HAFS Journal Vol 12 No 4 – Nov 2014


Brian Thomas Hungerford [E.6.4a.5b.2c] – storyteller, author, musician

Whither the Hungerford name? The Spooner Connection, by Stanley Hungerford;

Shipping Arrivals in Australia and New Zealand, by Lesley Jane Abrahams;

Hungerford Descendants: Awards, Part VIII, by Pauline Tyrrell;

Guy Hungerford [H.4a], by Lesley Jane Abrahams;

Edward Swire [H.10=] – an embezzlement, by Brett Harvey.


Some issues of the HAFS Journal are full of factual articles. Others have a more personal flavour. Some focus on people, others on places. Some are about events and circmstances long past, though from time to time a Journal (as distinct from a HAFS Newsletter) article relates to the present. I am delighted to say that this issue has a delightful balance of these various possibilities.

Brian Hungerford [E.6.4a.5b.2c] is quite a character, a living treasure, as well as being a highly talented communicator in word and song. His personal story opens this issue. A personal story of quite a different kind closes it – the somewhat embarrassing account, based on research by Brett Harvey [E.1.1a.15b. 1c.1d.1e=], of Edward Swire [E.10=], jailed for embezzlement over 150 years ago.

Factual data involving both places and people, past and present, can be found aplenty in the article by Lesley Jane Abrahams [H.4a.1b.1c.1d/E.6.5a.1b.1c.1d] on how our forebears reached this land by ship. And on people and facts about them, Pauline Tyrrell [E.2.4a.10b.1c.2d=] is to be warmly commended for her continuing research into Awards made to Hungerford Descendants – this is her eighth article in the series!

And what’s in a name – especially the Hungerford one, prominent in the identity of our Society? Stanley Hungerford [SH1310] one of our indefatigible overseas writers, sheds light on this question by noting how this name is connected to the story of the Spooner family.

This year also marks the centenary of the opening of The Great War – World War I as it was later known. Accompanying this issue of the HAFS Journal is a special supplement telling stories of HAFS-related participants, prepared by Pauline Tyrrell. This represents another publishing achievement by this small Society. It is both timely and significant.

Charles Sherlock


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