated to Lady Margaret HungerfordP.H. II368-369a
Ashley de la Zouch Castle (Co. Leicester), South view (illus.)P.H. I319
Aspinall, Mrs., descent from King Edward IIIM. 1036a
Attainder periodP.H. I228-289
Atye, Arthur, married 2. Judith Hungerford, pedigreeP.H. IV015a
Atye, Arthur, Sir, of Merton College, Oxford, willd. 1604P.H. IV16
Aubrey, London1689P.H. III69
Aubrey, Various extracts, touching the histories of great families: Burton; Sir Harris Nicolas; Dante; Rookwood Interaction; Bishop Tanner; Earl of Carnarvon, and othersP.H. Ix
Aubrey’s account of death & burial of Walter, Lord HungerfordP.H. II119
Avery family, at Farley HungerfordM. 2197
Baga de Secretis, 3 rd report, Hungerford Estates, 1478-1547P. IV333a
Balustrade, carved, brought from the Castle, now in Laverton Church, near Farley (illus.) [DZSWS: 1982.3645]M. 1149a
Bamsfields & Stawell’s, RodeP. III150-152
Bassett, Anne, heir of Lister, coat of arms (illus.)P.H. II135
Bassett, of Cornwall, coat of arms, blazonP.H. II135
Bayer, Rachel Otto, brass plate on floor, explanationM. 253
Bayley, Ralph, Dr., of New College, Oxford, married to a Hungerford1618P.H. III233
Baylie, Elizabeth, letters to Jackson, about herP.H. III232a-b
Baylie, Elizabeth, will proved1607/8P.H. III233
Baynton, Edward, Sir, letter to Earl of Pembroke, reasons for arresting Sir Edward Hungerford, of Corsham, plus commentaryP.H. II286-293
Beadon, Mrs., of Fifield, claim of descent from the HungerfordsP.H. III243-248
Beauchamp’s Chapel, Salisbury Cathedral, inside, plan & coats of arms (illus.)P. IV140-141
Beaumont, John, Sir, “Bosworth Field”, poemP.H. II010-011
Becher, Charles, Esq. d. 1737P.H. III238b
Becher, coat of arms (illus.), & blazonP.H. III238a-238b
Becher, H.H., of Hollybrook, auction of property & furniture, & farming implements (newspaper clipping)1849P.H. IV132-133
Becher, of Hollybrook (Co. Cork), marriagesP.H. IV128
Beckington, Thomas, Bishop, letters to Sir Edmund HungerfordP.H. III131
Bedford, Earl, badge, at Longford Castle (illus.) drawn 1880 [DZSWS: 1982.3824]1416P.H. I87
Belgic British Period, 313 A.C. to 55 A.D.55 A.D.M. 1005-006
Belgrave House (Co. Leicester)P. III32
Belvoir Castle (Co. Leicester)P. III32
Bennett, Rebecca, sister of Lady Hungerford, of Coulston, daughter of Sir Thomas Hampsond. 1693P.H. III110a
Berghersh arms on tiles in Swyncombe Church, Oxfordshire (illus.)M. 131
Berkeley of Beverston, coat of arms (illus.)P.H. IV172
Berkeley pedigreeP.H. III194a
Berkeley, Elizabeth, Lady, letter to Lady Hatton1677P.H. III091a
Berkeley, Maryd. 1633P.H. III196
Bigland & others, Hungerford Pedigree, compiled from, by Charles Edward Long, Esq. 4p. 1861P.H. IV311+
Bishop of Bonner, imprisonment of Thomas MountainP.H. III188
Black Bourton Hungerfords: Sir Anthony Hungerford; Sir Edward Hungerford, of Corsham (See P.H. Vol. II); Anthony Hungerford, Esq.; Sir Edward Hungerford, The Spendthrift; Sir Giles Hungerford, of Coulston P.H. III001-115
Blackdon, Edward, note1536?P.H. II097a
Blacklands HungerfordsP.H. IV017-019
Blagrave, coat of arms (illus.) P.H. III170
Blake, Francis, Sir, pedigreeP.H. III097a
Blanch Somerset, Lady, Baroness of Arundel, of Wardour (portrait)d. 1649P.H. II301
Blount, of Mangotsfield, co. GloucesterP.H. III146
Bolton, Edmund, letter to Sir Edward Hungerford (original)1630P.H. II274
Bond … perform covenant, Edward Hungerford, of Cadenham1656P.H. IV51
Boneham, John, Estate in charge ofP.H. II134
Borade – Reynes, pedigreeP. III235
Borland family, at Farley HungerfordM. 2200
Bosenden (Co. Kent)P. III12
Bossam’s Inn, LondonP. III48
Bosworth Field, Battle of1485P.H. II007-012
Botreaux arms – tradition of the toadsM. 1226a
Botreaux arms, with St Lo, description P.H. I284-286
Botreaux familyP.H. I289
Botreaux, & Beaumont, coat of arms, + pedigreeP.H. I208+
Botreaux, Margaret deP.H. I141-157
Botreaux, Pedigrees (incl. Handlo)P.H. I209, 212
Botreaux, William, Kt.P.H. I288
Bottesford (Co. Leicester)P. III32
Bottesford Church (Co. Lincoln)P.H. II251a
Bottetourt pedigree (Botetourt)P.H. III133+
Bourchier, coat of arms (illus.)P.H. IV172
Bourchier, John, married to Jane Hungerford1539P.H. II26
Bourchier, Thomas, Sir1485P.H. II7
Brackenbury, Thomas, Sir1485P.H. II009-012
Bradford on Avon, letter to Rev. J.E. Jackson (about 10 p.)1871M. 2159-160
Bradford, Co. Wiltshire, Manor, as granted to Abbey of Shaftesbury, mapA.D. 1001M. 2155
Bradford, Manor of (Co. Wiltshire) granted A.D. 1001 (map)M. 2155
Bremhill register entries for Sir George Hungerford’s familyP.H. IV73
Bremhill Registers, births, deaths, baptismsP.H. IV47
Bridges, Henry, Monument, Keynsham (illus.) [DZSWS: 1982.3763]P. III14
Bright, Margaret (or Marjorie), including questions & doubts (some original documents)P.H. II205-214a
Bright, Margaret, brief account (incl. original)P.H. II205, 207
Brill’s Court, Lea, Nr. Malmesbury (Co. Wiltshire)1565P. III34
Bristol1645M. 1055a
Brith’s Court, Garsden, pedigree of Hungerfords of The LeaP.H. III264+
Brook Farm, parish of Westbury (Co. Wiltshire), including list of tenantsP. IV299
Brooksby (Co. Leicester)P. III32
Broughton’s History, dedication to Cicely, Countess of RutlandP.H. II255
Bryde, William, Vicar of Bradford, dispute with Henry VIII1539P.H. II101a
Bucke’s Instruction for the Beades, Dedicated to Ann, Lady Hungerford. Printed in Louvain. & letters with J.E. Jackson, 18771589P.H. II203-204
Buckingham (Villiers) Vault, in Henry VII chapel, Westminster Abbey (plan & drawing) (illus.) [DZSWS: 1982.3679, 3680]M. 1230 opp.
Burghersh coat of arms (illus.)M. 131
Burghersh Family, & pedigreeM. 1027-032
Burghersh, Margaret, Lady, complaintP. II163-166
Burnell, Margaret, descent, pedigree & coat of arms (illus.)P.H. III124
Burton Hill HungerfordsP.H. III216-219
Cadenham, sold1720P.H. IV077a
Carew, Sir John, married to Sarah HungerfordP.H. III31
Carlo Rennell, of Hamp., coat of arms (illus.)P.H. IV171
Carlyle, Dr.’s remarks on Case of DelinquencyP.H. III18
Carlyle’s remarks on Cromwell’s lettersP.H. III205-206a
Carnaby, from Gough, (illus.)P.H. IV171
Carte de Dominum de Hungerford Spectantes (Cotton MSS Brit. Mus.) (illus.) (black image)P.H. I194
Carter’s ancient sculpture/ effigy, of Sir Hugh Morville, one of Thomas A’Beckett’s murderers (arms on coat, Az. fretty semée de-lis or)1170M. 2241a
Case of Delinquency (disagreement with Parliament & King)P.H. III13
Castle de Sancto Laudo, Newton Park (Co. Somerset) (illus.)P. III92
Castle Townsend (incl. ground plan) [DZSWS: 1982.3849]P.H. IV138+
Cathedral Church of St Mary, Salisbury (illus.)P. IV55
Cattle stolen from Farley Castle, by John Herbert1661P.H. III43
Chamberer (or Chamberlain) of Glastonbury, letter of complaint to Mr. FitzJames, regarding Master Hungerford (original)1517P.H. II035-036
Chamneys pedigreeP.H. III006b
Chancery proceedings, Milford1701P. III056 opp.
Chancery proceedings, Sewell1715P. III056 opp.
Chandos, Edmund, Lord, letter to Sir John ThynneP.H. III182
Chantry Deeds, relating to Hungerford Chapel, Salisbury CathedralP. IV101-109
Chantry in Salisbury Cathedral, Chaplains, listP. IV27
Chantry of St Leonard (Co. Somerset), Survey & rental 1548M. 1178a
Chaplains of St Mary’s Chantry, listsM. 1178b, 179-180
Chapter of accidents, at Farleigh HungerfordM. 2163-181
Charities & benefactors to the parish (of Farley)M. 2131-132
Charlcot, Westbury (Co. Wiltshire)P. IV299a
Charles II, at Farley Castle, & at Beckington, & Bath1663P.H. III043-044
Chastillon, taken prisoner, Lord Moleyns1460P.H. I171-175
Chaucy, William, accounts for Walter Hungerford1521P.H. II089-91a
Chisbury Hungerfords (Co. Wiltshire)P.H. III220-230
Chivalric costume, effigies in churches, Heraldic fashion in 14 th century (illus.) [DZSWS: 1982.3691]M. 213
Chivers, Wallis & Hungerford, See PLACES, Vol. 3, p. 216P.H. IV018a
Chocke, coat of arms (illus.)P.H. IV172
Chronicle of Grey Friars (re: Agnes Hungerford)P.H. II39
Church wardens, seals & fees [Farley]1752M. 2224-225
Church wardens, to … [Farley]1704M. 2221-223
Cicely (Tufton), Lady Hungerford, later Countess of Rutlandd. 1653P.H. II252-255
Cleveland, DuchessP.H. III046-047
Clifford coat of arms (illus.)P. II263b
Clotworthy, Hungerford, death notice, 10 June1881P.H. IV138
Clydesdales, Sale of pure bred stock, by Sir Robert LoderP.H. II140a
Coat of Arms, Quarterings, of heiresses of Hungerford, brought to Hastings, plan (Edmondson’s, vol. 2, p. 191)P.H. I325-326
Cocke family pedigreeP.H. IV014a+
Coins, found near FarleyM. 1271-274
Coke, Thomas, Dr., FarleyM. 2205-208
Coker, Roger, Curate, Farley1762M. 2103
Committee of Privileges, House of Lords, hearing & reports: Botreaux, Hungerford, Molyns, Hastings, Montacute, Monthermier, Montagu1870- 1877P.H. I334-415
Compton coat of arms (illus.), Sackville, CliffordP.H. III92
Compton pedigreeP.H. III091+
Conisbrough Castle, poem (newspaper clipping)M. 1141a
Connections between families buried at church at FarleyM. 2195
Corsham AlmshouseP.H. II354+
Corsham manor, lease to Sir Edmund HungerfordP.H. III126
Cotton family, & Shelley, pedigreeP.H. III190
Countess of Salisbury Chapel, Christchurch (illus.)P.H. I235
County bridges, Division of BathM. 2236
Courcelles, Roger deM. 1017a
Courtenay arms, with supporters, Powderham Church (illus.)1485P. III134
Courtenay impaling Hungerford, coat of arms in Harness Room, Heytesbury House (illus.)1854P. II179
Courtenay, Henry, Sir1469P.H. II018, 023
Courtenay, J.D. Ladies Book Maker, Old George Inn, Salisbury. AdvertisementP.H. I168
Courtenay, Margaret, Lady St LoP.H. I213, 296
Cowley (Co. Gloucester)P. I284
Cowslip Sunday (public holiday), Farleigh HungerfordM. 2171
Cracampton (Co. Cornwall)P. I285
Crawle, in Trowe (or Trow Crawley) (Co. Wiltshire)P. I285
Creedwell (Co. Wiltshire)P. I296
Crewe, Hugh, Marquess (illus.)P.H. IFront.
Crewe, Lord, letter to J.E. Jackson, requesting copy of Hungerford pedigree, with reply from Jackson1882P.H. IV111-112
Crewe, Mrs. Account, of Hungerford devices, arms (illus.)P.H. IV155
Crewe, pictureP. Ivi, opp.
Crewe, Quentin, Marquess (previously Dodds)1958P.H. IPreliminary
Crewe, Robert, bookplateP. I, P. II, P. IIIEndpapers
Cricket St Thomas (Co. Somerset)P. I285
Cricklade (Co. Wiltshire)P. I286-295
Cricklade Church (Co. Wiltshire) (illus.) & Hungerford crest on turret of St Sampson’s Church [DZSWS: 1982.3726, 3727]P. I288-292
Cricklade St Sampson Church, coats of arms (illus.) [DZSWS: 1982.3726, 3727]P. I289-290
Cricklade, market cross (illus.) from J. BrittonP. I293 opp.
Cricklade, St Mary’s ChurchP. I292
Crofton (Co. Wiltshire)P. I296
Crofton, Great Bedwyn (Co. Wiltshire)P. I296
Crokesden (Co. Cambridge)P. I296
Cromwell, coat of arms, trickP. I130
Cromwell, Oliver, letter to Mr. Hungerford, the elder, & replyP.H. III017-020
Cromwell, Oliver, lettersM. 1170-172
Cromwell, Oliver, letters, re Sir John HungerfordP.H. III205
Cromwell, Thomas, letters between him & Lord Walter Hungerford1536-1540P.H. II111-114
Cross flory, in Heytesbury colours, gules & vert, on wall of Farleigh Castle (illus.)M. 1175
Crouch family, pedigree, coat of arms (illus.)P.H. III005a-006
Cullum, of Hawstead, coat of arms, in Hawstead Church (illus.) (black image) [DZSWS: 1982.3843]P.H. III050a
Culme coat of arms, & blazon (illus.)P.H. III048b
Curates of Farleigh, from 1767M. 2103-111
Curll’s (E.), account, in “History of … Salisbury Cathedral”1719P. IV80
Cusse pedigreeP. II58
D’Aranda, Benjamin, Rev., letter about Mr. Ducie Hungerford (original)1701P.H. IV78
Danvers - Hungerford, Shield in window of Down Ampney Church [Coat of arms] (illus.)P. II025-029
Danvers, Anne, Lady, willP.H. II133a
Danvers, Dorothy, coat of arms (illus.)P. II30
Danvers, Lady, mother-in-law, of Sir Anthony HungerfordP.H. III153
Darell, John, Sir, bust (illus.)1572P.H. III153 opp.
Darke’s Junction, Road (letter)P. III157-159
Darrell, William, pedigreeb. 1540P.H. II194a
Datchet (Co. Buckinghamshire)P. II2
Daunrant, see LaurantP. II
Dauntesey Church, coat of arms in east window of Chancel (illus.) [DZSWS: 1982.3731]P. II4
Dauntesey, nr. Malmesbury (Co. Wiltshire)P. II3
De la Mere, Peter, Sir, Speaker of the House of Commons1376, 1377P.H. I037-40
De Montford pedigree, from Dugdale’s WarwickshireM. 120
De Montfort familyM. 1019-026
Dearinge, Cicely, married to Walter Hungerford, Rector of Buscot, will1687P.H. IV036a-037
Death & marriage notices, sundry, etc. P.H. IV139+
Death & the Gallant, in Salisbury Cathedral, & Newark Church ( Gentleman’s magazine ) (illus.)1846P. IV071, 073, 088, 132
Deeping (Co. Lincolnshire)P. II5
Deptford (Co. Devon)P. II6
DeSpencer pedigreeP. II155
Despencer, Elizabeth, Lady, will of, & monument (illus.)1409P. II156-157
Despencer, Lady, letter1390M. 133
Devizes (Co. Wiltshire)P. II5
Devizes MuseumP.H. I055b
Digby family pedigree1622P.H. III55
Dilton, see WestburyP. II
Dilton, Westbury (Co. Wiltshire)P. IV298
Dingley (Northamptonshire)P. II6
Dingley, Hungerfords of, pedigreeP.H. III257+
Dinton, or Dympton (Co. Wiltshire)P. II6
Ditchridge (Co. Wiltshire)P. II7
Ditchridge, plan of two fields, Sir Edward Hungerford1630P. II7
Ditton (Co. Buckinghamshire)P. II8
Ditton (Co. Cambridgeshire)P. II8
Dives, Lewis, Sir, noteP.H. II198a
Dodford pedigreeP. I228
Dodsworth’s Guide to Salisbury Cathedral, Improvements. Extracts. 5p.1789P. IV130
Dodyngton (Co. Salop, now Shropshire)P. II8
Dogkennel Farm, FarleighM. 2204-208
Dolphin coat of arms, sent to Jackson by Arthur Houlton, with letters and drawings: Herr Tank von Clux, Germany (illus.) (very dark)P.H. I074-75
Domesday Book, notice of FarleyM. 117
Donlewe (Dunley) (Co. Wiltshire)P. II9
Dormer & Shelley, coat of arms (illus.)P.H. II203d
Dormer arms (at Lydiard Tregoze, Co. Wiltshire) (illus.)P. III61
Dormer family pedigreeP.H. II140d, 182
Dormer, Anne, Lady Hungerford, buried in Louvain, extracts & letters1571P.H. II171-192a
Dormer, Anne, Lady Hungerford, lettersP.H. II161+
Dormer, Jane, Duchess of Feria, Spain, sister of Anne Dormer (portrait), & detailsP.H. II166, 168, 169-170
Dorothy, Lady Moody, (nee Dunch), went to Massachusetts, USA1640P.H. III207a
Doune (Co. Salop, now Shropshire)P. II9
Down Ampney (Co. Wiltshire & Co. Gloucester)P. II010-031
Down Ampney Church (illus.) [DZSWS: 1982.3733.1]P. II23
Down Ampney Church (incl. illus.)P. II023-028
Down Ampney Church, coats of arms (incl. illus.)P. II025-030
Down Ampney Church, Hungerford – Danvers coat of arms (illus.)P. II025, 030
Down Ampney Church, monuments (incl. drawings) [DZSWS: 1982.3736]P. II026-028
Down Ampney Gate-house (illus.) [DZSWS: 1982.3734, watercolour, & DZSWS: 1982.3733, b&w print]P. II021-022
Down Ampney Gatehouse (illus.) [DZSWS: 1982.3844]P.H. III122
Down Ampney House, coats of arms on hall windows, explanations, blazons, (incl. illus., b&w)P. II018-020
Down Ampney House, its present stateP.H. III129
Down Ampney Hungerford pedigree, from Visitation of Wiltshire, p. 931563P.H. III121+
Down Ampney HungerfordsP.H. III117-211
Down Ampney Hungerfords – List of heads of familyP.H. III116
Down Ampney Hungerfords, pedigreeP.H. III117+
Down Ampney Manor House (incl. illus.) [DZSWS: 1982.3732]P. II012-016
Down Ampney, seat of Lord Eliot, Gloucestershire (illus.) (very dark image on microfilm)P. II022 opp.
