Richard Hungerford [R]

Richard Hungerford was born 1776 as the only child of the Reverend Richard Hungerford (d1782) and his wife Mary Hungerford, and grandson both of Richard Hungerford of Foxhall & The Island by his second marriage to his cousin Mary Hungerford, and of Thomas Hungerford of Cahirmore by his wife Sarah Boisseau. He was thereby descended from Captain Thomas Hungerford of Rathbarry in no less than three ways, and was half-cousin of Captain Emanuel Hungerford. He married Isabella Masters, 11 June 1793, Co Cork, Ireland. Richard was employed by the Excise Office in London. Several descendants emigrated to Australia, New Zealand and England.

Emigrant descendants of Richard Hungerford

R.1.3a Mary Elizabeth Hungerford (1826–1885) married Edward Synge Townsend Stewart (d 1867): emigrated to Victoria, Australia.

R.1.5a Alexander George Hungerford (1829–1878) married Rebecca Beach: emigrated to Victoria, Australia, then New Zealand, then London, England.

R.1.5a.3b George Alexander O’Driscoll Hungerford (1866–1946): born New Zealand, returned with parents to England, then emigrated to New South Wales, Australia, between 1881 and 1890.

R.1.7a Thomas Walter Hungerford (1835–1908) married Eliza Mary Delany (d. 1917): emigrated to New Zealand, then variously to New South Wales, Victoria and Tasmania.

R.2.6a Edward Egerton Hungerford (1861–1923): emigrated to New Zealand, then New South Wales.

R.3.1a.1b John Henry Hungerford (1870–1918): emigrated to India, then to Victoria, Australia.

R.5 Stephen Hungerford (c.1814–1859): emigrated to Victoria, Australia

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