Thomas Hungerford [E.6]

Thomas Hungerford was born 6 September 1823, Nohoval, Co Cork, Ireland.   He was the sixth child of Emanuel and Catherine Hungerford. He was privately educated with his brother Septimus, going on to manage many of his father’s properties, especially Baerami and Thungalier.

He married (1) Emma Hollingsworth Wood, the daughter of Lieutenant John Wood RN and Rachel Ann Sutton, 19 June 1852, St Mary’s Church, West Maitland, NSW. Thomas and Emma settled at Baerami, a wedding present from his father. Emma bore 11 children in 17 years. She died 12 April 1872, Baerami, Denman, NSW, and is buried in the Mount Dangar Cemetery, NSW.

Thomas married (2) Catherine Mary Mallon, 7 August 1872, St Silas Church, Waterloo, NSW. Catherine was the governess of his children. She was the daughter of Patrick Walsh Mallon and Catherine Ann Irwin. They had six children in 14 years.

Thomas was a Member of the NSW Legislative Assembly in the NSW Parliament. He built up a large network of properties across Australia, and in 1882 built the impressive Baerami homestead which still stands. His empire collapsed during the economic depression of the 1890s, and in 1892 Thomas’s estates were taken over by the Bank of NSW. He retired to Killowen, Ashfield, where he died 4 April 1904. Catherine died 16 October 1927, Neutral Bay, NSW, the last of the ten Hungerford children and their spouses. They are buried in the churchyard at St Thomas’s, Enfield, NSW.

Children of Thomas Hungerford and Emma Hollingsworth Wood

[E.6.1a] Edmund Alexander Hungerford (1853—1937) married 1888 Rose Beatrice Martin (1865—1932)

[E.6.2a] Cecil Payne Hungerford (1854—1920) married 1889 Lillian Mary Maud Scott (1869—1898)

[E.6.3a] Catherine Rachel Hungerford (1856—1928); not married

[E.6.4a] Herbert Blomfield Hungerford (1858—1936) married (1) 1887 Mary Edith Vaughan (1867—1919) married (2) 1925 Manha Mary Inman (nee King) (c1869—193Z)

[E.6.5a] Emma Elizabeth Hungerford (1860—1943) married 1886 Guy Hungerford (1861—1913) [H.4a]

[E.6.6a] Frederick Richard Hungerford (1861—1901); not married

[E.6.7a] Florence Loane Hungerford (1863—1948) married 1892 James Kilpatrick (1853—1936)

[E.6.8a] Kenneth Stuart Hungerford (1865—1952) married (1) 1898 Alys Beamish (nee Hungerford) (1857—1934) [H.1a] married (2) 1923 Bethany Eva Pascoe (1893—1977)

[E.6.9a] Rose Hungerford (1867—1915); not married

[E.6.10a] Thomas Hungerford (1867—1957) married 1897 Lurline White (1870—1956)

[E.6.11a] Septimus Moore Hungerford (1869—1870); not married

Children of Thomas Hungerford and Catherine Mary Mallon

[E.6.12a] Mary Kate Hungerford (1873—1947) married 1899 Gregan Thomas McMahon (1874—1941)

[E.6.13a] Ethel May Hungerford (1874—1953) married 1894 Edwin Hosking Wilshire (1870—1945)

[E.6.14a] Becher Sealy Hungerford (1876—1961) married 1909 Celia Lillian Windsor Lee (1888—1937)

[E.6.15a] Ada Mabel Hungerford (1878—1953) married 1911 Ernest Swire (1869—1956) [E.10.4a]

[E.6.16a] Roland George Dunmore Hungerford (1883—1961) married (1) 1908 Ruby Ellen Spencer (l884—l928) married (2) 1930 Mildred Dyson (1904—1984)

[E.6.17a] Orpen Moore Hungerford (1886—1976) married (1) 1910 Edna Louise Hay (1891—1982) defacto (2)Maria Louisa Christian (?—l978) married (3) Edith Smith (1910—1961) married (4) Dorothy Robb (?—1980)

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