HAFS Journal Vol 9 No 2 – Nov 2007


The Minter Family, by Judith Fitz-Henry;

Peregrinations of a Pastoral Parson: Journals of the Revd Alfred Glennie, by Pauline Tyrrell (ed);

Thomas Gordon Hungerford 1911 – 2007 (The Sydney Morning Herald, 13 November 2007),  by Dr Douglas Bryden & Dr John Bryden;

Thomas Gordon Hungerford – Eulogy, by Dr Douglas Bryden & Dr John Bryden;

Thomas Gordon Hungerford – A Tribute, by Bernard Hungerford;

Thomas Gordon Hungerford – A Tribute, by Dr Doug Hungerford;

Thomas Gordon Hungerford – A Tribute, by Montague Hungerford-Symes;



by Charles Sherlock

The articles in this issue of the HAFS Journal fall into two distinct groups. Those in the first half contain interesting and significant information on several HAFS forebears, prepared by members.

Judith Fitz-Henry draws out a readable, chronological account of the Minter family from entries in Minter Simpson – A History from 1827. Pauline Tyrrell has done a detailed reading of the diaries of the Rev’d Alfred Glennie, carefully making selections which touch on the life of Hungerfords, and supplying editorial comment and relevant photographs. These two articles offer fascinating glimpses into the long-past lives of Hungerfords and Associated Families.

The second half of this issue is of a quite different nature. In November, the legendary veterinarian, Dr Thomas Gordon Hungerford ‘fell asleep’ in Christ, his Lord and Saviour. He was active in the formation of the Hungerford and Associated Families Society, and our Patron.

A number of articles about Dr Hungerford have been gathered by HAFS Treasurer, John Hungerford, and are published in this issue:

The first is the full obituary published in The Sydney Morning Herald, written by veterinarian brothers Dr Doug and Dr John Bryden. Dr Doug Bryden succeeded Dr Hungerford as Director of the Post Graduate Foundation of Veterinary Science. At the funeral, Dr John Bryden read a tribute to Dr Hungerford’s professional career, written by his brother, which is also included in this issue.

Three of Dr Hungerford’s descendants prepared personal tributes which were read at his funeral. Bernard Hungerford [E.6.1a.6b.3c] paid tribute to his Christian faith and living, Dr Doug Hungerford [E.6.1a.6b.2c] illuminated his personal background and family life, and Montague Hungerford-Symes [E.6.1a.6b.4c.2d] spoke of his interest in and contribution to history.

Thank you to all those who have searched, compiled, written, and found and lent photographs in order to see another interesting issue of the HAFS Journal reach the printer. I trust that this ‘two-part’ Journal informs and encourages readers.

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