Townsend James William Hungerford [T]

Townsend James William Hungerford, born 18 June 1815, Bombay, India, the son of an Attorney in India, John Townsend Hungerford (1766–1816) and his wife Mary Ann Payne (1778–1842).

He married Harriet Georgina Willoughby, 28 July 1855, Simla, Madras, India. He received his first commission as 2nd Lieutenant in the Bengal Artillery, 10 December 1830. He rose to the rank of Captain before the Indian Mutiny, and was promoted to the rank of Brevet Lieut Col in recognition of his exploits and diplomacy in restoring and maintaining law and order in his area. He was awarded the CB (Commander of the Bath). Following the Mutiny, he became very ill with dysentery and was sent on sick leave to Australia. His condition deteriorated rapidly and he embarked to return to India, but died 6 December 1859 onboard the ship Nimrod in dock at Port Phillip, Vic, Australia. He was buried in the (then new) Melbourne General Cemetery, North Carlton, Vic, with full military honours, his casket being carried on a horse drawn gun carriage. Obituaries appeared in the Melbourne newspapers and the London Times. Many of Townsend’s papers survive in the hands of his descendants, and include his research into the Hungerford family history. He was also a talented artist whose numerous finely detailed water colours reflect his training in cartography and the extent of his travels. Some hang in the Christchurch Art Gallery. Harriet, his wife, returned to England where she married (2) George Wallace, 16 January 1867, Holy Trinity, Brompton, Middlesex, England. They had two daughters and Harriet died in 1869 in Spain.

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