Drake family, at Farley Hungerford1696M. 2192-193
Droitwick (Co. Worcester)P. II031a
Duchess of Feria, letter to Robert Dudley, of Leicester (original)P.H. II185-186
Dugdale, William, Sir, Memoir … House of HungerfordP.H. I7
Dugdale’s Baronage , Vol. II. Pp. 203-212 (copy of his account of this ancient family of Hungerford)P.H. IV195-217
Duke, Edward, Rev. of Lake House, letter from (original)P.H. IV109
Duke, Edward, Rev., Extracts illustrating dress of the “Galante” in Hungerford Chapel (incl. illus.)P. IV131-139
Dunch Hungerford pedigreeP.H. III204, 207
Dunch, Mary, will1691P.H. III208
Dunch, Walter, arms ofP. III090a, 091
Dunley, see DonleweP. II
Duntesborne, nr. Cirencester (Co. Gloucester)P. II32
Dupeford, See DiptfordP. II
Durnford Magna (Great) (Co. Wiltshire) (incl. drawing) [DZSWS: 1982.3737]P. II033-038
Durnford Parva (Little) (Co. Wiltshire)P. II39
Durnford, Great (Co. Wiltshire), map and sale documents1874P. II036-038
Durweston, nr. Blandford (Co. Dorset)P. II39
Dykeston (Co. Gloucester)P. II40
Dympton, see DintonP. II
Dynham & Archer, coat of arms, & pedigree (illus.)P.H. II34
Dyrton (Co. Buckinghamshire)P. II39
Earliest notices of the Hungerford family, Berkshire1325P.H. I9
Earliest notices of the Hungerford family, Derbyshire1318P.H. I8
Earliest notices of the Hungerford family, Lincolnshire1257P.H. I009-010
Earliest notices of the Hungerford family, Salisbury1314P.H. I12
Earliest notices of the Hungerford family, Wiltshire1164P.H. I7
Earlstoke (Co. Wiltshire)P. II42
East Burnham, See Stoke PogesP. II
East Garston (Co. Berkshire)P. II42
East Leach (Co. Gloucester)P. II43
East Morden (Co. Dorset)P. II43
Eastham, & Westham Burnell (Co. Essex)P. II042-043
Easthampton (Co. Sussex)P. II43
Easthorp, See Highworth, & EddingtonP. II
Easton (Co. Somerset)P. II43
Easton Royal, nr. Pewsey (Co. Wiltshire)P. II44
Echelhampton Church (Co. Wiltshire)P. II45
Edington, or Edyngton (Co. Wiltshire)P. II045-046
Edith Weston (Co. Rutland) P. II47
Eggerley (Co. Salop, now Shropshire)P. II47
Eisy, nr. Cricklade (Co. Wiltshire)P. II47
Eleanor, Countess of Arundel, WillP.H. I138
Elers coat of arms (illus.)P. I57
Elers family, memoirsP. I053-060
Elers pedigreeP. I057, 060
Elizabeth I, visited Heytesbury1574P. II231
Ellis, George Agar, Hon., plan for Hungerford Market1830P. I150b-151
Elsig Spital [Hospital] (London)P. II47
Elsing Spital (Sion College) St Alphage, London, monumentP. III49
Elston, see Ayleyston St. GeorgeP. II
Elton (Co. Huntingdon)P. II47
Elwes, John, Sir, coat of arms (illus.)1634P. IV170
Enford, nr. Amyesbury (Co. Wiltshire)P. II47
English Channel, map (Eddystone)P. I065c
Episcopal Palace, Exeter, heraldic chimney piece, for Bishop Courtenay (illus.)1478-1487P. II49
Ernle chapel, and coats of arms, blazonsP. I38
Esher Watville (Co. Sussex)P. II47
Estrington (Co. Norfolk)P. II48
Eton Moysey (Co. Wiltshire)P. I131
Eton, nr. Windsor (Co. Buckinghamshire)P. II48
Evelyn, John, of Wotton, visit to CadenhamP.H. IV47
Everley (Co. Wiltshire)1486P. II49
EwellP. II49
Ewerne Minster (Co. Dorset)P. II49
ExeterP. II49
Exeter Castle, ArmourM. 1167
Extract from Farley Register, including baptisms1674P.H. III095a
Eythorne (Co. Kent)P. III12
Eythorne, see KentP. II
Fabian, Edward, will1559P.H. III214
Falkland, in Hemington (Co. Somerset)P. II51
Faringdon (Co. Berkshire)P. II51
Farleigh Castle & garrisonM. 1056+
Farleigh Castle Farm, sold to HoultonM. 1061-062, 064, 107
Farleigh Castle, burning of ivy1842M. 2170
Farleigh Castle, Castle Yard (incl. illus.)M. 2182-183
Farleigh Castle, Gateway to (illus.)M. 2183
Farleigh Castle, Harvest Thanksgiving Service (newspaper clipping)1890M. 2i
Farleigh Castle, One guinea reward for information re: Gates broken (advertisement)1846M. 2172
Farleigh Castle, site sold to CooperM. 1061, 106
Farleigh Castle, traditionsM. 2182-190
Farleigh Castle, various ground plans & views (illus.) (unreadable) [DZSWS: 1982.3634, 3635]M. 1109+
Farleigh Chapel (Co. Somersetshire), letters regarding saleM. 1245b-247
Farleigh Chapel (Co. Somersetshire), Repairs (illus.), & letters with Rev. J.E. Jackson1796M. 1244, 246, 256-257
Farleigh Church (Co. Somersetshire), altar piece (illus.)M. 2034-035
Farleigh Church, altar railing (illus.) [DZSWS: 1982.3696]M. 243
Farleigh Church, building and consecration1369M. 2006-007
Farleigh Church, Chancel window (illus.) [DZSWS: 1982.3693]: Sir Edward Hungerford & Jane Zouche (coats of arms), includes Perceval, Lovell, Zouche, St Maur, Canteluped. 1521M. 2036-037
Farleigh Church, Curates, list of namesM. 2102
Farleigh Church, East Window (illus.) [DZSWS: 1982.3694]M. 240
Farleigh Church, interiorM. 230
Farleigh Church, monumentsM. 249
Farleigh Church, organM. 254
Farleigh Church, rectors, list of namesM. 2055-063
Farleigh Church, side windows (illus.) [DZSWS: 1982.3688, 3689]M. 24
Farleigh Church, South Porch (illus.) [DZSWS: 1982.3692]M. 215
Farleigh Church, South Porch, various speculations about meaning of inscriptionsM. 2014-028
Farleigh Church, The ChancelM. 2042-046
Farleigh Church, The NaveM. 2010, 032
Farleigh Church, Tower & bellsM. 231
Farleigh Church, Tower, Nave, Chancel & South PorchM. 2001-055
Farleigh Church, view from south (illus.) [DZSWS: 1982.3685]M. 2001-002
Farleigh Codford, see Codford FarloP. II51
Farleigh House, History & occupantsM. 2112-134
Farleigh House, sale of plants, greenhouse, implements (advertisement)1863M. 2120
Farleigh Hungerford (Co. Somerset & Co. Wiltshire), introduction M. 1001-003
Farleigh Hungerford CastleM. 1033-106
Farleigh Hungerford Castle (Co. Somerset), paper read by Rev. J.E. Jackson, at Somerset Archaeological Society meetingM. 2237
Farleigh Hungerford Castle and its domestic tragedies, by John TaylorP. II051a-b
Farleigh Hungerford Castle and its domestic tragedies, from Bristol Times & Mirror1884M. 2240-240a
Farleigh Hungerford Castle, (north) side chapelM. 1189-205
Farleigh Hungerford Castle, (north) side chapel (illus.) [DZSWS: 1982.3667, 3668, 3669, 3670, 3671]1839M. 1192-196
Farleigh Hungerford Castle, Architectural details, windows (illus.) [DZSWS: 1982.3673]M. 1205
Farleigh Hungerford Castle, Armour & funeral armour (incl. illus.)M. 1166-168
Farleigh Hungerford Castle, conflagration of ivy1842M. 1153
Farleigh Hungerford Castle, Fragments of architecture, & seal (illus.) [DZSWS: 1982.3647, 3648]M. 1155-155a
Farleigh Hungerford Castle, ground plans, from Le Neve [DZSWS: 1982.3636]1701M. 1112-113
Farleigh Hungerford Castle, Monuments (illus.) [DZSWS: 1982.3674]M. 1207-228
Farleigh Hungerford Castle, Relics found, including handle (illus.) [DZSWS: 1982.3646], & rings (illus.)M. 1154+
Farleigh Hungerford Castle, sold by Henry Baynton1700M. 1061-063
Farleigh Hungerford Castle, The Chapel (incl. illus.) [DZSWS: 1982.3649, 3650, 3651, 3652, 3653, 3654 watercolour]M. 1156-169, 178-178a
Farleigh Hungerford Castle, The Chapel, dimensionsM. 1188
Farleigh Hungerford Castle, The Chapel, disrepair1785M. 1243
Farleigh Hungerford Castle, The Chapel, plans (illus.) [DZSWS: 1982.3650]M. 1159
Farleigh Hungerford Castle, tower (illus.) M. 1150-152
Farleigh Hungerford, A guide, by Rev. J.E. Jackson, title page1879P. II51
Farleigh Hungerford, an account, now in ruins (incl. illus.)M. 1140-146
Farleigh Hungerford, by J.E. Jackson, for Lewis’s Topographical Dictionary1839M. 2238
Farleigh Hungerford, Chapel, various views (illus.) [DZSWS: 1982.3644]M. 1136a-137
Farleigh Hungerford, County stock, payments1795-1836M. 2213
Farleigh Hungerford, Old Castle & ChapelM. 1108-111
Farleigh Monochorum, or Monkton FarleighP. II52
Farleigh Parish Church, Chantry, Chaplains, list of namesM. 2055a
Farleigh Rectory & Church, ground plan, & dimensions (illus.) [DZSWS: 1982.3686, 3687]M. 23
Farleigh Vault, rubbing by Trotter of Sir Edward Hungerford’s tomb (illus.) [DZSWS: 1982.3682]M. 1232a
Farleigh Wick, See Monkton FarleighP. II52
Farleigh, called Farleigh Montford from A.D. 1096 to A.D. 1387 (240 years)1096M. 1024-026
Farleigh, See also FarleyP.H. II
Farleigh, See also Farley
Farley Castle (Co. Somersetshire), views, from Literary Magazine [DZSWS: 1982.3644] [images very dark]M. 1126-139
Farley Castle Chapel [DZSWS: 1982.3654, watercolour]M. 1163
Farley Castle, an Account, from Grose’s AntiquitiesM. 1126a
Farley Castle, Cottage, tin plate (illus.) [DZSWS: 1982.3705]M. 2130
Farley Castle, granted to John Boxham (copy of grant)M. 1039-44
Farley Castle, Gravestone of Chantry priest (illus.) [DZSWS: 1982.3674]M. 1208
Farley Castle, Interior of Old Chapel of St Leonard & chantry of St Ann, watercolour (illus.) [DZSWS: 1982.3819] (very dark) P.H. I049a
Farley Castle, North View (Co. Somerset) (Sam. & Nath. Bucks.) (illus.)1733M. 1116-117
Farley Castle, North View, Samuel & Nathaniel Buck’s view (illus.)1733P.H. Iviiia
Farley Castle, Prout’s view (illus.)M. 1123
Farley Castle, ruins (Co. Somerset) (illus.) (copied from British Museum) [DZSWS: 1982.3637, 3638, 3643]1746M. 1118, 119, 120, 124
Farley Castle, sold to Henry BayntonM. 159
Farley Castle, surrender1645P.H. II312-318
Farley House (illus.) [DZSWS: 1982.3701, 3702, 3703, 3704]M. 2125a-128
Farley Hungerford, Account of roads18401864M. 2226-234
Farley manor, restoration, Survey of Farleigh Hungerford (incl. Tellisford)1555M. 1045-054
Farley vold – manors & properties mortgagedP.H. III62
Farley, Inn, “The Talbot”1701-1722M. 2185
Farley, Leland’s itinerary …1542P. II052+
Farley, see also FarleighP.H. II
Farley, See also Farleigh
Farndon (Co. Northampton)P. II52
Farnhill, in Farnhill Gifford (Co. Wiltshire)P. II52
Fawley (Co. Berkshire)P. II52
FayrokeP. II52
Feltham, between Frome & Longleat (Co. Somerset)P. II053-057
Feria, Count of (Spain)P.H. II168
Fettiplace, in will of Lady Dorothy DanversP.H. III167
Fettiplace, John, Baron, of Chilrey (Co. Berkshire), coat of arms (illus.)1661P.H. III176
Fettiplace, pedigreeP.H. III175-179
Fetyplace, John, Esq., & Dorothy, coat of arms (illus.)P. IV.152
Feversham (Co. Kent)P. II57
Fifield (Co. Wiltshire) (incl. pedigrees)P. II058-060
Fifield HungerfordsP.H. III237-250
Fifield, in Milton Lislebourne Parish (Co. Wiltshire): Hungerford, Wyndham, Penruddock, Heathcote, BeadonP.H. III235-249
Fifield, Mrs. Beadon’s claim of decent from the HungerfordsP.H. III243-248
Fisherton Delamere, nr. Heytesbury (Co. Wiltshire)P. II61
Fittleton, nr. Aymesbury (Co. Wiltshire)P. II61
FitzEly pedigree (of Corston)P. I279
Fitzjohn, armsP.H. I022-26
Fitzwilliam, John, Sir, Lord of Ernley, pedigreeP.H. III185+
Flintford (or Flintfield) (Co. Somerset)P. II61
Flockthorp (Co. Norfolk)P. II61
Flower, Thomas, Rev., Rector of Farleigh, accountM. 264
Folke, nr. Sherborne (Co. Dorset)P. II062-062a
Folke. Hungerford pedigree (from “History of Dorset”)P. II063+
Folkland, See FalklandP. II
Fonthill (Co. Wiltshire)P. II064-076
Fordingbridge (Co. Hampshire)1863P. II77
Forster, Humphrey, Sir, coat of arms (illus.)1620P.H. III165a
Forster, Humphrey, Sir, of Aldermaston, pedigreeP.H. III172
Fovant, Hundred of Dunworth (Co. Wiltshire)P. II076b-077
Fox, Stephen, Sir, member for Wiltshire (portrait)1700P.H. III059a-060
Fox’s Martyrs, Extract relating to John Hunt & Richard WhiteP.H. III160+
Foxes tails, in coats of arms, badges, etc. (illus.)P.H. I082-084
Foxham (Bremhill)P. I90
Foxham Chapel, Bremhill (illus.) [DZSWS: 1982.3713]1846P. I90
Foxham Chapel, Lady Bayton’s giftP. I91
Foxham, See BremhillP. II
French castles, showing similar roofs & towers: Chaumont [DZSWS: 1982.3639]; Teniers; Fiverton Castle (Buck’s view) [DZSWS: 1982.3641]; Chateau de Leon, tower, Josselyn, Brittany (drawings)M. 1121-122
Freshford (Co. Somerset)77
Frilsham, nr. Newbury (Co. Berkshire)P. II77
Frome Division, & Bath Division. Duties ?M. 2213a
Frome River, fishing rightsM. 2212a
Frome Selwood (Co. Somerset) (incl. illus.)P. II078-080
Frome Whittesfield (Co. Dorset)P. II81
Frome, Chapel of St KatherineP. II81
Froxfield (Co. Wiltshire)P. II82
Froxfield, endowment of charities, signatures include Edward Hungerford, signed 7th October1711P.H. III70
Fryer pedigree [Farley] M. 2210-211
Fryer, Edward, Dr., benefactor to the poor of parish of Farleigh Hungerford, Co. Somerset, pedigree, by J.E. Jackson1844M. 2217
Fryer, Edward, Dr., Memoir. Founder of Fryer’s Charity1700+M. 2135-151
Fryer, Edward, Dr., petition to King’s Bench, & WillM. 2139-145
Fryer, Roger, & John (carpenters), letter & replyM. 2208c
Fryer, Roger, of Bradford & Farleigh, pedigree1720M. 2138
Fryer. Farley Lodge FarmM. 2209
Garsden Marsh, duel1580P.H. III269
Garsden, nr. Malmesbury (Co. Wiltshire)P. II84
Garters (illus.), as on Sir Walter Hungerford’s tomb, at SalisburyP. IV40
Gaunt, John of, Duke of Lancaster, seal (illus.)P.H. I037 opp.
Genealogy of Medieval HungerfordsP.H. I293
Geological Table of British Organized Fossils, as discovered by William Smith, civil engineer. Specimens in British MuseumM. 2096a
George Inn, The, at back of, at Trowbridge (illus.) [DZSWS: 1982.3799]P. IV215
George Inn, The, Norton St Phillip, nr. Bath, (illus.) [DZSWS: 1982.3772]P. III103
George, Duke of ClarenceP.H. I229-245
George, Duke of ClarenceM. 135
Gestnyng (Co. Somerset & Dorset)P. II84
Gill, Walter, letter to Rev. J.E. Jackson, re renovations at Wellow church (original)1879P. IV263b-c
Glastonbury AbbeyP. II84
Godardville, Walter de, pedigreeP. I194
Goddard, Anne (question of husband)m. 1632P.H. III198
Goddard, Francis, excuse, Chancery proceedings v. Dame Margaret Hungerford1649P.H. II334a
Goddard, John, willP.H. III164a
Goldsmith, Jesse, death, Trowbridge1884M. 2206b
Gollyfers, in Bampton, nr. Faringdon (Co. Oxford)P. II84
Gore (Co.Wiltshire) See also Lea & ClevertonP. II84
Gostlett, William, married Anne Hungerford, of Cadenhamd. 1638P.H. IV015a
Grafton EastP. II84
Grandeston (Co. Huntingdon)P. II85
Green, Thomas, letter, Re Radnor1778P. IV47
Greenhill family, FarleyM. 2202
Gresham, & Gresham Manor (Co. Norfolk)P. II85
Grey family pedigreeP.H. IV002b
Grey Friars, Newgate St., London, burial registerP. III50
Grey, Henry, Duke of Suffolk, “The neglected relic” (newspaper clipping)M. 1257-258
Griffin, letter to Jackson1856P.H. III256
Grovely Forest, see Barford St MartinsP. II85
Hacchesham, see HatchemP. II86
Hackney (Co. Middlesex)P. II86
Haddon Hall (Co. Derby)P. II085a
Hallatrow (Co. Somerset)P. II86
Halle, coat of arms, impaled with merchant’s mark (illus.)P.H. III136
Halle, John, Dress & Memorials, Salisbury Cathedral (incl. illus.)P. IV133-139
Halle, John, his Hall (illus. of interior), citizen & merchant of Salisbury1467-1484P.H. III137
Halle, John, of Salisbury, pedigreeP.H. III138, 141
Halliday family, of Wiltshire & Somersetshire, printed account + coat of arms (illus.), & monumental inscription, & lettersP.H. II370b-371+
Halliday, Margaret, Lady Hungerford, of Corsham, portraits & coat of arms (illus.) [DZSWS: 1982.3841]P.H. II349-350
Halliday, Margaret, Lady Hungerford, or Corshamd. 1673P.H. II344+
Halliday, William, & Susannah, & Anne, monument in St Lawrence Church (illus.)P.H. II373
Halliday, William, Sir, MonumentP. III051-052
Halton, see HoltonP. II
Hamatethy (Co. Cornwall)P. II086-087
Hampson, Thomas, Sir, Case for delinquency (printed)1647P.H. III110
Hampstead Norris (Little Hungerford) (Co. Berkshire)P. II88
Hampton Aumerle (Co. Hampshire)P. II88
Hampton Elvyll (Co. Wiltshire)P. II88
Hampton Poyle (Co. Oxford)P. II088-089
Handlo pedigreeP.H. III133+
Hankerton HungerfordsP.H. III263-278
Hankerton, nr. Malmesbury (Co. Wiltshire)P. II89
Hanley Castle (Co. Worcester)P. II089-089c
Hanney, East & West (Co. Berkshire)P. II089c
Hanover, Crest (illus.)P.H. I26
Harborough (Co. Leicester)P. II089c
Harden Ewyas, now Harden HuishP. II090-091
Hardington, in Hundred of Kilminster, nr. Frome (Co. Somerset)P. II92
Hardisley Moleyns (Co. Buckinghamshire)P. II92
Hardwick, in Hundred of Cotteslow (Co. Buckinghamshire)P. II92
Hardy, William John, A word more about the Hungerford family, in “The Antiquary”1887P.H. II164+
Hardy, William John, in “The Antiquary”, letters from Anne Hungerford (nee Dormer)1559P.H. II162-164
Hardy, William John, on Lord Hungerford of Heytesbury, Part I, in “The Antiquary”1881P.H. II102-105
Hardy, William John, on Lord Hungerford of Heytesbury, Part II, in “The Antiquary”P.H. II126-128
Haresfield, nr. Stonehenge (Co. Gloucester)P. II092a
Hargrove (Co. Dorset)P. II93
Harleston, parish of East Allington (Co. Devon)P. II93
Harnham East (Co. Wiltshire)P. II93
Harris, Elizabeth1621P.H. III218a
Hartgill, murder ofP.H. III162
Harwood (Co. Warwick)P. II93
Hasebury (Box) (Co. Oxford)P. II93
Haslewood, Fulke, of Wickwarren, will proved1596P.H. III265
Hastings – Hungerford, coat of arms (illus. of silk embroidery)1693P. I37
Hastings familyM. 138
Hastings notesP.H. I327
Hastings shield at …. Letter, Blazons1880P.H. I322-324
Hastings, coats of arms, through heiresses of Hungerford (plan)P.H. I325-326
Hastings, Edward1488P.H. I307
Hastings, Edward, Lord Looghborough, with arms, in Stoke Pogeis Church (illus.) [DZSWS: 1982.3795]P. IV189
Hastings, Edward, Sir, pedigreeP. I190 opp.
Hastings, Katherine, Lady, Will 1503P.H. I309
Hastings, Lady. Documents1474P.H. IV245
Hastings, Lord, Will1506P.H. I309
Hastings, Marquis, death of, Newspaper clippings, hearings, reports1868P.H. I333
Hastings, Standard of the Lord Hastings de Hungerford (illus.) [DZSWS: 1982.3830]1506P.H. I308
Hatcham (Co. Kent & Surrey)P. II94
Hatherley (Co. Somerset)P. II95
Haydon (Co. Wiltshire)P. II95
Hayes, James, Sir, married to Lady Falkland, with coat of arms (illus.)P.H. III30
Haynes, nr. BedfordP. II95
Heale, pedigree, families living at Farleigh Hungerford1670-1700P. III217
Heathcote, William, Sir, of Fifield, descentP.H. III241+
Hele family pedigreeP.H. III043a
Hele, coat of arms, quartering Warwick, in Wembury Church (illus.)P.H. III45
Hele, Samuel, Sir, married Mary Hungerford1668P.H. III31
Helmesford (Co. Wiltshire)P. II95
Hemyngton (Co. Somerset)P. II95
Henderson, John, death & will proved 1879 (newspaper clippings)d. 1878P.H. IV115
Hendon ( Co. Middlesex)P. II96
Hendre (Co. Cornwall)P. II96
Henford Maltravers (Co. Somerset)P. II96
Henley on ThamesP. II96
Henry V, King, Muster rolls of the army of. Extract from Harleian MS 24,704. List of men commandeered by Sir Walter Hungerford1417P. I079-081
Henry VII, King of England1486-87P.H. II020-021
Henton Charterhouse (Co. Somerset)P. II097-114
Henton Charterhouse (illus.) [DZSWS: 1982.3741]P. II112-113
Henton, manor of, the GraungeP. II106+
Henton, or HintonP. II097-144, 151
Henwick (Co. Berkshire)P. II151
Henwood, nr. RamsburyP. II151
Heraldry, for Hungerford, and families in the pedigree chartsP.H. IV153-172
Hertford, Earl, letter to Edward Gore, re Colonel Hungerford’s regiment (copy)1612P.H. IV27
Hervena (Co. Cornwall)P. II151
Hetling House (illus.)P. I022-023
Heyford Warren (Co. Oxford)P. II151
Heytesbury (Co. Wiltshire)P. II152-179
Heytesbury AlmshouseP. II189+, 230c, 235, 240+
Heytesbury Almshouse, Ancient Statutes, by Rev. J.E. Jackson1869P. II240-252
Heytesbury Almshouses, Depositions in a Commission, Sir Walter Hungerford, & Edward Hungerford,1589P.H. IV283-310
Heytesbury Almshouses, Depositions between the Master & Almsmen, and Sir Walter Hungerford, & his brother Edward HungerfordP.H. IV273-282
Heytesbury Church (incl. illus.) [DZSWS: 1982.3748, 3749, 3750, 3759, 3760]1516-1517P. II191-195a, 224a
Heytesbury Church, arch (illus.)P. II194
Heytesbury Church, fragments of tomb sent to Farley CastleM. 1228
Heytesbury Church, rows of Hamlake to Hungerford, Temp. 50 Edw. III (black picture on microfilm)1377P. II158a
Heytesbury Church, rubbings of centre tiles [DZSWS: 1982.3742, 3743, 3744, 3745, 3746, 3747]P. II173-177
Heytesbury Free Grammar SchoolP. II212a
Heytesbury HospitalP. II180-188, 212, 230a, 239a
Heytesbury Hospital (illus.) [DZSWS: 1982.3751]1770P. II210
Heytesbury Hospital, The Scheme for the management & regulation of,1857P. II252-255
Heytesbury House (illus.) [DZSWS: 1982.3752]P. II234
Heytesbury House, ground plan1790P. II233
Heytesbury, Arms, on boss in cloisters of Lacock Abbey, (illus.) [DZSWS: 1982.3765] P. III026a
Heytesbury, Bailiff’s accounts … (original)1516-17P.H. II080-085
Heytesbury, Hundred, in “The History of Modern Wiltshire”P. II195-209a
Heytesbury, Hundred, mapP. II197-198
Heytesbury, Maud deP.H. I013-015
Heytesbury, Old manor houseP. II199
Heytesbury, South CourtP. II154-155
Heytesbury, West CourtP. II162
Higford, William, pedigreeP.H. III141a
Highbury, see NewingtonP. II
Highchurch, in Falkland (Co. Somerset)P. II256-257
Highgate (Co. Middlesex)P. II258
Highgate Chapel (illus.), with coats of arms1833P. II259-264
Highworth (Co. Wiltshire)P. II265-268
Hill, Giles, curateM. 2206a
Hilton (Co. Cornwall)P. II269
Hinston (Co. Gloucester)P. II269
Hinton Abbey, nr. Bath (drawing) [DZSWS: 1982.3739]P. II98
Hinton Abbey, nr. Bath, hall table (illus.) [DZSWS: 1982.3740]P. II103
Hinton Charterhouse, see HentonP. II
Hinton ChurchP. II144
Hinton House, formerly GrangeP. II115
Hinton, see HentonP. II
Hoare, R. Colt, Hungerfordiana1823P.H. III066a
Hoare, R. Colt, Hungerfordiana, correctionP.H. III212a
Hoare, R. Colt, SirP.H. I7
Hoare, R. Colt, Sir, Hungerfordiana, Index to Persons & Places, made by Rev. J.E. Jackson. 21 p. (12 pages). 1822 edition. 1846P.H. IV[322+]
Hoare, Richard Colt, Sir, “The History of Modern Wiltshire: Hundred of Heytesbury” , (incl. illus. & map)1824P. II195-209a
Hockwold (Co. Norfolk)P. II270
Hodington (Co. Worcester)P. II270
Holbrooke, nr. Wincaunton (Co. Somerset)P. II271
Holdich – Hungerford coat of arms (illus.)P.H. III255
Holdich Hungerford, coat of arms M. 1255 opp.
