Our Christmas Message 2019

Australian Christmas bush
Australian Christmas bush

As Christmas approaches, Australia (particularly Eastern Australia), is in the grip of severe drought and, more recently, extensive bushfires. We understand that this will be a sad Christmas for many of our family and offer our sympathies for what is really a devastating position for many of our country cousins.

Those of us in cities can only imagine the impossible times you are going through, however, support for you from those in the cities is growing as is our awareness of your plight. There are a great number of ways for us to provide assistance to everyone in the country areas and these can be accessed in a variety of ways, so, if you in unaffected areas are able, please consider doing something that will help ease the strain for those affected in country areas and make this time as happy as possible for them.

We hope all our members and families have as best a Christmas as possible in all your circumstances and that the New Year will bring you some relief and recovery.

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