HAFS Journal Vol 8 No 2 – Nov 2005


Bourke Street, Maitland, by Pauline and Barry Richardson;

The Stranger and the Statesman: a review article, by John B. S. Hungerford;

Rowland Walpole Loane, Esq.: Two of his Sydney Houses, by Eric Young;



by Charles Sherlock

The articles in this issue of the HAFS Journal cover a wide range of people and places. Pride of place goes to reproducing the A4 booklet complied by Pauline and Barry Richardson for the visit paid by the Society in April 2005 to Maitland-centred historical sites. (In order to t the booklet into the format of the Journal, some re-working has been necessary.)

The second article comes from Hungerford links across the Paci c and beyond. It is a fascinating summary of the life, heritage and Hungerford connections of James Smithson (earlier known as Jacques Macie), benefactor of the Smithsonian Institution, based on Washington DC, USA. The article was prepared by John B S Hungerford from the biography of Smithson written by Nina Burleigh.

The Journal closes with the somewhat racy story of two Sydney houses owned by Rowland Walpole Loane, Esq., in the early years of Sydney and Hobart Town. Eric Young (L.VIII.i.2.5a.4b.2c) has engaged in some quite fascinating digging in a variety of primary sources to unearth the stories of ‘Balmain’ and ‘Waterview’.

Many thanks to those who have prepared and contributed these articles. Apart from being truly interesting reading, they have enabled a new Editor to get off to a reasonable start!



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