Percy Payne Hungerford [E.9]

Percy Payne Hungerford

Percy Payne Hungerford was born 24 May 1830, Farley, West Maitland, NSW, and baptised 17 June 1830. He was the ninth child of Emanuel Hungerford and his wife Catherine Loane.

Percy Payne Hungerford
Percy Payne Hungerford

He married Emily Angelina Smith on 3 October 1868 in Newcastle, NSW. He lived and farmed at Farley for most of his life, before and after marriage. In his last years he moved to Stanmore, NSW, where he died 20 July 1912. He left seven sons, two daughters and twelve grandchildren.

Emily died 10 January 1924, at her residence, Farley Homestead, East Greta, NSW, aged 72. They were both buried in Campbells Hill Cemetery, Telarah, NSW.

Children of Percy and Emily

[] Percy Emanuel Hungerford (1869—1870); not married

[E.9.2a] Percy Samuel Hungerford (1871—1934) married 1901 Barbara McClintock (1869—1953)

[E.9.3a] Henry Walter Hungerford (1872—1953) married 1896 Eleanor Stokes (c.1874—1958)

[E.9.4a] Alfred Ernest Hungerford (1874—1955) married 1913 Miriam Mary Noake (1880—1969)

[E.9.5a] Eva Lillian Hungerford (1876—1945) married 1913 Percy Frederick Thompson (c.1876—1958)

[E.9.6a] Rowland Loan Hungerford (1878—1958) married 1908 Elizabeth Stokes (c.1885—1946)

[E.9.7a] Claude Nohoval Hungerford (1881—1923) married 1918 Magdalene Prentis (1888—1977)

[E.9.8a] Septimus Clive Moore Hungerford (1883—1958) married 1924 Magdalene Hungerford (nee Prentis) (1888—1977) (E.9.7a=)

[E.9.9a] Laura Loane Hungerford (1888—1983) married 1920 Mark Rogers (1886—1961)

[E.9.10a] Leslie Gordon Hungerford (1890—1966) married 1916 Jennie Rebecca Peterson (1893—1976)

[E.9.11a] Becher Tennyson Hungerford (1892—1893); not married

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