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Here are some questions you might have…. How do I renew my membership if it has lapsed and I can’t login in to the website anymore? You can create a new membership with a new username online, or email our web administrator to get your membership extended briefly to allow you to log in and […]

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Renewal Time 2019

Have you renewed your HAFS membership? Subscriptions run until 30 September each year. You can use the renewal form sent out with the last newsletter, or simply pay online with a debit or credit card. Go to My Membership, view your Subscriptions, then press Renew or Change Plan. Please contact us us if you a […]

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Quoted Searches – Exact Matches

Our search feature has recently been updated to support quoted searches or string searches. For example, typing “Mary Hungerford” in the search box (with the quote marks) will now give you results containing this exact string before items which might just contain Mary and Hungerford. Don’t be deterred if it highlights the separate words in […]

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HAFS Guidelines for Authors (2019)

General: Clear and accessible writing using good English is expected. As a rule, the Style Manual (Commonwealth Government, 6th ed 2002) is used to resolve issues regarding spelling, grammar or style. Correct spelling of names, nicknames and places is important so that identification is clear. Where a person is listed in Hungerfords Down Under, please […]

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Forums have started – try them out!

We have created a few forums to get you started.  (Yes, Latin students, the plural of forum is really fora, but in the web world it is usually forums.) They provide a place on our website for members only to easily ask questions, and share ideas and information. Any member can create a new topic […]

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Tagging posts

Tags enable authors to set up links between posts that might exist now or in the future, because they are used by the Related Posts feature. This creates a flow or navigation path for a user from one piece of information to another that might be relevant.  Tags are like an index entry and hence […]

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New HAFS website

Welcome to our new website! We now have our own domain name, up-to-date events, online membership, a news blog and shop. We are still working on the  “look and feel” and expanding the content, but more importantly there will be short updates and articles in the News blog, so keep coming back! Coming soon will be a […]

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