HAFS Journal Vol 8 No 4 Nov 2006


Will of Catherine Hungerford [E.6=2];

Will and Codicils of Thomas Hungerford [E.6];

‘Address’ to Wm Moore Hungerford, ‘Reply’, and Newspaper account, by Rebecca Lundy;

Sir Edward Coke: Hungerford ancestor, by Pauline Tyrrell;

The Honorable Orville Hungerford – humble origins, near greatness, by Richard W Hungerford, Jr & Andre James Hungerford;


The articles in this issue of the HAFS Journal offer a quite fascinating mix of primary sources and some great stories of English and USA Hungerfords. The issue thus affords to readers the opportunity not only to enjoy the content, but also to follow it through by further learning and research.

Catherine [E.6=2] and Thomas Hungerford [E.6] were part of the first generation born to the pioneer Australian Hungerfords, Captain Emmanuel and Catherine Hungerford. The publication of their Wills gives an interesting glimpse into their lives, and to what mattered to them as they passed on their worldly goods (or pretended to do so!). These wills were provided to HAFS by Eric Young.

Eric also did the work to bring into publishable form a wonderful Illustrated Address presented to another of the first generation, William Moore Hungerford [E.4]. The original material was kindly given to HAFS by Rebecca Lundy: it forms a rich tribute which speaks beyond its original timeframe.

The third generation is represented in the eventful life-story of Sir Edmund Coke, progenitor of Lovick and Edward Tyrrell, two brothers who married two Hungerford sisters, Emma [E.2.3a] and Susan [E.2.4a].

Shifting across the Atlantic, Richard W and Andre J Hungerford provide a careful and well-documented account of a significant US Hungerford, Orville. Their descendent relationship to this attractive man is as follows:

Richard’s Hungerford line: Dexter [SH 89]: Solon Dexter; Robert Bradner; Harold Angel; Robert Kimball; Richard Warren; Richard Warren Jr.

Andre’s Hungerford line: Timothy [SH88]; Jabez Foster; Edwin Foster; Jabez Arthur [SH803]; Walter James; Richard James; Andre James.

[Timothy is Andre’s great-great-great-great grandfather, and Dexter is Richard’s great-great-great-great grandfather. Since Orville [SH 90] is the brother of both Timothy and Dexter, he is the authors’ great-great-great-great-great-uncle!]

Many thanks once more to those who have prepared and contributed these articles. They make truly interesting reading, and will hopefully inspire research!

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