Holdich vs. Byron1847P.H. III255
Holloway (picture, black, caption illegible)P. II048a
Holton, nr. Wincaunton (Co. Somerset)P. II271
HometP.H. I86
Homet (Humet)P. I86
Homet, Normandy, FranceP. II271
Homington (Co. Wiltshire)P. II272
Honeybridge (Co. Wiltshire) see also WestburyP. II272
Honeybridge, Westbury (Co. Wiltshire)P. IV299a
Honiton (Co. Devon)P. II272
Hoo, La, nr. Chatham (Co. Kent)P. II273
Hopgrass, nr. Hungerford (Co. Wiltshire? Or Berkshire?)P. II273
Hopkinson, Francis, Rev. Father, correspondence with Thomas Hungerford, Esq. of Clonakilty1848+P.H. IV134-136
Horninghold (Co. Leicester) P. II274
Horningsham, Great, & Little (Co. Wiltshire)P. II274-278
Horseley (Co. Gloucester)P. II279-281
Horsey, MaryP.H. III215
Horsley, grant of Rectory, by Sir Walter Hungerford1564P.H. II220+
Horton-Bradford chantryM. 146
Hoskyns descentP.H. III192
Hoskyns, Horatio Hungerford, of Morehampton ParkP.H. III191+
Houlton charitiesM. 2152
Houlton, Arthur, Esq., brass rubbing (illus.)M. 252
Houlton, Francis, Esquire, death, of Farleigh Hungerford (newspaper clipping, Trowbridge Chronicle , 12 Jan 1889)1889M. 1107a-d
Houlton, George, Sir, monuments, inscriptionsM. 2050a-051
Houlton, John, Col., letter to John Peach Hungerford, Esq. (copy)1808M. 1252-255
Houlton, John, Esq. signatureM. 1247 opp.
Houlton, John, Col. , left sum for maintenance of Farleigh Castled. 1839M. 1249
Houlton, John, Lt. Col., monument (illus.) [DZSWS: 1982.3697]d. 1839M. 2047, 050
Houlton, Joseph, Esq., death1709M. 1107
Houlton, to Phelps, Vestry proceedings1830M. 2215
Howard, John, Duke of Gloucester1483M. 138
Howard, John, Sir, Duke of Norfolk1483P.H. II003, 007
Hulbert epitaph, inscription in Corsham churchP.H. II343-343a
Humet (Homet)P. I86
Hungerford & Sandys, door of factory on Court Hill, Trowbridge (illus.) [DZSWS: 1982.3800]P. IV217
Hungerford - Compton coat of arms (illus.), Sackville, CliffordP.H. III92
Hungerford – Darrell divorce caseP.H. II201a-c
Hungerford – Peverell, pedigree to RadnorP. IV031a
Hungerford – Scrope, pedigreeP.H. IV29
Hungerford - Seymour, coat of arms (illus.)P.H. III238a
Hungerford & Beauchamp Chapels, Salisbury Cathedral (incl. illus.) [DZSWS: 1982. 3776]P. IV058-059
Hungerford & HavylandP. IV321a
Hungerford & Mervyn & FonthillP. II071-076
Hungerford & Seymour, coat of arms (illus.)P. I70
Hungerford (Co. Salop, now Shropshire)P. II282
Hungerford Acres, & Dunch’s charity, from Report of Commissioners Inquiring Concerning Charities, Co. Wiltshire1634P. I293-294
Hungerford Arms (illus.), from Symonds’ description1644P. IV032-34
Hungerford arms in window: St John, Leighton, Mompesson, Ayliffe, Alye, Apsley, Rowe, Grisham, Newborough, Duncome, Stafferton, Mildmay, Crouch, Jones, Chooke, Strange, Goddard, Thistlewaite (illus.)M. 1147-148
Hungerford arms or badges, before they purchased Farleigh Castle: Heytesbury, & Fitzjohn (illus.)P.H. IV155
Hungerford arms, blazons and detailsP.H. IV169+
Hungerford arms, Fitzjohn (illus.)P.H. I25
Hungerford Arms, from Berry, vol. IV, blazonsP.H. IV165a
Hungerford Arms, from Burke’s General Armory, blazonsP.H. IV166a
Hungerford arms, from old M.S. book of arms belonging to Sir Belingham Graham (illus.) & blazonsP.H. IV167
Hungerford Arms, in Leveridge Chantry in Frome Selwood Parish Church (illus.) [DZSWS: 1982.3738]P. II78
Hungerford arms, in North gallery, as seen by Le Neve (illus.)1701M. 1149
Hungerford arms, list by Mrs. CreweP.H. IV159-160a
Hungerford arms, plan, the Cage, Salisbury CathedralP. IV 36
Hungerford arms, within Knot of sickles in windows, Farleigh Church (illus.)M. 239
Hungerford arms: sketches on objects & windows (illus.)P.H. IV168
Hungerford badge (illus.) [DZSWS: 1982.3826]P.H. I96
Hungerford badge (illus.), at Farley Castle [DZSWS: 1982.3664]M. 1186
Hungerford Barons, list of (from Beatson’s Political Index)P.H. IV187
Hungerford Chantries, Salisbury Cathedral, Certificates of Commissioners1546P. IV110-124
Hungerford Chantry Chapel, ceiling, coats of armsP. I191
Hungerford Chantry, Chippenham Church, east window (illus.) [DZSWS: 1982.3720]P. I 192 opp.
Hungerford Chantry, in Heytesbury Church (illus.) A’Court family burial. Hungerford sickles (illus.) [DZSWS: 1982.3749]P. II190-192, 224a
Hungerford Chantry, Mintey Church (Co. Wiltshire), windows, by Rev. Henry Ward (illus.) [DZSWS: 1982.3770, 3771]P. III084-085
Hungerford Chapel in Salisbury Cathedral, west end (illus.) [DZSWS: 1982.3778]P. IV65
Hungerford chapel, destruction, Extracts from letter from Architect, Gentleman’s Magazine1803P. IV125-128
Hungerford Chapel, repair of roofM. 1249
Hungerford Chapel, Salisbury Cathedral (illus.)P. IV59
Hungerford Chapel, Salisbury Cathedral (printed document)1854P.H. I283+
Hungerford Chapel, Salisbury Cathedral, east end (illus.) [DZSWS: 1982.3777]P. IV64
Hungerford chapel, Salisbury Cathedral, east end, wall painting (life size) (illus.)P. IV 71
Hungerford Chapel, Salisbury Cathedral, Inventory of Chapel furniture, A.D. 1472, paper read by Rev. J.E. Jackson, Wiltshire Archaeological Magazine1869P. IV096-99
Hungerford Chapel, Salisbury Cathedral, painting on door (illus.) [DZSWS: 1982.3818]P. IV079a
Hungerford Chapel, Salisbury Cathedral, Paintings on Walls (illus.)P. IV063-67
Hungerford Chapel, Salisbury, from Gough’s Sepulchral Monuments (illus.)P. IV61
Hungerford Chapel, Sarum, wall painting, costume (illus.) [DZSWS: 1982.3781]P. IV071a
Hungerford Chapel, Stone shields, outside (coats of arms) (illus.)P. IV62
Hungerford Chapel, the Vault (incl. illus.) [DZSWS: 1982.3678, 3679, 3680, 3681] (1982.3681 illegible on microfilm)M. 1228a-235
Hungerford Chapel, the Vault, plan (incl. illus.)M. 1233a
Hungerford Chapels in Salisbury Cathedral, by Rev. J.E. Jackson, printed in Wiltshire Archeological Magazine1855P. IV007-016
Hungerford Church (Old) (illus.)P. II284
Hungerford Church, Chantry of the Holy TrinityP. II283
Hungerford coat of arms (drawing)1880P.H. I66
Hungerford coat of arms (illus.)P. Ivi-viii, 142
Hungerford coat of arms, showing 1. Heytesbury. 2. Fitzjohn. 3. Hussey. 4. Peverell. 5. Botreaux (ancient, toads). 6. Moleyns.M. 1114
Hungerford coats of arms on side Chapel walls (illus.) (some now destroyed)M. 1198-200
Hungerford coats of arms on side Chapel walls of Farleigh House (illus.)M. 1201-204
Hungerford coats of arms on side Chapel windows (illus.)M. 1206
Hungerford coats of arms, as painted on Mr. Nichol’s pedigree P. IV038-040
Hungerford coats of arms, eldest Branch of Hungerfords of Farleigh, ending with Hungerford heiress, Mary Hastings (illus.)P.H. IV161-172
Hungerford coats of arms, in Chippenham Chapel (illus., some colour)P. I190-192
Hungerford coats of arms, in Farley House windows, collected by John Houlton (tricks, illus.)1816M. 2129-129a
Hungerford coats of arms, tricks (illus.)P. I132
Hungerford crest on turret of Cricklade Church (illus.) [DZSWS: 1982.3726]P. I288
Hungerford crest, on house at Trowbridge (illus.) [DZSWS: 1982.3799]P. IV215
Hungerford crest, on house old house at Trowbridge (illus.) [DZSWS: 1982.3801] (too dark to read)P. IV217a
Hungerford crest, on old settle (illus.) [DZSWS: 1982.3658]M. 1177
Hungerford crests, devices, badges (illus.)P.H. IV170
Hungerford devices; sickles, wheat sheafs (illus.)P.H. IV154a-155
Hungerford Dignities, Barons, peers, M.P.s, Sheriffs, etc. P.H. IV184-194
Hungerford Dunch, of Little Wittenham, will,1680P.H. III208
Hungerford estates brought to Lord Hastings, by marriage, list1477P.H. IV214-216
Hungerford estates confiscated, & returned1483P.H. II3
Hungerford Estates, 3 rd report: Appendix II, No. 6, Inventory & Calendar of the Baga de Secretis, 17 Edward IV to 38 Henry VIII 1842P. IV334+
Hungerford Estates, 6 th report1845P. IV333a
Hungerford Estates, 9 th report1848P. IV334
Hungerford family of Cadenham, list of heads of this family: P.H. IV001+
Hungerford family pedigree, from James Tufton, + letter1627-1733P.H. III097b+
Hungerford family, A memoir of the, Extract from Dugdale’s Baronage , Vol. II, pp. 203-212P.H. IV196-217
Hungerford family, Down Ampney, List of heads of familyP.H. III116
Hungerford family, earliest notices, in various countiesP.H. I006-012
Hungerford family, Inquisition Post MortemP. IV335-343
Hungerford family, List of wills, from which Extracts or copies are contained in these collectionsP.H. IV247-248a
Hungerford family, Notes copied from Misses Hungerford manuscript1865M. 1259-270
Hungerford family, Portraits, engraved or painted, prints, or drawings, including busts, List of, as known to Rev. J.E. Jackson1847P.H. IV173-183
Hungerford garb, with sickle, & golden cord, on standard of Edward, Lord Hastings, from Montagu’s Heraldry, p. 50 (illus.)P.H. IV167
Hungerford graduates at OxfordP.H. IV194
Hungerford Hall (newspaper clipping)1851P. I159a
Hungerford Heraldry, Arms, Devices (incl. illus.)P.H. IV153-172
Hungerford House & Market, In Strand, to be disposed of1677P.H. III052-053
Hungerford House, Charing (see also Westminster)P. I135-137
Hungerford House, NortonP. III95
Hungerford internments at Farley Castle, listM. 1235-237
Hungerford lands, 20 th Report to 29 th Report; List of records1858-1868P.H. II120b-c
Hungerford lands, Public Record Office1859P. IV334
Hungerford lands, reportsP.H. II122a+
Hungerford Little, in Hampstead Norris parishP. II282
Hungerford M.P.s for BoroughsP.H. IV190-193
Hungerford M.P.s, for ShiresP.H. IV189
Hungerford MarketP. I139-155
Hungerford Market, bustP. I148-149
Hungerford Market, crest over door, & floor plan (illus.) [DZSWS: 1982.3717]P. I147
Hungerford Market, New (incl. illus.) (printed document)1832P. I155-156
Hungerford Market, nr. York Buildings, Strand (illus.) (very dark images)1825P. I141-142
Hungerford Market, proposed ground plan & views (illus.)P. I152-153a
Hungerford of CadenhamP.H. IV001-115
Hungerford of Cadenham, pedigree tablesP.H. IV001a+
Hungerford pedigree (from “History of Dorset”, Folke)P. II63
Hungerford pedigree from Visitation of Berkshire1666P.H. IV021a
Hungerford Pedigree, compiled from Bigland & others, Letters between J.E. Jackson, & Henry Lawes Long, Esq., & Rev. Francis Goddard, Hilmarton. 6 p. 1861P.H. IV311+
Hungerford pedigree, Down Ampney branch, from Visitation of Wiltshire, p. 931563P.H. III121+
Hungerford pedigree, variant from Nichol’sP.H. III120+
Hungerford pedigrees, list of names inP.H. IV155a-156a
Hungerford pictures, heard of in 18561856P.H. IV181
Hungerford portraits at Rodborne, list1847P.H. IV183+
Hungerford properties, Ireland, from Irish Domesday1876P.H. IV139a
Hungerford registers, extracts from Collectanea Topographica et Genealogica1559+P.H. III222c
Hungerford Sheriffs, listP.H. IV188+
Hungerford sickles (illus.) [DZSWS: 1982.3749]P. II190
Hungerford sickles, device in window of Hungerford Chapel, Wellow Church (illus.) ]DZSWS: 1982.3804P. IV261a
Hungerford Stairs, Westminster (illus.)P. I145a-b
Hungerford Suspension Bridge (illus.) (& newspaper clipping)1845P. I157-158, 159+
Hungerford Terrar, a gazetteer of places … in counties of Wiltshire & Somerset, to which Hungerford family was connected, complied by Rev. John Edward Jackson1832-1873P. Ixi-xii
Hungerford Terrar. Alphabetical list which forms the basis of the four volumes of PLACESP.H. IV220-228
Hungerford Terrar, notes, and See other volumesP.H. I1
Hungerford Town (Co. Berkshire & Wiltshire)P. II282-294, 302+
Hungerford vs. Hungerford, in Chancery, Mitford 5431691P.H. III208
Hungerford vs. Hungerford. Chancery proceedings (Frances Hungerford vs. Edmund Hungerford)1619P.H. III224
Hungerford vs. Moody, Chancery proceedings1622P.H. III269
Hungerford wills, abstracts, taken from “Nichol’s Topographical & Genealogica”800-1804P.H. III119+
Hungerford, Ada, “Notes from Rome” (newspaper clippings)1875, 1879, 1884P.H. IV144-145
Hungerford, Agnes, Dame, Inventory of the goods of, Attainted of murder 14 Hen. VIII, by John Gough Nichols, & Rev. John Edward Jackson. London (printed, & handwritten copies)1861P.H. II045-070
Hungerford, Agnes, documents & lettersP.H. II044+
Hungerford, Agnes, LadyP.H. II39
Hungerford, Agnes, Lady, account in The Antiquary, by W.J. Hardy1880P.H. II074-075a
Hungerford, Agnes, notes about case and lifeP.H. II075-79
Hungerford, Aldelinus, M.P. (Chippenham)1477-90P.H. II002, 029
Hungerford, Alithea, Lady (nee Compton) P.H. III089-093
Hungerford, Ann, Lady (nee Dormer) & William (‘Wild’) Darrell, of LittlecoteP.H. II194, 197-200
Hungerford, Ann, widow of Captain Edward Luttrell (Capt. Luttrell was murdered)1722P.H. IV107+
Hungerford, Anna, Lady, Letter to Duke of Feria (Spain)1602P.H. II188
Hungerford, Anne, dau. of Henry Hungerford, married Sir Gabriel Lowe, of Newmark (See also Personal History, Vol. III, p. 192)P.H. IV096a
Hungerford, Anne, Lady (nee Dormer), letter to Robert Dudley, of Leicester (original)P.H. II184
Hungerford, Anne, married John BlagraveP.H. III169-171
Hungerford, Anne, of The Lea, will proved1607/8P.H. III267
Hungerford, Anthony (Antony), Esq., of Farleigh Castle, father of The Spendthrift, friend of Oliver Cromwelld. 1657P.H. III010-032
Hungerford, Anthony, Colonel, IrelandP.H. IV127
Hungerford, Anthony, Esq., letter to Sir James Thynne (original) (signature is Antho. Hungerford)P.H. III20
Hungerford, Anthony, Esq., of Farleigh Castle, childrenP.H. III028-032
Hungerford, Anthony, Esq., of Farleigh Castle, coat of arms impaling Jones, at Beckington (illus.) [DZSWS: 1982.3842]P.H. III12
Hungerford, Anthony, Esq., of Farleigh Castle, death & buriald. 1657P.H. III21
Hungerford, Anthony, Esq., of Farleigh Castle, married Rachel JonesP.H. III012, 021, 021a
Hungerford, Anthony, Esq., of Farleigh Castle, willP.H. III022-027a
Hungerford, Anthony, Esq., of The Lea, will1659P.H. III270-277
Hungerford, Anthony, Esquire (maybe of Ireland?)d. 1594P. II145-150
Hungerford, Anthony, grants of land in Ireland1573P.H. IV125
Hungerford, Anthony, shield, on White Parish Manor House, impaling wife (illus.) [DZSWS: 1982.3815]P. IV309
Hungerford, Anthony, Sir & Rachel Jones, Coat of armsP. I26
Hungerford, Anthony, Sir, & Rachel Jones, brass rubbing [DZSWS: 1982.3710]P. I043+
Hungerford, Anthony, Sir, Charity, Temp 18 Car.IP. I209
Hungerford, Anthony, Sir, coat of arms (illus.)P. II30
Hungerford, Anthony, Sir, of Black Bourton, “Advice of a son”, re roman Catholicism versus ProtestantismP.H. III003a
Hungerford, Anthony, Sir, of Black Bourton, grandfather of the Spendthrift (also sometimes spelt Antony)d. 1627P.H. III002-010
Hungerford, Anthony, Sir, of Black Bourton, list of effects (illegible pages)1627P.H. III008-009
Hungerford, Anthony, Sir, of Black Bourton, married 1. Lucy (nee Hungerford) of Farley, widow of St JohnP.H. III003+
Hungerford, Anthony, Sir, of Black Bourton, married 2. Sarah CrouchP.H. III004+
Hungerford, Anthony, Sir, of Down Ampney, married 1. Elizabeth Lucyd. 1653P.H. III200-209
Hungerford, Anthony, Sir, of Down Ampney, married 2. Jane Ernle, buried 1652d. 1653P.H. III200-209
Hungerford, Anthony, Sir, of Down Ampney, signature AnthonyP.H. III200a
Hungerford, Anthony, Sir, of the Lea, WillP. III035+
Hungerford, Antony (Anthony) Sir, letter to Sir John Thynne (signed Antony)1547, 1548P.H. III157
Hungerford, Antony, 2 nd son of Sir Edward Hungerford, The SpendthriftP.H. III96
Hungerford, Antony, Esq., of Black Bourton, married Lucy HungerfordM. 154
Hungerford, Antony, Esq., of Down Ampney, married Bridget Shelleyd. 1589P.H. III186-192
Hungerford, Antony, Esq., of Down Ampney, willP.H. III189
Hungerford, Antony, Sir, of Down Ampney, childrenP.H. III168-168a
Hungerford, Antony, Sir, of Down Ampney, married 1. Jane Darelld. 1558P.H. III151-172
Hungerford, Antony, Sir, of Down Ampney, married 2. Dorothy Danvers, of Berkshired. 1558P.H. III151-172
Hungerford, Antony, Sir, of Down Ampney, signature (Antony)P.H. III166
Hungerford, Baron, Warminster, list of names & signaturesP. IV244-245
Hungerford, Botreaux, Hussey coats of arms, descriptions, in Hungerford Chapel, Salisbury CathedralP. IV090-90a
Hungerford, Bridget, heiress, of Down Ampney, married Edmund Dunchd. 1662P.H. III201, 203-208
Hungerford, Bridget, Lady ChokeP.H. II377
Hungerford, burial extracts, Clonakilty, & The Island, Ireland1770-1826P.H. IV128
Hungerford, Captain, serving in Ireland1570P.H. IV125
Hungerford, Christian, Lady, Will1504P.H. III140
Hungerford, coats of arms, blazons, in Iron ChapelP. IV029-031
Hungerford, Colonel, in Ireland1680+P.H. IV126
Hungerford, Dorothy & Fulke Hazelwood, at Pershore (Co. Worcester), monument (illus.)P. III131, opp.
