HAFS Journal Vol 5 No 2 – Nov 1999


Letter on the Society’s 10th year, by Ron Prentice;

Edmund Alexander Hungerford (1853–1937) & Rose Martin (1866–1931), by Tom Hungerford;

Hope Newth, by Betty Crowley;

Arthur Hungerford Thompson [E.9.5a.1b] and family, by Madeleine Knizek;

Captain Thomas of Rathbarry, by Peter Sherlock.


by Peter Sherlock

This issue of the Journal launches us into our 10th year as a Society, and thus begins with a letter from our Founding Secretary, Ron Prentice, which reflects on our past and future together. Ten years hardly seems a long time when the third millennium in the Christian era is beginning, or even when compared to more than six centuries of continuous Hunger- ford history. Nevertheless, it is an impressive achievement in the genealogical world and not one that can be taken for granted; I for one have done a lot of growing up since our front cover photo was taken!

Much of this Journal illustrates the significance of telling our own stories: we have the reminiscences of our Patron, Dr Tom Hungerford, concerning his parents; the life of Hope Newth, wife of our Founding President Canon Mel Newth, recorded by Betty Crowley; and Madeleine Knizek talks about her memories of Arthur Hungerford Thompson, another member of the Australian family. Other readers, in Australia and beyond, who are inspired by these examples are encouraged to follow suit.

Of broader interest, I have provided an update on my searches for Captain Thomas Hungerford of Ireland. There have been similarly significant advances in the search for Thomas Hungerford of Connecticut in the past twelve months, and these should appear in a forthcoming issue.

Ron Mathieson, a well-known guide at Salisbury Cathedral and an important figure in recording Hungerford heraldic history there and elsewhere, graces our pages with an introduction to the study of heraldry. Our next issue will follow this up with a discussion of Hungerford heraldry in particular.

Finally, the Hungerford list this time round is a short one, containing the penultimate section on English probate records, being administrations in the Prerogative Court of Canterbury.

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