Septimus Hungerford [E.7]

Septimus Hungerford
Septimus Hungerford

Septimus Hungerford  was the seventh child of Emanuel Hungerford [E] and Catherine Loane [L]. He was born on 12 August 1825, Nohoval Court, Co Cork, Ireland and arrived in Australia with his parents in 1828 aboard the Alexander Henry.

He was briefly apprenticed to a solicitor, before travelling to England and Ireland 1848 to collect the legacy of his aunt, Anne Loane Payne, and meet various relations. He returned to New South Wales aboard the Phoenician, which docked on 12 February 1852, and shortly after was offered for ordination in the Newcastle diocese. He was made deacon in 1853 and priest in 1854.

He married Eliza Sophia Pilcher, daughter of Maitland solicitor Henry Incledon Pilcher, 1 February 1854, St Mary’s Church, West Maitland, NSW.

Rev Septimus Hungerford (1916)
Rev Septimus Hungerford (1916)

Septimus and Eliza were sent to St Peter’s Church, Armidale, NSW, where they ministered for 21 years. Septimus established several parishes and centres in an area that became a diocese in its own right upon his resignation. In 1879 he became incumbent of St Thomas’s Church, Enfield, NSW, retiring in 1895 to his residence at Nohoval, Boyle Street in Mosman, NSW. He was extremely active throughout retirement, being particularly involved with St Clements Church Mosman (taking services from time to time and acting as the organising secretary of the local Church Home Mission Society), and renowned for his and excellent sight and memory.

Eliza, born in 1827, died 13 December 1909 at Nohoval, Mosman, NSW.  Septimus lived on to celebrate his 100th birthday in 1925, by that time being the figurehead of the large Hungerford family network. He died 5 July 1927, just short of his 102nd birthday. Septimus and Eliza are buried at Rookwood, NSW.

Children of Septimus and Eliza

[E.7.1a] Marcus Orpen Hungerford (1855—1929) married 1880 Emily Cherrie Nicholson (1855—1939)

[E.7.2a] Minna Catherine Eliza Hungerford (1857—1944) married (1) 1881 Charles William Walter Macarthur (1857—1882) married (2) 1894 Francis William Hales (c.1850—1914)

[E.7.3a] Annette Jemima Hungerford (1859—1955) married 1882 Lambart Skene Gordon (1857—1950)

[E.7.4a] Miriam Eliza Hungerford (1862—1948); not married

[E.7.5a] Hedley Heber Hungerford (1864—1936) married 1894 Edith May Martha Flower (1869—1956)

[E.7.6a] Beatrice Theodora Hungerford (1867—1961) married 1892 George Barnewall Hales (1855—1937)

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