HAFS Journal Vol 4 No 4 – Nov 1998

HAFS Journal 4-4 Nov 1998 -resizedContents:

Nevell Owen Hungerford, by Molly Brown and Meredyth Hungerford;

More Cahermore Hungerfords, by Betty Crowley; (including Cahirmore, by Reine & Elsie Argles and The Hamiltons of Millein, by Anonymous);

British Difficulties under Solution (Part 2), by Frederick R Hungerford;

Hungerford Lists 3: PCC Will Index 1383-1858, by Peter Sherlock and Richard Renold.


by Peter Sherlock

This, our 16th issue of the Journal, completes Volume Four. Once again the rich diversity of Hungerfordiana is revealed.

Meredyth Hungerford and Molly Brown present us with another modern Hungerford hero, in the person of their cousin Nevell Hungerford. Perhaps his story will act as an incentive to others of us to continue both to broaden our horizons and to exchange our abilities with our neighbours.

In similar fashion, Betty Crowley has brought to light another account of the Cahermore Hungerfords, in particular the family of Henry Jones Hungerford and Mary Boone Cowper, which is rapidly becoming the best documented branch of the Irish cousinage. This time the story is told from a more marginal perspective, by the stepdaughters of Henry and Mary’s eldest son Thomas, whose mother was the author Margaret Wolfe Hamilton.

Next we hear again from the pen of Frederick Richard Hungerford, who continues his plea for renewed British emigration to Australia. His writing reveals even more of the ideology behind his father’s pastoral empire, based at Baerami but at that time at its peak, stretching across the northern half of Australia.

The final piece in this Journal is the third Hungerford List, consisting of an index to Hungerford wills in the Prerogative Court of Canterbury, one of the most valuable sources of the history of the family.

Much else is underway in our research at the moment, and as this Journal is published I shall be meeting with English and American Hungerford researchers at Farleigh Hungerford Castle, to discuss our future work.

Yet our Society’s publications depend on all levels of contribution, so if you think the story of someone in your immediate family deserves to be told, or if you have some family correspondence no matter how trivial it seems, please write for us, or contact us so that we can help put your thoughts to paper.



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