Hungerford, Dorothy, Lady, will1559P.H. III168
Hungerford, Down Ampney, pedigreeP.H. III117+
Hungerford, Dr., disagreement with treatmentP.H. IV042e
Hungerford, Ducie (Ducy)b. 1678P.H. IV074a, 078, 078b
Hungerford, Edith, of the Lea, will proved1603P.H. III265, 268
Hungerford, Edmund, of Chelsea, married Ursula (incl. her will)P.H. IV12
Hungerford, Edmund, of Chisbury & Fifield, pedigreed. 1668P.H. III238+
Hungerford, Edmund, of Chisbury, will1660P.H. III225
Hungerford, Edmund, pedigree1671P. I32
Hungerford, Edmund, Sir1845P. IV333a
Hungerford, Edmund, Sir, of Down Ampney, carver to the Royal Household, his dutiesP.H. III127-128a
Hungerford, Edmund, Sir, of Down Ampney, his familyP.H. III129-130
Hungerford, Edmund, Sir, of Down Ampney, married Margaret (or Marjery) Burnelld. 1484P.H. III124-133
Hungerford, Edward (Digby Gerard), son of Sir Edward Hungerford & Jane Digby, married Elizabeth BlakeP.H. III097+
Hungerford, Edward, (son of Walter), monument, inscription (illus.) [DZSWS: 1982.3837]d. 1585P.H. II143
Hungerford, Edward, Depositions with Heytesbury Almshouses1589P.H. IV273-310
Hungerford, Edward, Esq., son of Sir Edward Hungerford, coat of arms, impaled with Compton, Sackville, Clifford (illus.)1677P.H. III92
Hungerford, Edward, Esq., son of Sir Edward Hungerford, The Spendthrift, married 1677/8 to Lady Alithea Comptond. 1681P.H. III089-093
Hungerford, Edward, Esq., book dedicated to, titled “Humane Prudence”P.H. III094a-c
Hungerford, Edward, Esq., children – pedigreeP.H. III095a
Hungerford, Edward, Esq., eldest son of Sir Edward Hungerford, of Farley Castled. 1681P.H. III57
Hungerford, Edward, Esq., of Cadenham, married Anne Grey, of Groby, pedigreeP.H. IV002-002b
Hungerford, Edward, Esq., of Cadenham, will1504P.H. IV005b
Hungerford, Edward, Esq., son of Sir Edward Hungerford, of Farley Castle, Nuncupative willd. 1861P.H. III094+
Hungerford, Edward, filia, cup (illus.) [DZSWS: 1982.3816]1678P. IV314
Hungerford, Edward, of BurfieldP.H. IV38
Hungerford, Edward, of Cadenham, married Susan Prettyman, of DriffieldP.H. IV046-051
Hungerford, Edward, of Cadenham, signatureP.H. IV48
Hungerford, Edward, of Windrush, I.P.M.P.H. III214
Hungerford, Edward, of Windrush, married Margaret St Johnd. 1512P.H. III212
Hungerford, Edward, of Windrush, will proved1530P.H. III213-215
Hungerford, Edward, Sird.1607M. 154
Hungerford, Edward, Sir (coat of arms in window) (illus.)M. 1206
Hungerford, Edward, Sir, & Margaret, Lady Hungerford, of Corsham. Documents with seals1606+P.H. IV246
Hungerford, Edward, Sir, Accounts, Pucklechurch (Co. Gloucester)1642-1645P. III136-136a
Hungerford, Edward, Sir, arms, with Zouche window in Farley Church (illus.) [DZSWS 1982.3832]1839P.H. II033a-034
Hungerford, Edward, Sir, builder of Hungerford Market (illus.)P. I142
Hungerford, Edward, Sir, married 1. Jane Zouche1502P.H. II33
Hungerford, Edward, Sir, married 2. Agnes, widow CottleP.H. II38
Hungerford, Edward, Sir, of CorshamM. 154
Hungerford, Edward, Sir, of Corsham (jure uxoris) & Farley, married 1. Margaret Hallidayd. 1648P.H. II269-378
Hungerford, Edward, Sir, of Corsham, & Lady Margaret (nee Halliday), tomb, & coats of arms (incl. illus.) [DZSWS: 1982.3677]M. 1223-227
Hungerford, Edward, Sir, of Corsham, (portrait) in profile [DZSWS: 1982.3839]d. 1648P.H. II271
Hungerford, Edward, Sir, of Corsham, at Farley Castle, letter from F. Fane1645P.H. II310+
Hungerford, Edward, Sir, of Corsham, at Malmesbury, commentaryP.H. II294-297
Hungerford, Edward, Sir, of Corsham, brass rubbing on monument Farleigh Chapel (illus.) [DZSWS: 1982.3682]M. 1232
Hungerford, Edward, Sir, of Corsham, letter about raising militia1632P.H. II275a-276
Hungerford, Edward, Sir, of Corsham, Letter signed by seven Hungerfords (original signatures)P.H. II277
Hungerford, Edward, Sir, of Corsham, letter to Sir John Thynne, re raising horse, money, plate, for the State (original)P.H. II280+
Hungerford, Edward, Sir, of Corsham, pedigreeP.H. III095c
Hungerford, Edward, Sir, of Corsham, petition to the KingP.H. II281
Hungerford, Edward, Sir, of Corsham, quarrel with BayntonP.H. II285
Hungerford, Edward, Sir, of Corsham, sisters ofP.H. II376a+
Hungerford, Edward, Sir, of Corsham, taken prisoner by Lt. Edward Eyre (incl. illus.) in war between King & Parliament, at Malmesbury [DZSWS: 1982.3840]1642/3P.H. II282a-284
Hungerford, Edward, Sir, of Corsham, will1648P.H. II319-332
Hungerford, Edward, Sir, of Corsham. Notes about estates, (partly in his own handwriting, original)1625P.H. II335-342
Hungerford, Edward, Sir, of Farleyd. 1607P.H. II229-244
Hungerford, Edward, Sir, of Farley, Collector of Loans under Privy Seal for the Queen. List of monies collected (incl. original, p. 233+)1597P.H. II232-235
Hungerford, Edward, Sir, of Farley, created Baron1624P.H. II239-243
Hungerford, Edward, Sir, of Farley, internment Bottesford Church (Co. Lincoln)P.H. II251a
Hungerford, Edward, Sir, of Farley, knighted1601P.H. II238
Hungerford, Edward, Sir, of Farley, Letter from council to magistrates of Wiltshire, about appointment of Muster-master (original) (attached 6 signatures)1606P.H. II236+
Hungerford, Edward, Sir, of Farley, List of monies collected (original)P.H. II237
Hungerford, Edward, Sir, of Farley, Married 1. Jane ForsterP.H. II231
Hungerford, Edward, Sir, of Farley, Married 2. Cicely TurtonP.H. II229, 245, 252
Hungerford, Edward, Sir, of Farley, monument in Old Chapel, Farley CastleP.H. II248
Hungerford, Edward, Sir, of Farley, title to land at WarminsterP.H. II251
Hungerford, Edward, Sir, of Farley, will & funeral, + expensesd. 1607P.H. II245-247, 248-250
Hungerford, Edward, Sir, of Heytesbury, arms, blazon (illus.)1513P.H. II31
Hungerford, Edward, Sir, of Heytesbury, knighted at Tournay 1513d. 1521P.H. II030-85
Hungerford, Edward, Sir, petition, regarding Margaret (or Marjorie) Bright (Somerset Visitation, 1603)1603P.H. II215-216
Hungerford, Edward, Sir, plan of two fields, Ditchridge1630P. II7
Hungerford, Edward, Sir, Somerset1845P. IV333a
Hungerford, Edward, Sir, The Spendthrift1647P. IV227
Hungerford, Edward, Sir, The SpendthriftM. 159
Hungerford, Edward, Sir, The Spendthrift (photograph of Miniature); (painting by Sir John Cranch, illus.) [DZSWS: 1982.3633]c.1711M. 1057-058
Hungerford, Edward, Sir, The Spendthrift, bond, with signatureP.H. III040 (3p.)
Hungerford, Edward, Sir, The Spendthrift, coat of armsP.H. III35
Hungerford, Edward, Sir, The Spendthrift, death, at Spring Gardens, St Martins in the Fields1711P.H. III065-066
Hungerford, Edward, Sir, The Spendthrift, his follyP.H. III046-047
Hungerford, Edward, Sir, The Spendthrift, last owner of Farley Castleb. 1682 -d.1711P.H. III034-069
Hungerford, Edward, Sir, The Spendthrift, letter to Sir John Thynne (original)P.H. III42
Hungerford, Edward, Sir, The Spendthrift, married 1. Jane Hele, buried at Farley Castled. 1664P.H. III044,
Hungerford, Edward, Sir, The Spendthrift, married 2. Jane Culmed. 1674P.H. III048a, 052
Hungerford, Edward, Sir, The Spendthrift, married 3. Jane Digby, Lady, Baroness of Gerardm. 1678P.H. III53
Hungerford, Edward, Sir, The Spendthrift, miniature portrait, from one hanging in Crewe Hall (illus.)P.H. III36
Hungerford, Edward, Sir, The Spendthrift, sale of properties & estates, having no heir1681P.H. III57
Hungerford, Edward, Sir, The Spendthrift, Settlement of landsP.H. III68
Hungerford, Edward, Sir, Tomb, coats of arms (incl. illus.)1607M. 1220-221
Hungerford, Edward, Sir, willd. 1521P.H. II071-72a
Hungerford, Edward, son of Sir Walter, died youngd. 1585P.H. II226-227
Hungerford, Edward, the Younger, of Windrush1700P.H. III215a+
Hungerford, Eleanor, Lady, Monument, Black Bourton Church (illus.) [DZSWS: 1982.3707]1591P. I42
Hungerford, Eleanor, Lady, Monument, Black Bourton Church (illus.) [DZSWS: 1982.3709]1591P. I042c+
Hungerford, Eleanor, Lady, willP.H. III183
Hungerford, Elizabeth (nee Estcourt), will1651P.H. IV021a
Hungerford, Elizabeth, dau. of Thomas Hungerford, of Blacklandsd. 1693P.H. IV19
Hungerford, Elizabeth, will proved1756P.H. III240
Hungerford, Emanuel, of St Muskrose, Kinsale (Co. Cork), will1729/30P.H. IV127a
Hungerford, Everard de (Co. Wiltshire)P.H. I7
Hungerford, Francis, Dr., of Reading, 5 th son of John Hungerford & Elizabeth EstcourtP.H. IV045-045a
Hungerford, Francis, Dr., of Reading, letter to, from George Morley, Bishop of Winchester (original)P.H. IV41
Hungerford, Francis, Lady, buried, & will1716P.H. IV72
Hungerford, Fulke, will1620P.H. III265a-266
Hungerford, George, from memoirs1595P. I062-063
Hungerford, George, of Blacklands, letter to Earl of Essex, in his service1595P.H. IV18
Hungerford, George, of Blacklands, will proved1640P.H. IV016a-017
Hungerford, George, of Studley & Radbourne, married 1. Mary Pollend. 1767P.H. IV89
Hungerford, George, of Studley & Radbourne, married 2. Elizabeth PollenP.H. IV89
Hungerford, George, of Studley, cipher on books & signatures (illus.) [DZSWS: 1982.3847]P.H. IV93
Hungerford, George, of Studley, nr. Calne, will1764P.H. IV095-096
Hungerford, George, of Studley, pedigree, including Pollen, Keate P.H. IV091-092
Hungerford, George, of Studley, signatures (originals)P.H. IV94
Hungerford, George, of Windrush, married Catherine FabianP.H. III212a
Hungerford, George, of Windrush, willP.H. III214
Hungerford, George, Sird. 1712P. I081-085
Hungerford, George, Sir, Bust (illus.) [DZSWS 1982.3711]d. 1712P. I83
Hungerford, George, Sir, married Francis Seymour, pedigreeP.H. IV229
Hungerford, George, Sir, of Cadenham, epitaph, poem by John Glanvill (See more under Bremhill, PLACES, Vol. I)1726P.H. IV74
Hungerford, George, Sir, of Cadenham, letter to Mr. John Fishlock, Fisherton Angor (original letter) (Fishlake?)1784P.H. IV57
Hungerford, George, Sir, of Cadenham, letter to sir Thomas Gore, of Alderton (copy)1681P.H. IV56
Hungerford, George, Sir, of Cadenham, married Francis Seymour, pedigreeP.H. IV072+, 078
Hungerford, George, Sir, of Cadenham, married Lady Francis Seymourd. 1712P.H. IV52
Hungerford, George, Sir, of Cadenham, notices in House of CommonsP.H. IV054-055
Hungerford, George, Sir, of Cadenham, pedigree of familyP.H. IV053+
Hungerford, George, Sir, of Cadenham, will proved1714P.H. IV058-072
Hungerford, George, Sir, of Studley, married Francis Seymour (incl. pedigree) (original)P.H. IV110+
Hungerford, Giles, 3 rd son of Anthony HungerfordP.H. III28
Hungerford, Giles, monument in Wellow Church (illus.)1638P. IV272, 281
Hungerford, Giles, of Wellow, will, proved1639P.H. III232
Hungerford, Giles, Sir, of Coulston, coat of arms, with two wives, Croke & Hampson (illus.) + seal & signatureP.H. III100
Hungerford, Giles, Sir, of Coulston, description of painting, Nottingham Exhibition, 1864P.H. III100a
Hungerford, Giles, Sir, of Coulston, married 1. Francis CrokeP.H. III102
Hungerford, Giles, Sir, of Coulston, married 2. Rebecca HampsonP.H. III102
Hungerford, Giles, Sir, of Coulston, nr. Devizes (Co. Wiltshire)1614- 1659P.H. III098-115
Hungerford, Giles, Sir, of Coulston, willP.H. III105-109
Hungerford, Hales, Rednapp, deedP. III048, opp.
Hungerford, Hannah, wife of John Scott, dau. of Edward Hungerford, of Windrushd. 1749P.H. III215
Hungerford, Henry H. Holdich, of Dingley Park, coat of arms (illus.)P.H. III255
Hungerford, Henry, married Jane CottonP.H. III189a-190
Hungerford, Henry, of Cadenham, will1615P.H. IV015a
Hungerford, Henry, of Fifield, will proved1751P.H. III240
Hungerford, Henry, of South Marsden, will1580P.H. III183a
Hungerford, Henry, of Winston, married Joan Webb, will1586P.H. III218-218a
Hungerford, Isolda (Shropshire register)P. IV159a
Hungerford, Jane (Mrs. Blake), daughter of Sir Edward Hungerfordb. 1674P.H. III096-097
Hungerford, Jane (nee Webb), of Burton Hill, will1621P.H. III218a
Hungerford, Jane, Mrs. Strange, will proved1639P.H. II377-378
Hungerford, Jane, of Chisbury, will1699P.H. III225
Hungerford, Joan, Lady. Will ofP.H. I51
Hungerford, Joan, will proved1680P.H. III232
Hungerford, Joanna, married Nicholas ServingtonP.H. III166
Hungerford, John1775P. I128-129
Hungerford, John (London), married Mary, pedigreed.1673P. III56
Hungerford, John Peach (branch of Windrush family)P.H. III250-263
Hungerford, John Peach, Act of ParliamentP.H. III258-261
Hungerford, John Peach, letter, & pedigreeM. 1248, 250-251
Hungerford, John Peach, pedigree (continued from Windrush family) (in handwriting of Mrs. Griffin, of Dingley)P.H. III251, 253+
Hungerford, John Peach, profile (illus.) [DZSWS: 1982.3683]1847M. 1246a
Hungerford, John, Col., of Cadenham, married Elizabeth (Mary) Estcourt, of Shipton Moyne (Co. Wiltshire)d. 1636P.H. IV020+
Hungerford, John, Colonel, of Cadenham, his childrenP.H. IV21
Hungerford, John, Esq., Bill filed in Chancery, against the errors of , & reply1740P.H. III291-302
Hungerford, John, Esq., M.P. for ScarboroughP.H. III279-302
Hungerford, John, Esq., of Cadenham, eldest Son of Walter Hungerford & Francis Cock, letters & replies, with signatures1580P.H. IV023-026
Hungerford, John, Esq., of Lincoln’s Inn, “The Garden Plot”, poem1709P.H. III289-290
Hungerford, John, Esq., of Lincoln’s Inn, Barrister at law, bookplate (illus.)P.H. III280
Hungerford, John, Esq., of Lincoln’s Inn, coat of arms in Lincoln Chapel (illus.)P.H. III282
Hungerford, John, Esq., of Lincoln’s Inn, extract from Mr. W.C. Townsend’s “Memoirs of the House of Commons”P.H. III286-288
Hungerford, John, Esq., of Lincoln’s Inn, pedigreeP.H. III281-283+
Hungerford, John, Esq., of Lincoln’s Inn, willP.H. III292+
Hungerford, John, M.D., & James Pighi, portraits, & coat of arms of Hungerford, incorrect (illus.)P.H. IV45
Hungerford, John, M.D., note1681P.H. IV042d
Hungerford, John, M.P. (Co. Somerset)1338P.H. I9
Hungerford, John, married Elizabeth Blake, pedigreeP. I056-058+
Hungerford, John, married dau. of PartridgeP.H. III168a
Hungerford, John, Monument in Hungerford Church, sketch by John Britton ([DZSWS: 1982.3758]P. II305
Hungerford, John, Monument in King’s College Chapel, Cambridge (illus.) [DZSWS: 1982.3715]1775P. I128
Hungerford, John, monument in Wellow Church (illus.)1655P. IV273
Hungerford, John, of Burton Hill, barrister (gown)1628P.H. III219-219a
Hungerford, John, of Burton Hill, married Jane Webb, will1615P.H. III218-218a
Hungerford, John, of Cadenham, pedigreeP.H. IV021a-022
Hungerford, John, of doctors common1704P.H. IV40
Hungerford, John, of Dykeston, pedigreeP. II40
Hungerford, John, of the Lye1607P.H. III266
Hungerford, John, Sir, monument, Down Ampney Church (drawing) [DZSWS: 1982.3735]1634P. II27
Hungerford, John, Sir, of Down Ampney, coat of arms (illus.)1497P.H. III143a
Hungerford, John, Sir, of Down Ampney, married 1. Bridget Fettiplaced. 1583P.H. III173-185
Hungerford, John, Sir, of Down Ampney, married 1. Mary Berkeleyd. 1634P.H. III193-199
Hungerford, John, Sir, of Down Ampney, married 2. Anne Goddard, who died 1665d. 1634P.H. III193-199
Hungerford, John, Sir, of Down Ampney, married 2. Eleanor (nee Hungerford), widow of Mastersd. 1583P.H. III173-185
Hungerford, John, Sir, of Down Ampney, married Margaret Blountd. 1524P.H. III143-151
Hungerford, John, Sir, of Down Ampney, married Margaret Blount, pedigreeP.H. III242+
Hungerford, John, Sir, of Down Ampney, portrait at Ickwellbury, letter from John Harvey1861P.H. III199+
Hungerford, John, Sir, of Down Ampney, signaturesP.H. III194a-195
Hungerford, John, Sir, of Down Ampney, standard (illus.)P.H. III144
Hungerford, John, Sir, of Down Ampney, willd. 1524P.H. III147
Hungerford, John, Sir, of Down Ampney, will1558P.H. III164-166
Hungerford, John, Sir, of Down Ampney, willd. 1583P.H. III174a
Hungerford, John, Sir, of Down Ampney, willd. 1634P.H. III196a
Hungerford, John, Sir, standards (illus.)P.H. IV168a
Hungerford, John, the younger, monument in Down Ampney Church, erected by Anthony Preddy (illus.) [DZSWS: 1982.3736]P. II26
Hungerford, John, will proved1608P.H. III265+, 268
Hungerford, Katharine, married to Sir Robert HenleyP.H. III31
Hungerford, Lady Margaret (& Botreaux)P.H. I251-296
Hungerford, Lady Margaret (& Botreaux), sigillum (seals) (illus.) [DZSWS: 1982.3828]P.H. I263, 268, 279+
Hungerford, Lawrence, of Penbroke1661P.H. IV37
Hungerford, Letitia1639P.H. III230
Hungerford, Lumley KeateP.H. IV97
Hungerford, Margaret Wolfe Argyles (nee Hamilton), The Irish Peasant, (newspaper clipping, Nov 9, 1889) 3p. [author of “Molly Bawn”, ‘Phyllis”, “Airy Fairy Lilian”, “The Duchess”]1889P.H. IV[334+]
Hungerford, Margaret, Dame (nee Blount), willd. 1529P.H. III148-149
Hungerford, Margaret, Dame, MonumentP. III051-052
Hungerford, Margaret, Lady (nee Burnell), willP.H. III132
Hungerford, Margaret, Lady, of CorshamP. I258-266
Hungerford, Margaret, Lady, of Corsham (nee Halliday)P.H. II344-367
Hungerford, Margaret, Lady, of Corsham, address from Pembroke HallP.H. II351
Hungerford, Margaret, Lady, of Corsham, Corsham AlmshouseP.H. II354+
Hungerford, Margaret, Lady, of Corsham, her estates (original)P.H. II347-348a
Hungerford, Margaret, Lady, of Corsham, Legacy to Mercer’s company, Charity for ApprenticingP.H. II365a
Hungerford, Margaret, Lady, of Corsham, notes re internment, and illustration of building with no captionP.H. II350a
Hungerford, Margaret, Lady, of Corsham, pedigreeP.H. II367
Hungerford, Margaret, Lady, of Corsham, portraits & coat of arms (illus.) [DZSWS: 1982.3841]P.H. II349-350
Hungerford, Margaret, Lady, of Corsham, willP.H. II352-363
Hungerford, Margaret, Lady, seals (illus.)Before 1633P. II216
Hungerford, Margaret, letter, re Manor de Warminster, Scudmore (in Latin)P. IV242
Hungerford, Margaret, signature on document, Warminster1664P. IV251
Hungerford, Martha, of EnfieldP. III056, opp.
