HAFS Journal Vol 10 No 3 – May 2010


Wine articles:

Halliday, Hungerford and the Hunter, by James Halliday;

Jarretts of Orange, by Pip Jarrett;

Alderley Creek Wines, by John BS Hungerford;

Roth, Adam (1857-1898), by Kate Roth;

Audrey Wilkinson Wines, by John BS Hungerford;

Watagan Valley Estate – Justine Le Mercier, by Pauline Tyrrell;

Arthur Dalrymple Kelman, by Pauline Tyrrell;

Robert Richard ‘Tim’ Tyrrell, by Pauline Tyrrell;

Hungerford Descendants: Awards, Part 3, by Pauline Tyrrell;

Captain Hungerford of Fort Huachuca, by Stanley Wayne Hungerford;


Wine-making and viticulture have been prominent in the activities of various branches of Hungerford and Associated Families, from early days since their forebears’ arrival in this land. An earlier issue of the HAFS Journal, Vol 8 No 1 (May 2005) was devoted to this area of interest: the current issue follows through with more articles related to wineries.

James Halliday is perhaps the best-known authority on Australian wines, and opens the issue with an article outlining the development of several wineries in which he has been directly involved. This piece may well attract interest beyond the Society, and is much appreciated.

Successive articles fill out the picture regarding several wineries, and the people who envisaged and worked hard to see them come to fruition. Particular thanks must be paid to the indefatigible Pauline Tyrrell, who not only contributes to this series, including the story of the Arthur Kelman Perpetual Trophy, but also offers the third in her series on Hungerford Descendants’ Awards.

Two articles take up the less happy side of human history, military warfare. Pauline again hits the keyboard to bring readers the story of ‘Tim’ Tyrrell, not a viticulturalist but a farmer, who saw service in the Boer War, the first in which a newly-Federated Australia took part.

From the United States, Stanley Wayne Hungerford concludes this issue with an account of the involvement, even to death, of two Hungerfords in the early wars of that nation, as it strove to define and protect its southern border.

To our readers I say – may all know the Psalmist’s words to be true, O Lord, you cause wine to gladden the human heart (Psalm 104:15), and may we all be blessed to live in peace!

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