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A Hungerford Letter (1848) – Annie Hungerford to Septimus Hungerford

Introduction by Charles Sherlock The letter transliterated below was written in 1848 by Annie Hungerford [E.8], Septimus’ [E.7] sister. It is signed by both Annie and Mrs Catherine Hungerford, their mother, so it is possible that either wrote it, but the references to Mama must mean it is Annie’s work, since Catherine’s mother was long […]

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Eliza Sophia Pilcher Hungerford

The Pilcher and Hungerford Connection

by Ann Ashby [Great-great-granddaughter of Henry Incledon Pilcher] [Editor: This article was first published in HAFS Journal Vol 1 No 3, May 1992.] On 1 February 1854 Septimus Hungerford [E.7], seventh son of Captain Emanuel Hungerford and his wife Catherine Loane, married Eliza Sophia Pilcher, eldest child of Henry Incledon Pilcher and his wife Eliza […]

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HAFS Journal Vol 1 No 2 – Nov 1991

Contents Tom White Melville Winder: the Voyages of 1814-1817, by Bob Winder & Ron Prentice Archibald Wellesley (‘Wells’) Chapman: My Early Bush Experiences, with an Introduction by Judith Mary Wellesley Fitz-Henry, by Archibald Wellesley Chapman A Hungerford Letter (1848), Annie Hungerford to Septimus Hungerford, with an Introduction by Charles Sherlock Hungerfords & Bridges:  Family Connections, by Alfred […]

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Septimus Hungerford

Septimus Hungerford [E.7]

Septimus Hungerford  was the seventh child of Emanuel Hungerford [E] and Catherine Loane. He was born on 12 August 1825, Nohoval Court, Co Cork, Ireland and arrived in Australia with his parents in 1828 aboard the Alexander Henry. He was briefly apprenticed to a solicitor, before travelling to England and Ireland 1848 to collect the legacy of his aunt, […]

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