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HAFS Journal Vol 15 No 1 – May 2019 – People and Places

Contents Hesba Fay Brinsmead (nèe Hungerford): Memories of my aunt, Lesley Jane Abrahams; ‘Frozen In’ Antarctica: Spin a yarn, sailor! Garth Muirson; Hungerford Descendants: Awards, Part IX, Pauline Tyrrell; The Tale of Four Houses – Part 2 3/153a ‘The Grove’, Queen Street, Woollahra, Brett Harvey. Editorial Historical records are inevitably material objects. Some seem to […]

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HAFS Journal 12-4 Nov 2014 -resized

HAFS Journal Vol 12 No 4 – Nov 2014

Contents: Brian Thomas Hungerford [E.6.4a.5b.2c] – storyteller, author, musician Whither the Hungerford name? The Spooner Connection, by Stanley Hungerford; Shipping Arrivals in Australia and New Zealand, by Lesley Jane Abrahams; Hungerford Descendants: Awards, Part VIII, by Pauline Tyrrell; Guy Hungerford [H.4a], by Lesley Jane Abrahams; Edward Swire [H.10=] – an embezzlement, by Brett Harvey. Editorial: Some issues of […]

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HAFS Journal 12-1 May 2013 -resized

HAFS Journal Vol 12 No 1 – May 2013

Contents: Cecil Payne Hungerford [E.6.2a], by Lesley Jane Abrahams; Hungerford Market – Old (1682) and New (1832), by Rich Hungerford; The Reverend Lovick Tyrrell [E.2.3a=], by Lisa & Allan Thomas; Hungerford Descendants: Awards, Part VII, by Pauline Tyrrell; Memories about Launcelot Machell Travers Hungerford [H.6a], by Ann Riches; Family History 1066 – 2010: Picot, Pigott-Stainsby-Conant, Hungerford – UK and Australia, […]

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HAFS Journal 11-4 Nov 2012-resized

HAFS Journal Vol 11 No 4 – Nov 2012

Contents: ‘Hungerford Knot’ window reveals Dunch – Hungerford links, by Stanley Hungerford; Hungerford Market and the site of Charing Cross Railway Station, by Vince Conant; Dungaleer or Dungalear or Thungalier, by Lesley Abrahams; The Fate of Lynn Farnham, by Rich Hungerford; The Will of Joanne Hungerford (née Hussey), by Jenny Wilson; Hungerford Descendants: Awards, Part VI, by Pauline Tyrrell; Twenty […]

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HAFS Journal 11-3 May 2012 -resized

HAFS Journal Vol 11 No 3 – May 2012

Contents: Letters written by EKG Hungerford [E.6.5a.1b] to May Lambert – October 1910 – March 1911, by Lesley Abrahams; A Trek to Hungerford Country in South West Queensland, by Jenny Wilson; A Curious 15c Hungerford Lawsuit, by Peter Sherlock (edited); Hungerford Descendants: Awards, Part V, by Pauline Tyrrell (edited); The Hungerfords in Ireland and their Australian descendants, by Vince Conant.   […]

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HAFS Journal 10-4 Nov 2010 -resized

HAFS Journal Vol. 10 No. 4 – Nov 2010

Contents: A Peripatetic Life, by Betty Constance Hungerford; Hungerford Descendants: Awards, Part 4, by Pauline Tyrrell.   Editorial: Personal stories afford a rich vein of historical insight as well as information, and HAFS has been the beneficiary of several – perhaps most notably Amy, published as a Supplement to this Journal (and available from the Secretary). In […]

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HAFS Journal 10-3 May 2010 -resized

HAFS Journal Vol 10 No 3 – May 2010

Contents: Wine articles: Halliday, Hungerford and the Hunter, by James Halliday; Jarretts of Orange, by Pip Jarrett; Alderley Creek Wines, by John B. S. Hungerford; Roth, Adam (1857-1898), by Kate Roth; Audrey Wilkinson Wines, by John B. S. Hungerford; Watagan Valley Estate – Justine Le Mercier, by Pauline Tyrrell; Arthur Dalrymple Kelman, by Pauline Tyrrell; Robert Richard ‘Tim’ […]

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HAFS Journal 10-1 May 2009 -resized

HAFS Journal Vol 10 No 1 – May 2009

Contents: Hungerford Stories from Far North Queensland in the 1880s: the Infamous Case of Clarke & Hungerford, by Pauline Tyrrell; Hungerford Descendants: Awards, Part 1, by Pauline Tyrrell;   Editorial: This issue of the HAFS Journal begins our tenth volume, representing two decades of twice-yearly copies of original ‘Hungerfordiana’. Congratulations to all who have researched, written and […]

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