Sarah Lavinia Hungerford [S.iv]

Sarah Lavinia Hungerford was born in Co Cork, Ireland c1843. She is probably the Sarah Hungerford, a domestic servant, who arrived in Melbourne, Vic, aboard the Whitestar, 15 September 1864. She is believed to have married Arthur Edward Williams, between 1865 and 1888, Melbourne, Vic. Arthur died 23 January 1908, Bournemouth, Dorset, England. On Arthur’s second marriage certificate is states the he is a widower, which would mean that Sarah died before 1890, probably 1888.

Sarah Lavinia had a son Henry Hungerford. The name of the father is not mentioned on the birth or death certificate1.

A little more has now been discovered about Sarah. The following are two articles from newspapers of the day.

The Argus (Melbourne, Vic: 1848-1957), Thursday 3 February 1870, p8

George D. Bury, who went to New Zealand in 1867, will be glad to hear from Sarah Lavinia Hungerford, formerly with Mr. Miller, solicitor, Domain Road, last heard of at Mrs. Smith’s, Punt Hill, South Yarra. Address Registry Office, 71 Drummond Street, Carlton.

The London Gazette, August 7, 1906

Pursuant to an Order of the Chancery Division of the High Court of Justice (in England), dated the 1st June, 1906, made in the matter of the estate of Arthur Edward Williams …. – The said Arthur Edward Williams was a son of General James Edwin Williams, who died at Cheltenham, in the county of Gloucester, England. The said Arthur Edward Williams is believed to have been married between the years 1865 and 1888, at Melbourne , Victoria, Australia, to Sarah Lavinia Hungerford; he was also married on the 23rd March, 1890, to Elizabeth Regus in London, England; on the 6th April 1894, to Elizabeth Gertrude Shannon, at Kingston-on-Thames, England; on 31st August, 1900, to Kate Shannon, in London; and on 13th June, 1908, to Maria Agnes Sutcliffe, in London. The said Arthur Edward Williams died on the 23rd January, 1908, at 53, St Swithin’s Road, Bournemouth, England.

  1. Henry Hungerford, born 18 September 1868 in Sale Vic, died 20 November 1868 and buried in Sale, aged 9 weeks

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