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Photo taken by Elizabeth Van Veen c1996

Finding Hungerford

The town of Hungerford is located on the border of New South Wales and Queensland on the Paroo River, which is often only a string of waterholes. However, when in flood, the river provides a good water source for cattle and travellers, at the northern end of the Murray-Darling Basin, 214 km north-west of Bourke […]

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HMS "Challenger" firing at icebergs, 21 Feb 1874. Drawing by John Arthur

HAFS Journal Vol 14 No 2 – Nov 2017 – Reading, seeing, visiting history

Contents: Australian poetess – Alys Hungerford [H.1a/E.6.8a=1], by Lesley Abrahams; A Journey to Baerami, by Brett Harvey; Sister Molly Hungerford FRC [E.1.1a.6b]: WWI Bluebird nurse in France, by Fred Ford; Richard (‘Rick’) Warren Hungerford Sr, by Richard Hungerford; The family of Lucinda Sarah Norcott, by Anthony William Ingarfield; Visions of fairyland: Herbert Swire’s watercolours [Willys […]

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HAFS Journal 5-1 May 1999

HAFS Journal Vol. 5 No. 1 – May 1999

Contents: 600th Anniversary Commemoration of Sir Thomas Hungerford: invitation, abstract of the service, report in The Times, and the Sermon by the Bishop of Bath & Wells On Joining the Hungerford Clan, by Stanley Hungerford On Further Tracing the Hungerfords, by Walter Goodman Baerami and Charles Simpson: The Hub of a Wheel, by Ron Prentice An […]

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HAFS Journal 4-4 Nov 1998 -resized

HAFS Journal Vol 4 No 4 – Nov 1998

Contents: Nevell Owen Hungerford, by Molly Brown and Meredyth Hungerford; More Cahermore Hungerfords, by Betty Crowley; (including Cahirmore, by Reine & Elsie Argles and The Hamiltons of Millein, by Anonymous); British Difficulties under Solution (Part 2), by Frederick R Hungerford; Hungerford Lists 3: PCC Will Index 1383-1858, by Peter Sherlock and Richard Renold. Editorial: by Peter Sherlock This, […]

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HAFS Journal 4-3 May 1998

HAFS Journal Vol 4 No 3 – May 1998

Contents: Lady Agnes Hungerford, by WJ Hardy (1880); Tracing the Hungerfords, by Walter Goodman; The Search for Ernest Chapman, by Judith MW Fitz-Henry and Loane Lilley; Thomas Hungerford and Baerami Station, by Ian Ellis; British Difficulties Under Solution (Part 1), by Frederick R Hungerford; Hungerford Lists 2: English BDMs 1901-1950, by Peter Sherlock.   Editorial: by […]

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HAFS Journal 2-4 Nov 1994-thumbnail

HAFS Journal Vol 2 No 4 – Nov 1994

Contents: Baerami Creek 160th Anniversary Celebrations, by Betty Crowley; The Hungerford Rocket Car, by Keith Marvin; Hungerford Heraldry, by Ron Prentice; Thomas Melville Winder, Maitland Mercury 26 April 1881; Two Hungerford Wills: Edith Strange (1599) and John Hungerford (1729) (more…)

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Thomas Hungerford [E.6]

Thomas Hungerford was born 6 September 1823, Nohoval, Co Cork, Ireland.   He was the sixth child of Emanuel and Catherine Hungerford. He was privately educated with his brother Septimus, going on to manage many of his father’s properties, especially Baerami and Thungalier. He married (1) Emma Hollingsworth Wood, the daughter of Lieutenant John Wood RN and […]

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