Hungerford, Mary (Mrs. Shaa), sister of Sir Edward HungerfordP.H. II256-267
Hungerford, Mary, Heiress of the eldest houseP.H. I227, 297-415
Hungerford, Mary, Lady HastingsP.H. I298-310
Hungerford, Mary, Lady Hastings (illus.) [DZSWS: 1982.3829]P.H. I299+
Hungerford, Mary, married CliffordP.H. III169
Hungerford, Mary, married to John Keate, letterP.H. IV107f
Hungerford, Mary, married William Wilmot1664P.H. IV75
Hungerford, Mary, widow of Col. Richard Hungerford, willP.H. IV127a
Hungerford, Master, of Heytesbury, cartoon fulfilling threat at Glastonbury (illus.) [DZSWS: 1982.3838]P.H. II37
Hungerford, Miss, afterward Mrs. Crewe, portraitsP.H. IV182+
Hungerford, Nicholas de (Co. Derbyshire)P.H. I8
Hungerford, Nichole de, DuffoldrithP.H. I007a
Hungerford, of Trowbridge1633P.H. III215
Hungerford, pedigree of Anthony Hungerford, Esq. See also P.H. Vol. I, p. iii, pedigree, second partP.H. III
Hungerford, pedigree, by Sir Charles Young, of Herald College1827P.H. III242+
Hungerford, Philip de (Shropshire)1275P.H. I7
Hungerford, Providence Island1636P.H. IV021b
Hungerford, Rachel (nee Jones), to be buried…1679P.H. III029a
Hungerford, Rachel, Lady Falkland, willP.H. III029+
Hungerford, Rachel, Lady Massereene, dau. of Sir Edward Hungerford, married Clotworthy Skeffington1679/80? 1684?P.H. III070-088
Hungerford, Ralph (Hampshire)1352P.H. I8
Hungerford, Rebecca1680P. I125
Hungerford, Rebecca (nee Wallis), will 1681P.H. IV19
Hungerford, Richard (Co. Berkshire)P.H. I9
Hungerford, Richard, married Rachel Knowles, pedigreeP.H. IV130a
Hungerford, Richard, Mr., application of land in Wiltshire1825P.H. IV130
Hungerford, Richard, of Down Ampneyd. 1510P.H. III150
Hungerford, Richard, of the Island, Ireland, will, + notes1727P.H. IV127a, 129
Hungerford, RobertP. IV333
Hungerford, Robert (Moleyns) (illus.), as in Gough’s Sepulchral MonumentsP. IV42
Hungerford, Robert de, Sir, Justice in Eyre. Temp. Edward III (M. Gena or Geva de Stock)P.H. I016-021
Hungerford, Robert Lord, snr. List of documents with seals (illus.)1422+P.H. IV241-243
Hungerford, Robert Sir, tomb at Hungerford (illus.) [DZSWS: 1982.3754, 3755, 3756, 3757]P. II297-300,
Hungerford, Robert, Esq., (I.P.M.), married Elenor Yorke (includes signature)1542P.H. IV006+
Hungerford, Robert, Esq., of Cadenham, married Margaret LongP.H. IV007-008
Hungerford, Robert, Esq., of Cadenham, married Margaret Long, childrenP.H. IV11
Hungerford, Robert, Esq., of Cadenham, married Margaret Long, signatures to original documentP.H. IV10
Hungerford, Robert, Esq., of Cadenham, married Margaret Long, will proved1558P.H. IV9
Hungerford, Robert, Jnr. Lord Moleyns & Hungerford, + HeiressP.H. I158-203
Hungerford, Robert, Lord of Hungerford & Moleyns, list of documents with seals (illus.)1422-1461P.H. IV243
Hungerford, Robert, Lord, coats of arms (illus.)P. IV069-070
Hungerford, Robert, Lord, tomb in Salisbury Cathedral (illus.) [DZSWS: 1982.3783, 3784, 3786, 3788]P. IV081-082, 085-086, 091-095
Hungerford, Robert, married Botreaux: coat of arms for Botreaux, St Lo, Cheverell, Clyvedon (illus.)P.H. IV162
Hungerford, Robert, married Moleyns: coat of arms for Moleyns, Mauduit, Poges (illus.)P.H. IV163
Hungerford, Robert, of Calne, brother of Sir George Hungerford, of Cadenham, will1677P.H. IV75
Hungerford, Robert, senr., 2 nd Lord Hungerford, InquisitionP.H. I156
Hungerford, Robert, senr., 2 nd Lord Hungerford, monument, Salisbury Cathedral (illus.)P.H. I152-154
Hungerford, Robert, senr., 2 nd Lord Hungerford, Seal & Coat of Arms (illus.)P.H. I142
Hungerford, Robert, senr., 2 nd Lord Hungerford, willP.H. I147-150
Hungerford, Robert, senr., 2 nd Lord, married Margaret de BotreauxP.H. I 141-157
Hungerford, Robert, SirM. 135
Hungerford, Robert, Sir, 2 nd Lord HungerfordM. 135
Hungerford, Robert, Sir, Chief Justice, Kings Bench, ReleaseP. III48
Hungerford, Robert, Sir, Lord Moleyns, effigy, in Salisbury Cathedral (illus.)P.H. I191
Hungerford, Robert, Sir, Monument at Hungerford (illus.) See also PLACES, Vol. 2, p. 293P.H. I016a
Hungerford, Robert, Vicar of Pinchbeck, Lincoln P.H. I10
Hungerford, Robert, Vicar of Spalding (Co. Lincoln); de Vicaria de Pincebek [Pinchebek] See also Vol. 1, Personal History, pp. 9-101257P.H. IV230-237a
Hungerford, Robert, Vicar of Spalding, LincolnP.H. I9
Hungerford, Robin Nicholas, married Susan Todd, Farleigh, 18 Oct (newspaper clipping)1976P.H. IV[347]
Hungerford, Sophia, married Samuel OrpenP.H. IV131
Hungerford, Susanna, monument in Wellow Church (illus.)1652P. IV275
Hungerford, Thomas (Ireland), will1680/1P.H. IV126
Hungerford, Thomas J, Esq., of Skibbereen (Co. Cork), letter to Editor of The Times. Re population of Co. Cork (newspaper clipping)1846P.H. IV132
Hungerford, Thomas, fatal duel with Robert Travers, who died1820P.H. IV130
Hungerford, Thomas, in Connecticut, USA, 1639d. 1663P.H. IV143
Hungerford, Thomas, Monument at Chelsea (illus.) [DZSWS:1982.3718]P. I169
Hungerford, Thomas, Monument at Chelsea, coat of arms, (illus.)P. I169
Hungerford, Thomas, Mr. of Cahirmore, correspondence with J.E. Jackson (original)1839P.H. IV120-123
Hungerford, Thomas, of Blacklands, son of George Hungerford, will proved1675P.H. IV19
Hungerford, Thomas, of Cadnam (Co. Wiltshire), 3 rd son of Robert H., & Margaret Long, letter (original with signature)1556P.H. IV013+
Hungerford, Thomas, of Lincoln’s Inn, will proved1595P.H. III267
Hungerford, Thomas, of The Lea, will proved1642P.H. III266
Hungerford, Thomas, SirP. II164-166
Hungerford, Thomas, Sir1370M. 133
Hungerford, Thomas, Sir, & Lady Joan (incl. illus. of monument) [DZSWS: 1982.3675]M. 1209-212
Hungerford, Thomas, Sir, & Lady Joan Hussey, coat of armsM. 2241-241a
Hungerford, Thomas, Sir, arms (incl. illus.)M. 1214-215
Hungerford, Thomas, Sir, attainderP.H. II012-019
Hungerford, Thomas, Sir, coat of arms (illus.)P.H. I218-219
Hungerford, Thomas, Sir, coats of arms, Strug?, Hussey (illus.)P.H. IV161
Hungerford, Thomas, Sir, executed at SalisburyP.H. I217-227
Hungerford, Thomas, Sir, Executed at Sarum, married Percy: coat of arms for Percy (sketched) P.H. IV163
Hungerford, Thomas, Sir, lists of documents, with seals (illus.)c.1340P.H. IV239-240
Hungerford, Thomas, Sir, married 1. Strug. 2. HusseyP.H. I026-063
Hungerford, Thomas, Sir, Obit, 3 rd December [funeral service]M. 1180
Hungerford, Thomas, Sir, of Down Ampney, married Christian Halle of Salisbury (Chrystian, Christiana)d. 1494P.H. III134-143
Hungerford, Thomas, Sir, Speaker of House of Commons, text & drawing, on glass (illus.) [DZSWS: 1982.3690]d. 1398M. 2011a-012
Hungerford, Thomas, Sir, Speaker of the House of Commons1377P.H. I037-040
Hungerford, Thomas, Sir, Temp Rich. II1377+P.H. I038-050
Hungerford, Thomas, un-identified. Thurloe’s State papers, Vol. IV1655P.H. IV249
Hungerford, Townsend James William, Lt. Colonel, late of Bengal Artillery, in India 1857, presented post humorously with Sword of Honour (illus.)(newspaper clippings)1860, 1863P.H. IV137
Hungerford, Ursula, monument in Wellow Church (illus.)1645P. IV274, 281
Hungerford, Ursula, of Wellow, will proved1646/7P.H. III232
Hungerford, Walter de, manor de ErmesthorpP.H. I 007a
Hungerford, Walter, Dr., Rector of Buscot, will1681P.H. IV036a-037
Hungerford, Walter, Esq. Letter from, requesting boxes of papers from Farley Castle, from Mr. Houlton, purchaser1738M. 1241-242
Hungerford, Walter, Esq., of Studley, monument, member for Calned. 1754P. I85
Hungerford, Walter, letter to Sir John ThynneP.H. II157
Hungerford, Walter, letter to Thomas Cromwell, about Blackdon’s apprentices (Farley, 1 st July)1536?P.H. II98
Hungerford, Walter, Lord Heytesbury, his attainderM. 138
Hungerford, Walter, Lord of Heytesbury, & Alice Sandys (illus.) (too dark to read)P. IV216a
Hungerford, Walter, Lord of Heytesbury, daughters’ marriagesP.H. II93
Hungerford, Walter, Lord of Heytesbury, disgrace1540P.H. II101
Hungerford, Walter, Lord, as in Gough’s Sepulchral Monuments (illus.)P. IV41
Hungerford, Walter, Lord, coats of arms, Peverell, Berkeley, Cornwall, Cobham, Courtenay, Courtenay (ancient), Redvers, Moels (illus.)P.H. IV161
Hungerford, Walter, Lord, execution, at Tower Hill 28 July, 22 Hen VIII; details of charge of treason, & witchcraft1540P.H. II115-118
Hungerford, Walter, Lord, K.G., account of Receiver General (copy, translated from Latin)1428-1429P.H. I121-127
Hungerford, Walter, Lord, K.G., account of Receiver General (original manuscript in Latin)1428-1429P.H. I128-134
Hungerford, Walter, Lord, of Heytesbury & Homet, married Peverell. Temp. Hen VIc. 1422P.H. I064-140
Hungerford, Walter, Lord, of Heytesbury, beheaded (executed at Tower Hill)d. 1540P.H. II086-126
Hungerford, Walter, Lord, of Heytesbury, married 1. Danvers, SusannaP.H. II88
Hungerford, Walter, Lord, of Heytesbury, married 2. Sandys, Lady Alice. Indenture with William Sandys1527P.H. II088, 092
Hungerford, Walter, Lord, of Heytesbury, married 3. Hussey, Elizabeth, including complaints1532P.H. II088, 095, 100, 106, 107
Hungerford, Walter, Lord, of Heytesbury, note referring to dispute from Lady Hastings’s List of ManorsP.H. II99
Hungerford, Walter, Lord, of Heytesbury, Survey of lands at his attainderP.H. II120-122
Hungerford, Walter, Lord, of Heytesbury. Documents with seals (illus.)1528+P.H. IV245
Hungerford, Walter, Lord, pedigree, to Pleydell & RadnorP. IV043a, b
Hungerford, Walter, Lord, Seven letters between him & Thomas Cromwell (copies)1536-1540P.H. II111-114
Hungerford, Walter, married Elizabeth Fitzjohn. Speculation on original name & armsc. 1329P.H. I022-026
Hungerford, Walter, married Maud de Heytesbury. Temp Edw. I & II1272-1307P.H. I013-015
Hungerford, Walter, of Blacklands, brother of Thomas Hungerford d. 1681P.H. IV19
Hungerford, Walter, of Cadham, married Francis CockeP.H. IV014-019
Hungerford, Walter, of Studley & Cadenham, married Elizabeth Dodsond. 1754P.H. IV076-077+
Hungerford, Walter, of Studley House, will proved1754P.H. IV079-088
Hungerford, Walter, seal to deed, Temp. Edw. III (illus.) [DZSWS: 1982.3821]c. 1327P.H. I67
Hungerford, Walter, Sir (coat of arms in window) (illus.)M. 1206
Hungerford, Walter, Sir (of Bosworth Field)d. 1516P.H. II001-029
Hungerford, Walter, Sir (of Farleigh) Survey of Rent Rolls1582-1588P.H. II133
Hungerford, Walter, Sir (of Farley) (The Hawker), born 1532d.1595/6P.H. II130+
Hungerford, Walter, Sir (of Farley) (The Hawker), married 1. Ann Bassett, 11 June1554P.H. II135-135a
Hungerford, Walter, Sir (of Farley) (The Hawker), married 2. Ann Dormer1556/8?P.H. II135, 141, 164, 167
Hungerford, Walter, Sir (of Farley) (The Hawker), married 3. Margaret BrightP.H. II205-214a
Hungerford, Walter, Sir (portraits)P.H. II137-138
Hungerford, Walter, Sir (The Hawker), copy of Act of Restitution to 1. MaryP.H. IV250-271
Hungerford, Walter, Sir (The Hawker), his three daughters, heiresses. Susan, Lucy, Jane, & their marriagesP.H. II228
Hungerford, Walter, Sir, & wife Catherine Peverell, brass effigies, south side of nave, in Salisbury Cathedral (illus.) [DZSWS: 1982.3827]P.H. I108, 117
Hungerford, Walter, Sir, attended Henry VII, to Bologne1489P.H. II24
Hungerford, Walter, Sir, Aubrey’s accountP.H. II119
Hungerford, Walter, Sir, conveyance of lands1487P.H. II22
Hungerford, Walter, Sir, Depositions with Heytesbury Almshouses1589P.H. IV273-310
Hungerford, Walter, Sir, details in willP.H. II144
Hungerford, Walter, Sir, from Gough’s Sepulchral Monumentsd. 1449P. IV28
Hungerford, Walter, Sir, Garter Plate at Windsor (illus.) [DZSWS: 1982.3825]P.H. I92
Hungerford, Walter, Sir, Grant of letters patent, re manors of Farley, Wellow & Rowley, Chippenham, Warminster, & also in Cornwall (Rolls of Parliament, Vol. VI, p. 282)1486P.H. II20
Hungerford, Walter, Sir, horseP.H. II142
Hungerford, Walter, Sir, in armour, on horseback, arms in corner of picture (illus.)P.H. II140b
Hungerford, Walter, Sir, in armour, on horseback, with hawk on wrist (illus.) in reign of Elizabeth I, + description 1560P.H. II139-140a
Hungerford, Walter, Sir, in armour, on horseback, with hawk on wrist, in reign of Elizabeth I, sketch & description [DZSWS: 1982.3836]1560P.H. II140a
Hungerford, Walter, Sir, K.G., three sickles, with as many garbs, on one of the principal bosses of cloister of St Stephen’s Westminster (illus.) [DZSWS: 1982.3826]P.H. I96
Hungerford, Walter, Sir, Kt. of the GarterP. IV021-022, 028+
Hungerford, Walter, Sir, lance used at Castle of Rouen, with fox’s tail (illus.) [DZSWS: 1982.3822]P.H. I82
Hungerford, Walter, Sir, Letter to Sir John Thynne, builder of Longleat (original)1559P.H. II147-148
Hungerford, Walter, Sir, lists of documents, with seals (illus.)1416+P.H. IV240-241
Hungerford, Walter, Sir, marriage to Jane Bulstrode1472P.H. II26
Hungerford, Walter, Sir, of Farleigh, will, proved 1596/71595P.H. II222-225
Hungerford, Walter, Sir, of Farley1547P.H. IV245
Hungerford, Walter, Sir, Office of Senescal of Cosham, Co. Wiltshire, & Park of Everley (Patent Roll I Henry VII)1486P.H. II20
Hungerford, Walter, Sir, Pedigree1308P.H. Ii-iv
Hungerford, Walter, Sir, seal (illus.), by Fred Montagu [DZSWS: 1982.3820]1447P.H. I66
Hungerford, Walter, Sir, seal attached to deed signed Temp 9 Hen IV, dated Trowbridge (illus.) [DZSWS: 1982.3831]P.H. I67
Hungerford, Walter, Sir, The tomb (incl. illus.)1595M. 1216-219
Hungerford, Walter, Sir, Will (from Dugdale)P. IV31
Hungerford, Walter, Sir, will, final, proved 1516 1515P.H. II027-028
Hungerford, Walter, Sir, will, first, made when going to Rome1487P.H. II23
Hungerford, Walter, Sir. Muster rolls of the army of King Henry V. Extract from Harleian MS 24,704. List of men commanded by 1417P. I079-081
Hungerford, Walter, Sir. Lord Hungerford & Heytesbury1408-1417P. I071+
Hungerford, Walter, son of Sir Edward Hungerford & Jane Culmed. 1671P.H. III096a
Hungerford, Walter, three signatures on deeds, with seal1729P. III163
Hungerford, William de LourdesP.H. I007a
Hungerford, William de, Abbott of Cerne Abbas1232-1244P.H. I7
Hungerford, William, of Salisbury, clerk1314+P.H. I12
Hungerford’s Barn, nr. Sheldon (drawing) [DZSWS: 1982.3719]P. I183 opp.
Hungerforde, coat of arms, trickP. I130
Hungerfordiana, by Sir R.C. Hoare, Index to Persons & Places, made by Rev. J.E. Jackson. 21 p. (12 pages)1846P.H. IV[322+]
Hungerfords in AmericaP.H. IV142+
Hungerfords in the Colonies, Australia, miscellaneous noticesP.H. IV146+
Hungerfords of Black Bourton: Sir Anthony Hungerford; Sir Edward Hungerford, of Corsham (See P.H. Vol. II); Anthony Hungerford, Esq.; Sir Edward Hungerford, The Spendthrift; Sir Giles Hungerford, of Coulston P.H. III001-115
Hungerfords of Cahirmore, pedigree of descendants for Captain Thomas Hungerford, of Rosscarbery, IrelandP.H. IV119+
Hungerfords of Dingley, pedigreeP.H. III257+
Hungerfords of Farleigh Castle & Down Ampney, pedigreeP. II017 opp.
Hungerfords of Farleigh castle, pedigreeP. I55
Hungerfords of Farley, & Hungerfords of Down Ampney, pedigree showing union, & Danvers connectionP.H. III001a-b
Hungerfords of Fifield, pedigreeP.H. III238c
Hungerfords of Ireland. 1. The Island. 2. CahirmoreP.H. IV117+
Hungerfords of London (Co. Middlesex)P. III55
Hungerfords of North Standen & ChisburyP.H. III220-230
Hungerfords of North Standen & Chisbury, extracts from registersP.H. III222c
Hungerfords of North Standen & Chisbury, pedigreeP.H. III222-223a
Hungerfords of The Island, pedigree of descendants from Captain Thomas Hungerford, of Rosscarbery, Ireland1641-1873P.H. IV118+
Hungerfords of The LeaP.H. III264+
Hungerfords of Wellow (Co. Somerset)P.H. III231-236
Hungerfords of Wellow, Edward Hungerford of Stanton, pedigreed.1599P. IV276-277
Hungerfords of Wellow, pedigreeP.H. III231a
Hungerfords, of The Lea, Brith’s Court, Garsden, pedigreeP.H. III264+
Hungerfords, of The Leigh (or Lye), & Hankerton (branch from Down Ampney)P.H. III263-278
Hungerfords, of Windrush, pedigreeP.H. III211+
Hungerfords, of Winston (Co. Gloucester) & Burton Hill, nr. Malmesbury (Branch from Sir Anthony Hungerford, & Danvers), see Down Ampney pedigree tableP.H. III216-219
Hungerfords, The, at Farleigh-HungerfordM. 1033+
Hunt, John, & Richard White, imprisoned for religious opinionsP.H. III159
Huntingdon & Hungerford, coat of arms (illus.)1693P.H. III32
Huntingdon, coats of arms, & descriptions, blazons (illus.)P.H. I322-324
Huntingdon, PedigreeP.H. I395-396
Husee, [Hussey] PedigreeP. III184
Hussey family, + pedigree (Thorpe’s Catalogue)P.H. I053-057, +
Hussey pedigreeP.H. I049, 061-062
Hussey, & Handlo, pedigreeP.H. I209
Hussey, coat of arms (illus.)1827P.H. I060, 063
Hussey, Coat of arms (illus.)M. 2241a
Hussey, Elizabeth, Lady Hungerford, letter of complaint about ill-usage1527P.H. II107-110
Hussey, Elizabeth, remarries Throckmorton, with Brass effigy (illus.) [DZSWS: 1982.3835] , & coat of arms (illus.) at Weston Underwood (Co. Buckinghamshire) d. 1571P.H. II123-125
Hussey, Joan, Will1404P.H. I047-048
Hussey, of Shapwich. Letters, and coat of arms (illus.)P.H. I059-060
Hydden, or Hidden (Co. Berkshire)P. II306
Hyntas (Co. Salop, now Shropshire)P. II306
Hynyford see HenfordP. II
Hyres, or Xyrres (Co. Cornwall)P. II306
I.P.M., Inquisitions Post MortemP.H. IV
I.P.M., Inquisitions Post MortemP.H. III
Iford, parish of Farleigh Hungerford (mud map)M. 2158+
Iford, Rowley & Wittenham, & AvoncliffP. III222-223
Ilford House (Co. Wiltshire), drawn by John Fryer of Bath (illus.) [DZSWS: 1982.3761]P. III2
Ilford, north of Farley Castle (Co. Wiltshire)P. III002-005
Ilmer (Co. Buckinghamshire)P. III6
Imber, or Immer, S-W of Devizes (Co. Wiltshire)P. III6
Inaugural address, by Rev. Jackson1853P. Ix
Index to Persons & Places, mentioned in Sir R.C. Hoare’s Hungerfordiana, made by Rev. J.E. Jackson. 21 p. (12 pages) 1822 edition1846P.H. IV[322+]
Indian Mutiny, account (newspaper clipping)1857P.H. IV137a
Inquisition Post Mortem, Hungerford familyP. IV335-343
Introduction, by late Mr. John Britton. 1p. P. IFront.
