Henry Jones Hungerford (H)

Henry Jones Hungerford (‘Harry’) was born 20 September 1825, Co. Cork, Ireland, into the Cahirmore branch of the Irish Hungerford family. He was the second son of Thomas Henry Hungerford and Alicia (nee Jones) Hungerford, who were married 15 December 1814, Co Cork, Ireland. Henry Jones Hungerford studied at Trinity College, Dublin, graduating BA in 1849. He became a barrister. He married Mary Boone Cowper, daughter of Henry Augustus Cowper, the Consul General at Havana, Cuba, 8 December 1855/56?, Skibbereen, Co. Cork, Ireland. Henry died 20 November 1905, Clonakilty, Co. Cork, Ireland, aged 80, and Mary died 8 February 1924 aged 87.

They lived at Cahirmore House, Rosscarbery, Co. Cork, Ireland. Henry held the office of J. P. All but one of their children emigrated from Ireland to Australia, Canada, Africa and England. In 1876 the Cahirmore estate of his father was 3,832 acres and valued at £1512.

Mary’s sister, Inez Temple Cowper, married a grand-nephew of Napoleon Bonaparte. He changed his name from Henry Bonaparte to Henry Jerome.


Captain Thomas Hungerford of Rathbarry (SH1)

(d. 1680)

m. 1640 Mary (May) White


Thomas Hungerford of Cahirmore (SH4)


m. 1684 Frances Synge


Thomas Hungerford (SH8)


m. 1724 Barbara Townshend


Thomas Hungerford (SH15)


m. 1756 Sarah Boisseau


Thomas Hungerford (SH20)

(d. 1789)

m. 1787 Jane Travers


Thomas Henry Hungerford (SH34)


m. 1814 Alicia Jones (d. 1851)


H. Henry Jones Hungerford (SH62)


m. 1855/56 Mary Boone Cowper (1837–1924)

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