HAFS Journal Vol 11 No 3 – May 2012


Letters written by EKG Hungerford [E.6.5a.1b] to May Lambert – October 1910 – March 1911, by Lesley Abrahams;

A Trek to Hungerford Country in South West Queensland, by Jenny Wilson;

A Curious 15c Hungerford Lawsuit, by Peter Sherlock (edited);

Hungerford Descendants: Awards, Part V, by Pauline Tyrrell (edited);

The Hungerfords in Ireland and their Australian descendants, by Vince Conant.



When I was a boy, I spent a good part of my pocket-money on a comic-magazine from England, The Champion. My favourite part was the ongoing serial about Roy of the Rovers. As regular readers of this HAFS Journal will know, the past few issues have had several ‘serials’ running – and they have been as interesting to me as the adventures of Roy and the team!

Pauline Tyrrell [E.2.4a.10b.1c.2d=] continues our longest-running series, the outcome of her researches into civic and military Awards made to members of Hungerford and associated families. (I could not resist adding a photo in which my uncle Melville Newth, one of HAFS founders, and my father Charles Sherlock, both appear.)

Some readers will be wanting to know how the ‘romance’ serial of the letters and loves of Kenelm Hungerford to May Lambert turns out. Lesley Abrahams (née Hungerford) [E.6.5a.1b.1c.1d] has done a marvellous job of transcribing and editing these. This work is not only significant for HAFS members, but those interested in Australia-Indonesia relations and early 20th century Christian missionary work, especially that of the Seventh-Day Adventist Church.

An author new to the HAFS Journal is Vince Conant [E.4.2a.4b.2c.3d], who has done extensive work on the Australian descendants of the Irish and English Hungerfords and their Australian descendants. His well-illustrated contribution was too long for one issue however – so another serial starts, with the Irish families. Next issue will see the second part, on the English families. The first section of Vince’s article offers a tight summary of Hungerford origins, with a genealogy (see the inside back cover): this material may be familiar to long-time readers, but forms an excellent primer for newer ones.

And there are also some non-serial articles! Jenny Wilson [E.6.2a.3b.2c] writes an engaging account of her tour around ‘Hungerford country’ in south-west Queensland, while Peter Sherlock [E.4.1a.6b.5c.1d.2e] has edited a curious legal case involving an early Hungerford, sent by Stan Hungerford [SH1310].

Many thanks to these writers and researchers – and good reading!

Charles Sherlock



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