Ryder Hungerford [Y]

Ryder Hungerford of Co Cork, Ireland, gentleman, was the son of John Hungerford of Clonakilty (d1796), and grandson of the Reverend Emanuel Hungerford (1682–1730) by his second wife, Letitia Ryder. He married Margaret Finlay, 6 November 1807, Limerick, Ireland, and had at least six children. Ryder’s pedigree given below is as according to the Hungerford family chart in the manuscript records of the Genealogical Office, Dublin, although there may be an error here as a generation could be missing between John (died 1796) and Ryder.

Emigrant Descendants of Ryder Hungerford

Y.i.2 Benjamin Hungerford (1848–1916): to Wales (before 1893)

Y.i.6 Richard Hungerford (1854–1934): to New Zealand (before 1893)

Y.i.8 John George Hungerford (1858–1925): to Queensland, Australia (1880)

Y.ii John Richard Hungerford (b. 1816), wife and children: to the United States of America (1847), then Ontario, Canada

Y.iii Thomas George Hungerford (1819–1894) and wife: to Melbourne, Australia (1853), then New Zealand

Y.vii ?, Jonathan (b. 1823) and Y.viii ? James (b. 1827) Hungerford: ? (1847) to the United States of America

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