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Pieces that describe the  “life and times”, which literally means the history and/or the significant events, attitudes, issues, the politics, or the environment. of a person or a place.  The piece would generally cover a person’s entire life or a signifigant portion of that life.

Salisbury Cathedral - Photo by Ross Donald, 2013

One Week in Salisbury

There’s nothing quite like an interest in family history to discover all sorts of interesting places and people on one’s travels; and from previous brief visits we knew there would be no place quite like Salisbury, in Wiltshire, for finding out more about the Hungerfords. Thus, my husband John and I spent a memorable week […]

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Bushfire burning at Cadelgo, Berambing, 15 Dec 2019

Some Bushfire Stories

Bushfire burning at Cadelgo, Berambing, 15 Dec 2019 Over the last few months, we have had record-breaking drought, heat and bush fires – their intensity and spread worse than ever. In other areas, more recently, we have had extreme wind and hail. Unfortunately, some of our members and their close families have lost buildings, trees, […]

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Constance (Con) Muriel Evans (nee Burton-Bradley) c1930 (born 30 October 1909, died 15 April 1975)

The Water Colourist of Redcamp: Constance Evans (nee Burton-Bradley)

Constance Muriel (Con) Hungerford [E2.2a.5b.2c] was a descendent of the enterprising Hungerford (maternal) and the seafaring Burton-Bradley (paternal) families. Con was the second child of Muriel (nee Hungerford [E2.2a.5b] and Prowett Burton-Bradley (married 28 September 1906, St Paul’s, Wellington, New Zealand), and their older son was Robert Prowett (Bob) Burton Bradley (born 14 May 1908, […]

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Marjorie Doreen Cooper

Mosman Memories

  I started Killarney School in 1902 when I was five years old and finished three years later at aged eight years. I lived at the head of Mosman Bay and walked by bush track or perhaps a dirt road to Killarney, up what is now Harbour Street. I was given a penny to catch […]

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A Hungerford Letter (1848) – Annie Hungerford to Septimus Hungerford

Introduction by Charles Sherlock The letter transliterated below was written in 1848 by Annie Hungerford [E.8], Septimus’ [E.7] sister. It is signed by both Annie and Mrs Catherine Hungerford, their mother, so it is possible that either wrote it, but the references to Mama must mean it is Annie’s work, since Catherine’s mother was long […]

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James Kilpatrick with monkey 1921

Captain James Kilpatrick 1863-1936

Captain James Kilpatrick [E.6.7a=] was a mariner, rising from an apprentice able seaman (at the age of 14 and in square riggers) to captain (of steamers) in his career.  There is an excellent article on James Kilpatrick’s life in the Journal Vol 14 No 4 (November 2018). (more…)

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Poppies knitted by Lesley Abrahams

Lest We Forget

On the 100th anniversary of the end of The Great War, let us take a moment to remember those members of the Hungerford family who gave their lives. For additional information about members of the Hungerford family in The Great War, see: World War 1 and the Extended Hungerford Family. ww1  

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A Sunday Drive Around the World

What do your cousins get up to in their spare time?  In late 2014 my cousin Penelope Kentish [E.6.13a.2b.4c.1d] and her husband Ian Hunt acquired a “minibago” (for want of a better word).  The truck was quickly named The Earwig (Wiggie for short) and if you wonder why this name, have a close look at […]

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WW1 ... Charles, Eddie & Bill. Sons of Edmund Thomas Hungerford & Catherine Wands Ewing Burdett.

World War 1 and the Extended Hungerford Family

For the 100th anniversary of the beginning of World War I, the Hungerford & Associated Families Society, Inc, are commemorating the service and lives given by soldiers and nurses during what was commonly referred to as ‘The Great War’. There are 138 soldiers and nurses listed in Hungerfords Down Under, 2nd ed, 2013. Each serviceman […]

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