Introduction, by Rev. J.E. Jackson1880P.H. I001-005
Inventory of Chantry furniture, Hungerford Chapel, Salisbury Cathedral1472P.H. I272-279
Irish Hungerford magistrates, incl. Harry J. Hungerford, A.B. (T.C.D.), Richard Becher Hungerford, Ballyrizard, Coleen, & William Hungerford, Sunmount, ClonakiltyP.H. IV139c
Irish HungerfordsP.H. IV117+
Irish Peasant, The, by M. Hungerford (newspaper clipping, Nov 9, 1889) 3p. [Margaret Wolfe Argyles (nee Hamilton), author of “Molly Bawn”, ‘Phyllis”, “Airy Fairy Lilian”, “The Duchess”]1889P.H. IV[334+]
Iron Cage, in Salisbury Cathedral (newspaper clipping)P. IV 046+
Iron Chapel, of Lord Hungerford (illus.)P. IV018, 020
Iron Chapel, Radnor’s expenses1779P. IV048-049
Iron Chapel, Salisbury Cathedral, or “The Cage”1449, 1778P. IV017-050
Isleworth (Co. Middlesex)P. III6
Ivy Church, nr. Salisbury (Co. Wiltshire) (illus.) [DZSWS: 1982.3762]1880P. III007a
Ivy Church, nr. Salisbury (Co. Wiltshire), arms (illus.) 1880P. III8
Ivy Church, or Monasterium Ederosi, nr. Salisbury (Co. Wiltshire)P. III007-009
Jackson, J.E. Rev. Address to Wiltshire Archaeological & Natural History Society. 8 p.P. IFront.
Jackson, J.E., Rev., “Ancient Statutes of Heytesbury Almshouse” 1869P. II240-252
Jackson, James, poem about coach-house & stables at Farleigh Rectory1832M. 263
Jackson, John Edward (portrait)P. Ivi, opp.
Jackson, John Edward (portrait)1865M. 1Frontis.
Jackson, John Edward, re Edward Hungerford’s willP.H. III095+
Jackson, John Edward, Rev. Canon. Photograph (illus.)1865P.H. Iviii
Jackson, John Edward, Rev., & John Gough Nichols, Inventory of the goods of Dame Agnes Hungerford, attainted of murder 14 Hen VIII. London1861P.H. II045-070
Jackson, John Edward, Sale of Library (newspaper clipping): Devizes Museum Jackson Memorial Galleries drawing & invitation. Discovery of Jackson’s Aubrey (newspaper clipping)P.H. I056, 057
Jackson, John Edward, the late Cannon, reprinted from Devizes & Wiltshire Gazette, (newspaper clipping)1891P.H. I172a
Jones, & Culme, coats of arms (illus.) & blazons, once in ChapelM. 1183
Jones, William coat of arms (illus.)P. IV320a
Keate, George, Esq. (portrait)P.H. IV100
Keate, George, of Trowbridge, various papers (incl. memoirs, & illus.)P.H. IV107+, 108+
Keate, Henrietta Maria, married George WalkerP.H. IV97
Keate, John, various entries, & notesP.H. IV096b+
Keate, married Hungerford, pedigreeP.H. IV39
Keevil, between Trowbridge & Devizes (Co. Wiltshire)P. III11
Kelham Hall, Great fire (newspaper clipping)1857P.H. IV181
Kelham NorthP. III11
Kelmescote, nr. Leachlak (Co. Oxford)P. III11
Kempton (Co. Salop, now Shropshire)P. III11
Kent, BosendenP. III12
Kent, CountyP. III12
Kent, EythorneP. III12
Kent, Isle of ThanetP. III12
Kent, Lesnes AbbeyP. III12
Kent, RochesP. III12
Kenton (Co. Devon)P. III13
Kenton, nr. Exeter (Co. Devon)P. III13
Keynsham (Co. Somerset) P. III014-017
Killeton (Co. Cornwall)P. III18
Kilmersdon (Co. Somerset)P. III18
King’s Stanley, nr. Stonehouse (Co. Gloucester)P. III019-021
Kings Stanley, brass rubbings, and plat patterns (illus.) [DZSWS: 1982.3764]P. III20
Kingston Blount (Co. Berkshire)P. III22
Kingston Blunt (Co. Oxford)P. III19
Kingston, nr. Chesterton (Co. Warwick)P. III22
Kington St Michael (Co. Wiltshire)P. III22
Kingwsood (Co. Wiltshire)P. III22
Kippax Church (Co. York)P. III22
Kittsford (Co. Somerset)1542P. III22
Knight, with Hungerford arms on surcoat, painting on walls (illus.) [DZSWS: 1982.3657]M. 1176
Knighton, nr. Bishopston, S-W Salisbury (Co. Wiltshire)P. III22
Knights of the Garter; Knights of the BathP.H. IV186
Knoyle Episcopi, or East Knoyle (Co. Wiltshire)P. III023-024
Knoyle Odierne, or West Knoyle (Co. Wiltshire)P. III23
Kyvele, see KeevilP. III
L’Estrange, Roger (or Strange) (portrait, illus.)1684P. IV164
Lachyndon1428P. III25
Lacock (Co. Wiltshire)P. III025-027
Lacock Abbey, Arms of Heytesbury, on boss in cloisters (illus.) [DZSWS: 1982.3765] P. III026a
Lacock Church , monument to James Montagu (illus.)P. III27
Lady Chapel, Salisbury Cathedral, South wall (illus.) [DZSWS: 1982.3779]P. IV66
LamyateP. III25
Lanavale (Co. Cornwall)P. III28
Lands in Farleigh, called by present names in Old Hungerford Rent Rolls1585M. 2184a
Langdon, Gilbert, accountM. 2070-074
Langford Leicester (Co. Devon)P. III28
Langford Parva (Co. Wiltshire)P. III29
Langham Road, Bradley North, See RoadP. III28
Langley & Hungerford, drawing [DZSWS: 1982.3767]P. III. 45
Langley Barrell (or Burnell) (Co. Wiltshire)P. III28
Langridge, nr BathP. III029a
Langton Maltravers (Co. Dorset)P. III28
Latton familyP.H. III212
Latton, nr. Cricklade (Co. Wiltshire)P. III30
Laverstock, N-E of Salisbury (Co. Wiltshire)P. III31
Lavington Episcopi, or West Lavington (Co. Wiltshire)P. III31
Law, Evan, married Mary Ann Hungerford, correspondence1869P.H. IV130b-c
Lea, nr. GarsdenP. III34
Lea, nr. MalmesburyP. III34
Lea, see LeighP. III
Leaden urn, on family vault, of Sir Edward Hungerford, in Farley Chapel (illus.)M. 1232
Leaden vase, or coffin, in Farley Castle vaultM. 1233-234
Lease signed by seven Hungerfords (original signatures)P.H. II277
Lechmere, Edmund, married to Lucy Hungerford1673P.H. III31
Legg, Thomas, Sir, Drama about Bosworth FieldP.H. II011-012
Leicester, Town (Co. Leicestershire)P. III32
LeicestershireP. III032+
Leigh de la Mere, Church, Wilt. Drawing by W. Twopenny, Esq. (illus.)P. Ivi
Leigh, Letter, re Sir Edward Hungerford, The SpendthriftP.H. III095b
Leigh, nr. Ashton KeynesP. III37
Leigh, nr. Cricklade (Co. Wiltshire)P. III38
Leigh, nr. Westbury, see WestburyP. III
Leigh, or Lea, or LyeP. III33
Leigh, see also The Leigh, The Lye, The Lea
Leigh, with Cleverton, nr. Malmesbury (Co. Wiltshire)P. III33
Leighton, of Feckenham, coat of arms (illus.)P.H. IV172
Leland’s Itinerary, to Farley …1542P. II051+
Lerling, nr. Goneville’s Manor (Co. Norfolk)P. III38
Lesnes Abbey (Co. Kent) (illus.) [DZSWS: 1982.3766]P. III39
Lesnes Abbey, see LesnesP. III12
Letter from Earl of Hertford (son of Protector Somerset)P.H. II238
Letter from the Council, to the magistrates of WiltshireP.H. II236-237
Letter to Byshop of Wynchestyr, from Lord MoleynsP.H. I178
Letter, re Agnes Hungerford documentsP.H. II044+
Lexington hatchment, at Coulston Church (query about origin) (illus.) attached to letterP.H. III115
Leybourne, Hungerford Chapel, Sarum, coat of arms (illus.)P.H. IV172
Leyton (Co. Essex)P. III40
Lisle, Joan, Viscount of, widow1500P.H. IV3
Lisle, William, Sir, married Bridget Hungerfordm. 1606P.H. III199
Lister, coat of arms (illus.)P.H. II135
Little Brickhill (Bucks)P. I94
Littlecote (Co. Wiltshire)P. III40
Littleton Husee (Co. Wiltshire)P. III40
Littleton Stony, in Wellow (Co. Somerset)P. III040-041
Littleton, Edward, Sir1641-1642P.H. I292
Llanthony Secunda, nr. GloucesterP. III41
Lobb, Samuel, Rev., account of familyM. 2068a-069
Locking (Co. Berkshire)P. III42
Loddington (Co. Northhampton)P. III44
Lodery (Co. Devon)P. III43
Lolworth (Co. Cambridgeshire) (incl. illus.) [DZSWS: 1982.3767]P. III45
LondonP. III046-057
London, registers for marriages, baptisms, burialsP. III046-057
London, See also Charing Cross, & WestminsterP. III
Long, & Popham pedigreeP.H. III148
Long, C.E., “Wild Darrell of Littlecote”, in Wiltshire Archaeological magazineP.H. II195-196
Long, Israel, will proved1640P.H. III265
Long, Melford (Co. Suffolk)P. III59
Long, Robert, Sir, marriage to Lucy Hungerford1575P.H. II132a
Longford Castle, Earl of Radnor. Schedule of original documents, found1880-1884P.H. IV237-246
Longford Castle, Salisbury, letter, Re Radnor1880P. IV046-047
Longleat priory (Co. Wiltshire)1409P. III57
Longleat Priory, St Radegund of Long-Lete, Temp. 8 Ed. III, two seals (incl. illus.) [DZSWS: 1982.3834]1334P.H. II97
Longleat, Extracts from letters1564+P. IV237
Lords of Council, answer to letter from, with signatures (original) (incl. John Hungerford, Cadenham)1580P.H. IV 26
Loudoun, The Countess of. Claim before House of Lords, to four Baronies of Hungerford/Botreaux, etc. + letters1870-1871P.H. I328-415
Lovel pedigreeP. IV216
Lovell, pedigree of, & blazon, coat of armsP.H. I065a
Low, Gabriel, Sir, of Newark (Co. Gloucester)P.H. III192
Low, of Calne, pedigreeP.H. IV17
Lowdon, nr. Chippenham (Co. Wiltshire)P. III50
Lowe, Mary, of Calne1623P.H. III192
Luckington (Co. Somerset)P. III60
Lucy arms (at Lydiard Tregoze, Co. Wiltshire) (illus.)P. III61
Lucy Hayes, See Sutton LucyP. III
Ludgershall (Co. Buckinghamshire)P. III60
LudlowP. III60
Lushall, John, Sir, pedigree parker & Lushall, taken from Visitation of Wiltshire1623M. 266
Luttrell, EdwardP.H. IV097a-098
Luttrell, Hungerford, “A series of letters & memorials to his Grace the Duke of Wellington & the Lords of the Treasury… coast guard service…”. London. 31 pp. 1831P.H. IV106+
Luttrell, Hungerford, Esq., P.H. IV097a
Luttrell’s letters & pamphletsP.H. IV099-107
Lychet Maltravers (Co. Dorset)P. III60
Lydford, West (Co. Somerset)P. III60
Lydiard Tregoze (Co. Wiltshire), also arms or Lucy & Dormer (illus.)P. III61
Lys (Co. Southhampton)P. III61
Macie, James, Esq., mention in will of Dorothy PercyP.H. IV114
MacKay, L. Hungerford, letter about Canon Jackson’s “Guide”1889P.H. IV143b-c
Mackay, Mrs. Alleged libel case (newspaper clippings)P.H. IV143+
Maddington, nr. Amesbury (Co. Wiltshire)P. III062-065
Maiden Bradley (Co. Wiltshire)P. III066-070
Maiden Bradley Priory (illus.), also sealsP. III70
Maiden Newton (Co. Dorset)P. III71
Maidenwell (Co. Northampton)P. III070a
Malmesbury (Co. Wiltshire)P. III71
Malmesbury (Co. Wiltshire), burial registerP. III72
Manners, Francis, Earl of Rutland (portrait)d. 1632P.H. II252
Manners, Francis, Earl of Rutland, List of EstatesP.H. II253
Manningford (Co. Wiltshire)P. III72
Manors & estates, of William Botreaux, Kt, Lord BotreauxP.H. I288
Maperton (or Mapton) (Co. Somerset)P. III72
Mapowder (now Mappowder) (Co. Dorset)P. III73
Margaret Plantagenet, Countess of Salisbury, born at Farleigh Castle, pedigrees1473M. 1035-036
Margaret Plantagenet, Countess of Salisbury, portraits (illus.)M. 1036-037
Margaret, Lady Hungerford & Botreaux, & Lord Robert Hungerford, tomb, in Salisbury Cathedral, plan (illus.) [DZSWS 1982.3776]P. IV057+
Margaret, Lady Hungerford & Botreaux, Chapel outside the Salisbury Cathedral (now demolished)P. IV051-095
Margaret, Lady Hungerford & Botreaux, pedigreeP.H. I291
Margaret, Lady Hungerford & Botreaux, tomb in chapel, Salisbury Cathedral, north wall (illus.) [DZSWS: 1982.3780, 1982.3787]P. IV067, 089a
Margaret, Lady Hungerford & Botreaux. Documents with seals1461P.H. IV244-245
Margaret, Lady Hungerford & Botreaux. Part 1P.H. I207-215
Margaret, Lady Hungerford & Botreaux. Part 2P.H. I251-295
Margaret, Lady Hungerford & Botreaux. Will1476P.H. I264-279
Margaret, Lady Hungerford (coat of arms in window (illus.)M. 1206
Margaret, Lady Hungerford (nee Halliday), letter to, from John Wickham, re business at Pucklechurch (original?)1648P. III138-139
Marks, Roger, married Hungerford, Steeple Ashton Church (Co. Wiltshire), brass rubbing [DZSWS: 1982.3792]1662P. IV180
Marlborough (Co. Wiltshire)P. III73
Marlborough, View of Lord Hartford’s House (illus.)1723P.H. I70
Marridge See Maudit’s Park, See Somerford, PLACES, v. 3, p. 167P. III74
Marsbooke (Co. Salop, now Shropshire)P. III75
Marshall, George, Sir, of Colepark, challenge to duel, sentenceP.H. III201a
Marston, South (or Mersdon), nr. Swindon (Co. Wiltshire) P. III74
Martin, in Willow, nr Great BedwynP. III74
Mary, Queen of Scots, letter to Liggons, re: Lady Hungerford1586P.H. II193
Massereene, Lord ViscountP.H. III087+
Massereene, Release of lands, to HoultonP.H. III080, 085
Mauduit pedigreeP. IV232
Maunsell, Robert, married Isabella, correspondence1813P.H. IV130-131
Mawdley, Roger, pedigree & coat of arms, & letters1532P.H. II217-219
Melford, See Long MelfordP. III
Melverley (Co. Salop, now Shropshire)P. III75
Merchant Taylor’s School Register, LondonP. III54
Mere (Co. Wiltshire)P. III75
Mervyn & Hungerford, match, discussionP. II067-069
Mews, Bath & Wells, Bishop, letterP.H. IV042+
Meysey (Meyvsey) (Co. Gloucester)P. III75
Midford, See HeatonP. III
Mildenhall Church, presentations toP. III078-079
Mildenhall, Woodland Estate (Co. Wiltshire) (incl. map)P. III075-080
Mildmay, Henry, SirP.H. II374
Milford, See MulefordP. III
Milton (Co. Kent), + armsP. III81
Milton Lislebonne, nr. Pewsey (Co. Wiltshire)P. III81
Minster, alias Talthar (Co. Cornwall)P. III86
Mintey (Co. Wiltshire, & Gloucester)P. III082-085
Mintey Church (Co. Wiltshire) (illus., rubbings) [DZSWS: 1982.3769]P. III83
Mintey Church (Co. Wiltshire), windows in Hungerford Chantry, by Rev. Henry Ward (illus.) [DZSWS: 1982.3770, 3771]P. III084-085
Minton Mill, parish of HintonP. II102
Miscellaneous notes, & pedigree notesP.H. IV[348+]
Miscellaneous notices of Later Hungerfords (mainly England, Bristol, Beckford, London) including law casesP.H. IV148-152
Moleyns (Co. Cornwall)P. III87
Moleyns Cartulary, Index toP.H. I162
Moleyns familyP.H. I202+
Moleyns Monument, Salisbury CathedralP.H. I198
Moleyns Wood P. III87
Moleyns, ancient pedigreeP.H. I 204+
Moleyns, Lord, ExecutionP.H. I188-189
Moleyns, Lord. Paston correspondenceP.H. I176-178
Moleyns, William, Sir, brass rubbing, in Stoke Poges Church [DZSWS: 1982.3797]P. IV191
Molland Botreaux (Co. Devon)P. III87
Molyens, Eleanor, wife of Robert Hungerford, Brass rubbing, in Stoke Pogey [DZSWS: 1982.3796]P. IV190-191
Molyens’ Estates, Temp Edward II, Letters, etc.1461P.H. I179-184
Monk, Sarah, The Case of (dau. of Mr. Matthew Hungerford) (printed)1680-1714P. I206b
Monkton Farley, See FarleyP. III
Monkton, in ChippenhamP. III87
Montacute, John de, fragment of tomb, Salisbury Cathedral (illus.) [DZSWS: 1982.3785]P. IV84
Monumental effigy, from Montagu’s Heraldry, p. 61 (illus.)P.H. IV171
Monumental inscriptions, effigies, listP.H. IV178-179
Moore family pedigreeP. II232
Moore, George, Sir, (married Elizabeth Hungerford)P.H. IV074b+
Mordaunt, Lord, John, letter to his daughter, Margaret, widow of Edmund Fettiplace1540P.H. III180
Morden, Hundred of Highworth (Co. Wiltshire)P. III87
More Crickel (Co. Dorset)P. III87
Moreton, South (Co. Berkshire)P. III87
Morley, George, Bishop of Winton, re Dr. John Hungerford (Charles II)1673P.H. IV040a-c
Morville, Hugh, Sir, murdered of Thomas A’Beckett (coat of arms, Az. fretty semée de-lis or, illus.)1170M. 2241a
Muleford (Milford) (Co. Berkshire)P. III87
Munklane (Co. Hereford)P. III88
Mural paintings, Discoveries, from Journal of British Archaeological Association1846P. IV070+
Murder of Arthur Edward Herbert, Castle Island, Ireland, represented by Henry J. Hungerford (newspaper clipping)1882P.H. IV139b
Muster of 200 soldiers, Letter from ‘com’ to Sir John Thynne, Esq. (original) [signatures attached, incl. Walter Hungerford]1580P.H. II158
Muster rolls of the army of King Henry V. Extract from Harleian MS 24,704. List of men commandeered by Sir Walter Hungerford1417P. I079-081
Muster rolls, of army of Henry V1417P.H. I079-081+
Mutford (Co. Suffolk)P. III88
Myleham (Co. Norfolk)P. III88
Naming of persons in places and towns (table)P.H. I7
Nanfrith (Co. Cornwall)P. III90
Nether Silken (Co. Oxford)P. III90
Nether Stratton (Co. Wiltshire)P. III90
Netheravon (Co. Wiltshire)P. III90
Netherwood (Co. Kent)P. III90
Neville, NormandyP. III90
New Lodge at Warminster Road (illus.) [DZSWS: 1982.3700]1835-6M. 2125
Newbold Vernon (Co. Leicester)P. III090, opp.
Newbury (Co. Berkshire)P. III90
Newe HallP. III90
Newington (Co. Oxford)P. III091-092
Newington Barrow (Co. Middlesex)P. III91
Newington Green, Islington (Mildmay)P.H. II374
Newland (Co. Cornwall)P. III92
Newnham Park (illus.) [DZSWS: 1982.3699]1853M. 2120
Newton Park (Co. Somerset)P. III92
Newton St Lo (Co. Somerset)P. III92
Newton, pedigreesP. I024+
Newton, St. Phillips (Co. Somerset), registersP. III096-097
Nibley, North (Co. Gloucestershire)P. III93
Nichol’s Hungerford pedigree, variantP.H. III120
Nichols, John Gough, & Rev. John Edward Jackson, Inventory of the goods of Dame Agnes Hungerford, attainted of murder 14 Hen VIII. London1861P.H. II045-070
Norman ConquestM. 1017-018
Norman tiles, on floor of St Nicholas Chapel, York MinsterP. IV333a
Norridge Woods (Co. Wiltshire)P. III94
North Standen Hungerfords (Co. Wiltshire)P.H. III220-230
Northevale (Co. Cornwall)P. III95
Northgate, Sir1882P.H. IV055a
Northumberland Ave., Charing Cross, plan 1885P. I143a
Norton Bavent (Co. Wiltshire)P. III95
Norton FairP. III102
Norton St Phillip, nr. Bath, The George Inn (illus.) [DZSWS: 1982.3772]P. III103
Norton St Phillip’s Church (illus.) [DZSWS: 1982.3773]P. III104
Norton St Phillip’s Church, sickles (illus.) [DZSWS: 1983.3774]P. III105
Norton, & Midford, fisheryP. II144
Norton, nr Malmesbury (Co. Wiltshire), registersP. III95
Norton, nr. Malton (Co. York)P. III95
Norton, St Phillip’s Church (Co. Somerset), registers, (illus.)P. III096-121
Norton, Standen, see StandenP. III
Norton, Wyke, Wick, or Week, Westweek FarmP. III098-99
Norton’s Survey of lands & revenues granted unto Prince Charles1617P. III119-120
Norwood coppiceP. II143
Norwood Grange, NortonP. III101
Nottingham, Earl, letter to Lord Weymouth1691P.H. III111
Notton, nr Chippenham (Co. Wiltshire)P. III122
Nunney (Co. Somerset)P. III120a
Nutfield (Co. Currey)P. III122
Ockford Fitzpain, Hundred of Sherborne (Co. Dorset)P. III124
Offchurch (Co. Warwick)P. III124
Offenham, nr. Evesham (Co. Worcester)P. III124
Offwell (Co. Devon)P. III124
Old English War horse (newspaper clipping)P.H. II140
Old George House, High St., SalisburyP. IV004a
Old George Inn, SalisburyP.H. I168 a-b
Old George Inn, Salisbury, in 15 th & 16 th centuriesP. IV004b
Old Shoreditch Church, St Leonards, London, Arms for Hungerford & PowellP. III56
Old Shoreham (Co. Sussex)P. III124
Olveston (Co. Gloucester)P. III125
Orchestra St George (Co. Wiltshire)P. III125
Orchestra St Mary (Co. Wiltshire)P. III125
Order of services in Chantry, Farleigh, for Sir Thomas HungerfordM. 1180-181
Order of Strata … & organic remains ... nr. Bath, proved1799M. 2095a, 097
Original letter (illegible, very dark copy)P.H. II151
Original letters … (original)P.H. II145-160
Orwell in TroweP. III125
Oswaldeston (Co. Salop, now Shropshire)P. III125
Overstratton (Co. Wiltshire)P. III125
Overteffont (Co. Wiltshire)P. III125
Overworton (Co. Oxford)P. III125
Owston (Co. Leicester)P. III32
OxfordP. III126-128
Oxford, University College Hall, Hungerford arms (illus.)P. III128, opp.
