Summer with SAG

This summer I joined the Society of Australian Genealogists (SAG) and attended four of their lectures and workshops – A Deep Dive into FindMyPast, AncestryDNA, and meetings of the Intermediate DNA group and Advanced DNA group. All sessions were held at their historic sandstone building Richmond Villa at Millers Point, which is a experience in itself.

Richmond Villa (Reproduced from SAG website)

The intermediate DNA group looked at the WATO tool (What are the Odds?) and the Advanced group shared the different ways they like to organise the results of DNA analysis.

I have shared some of what I learnt in two posts:

The Finer Points of FindMyPast

DNA2Tree – a discovery tool

In the next few months, we’ll post some more of these topics.

I recommend SAG and its offerings as a way to improve your skills and tap into a network of expert historians and software users. If it’s too hard to attend their sessions in Sydney, you can join in their live webinars or watch them later at your convenience.

For more information, visit the SAG website:

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