Emanuel Hungerford [E]

When was Emanuel born? Can you prove it?

Since HAFS was founded in 1990, all its publications have stated that Emanuel Hungerford, patriarch of the Australian Hungerfords, was born in Co Cork on 1 February 1785. My new set of posts on the Ancestry of Emanuel Hungerford aims to provide evidence for the names, relationships, dates and places and items of interest about each of his ancestors

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Emanuel Hungerford

Emanuel Hungerford (1785-1872)

Emanuel Hungerford was born about 1785 in county Cork, Ireland, the youngest son of John Hungerford and Ann Daunt. He was said to be 87 years at his death (NSW Death Certificate 4816/1872). His birth date was given as 1 February 1785 in Burke’s A Genealogical and Heraldic History of the Landed Gentry of Ireland (1912) p 331, however, this source is unreliable as it gives an incorrect date for his marriage.

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