Packer family, pedigreeM. 2196
Paget, Richard, Dr., letter giving account of interior of Farleigh Church, from Gentleman’s Magazine1789M. 2029-029a
Panels from old chair at Farleigh Castle (illus.) [DZSWS: 1982.3661, 3662, 3663]M. 1184-187
Parish distances, parish of FarleyM. 2217
Parke, in Egleshayle (Co. Cornwall)P. III130
Parker, Virgil, Rev., Rector of Farleigh Church, accountM. 2065, 067
Patricksbourne (Co. Kent)P. III130
Paveley coat of arms (illus.)M. 1 31
Pavely, Walter de, seal (illus.)P. IV207
Pearson, C.M., Poem, addressed to Mr. & Mrs. Richardson1797M. 2085b-c
Peblewe See PublowP. III130
Peckham (Co. Surrey)P. III130
Pedigree, from “Gough’s Sepulchral Monuments”P.H. Ivii
Pedigree, from old manuscriptP.H. Iiv
Pedigree, from Sir R.C. Hoare’s “Modern Wiltshire” (Heytesbury)P.H. Ivi
Pedigree, printed by Sir Thos. PhillippsP.H. Iv
Pedigree, tabular, of the eldest line Part IP.H. Iii
Pedigree, tabular, of the eldest line Part IIP.H. Iiii
Pembroke Hall (illus.)P.H. II351 opp.
Pengelly (Co. Cornwall)P. III130
Penhele (Co. Cornwall)P. III131
Penleigh House, Westbury (Co. Wiltshire), arms in window (illus.)P. IV300
Penleigh, Middle, Westbury (Co. Wiltshire)P. IV299a
Penleigh, See WestburyP. III
Pennington Narvett, in Milton (Co. Hampshire)P. III131 & opp.
Penruddock, Charles, coat of arms (illus.)P.H. III238
Penruddock, coat of arms (illus.)P.H. III238a
Penruddock, pedigreeP.H. III237a
Penruddocke pedigreeP. II59
Pensford (Co. Somerset)P. III131
Pepper Garb, explained & illustrated. Crest on Sir Walter Hungerford’s garter plate, in St George’s Chapel, Windsor (pepper corms counter-charged). Also Sketch of sprig of pepper plant from Singapore (illus.) [DZSWS: 1982.3850]P.H. IV164
Pepper Garb, in Hungerford arms, from Thomas William King, York Herald1852P.H. IV165
Percy, Dorothy, illegitimate dau. of Duke of Northumberland, will. Mention of James Macie, founder of the Smithsonian Institution, Washington, D.C.d.1794P.H. IV114
Percy, Lady Anne, Coat of arms (illus.)P.H. I225-226
Percy, Lady Anne, window (illus.)P.H. I226
Pershore (Co. Worcester)P. III131
Pershore (Co. Worcester), arms of Fulke Hazelwood, & wife Dorothy Hungerford, monument (illus.)P. III131 opp.
Pershore, Holy Cross, baptism registerP. III131 opp.
Petherton South (Co. Somerset) P. III131
Petition on behalf of the Sire of Hungerford (Rolls of Parliament)1485P.H. II013-015
Petition to Chancery, Mary Hungerford, widow of John Hungerford, of Blacklands, a dau. of Francis Hungerford, of Reading, re Mitford 4061685P.H. IV45
Petition to King, re travel to Ireland1642P.H. III014-016
Petitions to the King in Council. Appendix no. I. 34 th Report of the Deputy keeper of the Records1873P.H. I007a
Peverch (Peverell), of Park, coat of arms (illus.)P.H. IV172
Peverell familyP.H. I064-140
Peverell family pedigrees, incl. Coat of armsP.H. I136
Phelps, Snr. Letters to Col. Houlton1847M. 2214
Phillips’ Wiltshire Institutions, presentations to living by Hungerford familyP. IV344
Phipiston (Co. Dorset)P. III132
Picture of the Resurrection, on ceiling of Chantry chapel (illus.) [DZSWS: 1982.3672]M. 1197
Pighi, James, & John Hungerford, M.D., portraits, & coat of arms of Hungerford, incorrect (illus.) [DZSWS: 1982.3846] [very dark image]P.H. IV45
Pinkney House, Sherston (Co. Wiltshire), drawing of Sir Hungerford, with dog (illus.) [DZSWS: 1982.3790] & two ladies holding a miniature (illus.)P. IV157a-b
Pinkney, See SherstonP. III
Plantagenet, Margaret, Countess of Salisbury (illus.)P.H. I241-242
Plantagenet, Margaret, Countess of Salisbury, pedigreeP.H. I243
Plate of Henry IV. Two supporters are lions with fox’s tails (illus.) [DZSWS: 1982.3823]P.H. I083a
Platt, arms, blazonP.H. III184+
Platt, coats of arms (illus.)P. II260-264
Platt, William, Mrs., portrait (illus.) [DZSWS: 1982.3845]1537P.H. III184a
Platt, William, of Highgate, willP.H. III184
Platt, William, tomb (illus.) [DZSWS: 1982.3753]P. II259-261
Plumpton correspondence, re Sir Thomas HungerfordP.H. I222-224
Plumtree, or Plymtree (Co. Devon)P. III132 & opp.
PlymouthP. III132
Plymouth, St Andrew’s Church, monumentP. III132
Plympton (Co. Devon)P. III132
Poges, & Mauduit, coat of armsP.H. I205 (opp.)
Pollard, pedigreeP.H. III226
Pollard, Sarah, Mrs., of Hungerford, will1678P.H. III226
Pollard, Thomas, case (printed)P.H. III227-229
Polruen (Co. Cornwall)P. III133
Pond House (Co. Berkshire)P. III133
Pool (Co. Wiltshire)P. III133
Popham, coat of arms, Wellow Church (illus.), & pedigreeP. IV264
Portraits, of Hungerford family, engraved or painted, prints, or drawings, including busts, List of, as known to Rev. J.E. Jackson1847P.H. IV173-183
Portway (Co. Wiltshire)P. III133
Postelyng (Co. Kent)P. III133
Potterne & Cannings, Order of Wiltshire magistrates in impressing 21 men. (Original with Signatures: Thomas Hall, William Withers, Edward Hungerford, Robert Eyre, Walter Norborne)1644P.H. IV049-050
Potterne, nr. RamsburyP. III133
Poulett, Nicholasd. 1600P.H. III266-267
Powderham (Co. Devon)P. III133-134
Powlett brass rubbings, Minety Church (Co. Wiltshire) [DZSWS: 1982.3769]P. III83
Poxwell Hungerford (Co. Dorset)P. III133
Preshute (Co. Wiltshire)P. III134
Prestbury (Co. Gloucester)P. III134
Price, Richard, Dr., Rector of Petworth, Surrey, will1691297a
Priests at Thomas Hungerford’s Chantry of St Mary’s Altar, Farleigh Hungerford CastleM. 1179
Principal patterns of Norman tiles from the floor of St Nicholas Chapel, York MinsterP. IV333a
Prowse = Hungerford, pedigreeP.H. IV40
Publow (Co. Somerset)P. III134
Pucklechurch (Co. Gloucester)P. III135-138
Purchase by Baynton from HungerfordP.H. III83
Purton (Co. Wiltshire)P. III140
Pynchet (Co. Wiltshire)P. III140
Pyngden (Co. Sussex)P. III140
Quarries & sickles in window, Timber St., Chippenham (illus.)1866P. I185 opp.
Quarum Kitenor (Co. Somerset)P. III142
Quedhampton (Co. Wiltshire)P. III142
Quemerford (Co. Wiltshire)P. III142
Rabbits of John Hungerford, poached uponP.H. III181
RadhurstP. III144
Radnor, Lord, & The Iron Chapel, Salisbury ( Dodsworth’s Guide )1792P. IV43
Radnor, Lord, pedigree on Salisbury Cathedral ceiling, descent from HungerfordP. IV. 044-045
Ramsbury (Co. Dorset)P. III144
Ramsbury (Co. Wiltshire), see PotterneP. III
Rawdon-Hastings, George Augustus Francis, Marquess of Hastings & Countess of Huntingdon (illus. coat of arms)P.H. I321
Raynham (Co. Essex)P. III144
Reading (Co. Berkshire)P. III145
Recipe for endowment of a Chantry within Farleigh Church1443M. 2008-009a
Redland (Co. Gloucester)P. III146
Reigate (Co. Surrey)P. III145b, 146
Removal of paupers, notes given to Jackson by Rev. Richard Palairel, of Norton Farleigh218
Rents paid, within manor of Farleigh Hungerford, list by fields1693M. 2194
Retyres (Co. Cornwall)P. III146
Reynes – Borade, pedigreeP. III235
Reynes’ Land, See WarminsterP. III
Rich, Robert, family, pedigreeP.H. II375+
Rich, Robert, 2 nd Earl of Warwick (portrait) (illus.) P.H. II376
Richard, Duke of Gloucester (Richard III)1483P.H. II3006
Richardson, Benjamin, Rev., & connection to William Smith, geologistM. 2089, 091-092
Richardson, Benjamin, Rev., account (incl. monument, illus. in Uphill Church)d. 1837M. 2075-101
Richardson, Benjamin, Rev., silhouette (illus.)M. 285
Richmond, Henry Tudor, Earl of (to succeed Richard III as Henry VII)1485P.H. II6007
Rillaton Peverell, See KillatonP. III
Rissington (Rysyngton), nr. Stow on the Wold (Co. Gloucester)P. III146
Rissington, Little (or Basset)P. III146
Road, & Wolverton (correspondence, with John Sadler, some in Latin)P. III153-160
Road, & Langhan (anciently, Rode & Laugerhan) (sometimes Rood) (Co. Somerset)P. III147-161
Robbery of marble pavement, from Farley CastleM. 1238-240
Robinson, William, Rev., Rector, coat of arms (illus.)M. 2061-062
Roches (Co. Kent)P. III12
Rodbourne, nr. Malmesbury (Co. Wiltshire)P. III162-164
Rodden, nr. Frome-Selwood (Co. Somerset)P. III165
Rodney Stoke (Co. Wiltshire?) (arms, illus)P. III165a
Rollindich (Co. Oxford)P. III165
Rollright (Co. Oxford)P. III165-167
Rollright (Co. Oxford), deed of sale, by Anthony & John Hungerford (original?)1583P. III 166-167
Roman Baths at Farley, plans [DZSWS: 1982.3631, 3632]M. 1014-015
Roman Coins found at FarleyM. 1010-011
Roman pavements, Wellow (floor plan) (illus.)P. IV257
Roman period: Roman remains at FarleighM. 16
Roman villa in Temple Field, plan [DZSWS: 1982.3630]M. 1008-009
Roman villa, excavations, subscriptions1822M. 113
Rood, See Road, & RodeP. III
Rosewell, Thomas, Chaplain to Lady Margaret HungerfordP.H. II370-370a
Ross Cathedral, Co. Cork, monument (illus.) [DZSWS: 1982.3848]P.H. IV123
Rotherhithe (Co. Surrey)P. III168
Rowde Church, arms of Hungerford, with Halliday (illus.)1654P. III170
Rowde, Durlegate & AlsottP. III168
Rowde, nr. Devizes (Co. Wiltshire)P. III169-170
Rowden (Co. Wiltshire)P. III171-191
Rowden House, in Wiltshire Antiquities, Devizes Gazette, (newspaper clipping)1839P. III176
Rowden, deeds in Hungerford CartularyP. III185-191
Rowden, in parish of ChippenhamP. III171+
Rowe monument, St Lawrence Jewry (illus.) [DZSWS: 1982.3768]P. III52
Rowe, Henry, Sir, monument in Hackney church (illus.)P.H. II372-373
Rowecliffe (Co. York)P. III168
Rowley alias WittenhamP. III192-234
Rowley alias Wittenham (between Westwood, Winkfield, Farley & Iford). Notes forP. III207-214
Rowley alias Wittenham, being that part of Farley Hungerford Parish which lies in Co. Wiltshire, by Rev. Cannon J.E. Jackson1872P. III192-205
Rowley Manor, part of TellisfordM. 2212a
Rowley, & Farley Hungerford, Union of churchesP. III209-214
Ruddlow (Co. Wiltshire)P. III232
Rushall, alias Rushall Hungerford, nr. Pewsey (Co. Wiltshire)P. III233-234
Russell, of Bradenstoke, Lord of Corston, pedigreeP. I280
Rutland, Manners, Montagu, pedigree (Haddon Hall)P. II085a
Sacheverell, Robert, SirP.H. I312-314
Sackville, Thomas, Sir, P.H. III198, 285
Sackville, Thomas, Sir, pedigreed. 1648P. IV158
Sadler family, FarleighM. 2195
Sadler, John, Road & Wolverton (correspondence, some in Latin)P. III153-160
Salisbury (Co. Wiltshire)P. IV001-141
Salisbury (Co. Wiltshire), general accountP. IV001-006
Salisbury Cathedral (illus.)1798P. IV052, 054
Salisbury Cathedral, & Radnor, Lord, pedigree, descent from HungerfordP. IV044-045
Salisbury Cathedral, Ancient & Present state, Gentleman’s Magazine1789P. IV129
Salisbury Cathedral, burial registerP. IV6
Salisbury Cathedral, planP. IV56
Sallford, nr. BathP. IV142
Salter family, FarleighM. 2198
Salwarpe (Co. Worcester)P. IV142
Sandes (Sandys) crest, with description (illus.) [DZSWS: 1982.3666]M. 1187
Sandon, nr. Hungerford (Co. Berkshire)P. IV143
Sandon, nr. Store (Co. Staffordshire)P. IV143
Sandy Lane, nr. Bowood (co. Wiltshire)P. IV144
Sandys crest, on old settle (illus.) [DZSWS: 1982.3658]M. 1177
Sandys, William, indenture withP.H. II92
Sapcott, of Elton, Co. Huntingdon, & Hungerford connectionP.H. III145
Sarum Cathedral, baptism registerP. IV6
Savernake, nr. Marlborough (Co. Wiltshire)P. IV144
Schedule of manors & estates, brought by Mary, Lady Hungerford, into Hastings familyP.H. I315-318
Scrope, coat of arms, trickP. I130
Scrope, Mary, Mrs., dau. of John Hungerford, & Mary Estcourt, letters regarding her case (several original letters)1636P.H. IV028-036
Seagry, north-east of Chippenham (Co. Wiltshire)P. IV145
Seals & coats of arms, drawings (illus.) (very dark)P.H. I320
Seend (Co. Wiltshire)P. IV146
Selwood Forest (Co. Wiltshire)P. IV147-148
Semington (Sennington, nr. Highworth) (Co. Wiltshire)P. IV149
Sepulchral Chapel, of Walter Lord Hungerford, In Salisbury, + ceiling (illus.)P. IV20
Settle, with Hungerford, & Sandys crests (illus.) [DZSWS:1982.3658]M. 1177
Settlement of Lands (Margaret, of Salisbury)P.H. I282
Sevel, J., accountM. 123
Sevenhampton (Co. Wiltshire)P. IV149-151
Sewell, W., Rev., Mirror, with Hungerford Arms (illus.) [DZSWS: 1882.3775]1840P. III127
Seyals (Co. Somerset)P. IV151
Seymour, C., letter to Sir Edward Hungerford (original)1665P.H. III41
Seymour, E.W., instructions to Mr. Hungerford1703P.H. III237
Seymour, Thomas, Sir, Lord Sudeley, grantM. 138
Shaa, Mary, Mrs. (alias, Mrs. Baker), will1613P.H. II262-265
Shaa, Mary, Mrs., arms, blazon onlyP.H. II267a
Shaa, Mary, Mrs., pedigreeP.H. II259, 266
Shaa, Mary, Mrs., sister of Sir Edward Hungerfordd. 1613P.H. II256-267
Shaa, Mary, Mrs., tomb & brass at Farley (incl. rubbing) [DZSWS: 1982.3838]P.H. II260a-261
Shaa, Mrs., TombM. 1222
Shartgrove, or Shargrove (Co. Somerset)P. IV168
Shefford, East (Co. Berkshire)P. IV152-154
Sheldon Lease (Co. Wiltshire), between Sir Walter Hungerford & Henry Hulbert (original copy, given to Rev. Jackson in 1851) 3p.1581P. IV155a-c
Sheldon Manor (illus.) [DZSWS: 1982.3789, watercolour]P. IV156
Sheldon, map P. I183 opp.
Sheldon, nr. Chippenham (Co. Wiltshire)P. IV155-157
Shelley family, & Cotton, pedigreeP.H. III190a
Sherborne (Co. Dorset)P. IV157
Sherneton, alias Sherrington (Co. Wiltshire)P. IV157
Sherston Pinkney, nr. Malmesbury (Co. Wiltshire)P. IV158
Shipham (Co. Somerset)P. IV159
Ships of 14 th & 15 th centuries (drawing), edited by L.A. Atkinson1375-1428P.H. I89
Shirley, Dorothea Francis, Mrs., monument (illus.) [DZSWS: 1982.3698]1838M. 2048, 050
Shockerwick (Co. Somerset)P. IV159
Shrewsbury, St Romald’s Chapel (Co. Salop, now Shropshire)P. IV159
Shrivenham (Co. Berkshire)P. IV159
Shropshire countyP. IV159
Shurdington (Co. Gloucester)P. IV159
Sickles, & knots, on roof bosses (illus.) [DZSWS: 1982.3665]M. 1187
Sidney, William, Sir, pedigree (incl. Dormer)P.H. II182
Silent Towers of Botreaux, The, by the Severn Sea, by Rev. R.S. Hawker, nr. Morvenstow, nr. Stratton (Co. Cornwall) poemP. I067-067a
Skeffington coat of arms, impaling Whalley (illus.)P.H. III84
Skeffington family history, Antrim castleP.H. III070-076a
Skeffington family pedigreeP.H. III077-079
Skeffington, John, Viscount MassereeneP.H. III076a-077
Skibbereeen, State of, poverty of all classes of society (newspaper clipping)1849P.H. IV132-133
Skinner, J. Rev., Letter about Roman VillaM. 112
Skrine, Henry Duncan, lecture on Claverton History, (printed copy) 2p.P. I227
Slaughan (Co. Sussex)P. IV160
Slaughterford (Co. Wiltshire)P. IV160
Smith, William, Father of British Geology, nr. Bath. Lecture by William Stephen Mitchell (newspaper clipping)1869M. 2098-099
Smith, William, Memoirs, by John Phillips. London (incl. illus.)1844M. 2087-088
Smithson, James, son of Hugh, first duke of Northumberland, & Elizabeth, heiress of Hungerfords of Studley, will1826P.H. IV113
Smithsonian Institution, Washington, D.C., James MacieP.H. IV114
Smythe, G.A., Letter to J.E.J, regarding Bremhill Church1876P. I083-084
Sodington (Co. Worcester)P. IV160
Solihull (Co. Worcester)P. IV160
Some other relics & reminiscences of Old Swindon ( Swindon Advertiser, 3 Jan 1885) (newspaper clipping)1885M. 2100-101
Somerford Keynes (Co. Wiltshire)P. IV161-163
Somerford Mauduit, or Little (Co. Wiltshire)P. IV165-167
Somerford Mautravers, or Broad Lane (Co. Wiltshire)P. IV165
Somers pedigreeP.H. III133+
Somersetshire Park, sold to OrpenM. 1061, 103
Sonnet on Ruins of Farley Castle (J.P.)1819M. 2085c-e
South Pool (Co. Devon)P. IV168
Southby family pedigreeP.H. III5
Southorp, See Pederton SouthP. IV
Spalding (Co. Lincoln)P. IV168
Spalding, VicarageP.H. I009-010
Speaker of House of Commons, discussionP.H. I037-45
Speaker of House of Commons; Lord High TreasurersP.H. IV186
Spooner pedigreeP.H. III293a
St Alphase’s, London, marriage registerP. III46
St Andrews, Holborn, London, Baptism registerP. III46
St Ann’s, Blackfriars, London, marriage & baptism registerP. III46
St Augustine’s, London, marriage registerP. III46
St Bartholomew’s Church, Smithfield, London, (incl. illus. & plan)P.H. IV005+
St Bartholomews, Strithfield, London, burial registerP. III47
St Bennett’s, Paul’s Wharf, London, P. III46
St Bride’s, Fleet St., London, burial registerP. III48
St Christopher, Le Stocks, London, marriage & baptism registerP. III48
St Christopher, painting, in Salisbury Cathedral (incl. illus.)P. IV075-078
St Dionis, Backchurch, London, burial registerP. III49
St George & the Dragon, painting on walls of Farleigh Castle (illus.) [DZSWS: 1982.3655, 3656]M. 1173-175
St George, painting on walls of Farleigh Castle, green flower sketch (illus.) [DZSWS: 1982.3656]M. 1175
St Giles, Cripplegate, London, burial registerP. III40
St Giles’s in the Fields, Middlesex. Register of marriages, Sir Anthony Hungerford & Jane Earnley1619P.H. IV074a
St James Church, Piccadilly, London, burial registerP. III50
St John, John, Sir, pedigree (married to Lucy Hungerford)P.H. III045a
St John, of Lydiard Tregoze, coat of arms (illus.)P.H. II145 opp.
