John Thomas Hungerford (J)

John Thomas Hungerford, born c.1812 to Thomas Hungerford (d 1823) and Louisa Campbell (d 1817), daughter of Captain Colin Campbell (d. 1809) by his wife Eliza Hungerford. John was a nephew of Captain Emanuel Hungerford through his father, and a cousin of emigrants Alexander George Hungerford, Thomas Walter Hungerford, and Mary Elizabeth Stewart through his mother.

He married Isabel O’Connell, 1832, Co. Cork, Ireland. John died 3 July 1888, Clonakilty, Co. Cork, Ireland, and was buried at Lislee, Co. Cork, Ireland, with his grandfather Colin Campbell. Isabel died 1 February 1899, ‘Snugborough’, Clonakilty, Co. Cork, Ireland.

Their two sons, Thomas and John, emigrated to New Zealand.


Captain Thomas Hungerford of Rathbarry (SH1)

(d. 1680)

m. 1640 Mary (May) White


Colonel Richard Hungerford of The Island (SH2)


m. Mary Moore


Thomas Hungerford of The Island (SH5)


m. 1709 Susannah Becher


Richard Hungerford of Foxhall & The Island (SH11)


m.  1737 Mary Cranfield Becher (1716–1750)


Thomas Hungerford of Foxhall & The Island (SH17)                                   John Hungerford of Burren (SH18)
(d. 1803)                                                                                     (d. 1790)

m. 20 May 1770 Mary Cranfield Becher                                                |

                            |                                                                                           |

              Eliza Hungerford (SH17d)                                                            |

m. 1789 Colin Campbell                                                                               |

                            |                                                                                         |

              Louisa Campbell (d 1817)

m. 1808, her cousin –––––––––––––––––––––– Thomas Hungerford (SH28)

                                                                                      (d. 1823)


J.  John Thomas Hungerford


m. 1832 Isabel O’Connell


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