The Loane Family [L]

The Loane family of Bandon, Co Cork, Ireland, was associated with the Hungerfords of Australia and New Zealand through the marriage of Catherine Loane with Emanuel Hungerford (E) in 1813. It was very likely that the presence of several of the Loane family in the Australian colonies led to the decision of Emanuel and Catherine to emigrate to New South Wales in 1827, arriving in 1828.

The established Loane genealogy begins with Dr Richard Loane of Bandon. It is thought he is the Richard Loane, son of John Loane, born 1738, Bandon, Co Cork, Ireland, and baptised on 13 September 1738, St Peter’s Church, Ballymodan, Bandon1.  This John Loane is possibly the John Loane of Charleville, Co Cork, Ireland (died 1783), who was a founding member of the Bandon Masonic Lodge, of which Richard was later a member.

Richard Loane married Margery Ash…2, 26 May 1761, St Peter’s, Ballymodan, Co Cork, Ireland.  Richard was a doctor in Bandon, appearing in Lucas’ 1787 Directory at Bandon, as ‘Richard Lone, apothecary and surgeon’. In 1782 he was listed as a surgeon with the Bandon Boyne and Bandon Independents companies, and in 1796 with the Bandon corps of yeomanry cavalry. Margery died 28 December 1809, aged 69, and Richard died 29 May 1815, aged 76. They are buried at St Peter’s churchyard, Bandon, Co Cork, Ireland, where their gravestone survives.

Richard’s will, dated 28 June 1810, and registered in the Prerogative Court of Canterbury, England, in 1834, names seven sons (William, Richard, Septimus, Boyle, Rowland, Mark and George), and four daughters (Margaret, wife of Anthony Connell, Ann, Mary and Frances). He was predeceased by a son, Robert Travers Loane, and there are almost certainly two children born between Richard and Septimus, based on the meaning of Septimus and Octavius as ‘Seventh’ and ‘Eighth’ respectively, which is supported by the report of Boyle Octavius’s death in The Kerry Evening Post of 21 April 1830, referring to him as Richard’s eighth son.

In 1820 Richard’s son Rowland Loane claimed that he had five brothers in military service – three medical officers and two field officers. A search of the British Army Lists reveals seven possible Loane officers, of whom two were deceased by the time Dr Richard Loane made his will in 1810 (Robert, died 1788, and John, died c.1801):

  • Robert, Lieutenant, Royal Marines (1780)
  • John, Surgeon 47th (or the Lancashire) (1792)
  • William, Lieutenant, Royal Navy (1794)
  • Septimus, Lieutenant 8th (or the King’s) (1795), Captain 8th (1803)
  • Richard, Assistant Surgeon 69th (or South Lincolnshire) (1801)
  • Boyle, Ensign 68th (1796 January), Lieutenant 5th (or the Northumberland) (1796 December), Captain in Colonel Josiah Champagne’s Infantry Regt (1803), Promotion to the 1st Ceylon (1813), exchanged to 4th Ceylon (c.1815), Half-Pay Major 4th Ceylon (1816)
  • George, Assistant Surgeon 40th (or 2nd Somersetshire) (1808), Surgeon 94th (1814)

The Loane family wills, the surviving Bandon parish registers, the family gravestones at St Peter’s Ballymodan and the army lists therefore suggest the order of the thirteen named and two unnamed children presented below (though III through VI may well be differently ordered). Very little is known of the two military sons Richard and John Loane. Malvina Longland, a descendant of another Loane family of Bandon, believed that John Loane’s descendants lived in India but no evidence of this has yet come to light.

Roman numerals are assigned to the children (eg I) and grandchildren (eg I.i) of Richard and Margery Loane in order to bring their descendants in line with the generations of other persons in this volume. For example, the children of Catherine Loane and Emanuel Hungerford could be referenced either as L.I.ii.(1-10) or as E.(1-10).

Children of Richard and Margery Loane

I          Robert Travers Loane (c.1762 – 1788); married 1784 Catherine Moore (d1810)

II         William Loane (c.1763 – 1823); m1816 Catherine Colbourne

III        Richard Loane (c1764 – after 1810)

IV        John Loane (c1765 – before 1810)

V         male (c1766 – before 1810)

VI        male (c1767 – before 1810)

VII      Septimus Walpole Wood Loane (c1769 – 1811); m1802 Eleanor Blake Dickson (d1847)

VIII     Boyle Octavius Loane (1770–1829); married Louisa Dunsterville Jack (d1827)

IX        Margaret Loane (c1772–1840); m1795 Anthony Connell (d1832)

X         Anne Loane (c1773 – 1834); m1813 John Denis Hussey (d1817)

XI        Rowland Walpole Loane (1774–1844); m1828 Mary Ann Lee (d1853)

XII      Mary West Loane (c1776–1855); unmarried

XIII     Frances Loane (c1777–1848); unmarried

XIV     Marcus West (or Walpole) Loane (c1779–1859); married unknown

XV      George Loane (c1782–1837); m1826 Sarah Elizabeth Bradshaw (d1880)

  1. The town of Bandon is divided north and south by the Bandon River, and embraces two Church of Ireland parishes, St Peter’s Ballymodan to the south and Christ Church Kilbrogan to the north.
  2. Margery’s surname is not certain, as the Parish Register is torn across and may have removed some letters in her name.

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