St John, of Lydiard, coat of arms (illus.)P.H. IV172
St Lawrence Jewry, Rowe monument (illus.) [DZSWS: 1982.3768]P. III052-053
St Lawrence, Jury (Jewry), London (Halliday arms)P. III050-053
St Lawrence, Jury (Jewry), nr. Guildhall, London, marriage registerP. III051-052
St Lawrence, Reading. Register extracts from WinchcombeP.H. IV045-045a
St Leonard, in east window, Farleigh church (illus.), & explanation [DZSWS: 1982.3695]A.D. 559M. 2041, 042a
St Leonard, The Church Rambler, Farleigh Hungerford ( County Herald & North Wiltshire Guardian, 23 Oct 1875) (newspaper clipping)1875M. 2i-iii
St Lo pedigreeP.H. I295
St Longinus, church in Oxfordshire, fragments of a figure (illus.) [DZSWS: 1982.3691]M. 213
St Margaret’s, WestminsterP. IV304a
St Margaret’s, Westminster, London, burial registerP. III053a
St Martin’s Church, Sarum, burial registerP. IV6
St Martin’s in the Fields, London: marriage, baptism, burial registerP. III053a, opp.
St Mau, Baron, Pedigree (from Temp. King John & Henry III)1199-1216P. III148+
St Michael’s, Cornhill, LondonP. III053a
St Nicholas Chapel, York Minster, Principal patterns of Norman tiles from the floorP. IV333a
St Nicholas Church, BristolP. I94
St Olave’s ChurchP. III56
St Omer, pedigreeP. I102+
St Peter’s, Cornhill, London, marriage & burial registersP. III053-054
St Sampson’s Church, Cricklade, flying buttresses on Hungerford Chapel (illus.) [DZSWS: 1982.3728]P. I290
St Sampson’s Church, Cricklade, Hungerford coats of arms (illus.) [DZSWS: 1982.3726, 3727]P. I288-289
St Stephen, Walbrook, London. Deed between Hungerford, Borgraves, Crouch1606P. III057, opp
St Thomas’s Church, Salisbury, baptism registerP. IV006 (opp.)
Stanborough (Co. Devon)P. IV168
Stancombe family1844M. 2198a
Stancombe family, at Farley1863M. 2134
Standen Hussey (Co. Wiltshire)P. IV169-174
Standen North (Co. Wiltshire)P. IV171-174
Standen South (Co. Wiltshire)P. IV170-171
Standerwick, nr. Beckington (Co. Somerset)P. IV175
Stanlake (Co. Oxford)P. IV175
Stanley Abbey, nr. Chippenham (Co. Wiltshire)P. IV176
Stansted (Co. Sussex)P. IV176
Stansted Montfichet (Co. Essex)P. IV176
Stanton Fitzwarren (Co. Wiltshire)P. IV179
Stanton Prior (Co. Somerset)P. IV176
Stanton St Quintin (Co. Wiltshire)P. IV176-178
Stanton St Quintin (Co. Wiltshire), tower (illus.)P. IV178
Stapleford (Co. Wiltshire)P. IV179
Steeple Ashton (Co. Wiltshire)P. IV180
Stert (Co. Wiltshire)P. IV180
Stock, Adam, (or Stoke), Monument in Great Bedwyn Church (illus.)[DZSWS: 1982.3794]P. IV184
Stock, Adam, coat of arms (illus.)P. IV184
Stock, Adam, pedigreeP. IV185
Stock, arms (incl. illus.)P.H. I016-021
Stock, Gena or GevaP.H. I016-021
Stock, nr. Great Bedwyn (Co. Wiltshire), house (illus.) [DZSWS: 1982.3793]1874P. IV182
Stock, or Stoke, nr. Bedwyn (Co. Wiltshire)P. IV181
Stockley, nr. Calne (Co. Wiltshire)P. IV186
Stockton, nr. Heytesbury (Co. Wiltshire)P. IV186
Stockwood (Co. Somerset)P. IV186
Stoke Archer (Co. Gloucester) – Archades, or orchardP. IV186
Stoke Calstone, See CalstoneP. IV
Stoke Gifford, or Rodney Stoke (Co. Somerset)P. IV187
Stoke Moyle, or Mules (Co. Oxford)P. IV187
Stoke Newington (Co. Oxford)P. IV187
Stoke Park Racing Club (newspaper clipping)1886P. IV187a
Stoke Poges Church, brass rubbings, Moleyns (DZSWS: 1982.3796, 3797)P. IV190-191
Stoke Poges, in the Hundred of Stoke (Co. Buckinghamshire)P. IV188
Stoke Trisler (Co. Somerset)P. IV188
Stoke Trisler (Co. Sussex)P. IV192
Stone, See Sandon (Co. Staffordshire)P. IV192
Stonehouse (Co. Gloucester)P. IV192
Stoppe (Co. Wiltshire)P. IV192
Storridge Pastures, See WestburyP. IV
Storridge pastures, Stourton Manor, Westbury (Co. Wiltshire)P. IV301
Stourton Manor, Westbury (Co. Wiltshire)P. IV301
Stourton, Charles, Lord, marriage contract, with Lord Walter Hungerford (for a daughter, no marriage recorded)1528P.H. II093-094
Stourton, See WestburyP. IV
Stradling, letters and family pedigreeP.H. III030a-031
Stradling, of St Donagh, coat of arms (illus.)P.H. IV172
Strange, Robert, arms, blazon (incl. illus)P. IV.162
Strange, Robert, Esq., monument (illus.) [DZSWS: 1982.3791] d. 1654P. IV161-162
Strange, Robert, including pedigreeP.H. II377-378
Strange, Robert, Monument, in Somerford Keynes (drawing) [DZSWS: 1982.3791] viewed 1847d. 1654P. IV161-162
Strange, Robert, sermon on his death, by Simon AsheP.H. II368-369a
Strange, Roger (or L’Estrange) (portrait, illus.)1684P. IV164
Strange, Thomas, alias Hungerford, at Dover (used as disguise)P. IV162a
Stratford familyP.H. III237a
Stratford, coat of arms (illus.)P.H. III238a
Stratton St Margaret’s (Co. Wiltshire)P. IV192
Stratton, See Pederton SouthP. IV
Studley (Bremhill)P. I92
Studley House, Site, nr. Calne (illus.) [DZSWS: 1982.3714]P. I123a
Studley, See Bremhill & Calne (Co. Wiltshire)P. IV
Suckleigh, or Suckley (Co. Worcester)P. IV193
Suffolk House, Charing Cross (illus.)P. I140
Sumatra, report of death, with Hungerford seal1854P. IV193a
Sutton – Manners, pedigreeP.H. III114
Sutton (Benger) (Co. Wiltshire)P. IV193
Sutton Lucy (cum Colwell) (Co. Devon)P. IV193
Sutton Parva (Co. Wiltshire)P. IV194
Sutton Veney (or Feney), or Great (Co. Wiltshire)P. IV194-197
Sutton, Robert, Lord LexingtonP.H. III112-113
Swerford (Co. Oxford)P. IV198
Swinburn (Co. Northumberland)P. IV198a
Sword of Honour, in Kensington Museum, presented to son of Lt. Col. Townsend James William Hungerford (illus.)1863P.H. IV137
Symond’s Description of Hungerford Chapel1684P. IV068-078
Talbot family pedigreeP.H. IV002c
Talthar, alias Minster, which see (Co. Cornwall)P. IV200
Tapsworth (Co. Wiltshire)P. IV200
Teffont Ewyas (Co. Wiltshire)P. IV201-202
Teffont-Evias, Manor House (Co. Wiltshire) (illus.)P. IV202
Tellisford (Co. Somerset)P. IV205-209
Tellisford (Co. Somerset)M. 1045-054
Tellisford Church Tower, Hungerford sickles (illus.) [DZSWS: 1982.2798]P. IV208
Temple church, ancient inscription on doorway (illus.)M. 2022a
Templeton (Co. Berkshire)P. IV210
Tendros (Co. Cornwall)P. IV210
Terrar, HungerfordP.H. IV220-228
Tewksbury Abbey, Trinity Chapel (illus.)P. II157
Thanet, Isle of (Co. Kent)P. III12
Thatcham (Co. Berkshire)P. IV210
The Cage, Symond’s Diary (Hungerford Arms, descriptions)1644P. IV035-037
The Christian Prince, playP.H. III195
The Lea, see also The Leigh, The Lye
The Leigh HungerfordsP.H. III263-278
The Vine, nr. Charing (Co. Middlesex)P. I136
Thirning (Co. Norfolk)P. IV210
Thistlethwayte & Hungerford, pedigree, & coat of arms (illus.)P.H. III006a
Thorpe (Co. surrey)P. IV210
Thorpe’s catalogue of manuscripts, notes on pedigrees, entries, P.H. II144a
Thoulston, nr. Warminster (Co. Wiltshire)P. IV210
Thynne, Thomas, Sir, Dinner Book, Longleat1673P.H. III047a
Thynne, Thomas, Sir, Dinner Book, Richmond1672P.H. III047a
Tibbott family, Farleigh1673M. 2191
Tisbury (Co. Wiltshire)P. IV211
Todeworth (Co. Wiltshire)P. IV211
Toplady, Augustus Montagu, Curate, Farleigh (incl. illus.)1764M. 2103-108
Tormarton (Co. Gloucester)P. IV211
Towel family, Farleigh (4 p.)M. 2201
Towsend, Joseph, Rev. (illus.)d. 1816M. 2085a-b
Tredington (Co. Worcester)P. IV212
TreflinghamP. IV212
Trefont BerefordP. IV212
Trengel (Co. Cornwall)P. IV212
Trengosse (Co. Cornwall)P. IV212
Tresodorm (Co. Cornwall)P. IV212
Trevigo (Co. Cornwall)P. IV212
Trewe (Co. Wiltshire)P. IV212
Trinity Chapel, in Tewksbury Abbey (illus.)P. II157
Trowbridge (Co. Wiltshire)P. IV213-217
Trowbridge (illus. & coat of arms)P. IV215-217
Trowbridge road, exemption from fees (by Admiral Houlton)1767M. 2234
Trowbridge Turnpike roads, tollsM. 2235-236
Trowbridge, at back of The George Inn (illus.) [DZSWS: 1982.3799]P. IV215
Trowbridge, Parish RegistersP. IV214
Tufton, Cicely, Lady HungerfordP.H. II229, 245, 252-255
Tufton, Cicely, married 1. Sir Edward Hungerford, married 2. Francis MannersM. 154
Turner, pedigree. Visitation of London1633P.H. IV022a
Twyford (Co. Berkshire)P. IV218
Twyngho, MargaretP.H. I237
Twynyho, RogerP.H. I237-238
Twynyhoe, in WellowP. IV283-284
Typtofte, coat of arms, trickP. I130
TyrleyP. IV218
Tythevington (Co. Wiltshire)P. IV218
Tywydern family, Wellow church, armsP. IV265
Uffington (Co. Berkshire)P. IV219a
Ugford, or Ockford (Co. Wiltshire)P. IV219
Upavon, or Uphaven (Co. Wiltshire)P. IV219-222
Upcerne (Co. Dorset) See FolkeP. IV
Upmerden (Co. Sussex)P. IV222
Upton Scudamore (Co. Wiltshire)P. IV223-227
Upton St Leonard’s (Co. Gloucester)P. IV222
Upwimborne (Co. Dorset)P. IV227
Various extracts, touching the histories of great families, by Aubrey: Hungerford; Burton; Sir Harris Nicolas; Dante; Rookwood Interaction; Bishop Tanner; Earl of Carnarvon, and othersP.H. Ix
Verdon – Hussey pedigreeP.H. I49
Verdon, Theobald, Sir, coat of arms blazonP.H. I49
Vidames de Chartres, The, prisoner of Lord Walter Hungerford, 73rdP.H. I064+?
Village notes: Jones Long, Oaks in FarleyM. 2216
Votes of the House of Commons1697P.H. III066b+
Wake, coat of arms (rubbing)P.H. IV172
Walker, George, married to Miss Hungerford, who later married to Lord CreweP.H. IV097, 111
WalkfareP. IV229
Waller, William, Sir, letter to Robert, Earl of Essex, on seizing town of MalmesburyP.H. II293a+. 294
Waltham PowersP. IV229
Walton (Co. Somerset)P. IV229
Wanborough (Co. Wiltshire)P. IV229
Wanting Bryan (Co. Berkshire)P. I94
Wantyng, or Wantage (Co. Berkshire) See also Chilton SupraP. IV229
Ward, Charles, Rev., curate, poem re: Farley Church1837M. 2083-084
Wardour Castle (Co. Wiltshire) (illus.) (newspaper clippings)P.H. II298-299a
Wardour Castle (Co. Wiltshire), siegeP.H. II298-309
Warminster (Co. Wiltshire)P. IV230-252
Warminster (Co. Wiltshire), plan (illus.) copied by J.E. Jackson1864P. IV231
Warminster, Humorous poem1680P. IV245-249
Warminster, Manorial Court Rolls P. IV243-244
Warminster, Margaret Hungerford (in Latin)P. IV242
WarwickP. IV258
Warwick, Earl, Honour of Gloucester1439M. 134
Water drain, early English, in Wellow church (illus.) [DZSWS: 1982.3805]P. IV262a
Waterdrain, & font (illus.) [DZSWS: 1982.3659, 3660]M. 1182
Wax figures, burning of (Lord Walter Hungerford, & Henry VIII)P.H. II116-117
Wayte family, FarleyM. 2195
Wayte, Edward, of Farley Castle, includes pedigreeM. 2115a-116
Webb, William, pedigreeP.H. III217a
Weekehurst (at Brinkworth, Wiltshire)P. I94
Welford (Co. Berkshire)P. IV253
Welle, or Wells (Co. Somerset)P. IV253
Wellesley, origin of the name, and descent of manor of RadstockM. 123
Wellow (Co. Somerset)P. IV254-295
Wellow ChurchP. IV262-266
Wellow Church, before alterations (illus.) [DZSWS: 1982.3806, 3807, 3808, 3809,3810, 3811, 3812, 3813, 3814]1845P. IV267-271
Wellow Church, Hungerford Chantry, window (illus.) [DZSWS: 1982.3805]P. IV262a
Wellow Church, reopening (newspaper article)1845P. IV266
Wellow Hungerfords (Co. Somerset)P.H. III231-236
Wellow Manor House (incl. illus.)P. IV259-260
Wellow Manor House, of Hungerfords (illus.) [DZSWS: 1982.3802, 3803]P. IV260
Wellow, Hundred, fees paid to Wellow CourtM. 2212
Wellow, Roman pavements (newspaper clippings)1807P. IV255-257
Wembury (Co. Devon)P. IV296
Wennington (Co. Essex), See RaynhamP. IV296
West Codford, see Codford St Peter’s (Co. Wiltshire)P. I235-238
West Laking (Co. Berkshire)P. IV302
Westbury (Co. Wiltshire)P. IV298-300?
Westbury, on Trim (Co. Gloucester)P. IV297
Westhop (Co. Salop, now Shropshire)P. IV302
Westmill (Co. Surrey)P. IV302
Westminster, See also LondonP. IV303-304
Weston (Co. Berkshire)P. IV305
Weston Turville (Co. Buckinghamshire)P. IV305
Weston Underwood (Co. Buckinghamshire)P. IV305
Weston Underwood, arms for Elizabeth Hungerford, Lady Throckmorton (brass rubbing)P.H. IV171
Westport, nr. Malmesbury (Co. Wiltshire)P. IV306
Westrop, Highworth (Co. Wiltshire)P. IV306
Westweek Farm, NortonP. III098-099
Westwell (or Wick, Norton St Phillips)P. IV306
Westwood (Co. Wiltshire)P. IV307
Westwortham (Co. Norfolk)P. IV308
WhalesboroughP.H. I204
Whalley (Co. Lancashire)P. IV308
Wharton, Duke, Lines on John Hungerford, Esq.P.H. III288
Wheeler & Salter families, FarleighM. 2199
White Knight’s, nr. Reading (Co. Berkshire)P. IV308
White Parish (Co. Wiltshire)P. IV309
Whitechurch, William (various documents)P. I106-114
Whitleigh (Co. Wiltshire)P. IV311
Whittocksmead, See WellowP. IV285
Wick Farm See Norton St PhillipsP. IV
Wick Farm, Moyne grant, TellisfordP. IV207
Wick Farm, Norton St Phillip (original letter?)P. III107
Widhill (Co. Wiltshire)P. IV311
Widworthy (Co. Devon), See Sutton LucyP. IV
Wigs, Great (Blue wig)P.H. III057a-059
Wilby (Co. Norfolk)P. IV310
Willats (Willatts), pedigree, & newspaper clippingM. 2120-122
William, Lord Botreaux, Documents with seals1459P.H. IV244
Williams, Isaac, Rev., verses re: Farley Castle ChapelM. 1168
Wilmot pedigreeP.H. IV75
Wilmot, coat of arms, blazonP.H. IV75
Wilton, Edward, Rev. Remarks about coat of arms on Joan Lady Hungerford’s monument. 8p. [Hungerford & Hussey coat of arms]M. 2241
Wiltshire Park, sold to YerburyM. 1061, 100
Wiltshire, A Corner of, in Swindon Advertiser, with corrections1885M. 2239
Wiltshire, Map of, showing Hungerford placesP. Iix
Wiltshire, The History of Modern: Hundred of Heytesbury, by Sir Richard Colt Hoare, Bart1824P. II195-209a, 211, 213-230
Wincanton (Co. Somerset)P. IV309a
Windham P. IV310
Windrush (Co. Gloucester)P. IV311-316
Windrush House (Co. Gloucester) (illus.), plus arms in stone against wall [DZSWS: 1982.3817]P. IV315
Windrush Hungerfords, branches: Winston & Burton Hill, North Standen & Chisbury, Wellow (Co. Somerset), Fifield, P.H. III209-215
Windrush, Hungerfords of, Parish RegistersP. IV316
Windsor (Co. Buckinghamshire)P. IV317
Windsor, New, See Eton (supra)P. IV318
Wing (Co. Buckinghamshire)P. IV318
Winkfield stoneM. 1003a
Winkfield, nr. Trowbridge (Co. Wiltshire)P. IV319
Winner St., a Cornish manor from Peverell, See Maclean, History of Trigg Manor, III, 378P. IV319
Winsley, nr. Bradford (Co. Wiltshire)P. IV319
Winston HungerfordsP.H. III216-219
Winstone, nr. Cirencester (Co. Gloucester)P. IV319
Winterbourne – Homington (Co. Wiltshire)P. IV324
Winterbourne Stoke – Basset (Co. Wiltshire)P. IV324
Winterbourne Stoke (Co. Wiltshire)P. IV321-323
Wiseman pedigreeP.H. III7
Wishford Magna (Co. Wiltshire)P. IV324
Withypool Invers (Co. Somerset)P. IV324
Wittenham (Rowley alias Wittenham)P. III192-234
Wittenham, alias RowleyM. 2154-162
Wittenham, nr. Iford (incl. map)P. III218-220
Wittenham, See RowleyP. IV
Wodecote or Wodenmancote (Co. Warwick)P. IV324
Wodmerston, See WolmerstonP. IV
Wolbedyng (Co. Sussex)P. IV324
Wollard (Co. SomersetP. IV324
Wollecombe Maltravers (Co. Dorset)P. IV324
Wolley, Woolley, Wolverley, nr Bradford (Co. Wiltshire)P. IV325
Wolmerston, in the parish of Colebrook, nr. Exeter (Co. Devon)P. IV325
Wolverton, & Road (correspondence, with John Sadler, some in Latin)P. III153-160
Wonworth (Co. Sussex)P. IV325
Woodchester (Co. Gloucester)P. IV325
Woodcote, See WodemanesteP. IV
Woodhay, East (Co. Hants.) (Hampshire)P. IV325
Woodlands Estate, Mildenhall, nr. Marlborough (Co. Wiltshire) (map)P. III080+
Woods, Henry, “Description of a fossil ox”, p. 121839M. 290
Woolverton (Co. Somerset)P. IV325
Wootton Courtenay, nr. Dunster (Co. Somerset)P. IV325
Worth (Co. Dorset)P. IV326
Worthevale (Co. Dorset)P. IV326
Wortley, Francis, pedigreeP.H. III224
Wotton Fitzpayne (Co. Wiltshire)P. IV326
Wraxhall, South, nr. Bradford (Co. Wiltshire)P. IV327-329
Wraysbury (Co. Buckinghamshire)P. IV330
Wriothesley (Wroth, Wryth), John, SirP.H. III140a-141
Wulwode, See WollardP. IV
Wyche = Hungerford, account ofP.H. IV38
Wyke (Co. Berkshire)P. IV330
Wyke (Co. Gloucester)P. IV330
Wyke Cobham (Co. Devon)P. IV330
Wyke, NortonP. III098-099
Wyndham pedigreeP.H. III033a
Wyndham, William, Sir, married Francis Hungerford1653P.H. III31
Yatesbury (Co. Wiltshire)P. IV330-331+
Yatton Keynell (Co. Wiltshire)P. IV332
Yealmton (Co. Devon)P. IV332
YorkP. IV332
York MinsterP. IV332
Yorke, coat of arms, blazonP.H. IV005c
Yorkshire, See NortonP. IV332
Younge family, list of rents paidM. 2193
Zouche pedigreeM. 2038-038a
Zouche, coat of arms (shield, illus.)1565P.H. II34
Zouche, Eudo de, of Harrington, married Millisend1273P.H. II033a
Zouche, of Castle Cary, arms (illus.) [DZSWS: 1982.3832]P.H. II033a
Zouche, RodeP. III149-150
Jackson Papers. Index to The Hungerford Family: Collections for their Personal History (PH) In 4 volumes, 1885; and The Hungerford Family. A Register of the Places with which they were connected … (P). In 4 volumes. 1885. (The Research papers of Canon JE Jackson, MA FSA, relating to the Hungerford Family). and Farleigh Hungerford - Manuscripts (M). 1885. In 2 volumes. [DZSWS:MSS:4132.1, & 4132.2]. [DZSWS: numbers refer to accession numbers at Wiltshire Museum, Devizes, England].

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